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Chapter 1

The captains stood still in their usually formation at squad one barracks. After Aizen's betrayal, they had been informed that a member of the Royal guard was to come to the Seireitei. The Sotaichou had been the one to inform the rest of the captains of this message. He had informed them to all be present. Everyone was present; he was not accepting any absence from his captains for this meeting.

It was important because a member of the Royal guard was to come. It was not every day that the member of a Royal guard came into the Seireitei. The Royal Guard protected the Soul King, thus they never got involved in the Soul society's matters. They stayed away because it was not their jobs. But their jobs was to protect the Soul King. The Gotei 13 was charged with protecting and making sure that Soul Society was a safe place for the souls within the spirit word.

Amongst the captains, was former captain of the second division and commander in chief of the Covert Corps, and Head of the Shihoin clan, Yoruichi. Yamamoto had called her to come after seeing her at the execution grounds. She was the one who had communication with Urahara Kisuke. The man was a creator of the very same thing Aizen had stolen from Rukia's soul.

Her presence was required as she would relay whatever happened to Urahara. He would have to help them out because he was the creator of the Hogyouku. They had no knowledge of it, so it was necessary that he be involved. Yoruichi had been involved herself because she too had been fighting against Aizen. She could be counted as an ally as she was not an enemy.

He was taking advantage of the fact that central 46 was not operational as of now. Had they been operating, he would never have done something like this. They would have surely gone against the idea. Or perhaps even call for her execution because of her involvement with Urahara.

But this was not that time. Urahara would certainly be of use. Aizen was proving to be a bigger threat to Soul Society. But to him, he was but a mere child that needed to be punished for misbehaving. He could count that the former captain was a threat though. His alliance with their mortal enemies, hollows, did not good.

Yamamoto sighed, he was having a bad feeling about this. Something was just not right. Surely by now the Soul King was aware of the situation. But his Royal Guard was never involved in their matters. They always left them to handle things as it was their duty.

But now they seemed to be getting involved. He could not think of any good reason why they would announce their coming just after Aizen's betrayal. He wished he knew really what they wanted.

It was not long before music invaded their ears and a tall black haired woman entered the meeting hall. Beside her was a black coffin that was locked with multiple thick gold chains. The coffin was floating in the air by the woman.

As soon as Yamamoto saw the coffin, his eyes opened slightly. One could clearly see his eyes and that he was in shock. The look lasted for a few a moments though. He was not the only who had wide eyes. The senior Captains, Unohana, Kyoraku and Ukitake, also had wide eyes. But like Yamamoto, the look only lasted for a few moments.

Yoruichi was quick to notice this fact. Whoever was sealed in the coffin, those four knew who it was. She had no clue who it was. Never had she seen a coffin like that before. She could tell that whatever was holding it was some serious Kidou.

The black haired woman stopped playing her music and stopped walking. In a loud bang, the coffin beside her hit the floor. Before she could say anything, Yamamoto was first to speak in a hardened voice.

''Shutara, what is the meaning of this?'' he asked his eyes narrowing at the black coffin. His gut had been right. He was certainly not seeing this coming. If he were having his way, he would have done anything to make sure that he never saw the coffin again.

Shutara kept a straight face as she replied. ''I was told to bring 'him' back,'' she said in an even tone.

''I don't see why he should be brought back. We can handle Aizen without him, and I don't think he would even be willing to help,'' Yamamoto said keeping his tone hard.

''I have no doubt you can handle the traitor, Sotaichou,'' Shutara said. ''But these are orders from the Soul King.''

''I see,'' Yamamoto said. It was final, if it was orders from the Soul King, then he could do nothing about it. His orders were absolute. He could not go against them. Still, ''I would have wished he was kept there,'' he said voicing out his thoughts.

''Come on Yama-jiji,'' Kyoraku stated with a small smile. ''It will be back to see him again. It has been long since we last saw him.''

Ukitake nodded, ''Yes, it has been long. I wonder though, how things will pend out.''

Unohana decided to keep quite despite knowing 'him' that was inside the black coffin. There was certainly no need for her to say anything. If the Soul King has deemed it worthy that he be released then she would be content with it.

''Have you two forgotten how 'he' ended up in that coffin?'' Yamamoto asked seriously at his two students.

''We have not forgotten,'' Kyoraku said. ''But I think he would have forgotten about it.''

Kurotsuchi, 12th division captain's eyes twitched. They were saying staff about him and this, but they were not saying who 'he' was. It was annoying to hear them speak like that. ''Who is 'he'?'' he asked voicing out his thoughts.

''I am also interested in who 'he' is,'' Captain Hitsugaya said with a nod. He had already recovered from his fatal wound, but he was not fully recovered. ''So far you four - the oldest here - seem to know who is inside that coffin, but you have not said name or who he is.''

The other captains nodded in agreement. They were also curious as to who 'he' was. They had never heard anything about the black coffin. But considering that it came with the Royal Guard, it had to mean that it was residing in the Soul King's dimension.

Yamamoto sighed and closed his eyes. He opened one and looked at Unohana. She was quiet. He did not think she would be quiet seeing 'his' coffin. They had been 'friends' before he was sealed. He looked back at Shutara, he wondered what was going inside her head with 'him' about to be released.

All Info about 'him' had been closely guarded. 'He' was not commonly known. Only a few knew of him. Every record about him in public hold was erased after he was sealed. He never thought he would be standing here trying to explain who 'he' was.

''You will be told who 'he' is after Shutara does what she has to do,'' Yamamoto said finally.

For the first time, Shutara smiled. ''Will you be able to break the seal on your own,'' Yamamoto asked.

Shutara nodded, ''It was been broken by the Soul King before I came here. There is only one layer holding it. The reason he has not broken out yet is because he is currently in deep sleep and won't awaken until the seal in fully broken,'' she explained what she had been told. The Soul King had broken the seal himself given that it was his seal.

''Be on guard! I don't know what he might try to do after he awakens!'' The Sotaichou stated firmly. He certainly did not know how 'he' would react after being released. It had been a long time since he was sealed. He was not going to take any chances with 'him'.

Shutara turned to face the coffin before performing a small ritual in breaking the last layer of the seal. It required much of her Reiatsu to do so. But it did not take long for her to finish her ritual.

As soon as the coffin was opened, a massive wave of Reiatsu hit around the atmosphere. The spiritual pressure was dark and potent. Anyone less than a captain would have surely been knocked down by it. Some few less experienced captains were having troubles standing up from the pressure. It was dark and potent unlike anything they had ever felt before.

Zaraki Kenpachi only grinned in excitement. Such Reiatsu only reminded his love for a battle. Someone of this spiritual pressure would certainly give him a good and enjoyable fight. He had been craving for one recently. But there seemed to be no one there to offer him the good fight.

The Reiatsu was also foreign. It did not feel like it belonged to a Hollow or a Shinigami. It was unlike anything some had ever felt before. Judging from the Reiatsu, they could not tell what sort of creature was being released.

Just as it had appeared, the Reiatsu disappeared like it was never there. They could no longer feel it, not even a trace of it was left. Because the explosion of Reiatsu died down, it cleared the view for them to see what was sealed inside the black coffin.

There was a man, he was faired skinned and had sun kissed blond hair reaching down his waist. It was odd given that some had never seen hair of that bright. They had seen blond before, but just not so bright and long. The man was wearing black pants and a long red coat with high collars. The coat had black flames pattern at the hemline and at the collars. Under the coat he wore a black long sleeved T-shirt. That T-shirt clearly framed his chest and left some of his chest just below his neck partly visible. There was no sword on him but he had a red sash on his waist.

Shutara was still standing in front of the coffin in anticipation. She had a small smile on her face as she waited for him to awaken. She thought he was taking time to do so. She could not wait to look into his eyes once more.

Suddenly, the man's eyes snapped open. They were the oddest thing the younger captains had ever seen. His eyes were blood red with six blades in each. The blades seemed to be spinning in opposite directions per eye. They stopped suddenly and the man's body moved out of the coffin.

The captains were on guard because they did not know how we would react. They had they hands on their swords, except for Shutara, Unohana, Kyoraku and Ukitake - they were on guard but did not seem to be ready to draw out their weapons any time soon. They were all sporting smiles, friendly smiles.

Still, no Reiatsu could be sensed from the man. There was just nothing from him. If one could not see him, one could believe that he was not there. It was quite frankly scary as one could not sense anything from him.

The blond man stopped just inches away from Shutara. She was about an inch taller than him. He stared into her eyes in an expressionless face. The woman wore a smile the whole time, but begun to become nervous as the man simply stared at her for about a minute without a word or his expression changing. It was just blank just as his eyes were.

The rest of the captains, simply stayed quite waiting for the man to say his first words. Although it did not seem like he would be saying anything soon, they would wait for him.

The blond haired man's hand moved slowly towards Shutara's face. It seemed as if he was not going to do anything. Then he suddenly grabbed her neck and begun to choke the life out of her. Shutara tried to get out of his hold but she was failing miserably at her attempts. Her eyes were wide as she started to panic in fear thinking that she was going to be killed. His expression had not changed as he strangled her.

''You will kill her if you continue to do that,'' Unohana stated with her kind smile. She was merely stating the obvious. If he continued to cut off her air supply then she would die because of lack of oxygen. That was no way for a Shinigami to die, especially a member of the Royal Guard.

The sound of her voice seemed to get the man's attention as his eyes turned to her. He let go of Shutara allowing her to catch her breath. His eyes were still on Unohana as he did so. Despite the woman giving him a kind smile, he did not return her the smile. His face stayed as it was, expressionless.

He looked around before speaking, ''Seireitei,'' he said quietly, his eyes still at the ceiling. He brought them back and looked at Shutara who was now up from her knees but one of her hands was still on her neck.

He held out his hand seemingly checking something. Something akin to realization phased through his blank face. His eyes narrowed to Shutara, ''why have I been brought back in this state?'' the question was not anything polite. He was demanding an answer. His tone clearly stated that Shutara was not given choice.

''It was just a precaution since the Soul King did not know how you would react after being awakened. He also stated that you did not need to be at your former self as...'' Shutara trailed off when she saw his eyes staring at her unblinking.

''You don't know what you are talking about. You simply making things up because you were not given reasons,'' the blond said evenly. ''How many times have I told you to keep your mouth shut if you do not know what you are talking about?''

Shutara merely smiled. The rest of the occupants seemed to be just watching the interaction. They did not seem like they wanted to join in any time soon.

''Where is Amaterasu?'' the blond asked again leveling Shutara with an intense gaze under his hypnotic eyes.

''Here she is,'' Shutara stated with a small smile. She took out a normal blade Katana from her robes and handed it to the blond. The Katana was pure black, it had no other color on it.

The blond haired man got hold of the Katana only for a moment before breaking it in half and throwing it back to Shutara. ''That is not my sword, Shutara,'' he said in a low tone. ''Where is my sword?''

Shutara had no idea about it. The sword looked like his when she was given it. She did think that it was a fake. Even her fellow Royal Guards did not say anything about the Katana. They all thought it was the real thing. If it is not real, it only meant that the Soul King must have created a new one.

''You did not know about it,'' the blond said. It was clear from her expression that she did not know about the Katana. ''That fool for a king. Does that 'thing' not know that it is not good to separate me from my blade? Seireitei will burn to the ground if I do not get my sword back.''

The others were quite surprised that he had actually addressed the Soul King as a fool and 'thing'. Just who was this man to have to guts to call the Soul King a fool in front of the captains of the Gotei 13. It was even more interesting that a Royal Guard said nothing about it. She was a guard to the Spirit king, she should not allow anyone to speak of him as the blond had done.

''I was told to give you this should you threaten Seireitei,'' Shutara stated removing a small scroll from her robes. She handed it to the blond who accepted it.

He read it with an expressionless look on his face. After a minute, the scroll disappeared from existence into thin air. ''That paranoid fool is smart. I never thought he would be capable of doing something like this. He brought me back in this state so that he would not face the dangers of separating me with my blade, and punishment for my sealing,'' the blond stated not even sounding the slightest bitter about it. ''Without my blade I cannot travel to his dimension nor can I access my Bankai.'' 'It is fine though, it is not like I did not expect this. I will get my Zanpaktou back one or the other,' he thought.

The blond then held out his right hand and a black sphere of condensed Reiatsu began to form. It was obvious that the technique he was preparing was lethal. This time they could feel the Reiatsu coming from the technique. It felt like hollow.

''Are you going to kill her?'' Unohana asked with her usually kind smile. She was asking thinking that he wanted to hit Shutara with the technique that seemed like a Cero. But she knew it was indeed a Cero.

The action had every captain on guard. But the blond simply turned around and blasted the coffin he had been sealed within. When the technique hit the coffin, it vaporized it leaving nothing behind.

''Nonsense, I could never do that...Unless I am given a reason to do it,'' the blond said looking at Shutara even though he was answering Unohana's question.

''Ah, it is good that being sealed for many years has not affected your mind,'' Unohana stated.

''It is good to see that you have not reverted,'' there was certainly a hidden meaning under those words. Unohana chose not to comment on it, though. ''Shutara, come closer to me,'' the blond haired man stated. The called woman took a few steps towards him. However, before anything could be said, Yamamoto finally spoke.

''Uchiha Naruto!'' he said tapping the floor with his staff. He was certainly glad that the man did not have his Zanpaktou. Without his blade, he would be manageable if anything should come. Nevertheless, with him, you could never know.

It certainly would not have been wise to awaken him in all his glory. If something like that was done, he would simply cause more trouble than they needed. Having him in his current was at least satisfying. He never showed any of his thoughts to anyone though.

Yamamoto's calling of the name, now gave the others who did not know him his name. To some the name seemed to click in their heads but they could not quite catch it.

Naruto turned to the Sotaichou, ''Genryusai, you are still alive,'' there was no surprise in his voice nor his face. ''You look pathetic though. I have no doubt you will someday kick the bucket while standing like that,'' he stated flatly.

Yamamoto's eyes twitched as soon as Naruto opened his mouth. Zaraki merely grinned. He certainly liked the blonds' style. To call out the Sotaichou like that took some guts. Even he had never said something like that. However, this man had said it so simply as if he was not even afraid of the old man.

''You have not changed, eh Naruto?'' Kyoraku asked his former friend with a smile. Even though he was sealed for nearly 1000 years, he thought that the man would have changed.

Naruto looked at the man, ''You have become old Shunsui,'' he said before turning to Ukitake. ''You look frail Jushiro. It as if a mere punch from your sensei will be enough to erase your existence.''

Ukitake merely smile taking no offence in the words. ''You look young,'' he said. Certainly, Naruto looked a lot younger than him and Kyoraku. However, it was not the case. Naruto was slightly older than both them, and yet he still looked like he was around Byakuya's age.

Naruto turned back to Shutara, ''Follow me,'' he said and disappeared. With a single glance to Unohana, Shutara also disappeared.

Somewhere in Seireitei

''How long has it been?'' Naruto asked quietly as he sat down on top of a roof in one of the random buildings in Seireitei.

Shutara had just appeared beside him. ''950 years, 8 months,'' she answered sitting close by Naruto. She seemed happy to see the man, if the warm smile on her face was any indication.

''That long...'' Naruto said looking at the skies. ''It certainly has changed around here,'' he said while his eyes were still staring at the sky. He was not even looking around him to make that comment. He could feel that most things have changed around the atmosphere.

''Yes, it has,'' Shutara agreed with a nod. ''Well it has been almost 1000 years - a world like this is bound to change over those years.''

''I guess you are right,'' Naruto looked away from the sky and placed his right hand under his chin. ''Why have I been brought back?''

''Three of the Gotei 13 captains have turned traitors and joined the hollows. They also have something powerful called the Hogyouku - I don't know much about it. But I don't think that it something that the remaining captains can't handle,'' Shutara explained. It was curious because Yamamoto was still just as powerful. He could take on anyone. Sure the traitors were still a threat, but there was still Unohana, Kyoraku and Ukitake - and Yamamoto. The four of them where far powerful than the rest of the captains. They could surely deal with the current problem.

Naruto took a thoughtful look for a moment before speaking, ''No, that does not seem to be the case,'' he said surprising Shutara. ''Awakening me is a risk on its own. You also cannot guarantee that this will pick my interest enough to even take part.''

Oh, there was that part, Shutara thought. There was indeed no guarantee that Naruto would even take part in the battle against the traitors. Given the fact that they had sealed him, he could simply refuse to take part in the battle. If the situation was troubling, the Soul King could have found a way to handle him other than taking away his Zanpaktou. She did think that he had done more than just to take away his Zanpaktou.

''That 'thing' could no longer suppress me any longer,'' Naruto said impassively.

''Suppress you?''

''The first time I was sealed, I escaped. But the second time I could not escape because the seal was stronger but eventually I would break free. When you moved me into the other dimension, that 'thing' used its power to suppress me and force me to sleep.''

''How did you escape the first seal anyway? And what do you mean that the Soul King forced you to sleep? Isn't that anyone who is sealed automatically put in a suspended death sentence?'' Shutara questioned looking at Naruto inventively.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her for a second before looking away. ''I was not weak for be sealed by such a pathetic seal. My Reiatsu is also potent which made it impossible for me to sleep. It kept fluctuating inside the coffin trying to find a way out. When that 'thing' used its power to suppress my Reiatsu, I was able to sleep. He also ensured that I could not escape.''

Shutara nodded, ''So you were awakened because the soul king could no longer suppress you...''

Naruto nodded, ''This was also the best way to manage me,'' he said. ''Are you going back to that 'thing'?''

Shutara looked down unable to face him as she answered, ''Yes.'' As much as she wanted to stay, she had a job to do - a job she had sworn with her life that she would do until her body could no longer allow her to do so.

''I was thinking we could catch up before I go away,'' she said again to face Naruto realizing that he was now on his feet. When she did, she smiled sadly looking at him, ''You are not going to allow me,'' she said.

Naruto kept his expression impassive and bent towards her. He kissed her on her forehead before disappearing without a word.


''What the hell was that?'' Yoruichi asked after Naruto had disappeared with Shutara. He had insulted the Soul King, Yamamoto and then walked away. None of the senior captains seemed to be too bothered by it. It was as if they were used to hearing him say something like it.

''Genryusai-dono, why did you allow that man to be so disrespectful towards you and the Soul King?'' Komamura asked in his respectful tone. He had always respected the Sotaichou. He did not appreciate when someone did not do the same.

''It is not a question of whether he allowed it or not. The truth is, he just could not do anything about it,'' Kyoraku stated nonchalantly.

This surprised many. The Sotaichou could not do anything? Just who was that man? Who was he to act the way he did and still get away with it, not because the Sotaichou allowed him to go unpunished, but because he just could not do anything.

Yamamoto hit the floor with his staff silencing everyone. ''Enough!'' he said in an even tone quieting the murmurs that had begun.

''You will be told more about Uchiha Naruto in the next days,'' Yamamoto stated in a stern tone leaving no room for argument. ''For now go back to your squads. Dismissed!'' He looked at Yoruichi, ''You stay,'' he said.

After all the captains had left, he spoke, ''You will have Urahara Kisuke here in three days. He knows more about the Hogyouku than anyone else here,'' his tone was even, Yoruichi merely nodded.

''Do not fear anything,'' Yamamoto said, earning a surprise look from Yoruichi. But the Sotaichou did not dwell on it, he dismissed her without any further word.

The Goddess of Flash wondered what the old man meant. He was not the one to show pity. Still, she hoped that Seireitei did not plan anything against Kisuke. They needed him though. He was by far the smartest man she has ever known. Well with the Gotei 13 requesting Kisuke's help, things were to become seriously intense and hard.

She no doubt would have to do many things. There was also Aizen who posed the bigger threat than anyone else. She did not think he would get his claws on the Hogyouku. Well, Kisuke will surely think of another way to deal with the traitor of a captain.

There was also the mystery of Uchiha Naruto. She was curious as to who the man really was. Why he was sealed. Kisuke would surely be able to tell her something about it though. He knew many things that many did not know.

A few hours later

Shutara was walking inside Naruto's secluded house. It was just outside of Seireitei's civilization, yet still within the home of Shinigami. Ever since Naruto was sealed, she had only came here once. The house looked still looked fine despite being thousands years old. Naruto himself had not being using it the time he was sealed since he had created another home. Well it was made of spirit particles, anything made of that could never really rust. It stayed the same unless, someone destroyed it.

The house was hidden; no one would really come across it, no matter how one looked around the place. Naruto had created it at this location because he disliked living with the rest of the other Shinigami. A place like this was also comfortable for him. He had all the privacy he needed.

Shutara opened the door and entered the house. She did not think that Naruto would be here. He was probably out of Seireitei by now. It was best if he was not here though. She doubted he would even say anything more unless she was going to be telling him that she would be staying.

Outside, the house looked like a two room house, but the real house was build underground. It had everything a Shinigami could ever want in a house. It still surprised her how Naruto could grow plants underground where there was no sun.

''Yare, I did not think I would find you here,'' Unohana stated looking straight at Shutara with her kind smile.

''Well you did...I assume you were looking for him,'' Shutara stated looking back the Captain of the fourth division in the Gotei 13.

Unohana nodded, ''But I presume he is not here, seeing that look on your face,'' Retsu stated walking closer to Shutara. She could only guess that something that she did not like had occurred between her and Naruto.

Shutara sighed, ''I talked with him for a few minutes, but then left me when I told him that I would be returning to the Soul King's dimension,'' she explained things to the other woman.

Unohana was not the least surprised to hear that. She could only expect Naruto to act that way, ''Do you blame him?'' she asked quietly.

Shutara shook her head, ''I just thought he would at least understand or smile. But he did not. He walked away from me without saying a word.''

''Understand?'' Unohana questioned not expecting Shutara to answer the question. ''He understood when you left him alone. He understood when you took part in his sealing, even though it felt like a betrayal,'' she paused for a moment giving Shutara a scrutinizing gaze. ''He was just released, it has been 950 years, and you are still going to leave him.''

Shutara became quite for a moment, ''You know, we never even spoke about the fact that I took part in his sealing. I do wonder why he is not furious about it though,'' she said taking a thoughtful look on her face.

''That is because it was something a part of him wanted,'' Unohana stated surprising Shutara.


''When you left, he was left with nothing. There was nothing for him to do. He was left bored and had nothing to do. He suddenly lost interest in everything and quit his position as captain,'' Unohana explained. ''There was no reason for him to live. I believe that he allowed himself to be sealed, even if he did not allow himself to be sealed, he still wanted something like that. He called himself God, and with the things he could do, I would not say otherwise. Do you think there could be a seal that could him down?''

Shutara was left speechless. She had not been informed of his after Naruto was sealed. She assumed everything was well because of the fact that he still looked normal. ''So that is why he was not angry at anyone for the sealing,'' she said after getting her speech back. ''But what is in his heart has not changed.''

Unohana nodded, ''But I think he will try to do things differently this time.''

''Hard to believe,'' Shutara said with a sigh. ''I do wish I could be here though,'' she said sadly. But out of her personal needs, she put her duty first. It was something that even Unohana understood.

''You have an important job to do. Only a handful of people can achieve that power to get them to be selected for Squad Zero,'' Unohana stated after a nod.

''But Naruto does not care about that,'' she said. Really, the blond did not care about any duty that had to be done in Seireitei or in the Soul King's dimension. He had no respect for the Soul King to begin with. He had made it clear that the Spirit King was useless and did not know how to do his job as king.

''Aside from me, you are the only one else who understands him, do you think he hates me for this?'' Shutara questioned. She did not think so, but she was not sure. Unohana would certainly offer her an honest answer.

Unohana shook her head with a small smile, ''No, he cannot hate you,'' she said. Shutara could sense something. ''But that does not mean that he cannot kill you. If he wanted to, he would have, despite saying that he could not. The reality is that he just 'did' not want to, not 'can't'.''

Shutara smiled sadly, ''I know that. He has told me that before,'' she said. Naruto had let her know that if she pushed him off the limits he would kill her.

''I am not surprised,'' Unohana said. Dealing with him, she would not be surprised if he had said something like that, even to Shutara.

''Can you do me a favor?'' Shutara asked wiping off her sad expression. Her face became unreadable.

''I know what you are going to ask, but I don't think I can do that,'' Unohana stated knowing what Shutara wanted off her. It had to do with Naruto. She did not want to do it. But then again, even if she wanted to do it and Naruto did not permit it, there would be not result.

''You will or I will...'' Unohana cut Shutara off.

''...Or you will what?'' she asked with that kind smile that has anyone frightened of her.

The following day (Human world)

Yoruichi entered her long time friend's shop with a small smile on her face. She really did like coming down here. Kisuke was her friend, a very good friend. They shared their birthdays and had a lot of memories together. He was one person she had her complete faith and trust in. But of course, Kisuke had his moments that often annoyed her to no end.

There was also the fact that he was very playful. She too was playful, but Kisuke often showed his personality in some matters that did not call for it. Well it was that personality that kept him as he was. He was always calm in every situation because of that personality.

She came across Tessai as soon as she entered the shop, ''Where is Kisuke?'' she asked quietly.

Tessai smiled before turning around, ''Owner! Yoruichi-san is here!'' he yelled.

No sooner than later, Urahara Kisuke came out with his jovial smile. He waved his hand fan in front of his face, hiding his smile, ''Yoruichi, it is nice to see you,'' he said happily.

Yoruichi refused to say anything and walked towards a room they could speak. Kisuke followed her from behind. Upon reaching the designated room, both sat down.

''I thought you were going to return along with Ichigo and his friends,'' Urahara stated. ''Imagine my surprise when Ichigo tells me that you would return alone at a later date.''

Since Soul Society was willing to allow Ichigo and his friends to go, Yoruichi had not bothered to return to here. There was also the fact that the Captain-commander had requested that she stay behind. She also had personal matters she had to solve with Soi-fon.

''Did Ichigo tell you everything?'' Yoruichi asked.

''He only told me that Rukia was saved - that is what he had gone to Soul Society for - and his major battles. I did not question him about anything else because he would not explain things the way you would,'' Urahara answered in a rare slight serious tone. ''But he did fill me on the fact that Aizen got my Hogyouku and was scary strong,'' he finished looking at his friend calmly.

Yoruichi nodded, ''Yes, he did get it. He also slaughtered Central 46 and had been the one to make decisions for some time now - even the one concerning Rukia. He ordered her execution just so he could get his hands on the Hogyouku...'' she then went to tell Kisuke everything she had witnessed. She told him of the fact that Aizen had not been working alone, but with Ichimaru Gin and Kaname Tousen.

Urahara was not surprised to hear that Aizen had not been working alone. He had known about it already. He knew before he even left Soul Society. He was surprised though, when he was told that the man had joined the hollows. If he had joined the hollows, it meant that he would be having some strong hollows under his control. Even weak hollows could become a great threat if they are under the control of a man with a mind like Aizen. There was no doubt about that given the kind of man Aizen was.

''...So that is what happened,'' Yoruichi said after concluding what she had witnessed.

''I did not think that he would get it,'' Urahara stated. Charging by his voice and look on his face, he did not seemed to be too bothered by it.

''Neither did I, but he did.''

''Well I will have to begin work on how to deal with this,'' Kisuke said becoming happy of all the sudden.

''Before I forget, the Sotaichou requested that you be in Soul Society in Two days.''

''I see,'' Urahara breathed out, not even seeming alarmed by the call. ''Well I guess this is expected,'' he said.

''There is something else, someone rather,'' this picked up Urahara's interests. ''There was a man named Uchiha Naruto that was brought by Shutara - a member of Squad Zero. He had been sealed for many years, I don't know how many.''

''Uchiha Naruto, you say,'' Urahara said his face adopting a serious look for a second. Certainly, there was no one else with those names, it had to be him.

''Yes, do you know him? He called the Sotaichou pathetic and insulted his age, he called the Soul King, a 'thing' and a fool. He did so in front of the captains without fear,'' the Goddess of flash explained.

''I see. So you must be asking yourself questions; who is he to insult the Sotaichou? Who is he to call the Soul King a fool? Why didn't the Sotaichou do anything when he did so? Why was he sealed in the first place?''

Yoruichi nodded. Urahara smiled, ''I can only tell you that Uchiha Naruto is the one who 'inspired' both Aizen and I to create the Hogyouku. And that he was the Captain of the fifth squad for some time,'' he stated.

''You are going to tell me more than that, Kisuke.''

''Don't worry, The Captain-commander will tell everything. So far, anything about him has been heavily hidden and restricted.''

Meeting day

Yamamoto looked at his subordinates, they were all present. He had thought that Ukitake would not come because of his health issues. Mostly, his illness made it impossible to come at the meetings. During these days, his illness had become more troubling. It stood in the way of most of his activities. He wished that his student would live long enough before he died. But the sickness was getting to him. It even acted up while he was fighting. At least Ukitake was not weak. If he was, it would have caused his premature death.

His guest was also present at the meeting. He had thought that the man may perhaps refuse to come because of his history with the Soul Society. But he was glad that he had decided to come. The Info he would offer them would certainly become useful for them when dealing the Aizen. They had to know as much as they could about the Hogyouku. So far, he knew nothing about it. But Urahara being the creator had much information about it.

He also was taking a chance with the man because Urahara had been banished from Soul Society by Central 46. They would certainly not be pleased to know that the man they once banished was walking around in Soul Society with a huge smile on his face. It was good that they were not there since Aizen had slaughtered them. But he was sure in the few days more members would be selected and they would return to ruling.

He had been unable to find Naruto. He had sent some of his surobinates to search for the man, but all the searches had been unfruitful. It was hard when the man's Reiatsu could not be sensed by anyone else. Even he could not sense the man's Reiatsu no matter how hard he tried. It was not always like that, he once could sense, as everybody could. However, when he became even more powerful, no one was able to sense his Reiatsu.

He had stopped searching, though. He figured that when that man had stopped doing whatever that he was doing, he would show himself. He hated dealing with Naruto because of it. He could never tell where he was or what he was doing unless Naruto himself bothered to inform him. Dealing with that man, he knew that not everything was under his control.

There was a good thing about his unsealing though; he was not as powerful as he was. He did not even have his precious Zanpaktou. This meant that he would not be able to use his Bankai and never reach his full power. He would only be able to use a temporary sword, then again, most times he never used his real sword when fighting unless the opponent was worthy of it.

He had also sensed that when he awakened his Reiatsu was not as powerful as it was. It was still powerful, but not as powerful as the old days. He had sensed it when Naruto's Reiatsu had exploded the time he awoke. All this spelled good thing to him. This way, Naruto would be more manageable as he won't cause much more destruction.

''Since everyone is here, let us begin with the meeting!'' Yamamoto said with a firm tone.

''Why is this man here?!'' Kurotsuchi blurted out finally unable to contain himself. He never liked Urahara Kisuke. Soi-fon also seemed to agree with him. She too did not like the lazy bastard. He had been the one to take away her 'Yoruichi-sama' from her. She could never like or forgive that man for it.

''I called him here,'' Yamamoto answered evenly. This shut up the 12th squad captain. But it did not stop him from giving Urahara a slight glare. It was frustrating when the man merely smiled at him as if he was not bothered by his glare.

Nothing much had changed from what Urahara could see. There was no one in the meeting he did not know. He knew all the captains, some from personal experiences, some because...well he knew them. He was a curious person after all. Knowing as much about his former home was not out of the question for him.

Despite also being banished, he would never want this place to be destroyed. He may never return to take his duties as Captain, but he would help whenever he could. Soul Society had been his home after all.

''Urahara Kisuke, will share with us your knowledge of the Hogyouku?'' Yamamoto said getting the meeting under way.

It may have sounded like a question, but Urahara knew that it was no question. He was being instructed to tell everything about the Hogyouku. 'It appears that he has not changed a bit,' Urahara thought.

''When I created the Hogyouku, I was trying to find a way to...'' Urahara explained the Origins of the Hogyouku to everyone at the meeting as well its purpose - why he had created it. He told them of what it could do - based on what he has seen it do, that is.

Yamamoto stroked his beard as he absorbed Urahara's information. ''I see,'' he said finally. ''Is it working now?''

Urahara shook his head, ''No when I hid it inside Kuchiki-san's soul it was in its slumber. It won't be long it awakens though,'' he said.

''We have time to figure out Aizen's plans,'' Yamamoto stated. ''You will work with Captain Kurotsuchi in uncovering what Aizen plans to do with the Hollows. You will also have Ukitake and Shunsui to help you in the search, is there going to be a problem?''

''No, not at all,'' Urahara answered keeping his smile.

''Good,'' Yamamoto stated. ''We will have to deal with the vacant posts of left behind by Aizen and his subordinates. But as of now, there is no one suitable to be Captains. We will leave them as they are, for now. That is unless anyone suggests that someone is worthy of the position of Captain to fill in the vacant posts.''

The Captains shook their heads. In the current Shinigami they had, there was no one strong enough to be given a chance to become captain. This meant that the Lieutenants will be charged with taking care of some duties their captains normally did. The other duties will be filled in by volunteers.

Komamura volunteered to carry Tousen's Squad until a Captain was found. Captain Hitsugaya took Gin's squad. The only squad that was left without a caretaker was the fifth squad, Aizen's division. No one seemed to be willing to take care of it until a replacement is found.

''I have someone in mind to take care of the Fifth Squad,'' Yamamoto said. But he was not about to elaborate anything further on that matter.

''I believe it is time we are informed of just who Uchiha Naruto is,'' a stoic Kuchiki Byakuya stated earning nods from some of the captains who were in the dark like him.

Yamamoto sighed inwardly. He really did not like talking about that man. ''Uchiha Naruto appeared around 2600 years ago. Nobody knew where he came from, he never told anyone. He was just about 165 years old when I came across him. He was by no means a normal child. He was in a secluded place when I found him because souls around him died because of his spiritual pressure.

2000 years ago, I came across him again and he was holding ''Amaterasu''. He had just finished killing about 100 Shinigami. When I questioned him about it, he merely stated that they were trash. I found that they were corrupt Shinigami that was why he had killed them. Because I had taken an interest him, I let him go but kept monitoring him.''

So he is at around the same age as Kyoraku and Ukitake, Urahara thought. He had not seen him, but by the surprised looks on some captains, he could confirm Yoruichi's words when she said he looked young, even younger than him.

''I recruited him and trained him along with Ukitake and Shunsui around 1800 years ago. He was willing to do so because of his loneliness. He had grown up lonely because of his power. He became lively and good friends with my other two students. He was by far the better students than those two. After some years, he changed as his had grown to levels I could not have imagined. However, he changed after that. His growth was not stopping. He never used his Zanpaktou when fighting hollows or other Shinigami. He only drew out his blade when he was fighting a captain class opponent. After a hundred years, he disappeared for 600 years. When he came back 1200 years ago – that was around the time I had founded the Gotei 13. As I have said, he was became before Shunsui and Ukitake. He was one of the original captains of the Gotei 13.

He became cold and distant, and always had a bored expression on his face. He quit the Gotei 13 because he no longer cared for anything and was against Soul Society's laws, that was after 60 years of service. Shunsui and Ukitake had not even come close to becoming captains at that time.

It was around that time that we discovered something special about him; his eyes. He never explained what they did, but said that they held greater power. When he told me that he was stronger than me I refused to believe it. To show it to me, he released his true Bankai. I had never seen it before. If was the first time I thought that I would not win a battle.

I also realized that he also had Quincy powers. He refused to tell me how he got them. 1100 years ago, he disappeared and could no longer be seen. Unohana found him a hundred years later. But he was different. He had gone through an evolution. He could use Hollow powers as well as Shinigami. He had no mask like your friends, Urahara.''

The said man nodded. He already knew that Naruto could use Hollow powers. He was just never able to find out how he came to use those powers. It was written that the key lied on his eyes. However, no one was able to find anything about his eyes. He never told a single soul about them.

Yamamoto continued while the others listened. ''Ever since he was captain, Central 46 had always been wary of him because of his power and the fact that he was always against their laws. However, because no one was fully able to tell how powerful he was, they did not do anything. When I fought him under the orders of Central 46, he absorbed Ryuujin Jakka's flames - flames that could turn Seireitei into ruins.

''His own Zanpaktou was an element type. Its flames were powerful enough to stop mine. When he absorbed the flames, he gained the younger look he has now and his Spiritual pressure disappeared. He explained to me that he was only lacking one element to evolve further, and my flames had acted as that element. He explained that I could no longer sense his Reiatsu because he was in a higher dimension of power than that of me.

He refused to fight any further before I could release by Bankai and said that he would no longer live under the soul king's rule. He would become the Spirit God.

Central 46 wanted to send all the captains to kill him, but the Spirit King forbade it. During the Quincy war, he simply watched and refused to take part in it. He said that it was of no interest to him.

This pushed the Soul King to act. There was also the fact that he kept disappearing without a trace. He had also demonstrated that he could do things that no one could do. He sent his Royal Guard to deal with him. Naruto had been expecting this. The Royal guard could not kill him because he was immortal. They settled to seal him. They achieved that feat, but not more than a year after being sealed, he escaped the seal and disappeared. It was not the first time he had done it.

We later discovered that he had gone to his own dimension - the dimension of the Soul God as he called it. He always went to the dimension when he disappeared. The Royal Guard came back with means to open a portal towards the dimension. They were blessed with some of the Soul King's power. The Gotei 13 and the Royal Guard travelled towards the dimension. No one below captain can exist there. The Reishi there was thick and potent. Anyone less than captain will cease to exist upon entering his dimension.

The Royal guard was the one to fight him. We were told to return here. It did not take long for them to come back saying that they had defeated him.''

The place became quite for a few moments as everyone digested what they had been told. The man was truly powerful. Urahara found himself surprised. The books had made him look less powerful than Yamamoto had said. He could not help but compare him to Aizen though. The traitorous captain also sought to become God.

While others felt wary of the man, Zaraki merely grinned in an unhealthy way. Another that was grinning was Kurotsuchi, ''Is this 'Dimension of God' still accusable?'' he asked a bit excitedly.

''No,'' Yamamoto replied.

''When the coffin Naruto was sealed within was taken to the Soul Kings Dimension, the Royal Guard tried to enter the dimension - the Soul King wanted to take the dimension for his own use. According to the Royal guard, Naruto's dimension was better than the Soul King's. But it was impossible to enter. It was later hypothesized that no one could enter unless Naruto was within the dimension. The key to entering the dimension was Naruto and his Zanpaktou. Without the two, the portal to his dimension cannot be opened,'' Unohana explained taking over from Yamamoto.

Kurotsuchi frowned at the answer, ''This also explains why he was not brought back with his Zanpaktou,'' he said.

''Precisely that,'' Unohana stated.

''So we can assume that he is not strong as he was,'' Toshiro stated.

Yamamoto nodded, ''He is not strong as he was. If he was, this building would not have been standing now. It would have been destroyed when he was awakened.''

''But he can still fight?'' that came from a wide grinned Zaraki.

''Yes, using a Zanpaktou was not the only thing that he could do,'' Ukitake stated. Naruto was skilled in every art, there was no question to that. He was just at his best when blade.

That was what the blood thirsty captain wanted to hear. Nothing else mattered to him. As long as the man could still fight, he was happy.

When I began writing this story, I was trying to plan a sequel for Uchiha Naruto: The Sage, but I just thought hey why not make it different? And so I ended up with this story. It won't be a long story, possibly will have less than 20 chapters.

Just to clear out things before anyone starts to think otherwise; Naruto will not be having god like powers. He will be very much beatable by anyone strong enough to do so.

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