Clara and the 11th Doctor are hanging out inside the TARDIS when the door unlocks and in walks Rose and the 10th Doctor.

"Oi' who are you?" Rose asks eyeing them both.

"I'm Clara and this is the Doctor." She catches the 11th Doctor smiling at Rose.

"Do know you her?" Clara asks.

The 11th Doctor blushes. "Um yeah I did, actually."

Clara taps her foot and crosses her arms, she is not happy. "Who is she?"

"I'm Rose Tyler and that is not the Doctor." Rose replies.

Then the 10th Doctor shows up behind her.

"He's the Doctor." Rose said pointing to the 10th Doctor.

"Who are you?" He asks.

"That's Clara and he says he's the Doctor." Rose answered.

Clara glances at the 11th Doctor. "That's you, yeah?"

The 11th Doctor nods. "Yes, don't you recognize him?"

She looks closer at the 10th Doctor and smiles. "Oh, yeah I remember you."

Rose looks cross at the 10th Doctor. "You know her?"

Clara gives him a tiny wave.

He smiles but then quickly shakes his head. "No I've never seen her before or bow tie man."

"Oi' bow ties are cool!" he protests.

The 10th Doctor smirks. "No they're not."

The 11th Doctor puts his hands in a time out. "Okay, enough. Look sandshoes you're me and I'm you so don't go there."

The 10th Doctor stares at him in shock. "Seriously you're me?"

The 11th Doctor nods his head. "Yes!"

Rose shoves the 10th Doctor and asks. "If he's you then where am I?"

He sighs. "You're here with me."

She shakes her head. "No, apparently I've been replaced by another "friend" of yours!"

It's Clara's turn to shove the 11th Doctor. "Another friend; just who else were you with before me?"

The 11th Doctor nervously replies. "Oh t-there were maybe s-several other people."

Rose glares at the 10th Doctor. "You had more after me?"

Clara frowns at the 11th Doctor. "There were more before me?"

The 10th Doctor rolled his eyes. "Way to go Mr. fancy bow tie."

The 11th Doctor shook his head. "Oh, no sandshoes you're just as guilty as me."

"They are not sandshoes." He protested.

"Yes they are." The 11th Doctor smirked.

He scowled at the 11th Doctor. "Really?; Well, I don't like how you've redecorated!"

"Oh yeah well you never do Mr. I'm too cool!" the 11th Doctor whined.

"You still haven't answered me! How many after me?" Rose demanded.

The 10th Doctor stuttered. "Um, um..."

Clara glared at the 11th Doctor. "Yes, chinny how many companions have you had?"

Then a knock came on the Door, the 11th Doctor sprinted towards it but when he opened the door he was staring at the rest of his past regenerations along with his old companions. The Doctors all spoke at the same time. "Excuse me I'm the Doctor, what are you doing inside my TARDIS?" The 11th Doctor sighed. "Oh well, come on in everybody, the party's just getting started!"