A soft groan escaped Anna's lips as she rolled onto her back. The soft mattress and cool sheets felt absolutely amazing, but that was about the only pleasant feeling she was having this morning it seemed. Her throat was absolutely parched, her chest was tight, and the dull throb in her shoulder reminded her of what had happened before she had passed out the night before. A disbelieving smirk played across her lips as she covered her eyes with the crook of her arm.

"I can't believe I actually passed out," she scoffed. "It's not like she took too much blood or anything like that. At least I don't think she did. What the hell could have caused me to suddenly black out like that?"

She shrugged and turned over onto her side. "Oh, well, whatever, it's no big deal. I'm sure it's nothing."

The scent of winter mint mixed with vanilla wafted through her nostrils, sending a sweet euphoria through her mind and body. She pressed her face further into the soft, silky pillow as a soft sigh of content fluttered past her lips. It was such an intoxicating aroma. How had she completely missed it over the week she had been living at the mansion?

Her eyes fluttered open and she immediately froze. Waves of platinum blonde flooded her vision as it framed the soft, sleeping features of Elsa's porcelain face. Her long, black eyelashes were fanned out, and her rosy, pink lips were parted ever so slightly. The vampiress was right there, sharing the same bed, and from what Anna could see from the blankets that had slipped from the older woman's shoulders she was wearing a tissue thin nightgown.

"Holy mother of God!" Anna screamed and launched herself out of bed in shock. A sharp pain exploded across her back as she landed on the hardwood floor. "Ah, fuck! That hurt!"

"Must you be so loud child?" Elsa's melodic voice asked; still groggy from sleep. She sat up in a single, fluid motion and stared at her thrall. It was quite clear that she was not amused by the sudden wake up call. "It is the middle of the day. Why must you be so noisy?"

Anna clambered back into a sitting position and held her hands up defensively. "Sorry! Sorry! I just- I don't- Why am I sleeping in your bed?"

"Is that what you call that brutal thrashing you were doing?" Elsa teased slightly as a rather large yawn escaped her lips. She covered her mouth with her hand and shook it off. "If so, then you, Little Lamb, are a very restless sleeper."

A fierce pout puffed out Anna's cheeks as she crossed her arms. "I am not! I may toss and turn a little, but I do not thrash around in my sleep!"

"I beg to differ," Elsa mocked. "At one point your head was at the foot of the bed. Do you also realize that you tend to make a cute little yipping noise when you sleep? It was quite entertaining to watch. You were like a dreaming dog."

Anna's pout set deeper into her features as an embarrassed flush colored her cheeks. Of course she knew she was a fairly vocal sleeper. Kristoff had often teased her for it. She had even held a one-sided conversation with herself when she had fallen asleep on her senior road trip in high school. Merida and Rapunzel had videotaped the whole thing and still teased her horribly for it.

"T-That doesn't answer my question," she said shakily. "Why am I sleeping in your bed?" She suddenly noticed that her arms were covered in a very thin, soft fabric and glanced down. A deep purple nightgown that had sleeves that cut off at her mid forearm and left very, very little to the imagination was hugging her curves seductively. "And why am I wearing this?"

"It's quite simple," Elsa explained calmly as she struggled to hold back another yawn. "You passed out after I had finished eating. I have a feeling that it was because of the amount of stress you had gone through yesterday mixed with the physical stress of feeding me, so I merely figured that I would put you to bed here so you could rest. Granted, you still look like you could easily sleep some more."

Anna fidgeted with the hem of her nightgown as a bright red blush peppered her cheeks. "H-How did you know I was stressed?"

Elsa lay back down and propped her head up with her hand. "I can taste it in your blood. There isn't a single thing that I cannot detect in a person's system when I feed. I can tell when someone is taking medication, what type of medicine they are taking, and any strong emotion they are feeling. It is quite entertaining."

An ear deafening silence filled the room. Anna bit the soft skin of her thumb as she thought intently. So Elsa could taste anything and everything in someone's blood, be it stress, strong emotions, or medications. Did that mean that she could taste the medication in her blood?

Her eyes snapped wide open in realization. That was why she had passed out last night! Part of what Elsa had said was true, the stress she had been feeling from the horrible talk she had with Merida, Rapunzel, and Kristoff mixed with the physical strain of feeding the vampiress had definitely been a factor in her fainting, but she hadn't taken her medication yesterday! She was surprised that she still had enough energy to launch herself from bed.

She leapt to her feet and scanned the room frantically. "Where are my clothes? I need to go to my room!"

Elsa blinked at her curiously. All signs of fatigue were clearly gone. "They are folded on top of my desk. Might I ask just what it is that has you all excited?"

Anna sprinted to the desk and ripped the nightgown over her head. She didn't care that Elsa was watching. She had a feeling that the vampire woman had already seen her in most of her glory last night when she changed her into the night clothes.

"I-It's nothing!" She lied unconvincingly as she hiked her shorts up and clasped her bra around her chest. "I-I just have to go to my room. I have to get ready for class. I've already slept through my first class, and I can't afford to miss any more. Finals are coming up soon and I need to focus on my lectures."

Anna pulled her shirt over her head and heard a small clink as her necklace slipped out from under the folded fabric and bounce on the floor. She quickly stopped the piece of jewelry from possibly rolling anywhere with her foot and snatched it up in her hand before clasping it around her neck. She turned towards the confused vampiress and smiled.

"Thanks for taking care of me last night, Elsa. I really appreciate it, but I need to go. I really, I should go."

She was halfway to the door when she felt a bitter chill clenched around her heart. The pain was immediate as the icy feeling restricted the muscles in the usually warm organ and spread throughout her body. It wasn't long before her blood seemed to freeze in her veins.

"Oh, no. Please, not now. Not now!"

A wisp of frosted breath plumed from her lips and she fell to the floor. Her whole body shook violently as her teeth began to chatter. The icy grip on her heart tightened and a pitiful whimper of pain escaped her lips as she plastered her hands to her breast. God, it hurt so much!

Elsa wasn't sure what had just happened. One moment Anna was striding to the door, and the next she exhaled a wave of frost and crumbled onto the floor. She rushed over to the shivering woman's side and scanned over her body.

"Anna, what is wrong? Are you alright? Say something!"

Anger mixed with worry was building in Elsa's chest. She hated not knowing what was going on, but she was actually worried about this girl. Why? She barely even knew her. There had just been something in the way all the color had left the perky woman's skin as she suddenly fell to the floor that caused her dead heart to jolt to life for a brief second.

Anna shivered and whimpered on the hard floor as she glanced at Elsa out of the corner of her eye. "E-Elsa….I-I'm s-so c-cold…."

Without even thinking, Elsa ripped the large quilt from her bed and had it wrapped snuggly around Anna's shaking frame before the copper haired woman even knew she had left her side. "Anna, you had better tell me what is going on. I refuse to go into this blindly."

Anna winced as the icy grip on her heart clenched. "I-I n-need…t-to get t-to m-my r-room….I-I h-have…m-medicine th-there…."

"Your room, medicine, understood," Elsa categorized this new information in her mind as she lifted the shivering girl in her arms. "Is there anything else you need other than the medicine in your room? Anything at all?"

Anna nodded faintly. "H-Hot w-water…I-I n-need t-to drink h-hot w-water." A small shriek escaped her lips as she felt the ice in her heart nearly rip the organ in half.

A sudden gust of wind blasted her face as Elsa sprinted up the dark staircase to the foyer. The dizzying speed was starting to give her a headache, so she pinched her eyes closed. They had slowed down slightly and she was able to make out Elsa and Gerda's worried voices before the wind whipped around her again. Her eyelids lit up briefly as she felt bright sunshine on her skin. She suddenly felt a soft mattress beneath her as swift hands tucked the mounds of blankets around her tenderly.

"Anna, where is your medicine?" Elsa more demanded than asked.

Anna's eyes fluttered open and she gasped. The left side of Elsa's face was bright red and littered with blisters, along with her left hand. "E-Elsa, w-what h-happened-"

"I asked you where your medicine is," Elsa barked angrily. "I never gave you permission to ask about my well-being."

Anna cowered into her pillows and pointed a shaking finger at the drawer of her bedside table. "T-There…"

Elsa ripped the drawer open, removed the bottle of medicine, and read through the prescribed directions before Anna could even close her eyes to blink. Her eyes darted over the small print frantically as she cataloged all of the information into the Anna folder in her mind. "Nitroglycerin tablets: Take one pill in the morning. In an extreme emergency, take three pills in order to counteract the effects."

That was all she needed to read. She quickly popped the cap off the bottle and fished out three of the tablets as Anna opened her eyes, finishing her blink, and held her hand up to her lips. "Here."

Anna parted her lips and swallowed the pills as Elsa tipped them into her mouth. Gerda came in seconds later with a tea kettle filled with steaming hot water and a large mug. Elsa grabbed the pot and filled the mug, dismissing the old maid as she did so.

A warm sensation was already beginning to spread through Anna's body as she felt the icy grip on her heart begin to ease, but that didn't keep her from guzzling the scalding hot water from the mug Elsa placed to her lips. Once she had drained the whole tea kettle, she sighed in relief. It had been a long time since she had last dealt with one of her episodes. She forgot how physically draining it could be.

After what felt like an eternity, Anna finally had enough strength to tilt her head up. Her heart immediately stopped when she saw Elsa glowering at her in disapproval. The vampiress's eyes were bright crimson as the tip of her left fang protruded from her lip.

Despite all of this, there was a small wave of relief that soothed Anna's mind. The severe burn that had been on Elsa's face and hand had nearly faded. How had she even gotten them in the first place?


"I never even tasted it," Elsa growled silently.

Anna quirked an eyebrow. "What?"

Elsa's gaze turned lethal. "I never tasted the medication in your blood. I've tasted Nitroglycerin before, Anna. I know what it tastes like in someone's bloodstream. Why is it that I never even detected a hint of it in your system?"

Anna shrunk into the pillows and tucked the blankets around her neck. "B-Because…well, I guess it's because I didn't take it yesterday when you…fed…from me…"

"That does not explain why I didn't taste it the first time I fed from you last week!" Elsa snapped. Anger was singing through her veins and she could feel a bitter cold spreading through her fingertips. She turned away from the bed and balled her hands into fists. "Why couldn't I detect it then?"

"I-I don't know!" Anna cowered against the mattress. "E-Elsa, you're scaring me."

"As well you should be!" Elsa finally shouted. "I am centuries, no, thousands of years old! I am a deadly monster who almost decided to drain you dry when you were trying to save that poor creature's life, even though he was on his deathbed!"

Before Anna could even comprehend what was happening, she was pinned against the mattress. Elsa was straddling her with her hands gripping her shoulders so tightly that the red head could feel her nails biting into the skin painfully. The bright red irises staring down at her were filled with anger, confusion, and…fear?

"Why did I even strike that deal with you?" Elsa asked, more to herself than to Anna. "I could have easily killed you." Her unmarred hand wrapped around the younger girl's throat in a gentle caress. "I could still kill you, but that would go against our agreement…Actually, that wouldn't, would it? You simply stated that I am not to kill or feed from another person as long as you are alive. You never said I couldn't kill you."

Anna's breath began to quicken as her eyes grew wide. Elsa was going to kill her. No, she wouldn't do that. Gerda and everyone else in the mansion said that she was nice. She wouldn't actually do it. Would she?

"However," Elsa retracted herself from Anna's torso and sat on her heels, her legs still on either side of Anna's waist. "I refuse to kill someone in my own home. It leaves too much of a mess. Besides," she pinned the red head's hands above her head and trailed her lips over the sensitive shell of her ear, "I must say that I am enjoying your company."

Elsa was suddenly at the door. Her back was facing Anna as she gripped the doorknob. However, that did little to muffle the crystal clear, bell like tone of her calmed voice from causing a shiver from sprinting down Anna's spine.

"You will not hide anything from me. Is that clear? Take today and tomorrow to relax and get some rest. I expect you to tell me everything about yourself. And I do mean everything, your condition, your friends, your family, and why it is that you decided to make this deal with me; I absolutely despise not having all the necessary information when I make an investment or decide to go into something. When you come to see me next time, you will tell me everything, or else I will take the information from you by force."

She opened the door and glanced over her shoulder. Her eyes had returned to their original arctic blue color. "You will also do something to build up your physical capabilities in order to keep that frozen heart of yours healthy. I would suggest horseback riding. The horses in my stables are very well-bred. I expect to get a report from the stable master saying that you have ridden them at least five times a week."

She paused and her eyes turned down shyly. "I…I hope you get better, Anna. I apologize for my brashness. I am still getting used to having someone from the outside in my home…I look forward to seeing you in two days."

The door closed with a soft click and Anna's whole body wracked around violently as a wave of fear, nausea, arousal, and confusion spiraled through her like a typhoon. She rolled over onto her side and plastered her face into her pillow as tears streamed down her face. "You're the one who has the frozen heart, you monster."

Hello Dears! First, let me say that my neck is killing me from writting so many mood swings. Damn, Elsa, why do you have to be so bipolar in this story? You're always so nice in my other ones. This is turning real angsty real quick.

Also, the nitroglycerin tablets are a real thing. They are given to people who are prone to heart attacks for severe cases and emergencies. I believe the dosage is .04 nitroglycerin in each tablet. It allows the veins to expand in order to allow more blood to flow through. I took a First Responder class and when I heard that I thought it was the coolest thing ever. You will all learn more about Anna's condition later in the story.