I would definitely suggest listening to the song "Libra Me" from the movie Interview with a Vampire while reading this. I listened to the song multiple times while writing this, and it gave me chills as it spurred me along.

A cool, late night breeze swept through the darkening streets. Dead leaves that had yet to decompose over the course of the winter and dried in the mid spring sun clattered across the pavement, occasionally basking in the off-yellow light pouring from the streetlamps lined up along the boulevard. Only a small handful of stars were shining dully in the dark, overcast sky, but the glowing pale light radiating from the swollen moon illuminated the environment perfectly.

The witching hour, that was what they called it; the time after midnight when all the witches, ghosts, ghouls, demons, and other monsters tended to come out and play. It was a phrase that had originally been coined during medieval times when witches would practice their so-called "unholy" magic. Women who had been caught wandering around outside during this time would often be suspected of witchcraft if they did not have a legitimate reason for breaking curfew; seeing as to how it was forbidden for women to go out at night back then.

A tall, slender figure stepped out of the shadow of the brick chimney. It was a woman, but not just any woman. Her long, braided, platinum blonde hair was shining waves of white from the moon's light. That same light illuminated her arctic blue eyes, nearly causing them to glow in the dark. Her skin was flawless, no, more than flawless; it would have made a porcelain doll look like a haggard old woman with blisters and sores. The sleek, black coat she was wearing hugged her body suggestively as it revealed the hourglass shape of her torso down to her mid-thigh. The rest of her body from the waist down consisted of a black skirt, black tights, and a pair of tall, ink black heels.

The woman thought about the ridiculous phrase and giggled darkly. Her voice rang through the cool night air like a thousand silver bells in a church bell choir. It had an almost chilling effect on the atmosphere around her as frost suddenly filtered through the air.

"The witching hour," she shook her head incredulously, "if only they had known just how real that time was." It was because of that little time of night that she was even like this.

A young, unwed woman wandering home in the dark of the night after deciding to take a stroll through the village square; she had only been twenty years old then. A little old for the time, since most of her friends had already married and were on their fourth or fifth child, but she still had men desperately trying to court her around every corner. There had even been a few young girls and married women who had taken the risk to flirt with her ever so slightly.

She remembered how her father would always reprimand her for making her walks go so late at night, and later warn her about the dangers of what lurked in the shadows. Each time she would apologize as sweetly as she could and reassure him that she would never do it again, only to repeat the confrontation the next night, or the next week depending on how infuriated he had been. It had been during this god awful hour that the monster had ambushed her on her walk home and stolen her humanity.

The woman dismissed the thought and stared down at the street below. A small park, complete with a swing set, a slide, teeter-totters, and a merry-go-round, was just across the street. Only the corner with the slide was illuminated by the yellow light of the streetlamp on the corner. The rest was enveloped in darkness with only the faintest outlines of the equipment shining in the moonlight.

She had watched the children get called home by their mothers quite some time ago. Some of the older children, bullies to be more precise at what they were, had picked on the retreating toddlers by shouting such phrases as: "Yeah, you better get out of here!" and "You don't want the boogieman to come and get ya!"

That had caused a slight chuckle to filter past the woman's lips. If only they really knew what was lying in wait out here. It certainly wasn't the boogieman. Oh, no, it was much worse.

Her core twisted angrily, but she ignored it. There had been quite a few juvenile delinquents that had stayed at the park after the sun had gone down, however she could not bring herself to sate her hunger on the blood of a child. She had only drained a child once in her life, and she had refused to do it ever again.

It could have been because she had never had a child of her own when she had been human. It could have been because the guilt she felt when she saw the absolutely terrified eyes of such an innocent being turn dull as the creature from their nightmares drank their very life source. It even could have been because deep down there was still just the slightest sliver of humanity.

"Or it could be because children's blood is just too energetic," the woman barked with a single laugh.

It could have been all those things, but the truth was that the main reason why she refused to drink the blood of an infant was because it was laced with far too much energy. When she had done it the first time, her whole body had shaken for a whole day before she finally crashed and needed to drain three full-sized men in order to completely regain her strength. After that, she had put a large "off limits" label on children.

Besides, after centuries of taste testing and refining her palate, she had finally figured out just who tasted the best. Virgins, whether male or female, would always have the purest taste, but they were becoming scarcer as the years had gone by. Now she could barely find fourteen year olds who were still innocent of body.

Putting virgins aside, she would have to say that teenagers and those in their early twenties were her usual prey. Anyone between the ages sixteen to twenty-three usually held the best taste and had the most arousing aroma in their blood. It held just the right amount of bite mixed with sweet, and absolutely bubbled with the optimism that the immature youth possessed while beginning to develop a strange maturity in the red nectar. Just thinking about it caused the blonde's mouth to water.

Now, whether she preferred men over women and vice versa, that was another matter. Men had a stronger taste to them. It was a more prominent taste that she could never quite tell was bitter or just strong, and it would always leave her feeling slightly…unsatisfied. As filling as it was, it just missed something that she needed.

It missed the reaction.

After how many centuries of taking victims, she had come to learn that men never gave her the reaction she so desperately yearned for. They would always act so high and mighty until she quickly beat them down, then they would curl up into a ball and/or beg for their lives as they urinated on themselves like frightened children. That was not the kind of reaction she wanted. She enjoyed a more seductive approach that turned her victims into little lambs being led to the slaughter.

That was why women firmly held her fancy. Not only was their blood more sweet and fragrant than bold and fiery, but just the way she could manipulate them before she drained them of every last drop of blood coursing through their veins caused a sick pleasure to tingle through her cold heart. It even…dare she say it…aroused her.

There was nothing in the world better than seducing a woman into giving up her blood. After all, it tasted so much better when the person was willing to die for you. All she had to do was scope out a high school or college student, strike up a casual conversation about how it was dangerous for a single woman to walk around at night, offer to walk her back to wherever she lived, and continue to seduce her until she consented to her kissing their necks…before she finally drained them dry.

Basically, the best way she could describe the difference in taste between men and women was like that of whiskey and a vintage summer wine; men being the whiskey and women being the wine. If one were to throw in the reactions, it would change to something more along the lines of comparing beer to sparkling champagne. Women just tasted and reacted so much better, but she would easily take both.

And it looked like her meal was going to consist of the male persuasion tonight.

The woman watched as a man jogged down the street. He was a particularly odd man in the sense of fashion, even with how horrid people's clothing had become over the many years she had been "alive." He was a tall, muscular man with dark auburn hair and bushy red sideburns. A bright yellow reflection vest was draped over his shoulders and chest while his arms were covered by black sleeves and his legs were clad in a pair of running shorts.

Just staring at the man caused a truly wicked smirk to play across the blonde's lips. This was going to be too easy, but she intended on having some fun with this. She might as well. After all, how often did she get to play as a damsel in distress?

She stepped off the roof of the house she was standing on and sprinted to the large oak tree in the runner's trail when she felt the ground under her feet. She glanced around the corner and saw the man slowly closing in. "Time to have some fun."

The man was just about to pass by the tree when the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen suddenly bolted out in front of him. Her eyes were wide with fear as she stumbled over her heels in front of him. He quickly skidded to a halt and ripped the ear bud headphones out of his ears.

"Hey! Are you alright? You look like you just saw a ghost?"

The woman turned to him and hugged herself tight. "Thank, God! I finally found someone! I-I've been running for…I don't even know how long!" She swiped her hand through her bangs and saw her prey blush.

"You see. I-I was just getting off of work since my boss said I had to work overtime, and when I got to the parking lot this man jumped me. He held a gun to my head and told me to give him my purse and car keys. Then he forced me into my car and drove me out here. I-I was able to escape when he tried to…to…"

She covered her mouth and allowed her head to hang low as a faux sob shook her body. The man must have fallen for it because she suddenly felt a pair of warm, strong arms embrace her shoulders while a hand rubbed her back. Nothing could teach better acting skills than Father Time.

"Hey, hey, easy now, it's alright," the man hushed soothingly. "That guy's not chasing you anymore, is he?"

The woman shook her head and nuzzled into her "hero's" chest. "N-No, I-I lost him a while ago…It's just…" She pretended to completely lose her composure and sobbed harder. "I'm scared to be alone tonight. I…I just can't be alone tonight…I'm afraid."

The man's heart started pounding in his chest. She smirked as the sound filtered through her ears like music. She knew exactly what was going through this pervert's mind right now.

He thought he had hit the jackpot. Some weak and defenseless woman almost literally just threw herself onto him and was practically begging him to stay with her for the night. Now was probably the part where he thought the "hero" brought his damsel home safe and sound, and was rewarded with a nice little token of gratitude. The slight pressure she could feel on her hip from the crotch of the man's running pants definitely explained what kind of token he was thinking of.

The man gently held the woman out at arm's length. "Why don't you let me walk you home? I'll make sure that creep doesn't find you again. I promise."

The woman sniffed and wiped an invisible tear from her eye. "Really? You would do that? But…don't you have a job or something you need to go to in the morning?"

The man smiled haughtily. "My old man owns the company I work for. I could never get fired for being late. Maybe you've heard of it? Weselton and Company, my name is Hans Weselton."

A slight smirk tugged at the corner of the blonde's mouth. Oh, she had struck gold with this boy. Not only was he completely high on himself, but he believed that the whole world would stop for him if he did so much as flick his wrist. No one would miss him. That much was certain.

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Hans," she lied and followed the auburn haired man into the night.

They had finally made their way out of the residential areas of the city and were now strolling through the vast park located near a large lake that the town surrounded. There was a wide river flowing through the middle and it could only be crossed by a stone bridge that had been erected about three-hundred years ago, if the woman's memory served her correctly. Normally, the casual stroll in the moonlight would be considered romantic, but this time it was a tragedy waiting to happen.

Hans had spent the entire walk talking about himself. What he liked to do, what his father did for a living, how he was going to be a millionaire once the "old bag of bones" finally died, who his current girlfriends were, and returning to the subject of just how rich he was and how much richer he was going to be once he was out of college. The more he talked, the more the woman realized just how much of a waste of life this audacious man was.

They reached the bridge when Hans finally seemed to realize where they were. "Hey," he said awkwardly, "where did you say you lived again? I don't remember you ever telling me your address…or your name for that matter."

The woman had stopped a few steps behind and stared at her prey with blood red eyes. "Oh, I hadn't? How silly of me? Oh, well, you do not really need to know where I live, or my name for that matter."

"And why's that?" Hans laughed humorously as he turned around. As soon as his eyes met the blonde's, he froze. "Wait…what happened to your eyes? Weren't they just blue?"

The woman smirked devilishly and sauntered up to the confused womanizer. "Hmm? I cannot say that I know exactly what you are talking about. Perhaps you could elaborate."

A bead of sweat rolled down the Hans's forehead. His eyes immediately trailed to the woman's mouth. Two fangs were elongating as he just stood there completely dumbstruck.

"W-Who are you? What are you?" He backed up and felt the post of the bridge suddenly pressing against his back. "What the fuck do you want?"

The woman was suddenly right in front of him. A mischievous smile had coveted her lips as her eyes glinted hungrily. She brought up her hand and traced her prey's jawline before trailing down to his thick neck where she felt his pulse flutter frantically. It was almost enough to make her groan.

"I want the same thing everyone else wants," she replied sweetly. She suddenly punched the younger man in the stomach hard, causing him to double over and drop to his knees as saliva poured from his mouth. She knelt down and whispered in his ear.

"I would like to finish my meal in peace."

Hans felt his heart drop into his stomach as his blood ran cold. Her meal? Was she some kind of cannibal? She was going to kill and eat him? No way in Hell!

He screamed as he threw a punch, but it was already too late. The woman dodged the blow easily and immediately sunk her teeth into the soft skin of his neck. All the warmth seemed to leave his body at that moment, and all he could feel was his attacker's cold lips on his neck as an incredible pain shot from the puncture wounds. He desperately wanted to cry for help, but his voice refused to make a sound.

The woman's nose wrinkled at the taste of the disgusting blood flooding her mouth. This man had been one of the worst choices of her life. His blood was bitter and absolutely livid with testosterone. It was a good thing she was hungry or else she would have just tossed his body into the raging river flowing next to them and gone to find a new meal.

She was almost done draining the man slumping further and further into her clutches when a soft gasp filled her ears. The sudden sound caused her to cease feeding and flash her eyes around in the darkness in order to find its source. Her eyebrow cocked ever so slightly when her blazing red irises landed on a girl with strawberry auburn hair.

The girl was actually kind of cute. Her hair was tied in braided pigtails and freckles littered the cheeks and nose found on her heart shaped face. The older woman noticed that the girl's eyes were an aquamarine-teal color that reminded her of her favorite Monet painting that involved lily pads and flowers. Even the girl's scent that had been carried to her nose by a brief gust of wind reminded the woman of flowers and fresh cut grass.

She truly was a beautiful girl. It was almost a shame that she had to die. Beauty as pure and innocent as hers was truly a rare commodity to come by these days.

The woman let Hans drop to the ground with a dull thud. "It would appear that I have company for dinner." She waltzed up to the girl staring wide eyed in fear at her and smirked. She could feel a drop of the boy's blood slide across her lip and quickly caught it with her tongue.

Her smirk only grew as she saw a gorgeous red flush creep up the girl's neck and into her cheeks. This girl was absolutely adorable. She would definitely have to take her time in enjoying the sweet blood that she knew was flowing through the younger woman's veins.

She was only a step away from the girl when the strawberry blonde finally spoke.

"Please, leave him alone."

The woman's eyes widened. Had she heard the girl correctly? Did she actually just ask her to leave the nearly dead man who had provided her with enough food for the night alone? The ginger was looking death in the face, and yet she was concerned for someone who was already dead. What a strange girl.

"Oh," she raised her hand and gently trailed her fingers over the soft skin of the girl's cheek, slowly tracing lower, along her jaw, and finally rested her hand on her neck. The woman rubbed circles on the girl's pulse point with her thumb and mused to herself when she found that her heart was beating fairly calm; despite the fear in her eyes. "Why should I?"

The girl's eyes flickered to the man lying unconscious on his deathbed. "H-He's a human being. Please, just leave him alone."

A soft smile splayed across the blonde's lips. "What exactly do you plan on doing to stop me?" She leaned in and whispered into the younger girl's ear, breathing in her floral and grassy scent. "I could easily kill the both of you, right here, right now, and no one would ever know."

She pressed her thumb harder against the girl's pulse, eliciting a slight moan from the red head. "What makes you think that you can stop me? Do you have some kind of grand scheme to stop the horrible monster and save this man? What can you do?"

The girl held back a whimper as the woman's ministrations caused small waves of electricity to shoot through her spine. Her hands were cool, almost cold, but it wasn't uncomfortable. Granted her whole body was on fire as her blood sang through her veins. She had never been so terrified in her life, but she refused to let her resolve waver.

She gazed deeply into the woman's blazing red irises. "Y-You're a vampire, aren't you?"

The woman chuckled softly. "I am. Good of you to notice."

"And you need to drink blood in order to stay alive, right?" the girl continued, completely ignoring the older woman's playful banter.

This caused the blonde to raise an eyebrow curiously. "That is correct."

"Well," the girl swallowed, "h-how much blood do you technically need to drink to be…full?"

The woman's eyes widened slightly. Now she was truly confused. She had never held a conversation like this before. No one had ever asked her that question. Normally her victims were so busy screaming and begging her not to kill them. This was a first that someone had actually tried to talk to her calmly after they found out what she really was.

"This girl truly is strange," the female vampire thought to herself. She thought about the question for a second before answering.

"It only takes a small amount to sustain me a few days. However," she pointed at the near dead man lying on the ground, "if I drain a person of all their blood, I do not have to feed for approximately one week. Depending on the size of the person, I can even be sated for a couple of weeks. The longest I have ever been full from one person was about a month."

"So, you'll kill another person in about a week?" the girl more stated as a fact than actually asked.

The woman flashed her fangs at the ginger as she smiled. "More like a few weeks once I am finished draining you dry." She brushed her lips against the pulse of the girl's neck and felt the skin jump up to meet her as her heart rate quickened.

A small whisper squeaked past the strawberry blonde's lips and the older woman pulled her head away from her neck. "What was that, dear? I did not hear you."

The girl swallowed as a bead of sweat trailed down her face. "I said "I'll make a deal with you," she repeated more firmly. "I'll come with you and be your…I-I don't know what you'd call it. But my body can be used to sate your hunger for as long as I live, so long as you promise not to kill any more people until I die."

The vampire woman's eyes turned back to their original arctic blue color and she stared at the girl in front of her in complete shock. No one had ever offered their own body in order to keep others from dying. Was this girl just that idiotic? Did she not understand just what kind of consequences this bargain would hold for her? What kind of person was that selfless?

And yet the fierceness in the girl's teal eyes stopped her from just crushing her where she stood. Despite the fact that she had just witnessed the vampiress feed upon a complete stranger and was in danger of being her next meal, the ginger's eyes were filled with fear and determination. It was clear that she was not so stupid as to not realize what kind of danger she was in, but she was naïve enough to try and strike a deal with a monster and somehow expected things to play out alright.

The woman released the girl in front of her and propped a hand on her hip. "Very well, I agree to your terms. I will not feed on any other human for as long as you are alive. Just know that your body will now be used to sate my hunger whenever I feel it."

The girl nodded her head. "I-I understand."

"Do you now?" the vampiress cooed. She returned her fingers to the younger girl's chin and lifted it slightly. "Then let us see just how strong your resolve is, shall we?"

Before the strawberry blonde could protest, she bit down into the crook of the girl's neck. Her mouth was suddenly flooded with the most heavenly flavor she had ever tasted in her life. It was sweet, but not too sweet; bold, but not too bold. There was almost a spice in the blood that made her tongue tingle. She pulled away after taking one swallow and moaned as she licked the excess from her lip.

"Delicious," she breathed as a shiver crept up her spine. She stared at the girl's pained face as she knotted the hood of her sweater onto the slightly bleeding wound. "What is your name, my dear?"

The girl stared at the vampire gazing down at her with hazy, arctic blue eyes. "A-Anna, my name is Anna, Anna Bradt."

"Anna," the woman tested the name on her tongue and enjoyed how it tingled along with the blood that still coated her taste buds, "such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Well, Anna," she placed her middle and ring fingers on the underside of the ginger's chin, "starting tonight, you are mine. You will live with me and be my thrall until the day you die. If you tell anyone about this, I promise you that I will kill you and everyone who knows without a second thought. Am I clear?"

Anna nodded shakily.

"Very good," the woman praised. She released the red head's chin and began walking down the park trail. "Come with me, little lamb."

Anna snapped out of her daze and noticed the dead man lying on the ground. She had been too late to save him, but at least she could save others from meeting the same fate. At least until she died.

She tore her eyes away from the body and sprinted after the gorgeous vampire strutting down the path. It was quiet for a whole five minutes before a pestering question began to eat at her mind. "What's your name?"

The vampiress stopped in her tracks and glanced at the strawberry blonde over her shoulder. An oddly warm smile coveted her lips as she stared at the girl in the moonlight. "You may call me Elsa."

Hello, Dears! I have been seeing a lot of fan art about a vampire Elsa, and I finally broke and decided to write up my own vampire Elsanna story. I swore I would never go back to vampires (since I'm more of a werewolf girl) after "Twilight" pretty much ruined them for me, but here's my chance to redeem them! Please, let me know what you all think. Should I continue with this or not? I feel like I already have too many stories going on at once, but if enough people want me to continue, I can definitely add a chapter or two to this fic here and there.