So. It's been 4 years. Sorry about that. For anyone curious, it turns out I'm bipolar type 2, I wasn't able to save the semester and actually ended dropping out, had to go to a psychiatrist but I'm much better now that I'm on medication.

My writing style has changed, and while I thought about rewriting the first part of this, I decided it was more important to give you more of the story. I'll be editing due to the grammar mistakes and typos I found while reading the previous chapters, but nothing more than that for now.

ABOUT THIS CHAPTER: Harry's POV of summer because I need to advance the plot and showing all the Malfoy plotting takes too long. This is still a Slytherins-centric fanfic, but due to the long HIATUS I feel you deserve to know the major development of the summer. There are some direct quotes from the Half-Blood Prince here, but I'm not pointing them out for fluidity reasons. Also, Harry is not the grandson of Dorea Black here. I'm going with Pottermore canon.

WARNING: There is A LOT of exposition in this chapter.

"Aren't we leaving, sir?" Harry asked anxiously.

"Yes, indeed we are, but there are a few matters we need to discuss first. And I would prefer not to do so in the open. We shall trespass upon your aunt and uncle's hospitality only a little longer." Said Dumbledore before making himself comfortable in the Dursleys' sitting room. "It appears my boy, that despited having found Sirius' will a week ago, in which he left all of his possessions to you, we were unable to stop the Malfoys from getting a hold of the Black state."

"I don't understand, how would the Malfoys be able to get Sirius' things?" Asked Harry, while at the same time wondering what had happened to Dumbledore's hand.

"His godfather's dead?" said Uncle Vernon loudly from the sofa.

"Yes." Answered Dumbledore before getting back to Harry. "You see, the Black family was a very traditionalist sort that followed the old inheritance ways, which Draco Malfoys used to magically claim the Black heirship and so despite the will they were able to argue that since young Draco is now the magical heir he should inherit the Black state."

For some reason, the way Dumbledore said that pissed Harry off. 'Condescending, manipulative bastard. I thought the time away from everyone in Private Drive had been enough to cool him down. It wasn't, but considering that the last time I saw the Headmaster there was a lot of yelling and breaking things, at least now I am able to remain calm. On the outside'

"Professor, seen as I was raised in the muggle world, perhaps you should explain what that the old inheretance ways are and what a 'magically claim' is." 'Fine, calm-ish.'

"It means, Harry, that inheritance order is the eldest male heir of lineal descent, a female of lineal descent, the closest male of collateral descent and last, the closest female of collateral descent." looking at Harry's face, he elaborated. "It means that since Sirius doesn't have heirs and his younger brother is dead, the closest male of collateral descent is Draco Malfoy, son of Narcissa Black, now Malfoy. We tried to fight it but then it came up that Sirius himself was disinherited and the only reason Kreacher listened to him was that without a claim to the Black Lordship he obeyed anyone with Black family magic."

"Family magic?"

"Magic calls for magic. It is why the places with most magic also have the most magical beings living there. Once upon a time, when blood magic wasn't forbidden, old families would performed birthing rituals, the fathers offering their blood and magic to the earth in exchange of a strong magical child. The magic that resonated with those blood rituals was added to the baby's, giving them access to ambient magic, making each generation stronger than the last. Eventually, that magic became specific to the bloodline, pulling into a force shared between all family members. There were also wedding blood rituals... But I'm digressing."

"Wait, you just said Sirius was disinherited. How did he have Black magic?"

"To loose your family magic is a horrible thing which can end even in death, and while Walburga Black was cruel enough to do so, it was her husband, and then her youngest who could do it, not her, and they both refused. You can be disinherited, and even disowned, without being abjured."

"There's a difference between disinherited and disowned?"

"Harry, my boy, I think we are getting out of topic. Why don't we talk about this another time?"

'Does this means there's Potter magic? And what about muggleborns?' Harry had so many questions, but he could see Dumbledore wasn't going to elaborate more on the subject. 'No surprises there, it seems he likes me ignorant.'

"When? When will we talk about it? Because we don talk about anything. I don't think we have ever really talked, you just tell me whatever you want to and lately you haven't done even that!" 'Fuck! Calm down! Harry took a deep breath. "Sorry, I'm just… I know why you kept me in the dark, but I still hate that you did."

"It's okay Harry, I understand."

'Fuck you!' "So what now?"

"Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. Magic has already accepted Draco Malfoy as the head of the Black family, so you should be cautious this year if you pick up fights with him. Now that he has extra magic his spells will be stronger." Dumbledore give Harry a look, as if saying when you pick up a fight. "The moment he turns seventeen he will claim the Black name and Lordship."

"So he'll stop being a Malfoy?"

"No, his name will be Draco Malfoy Black, he'll be known as Lord Black instead of Heir Malfoy because the Lordship takes precedence. When he finally takes the Malfoy Lordship his title will be Lord Malfoy-Black. I guess he is Heir Malfoy-Black now, even though he doesn't have the Black name yet."

Harry wondered about the existence of the Potter Lordship, but was certain that if it existed, Dumbledore didn't want him to know about it, so it was better not to ask. Better to change the subject before he got more upset.

"Where is the order meeting now?"

"At the burrow, which is where we are going, after a small detour." Said mysteriously the Headmaster.

"A detour where?" Asked Harry with thinly veiled suspicion.

"You'll see. Get your things Harry, we're leaving."

To answer PenguinGirl94 Fred and George's relationship is complicated here. It's not sexual, but it's definitely not 'normal'.