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She felt the zipper of her dress slowly being pulled down, his other hand following its path. She felt his breath on her neck, speeding up as it got lower and lower. He pushed her dress down one of her shoulders then the other and soon she felt the material slide over her stomach, her thighs until it pooled at her ankles. His hands began to move up again, lightly trailing her bare skin. It took every ounce of her willpower to keep standing still, when every nerve of her body screamed to get away from the unwanted touch.

With a scream she woke up, not immediately aware of her surroundings. Panic overtook her when she realised she couldn't move, her limbs trapped in the cover that somehow had wrapped around her body during her dream. With wild movements she untangled herself from the sheets, jumping out of her bed. Her nightgown was damp with cold sweat, strands of wet hair were sticking to her face. She placed her hand against the wall, as if feeling its solidness would calm her down. It was only a dream, only a dream. She repeated the sentence in her head, almost like a mantra. It wasn't true, it hadn't just been a dream, it was a memory.

A knock on the door startled her, shaking her out of deep thoughts. Rusty came walking through the door, wearing an annoyed expression.

"Seriously, I know have to be under 24 hour adult supervision, but are you going to wake me at three o'clock from now too?"

He froze when finally looked up at her, seeing the position she was in. her arms had snaked around her body in a protective way. Her slender frame was shaking slightly while she tried to put herself together.

"Are you alright?"

She didn't dare to open her mouth and answer his question, afraid she would break if she tried to breath. She could still feel the rough hands stroking the skin of her sides, even though the actual event had happened a little over two years ago.


He never used her name, it was always Captain, if he addressed her at all. She needed to be brave, she needed to be strong for the boy's sake. He was so angry, so lost, she couldn't just lose it right now. Her arms felt like lead when she forced herself to remove them from their original position.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just go back to sleep hon-"

She needed to catch herself before the word slipped from her lips. It felt natural, she had used the word so many times before with her own kids, but she knew Rusty wouldn't appreciate it. It also took a lot of effort to restrain herself from touching him. Most of all she wanted to take him in her arms, to tell him everything was going to be fine, she would make sure it was. He would flinch and run away without looking back, she realised that the first time she saw him.

"Rusty, really I'm fine, it was just a bad dream."

He looked at her funnily and for a moment she wondered whether the possibility of her having nightmares had ever occurred to him. Sure, he seemed hell bent on pointing out her shortcoming at any given moment, but all his stinging comments seemed to be focused on proving that she somehow wasn't human. Being thrown by a bad dream probably didn't fit his image of her. Then again, he also didn't know it's him that's triggering those nightmares. From the moment she decided to take him in, she was aware that it wouldn't be easy, However, she hadn't counted on the fact that his presence would bring back certain memories, certain events she was trying so hard to forget. He didn't do it on purpose, of course, how could he? It wasn't as if he knew how much he reminded her of that one day, how much he reminded her of her own actions.

"I don't need therapy, I knew what I was doing."

Hadn't she herself said something similar back then? Hadn't she too, refused to speak to a professional? Soon, however, she'd found out just how wrong she had been. Knowing what she was doing definitely hadn't made it any easier to deal with the aftermath. In some ways it had made it worse, because there had been a choice, or, maybe, only the illusion of a choice, for there had really been only one option for her. Despite all the panic attacks and nightmares she had to endure because of that one decision, in her heart she knew it had been the right one.

Rusty felt confused, there was really no other word for it, when he left Sharon's room. His mind seemed unable to process what he'd just witnessed. Here was this strong woman, who seemed to unbreakable no matter what he threw at her, having nightmares like everyone else. He had truly started to believe that she either had no feelings at all or at least had impossibly thick skin. He had seen the way her subordinates treated her, with grouching respect yes, but none of them liked her even the slightest bit. With good reason, in Rusty's opinion. Yet, seeing her like that, pain visible in her eyes, it did not make sense. "bad dreams" her answer echoed in his head and for one reason or another he was sure that she had told the truth.