Chapter 1

Privet Drive, November 1st 1992

Dumbledore POV

The self-proclaimed leader of the light should have been devastated by the brutal murder of Lily and James Potter but actually he was a very happy man. You see there was a prophesy made that involved the Potter`s brat and a certain dark wizard. The prophesy stated that this boy could do what he himself could not and defeat Lord Voldemort. Dumbledore already had an idea on how to implement his plan. First he convinced Sirius Black that Peter Pettigrew would make a more reasonable secret keeper for the Potters, he didn't even need to curse him to give the Potter location away. As much as Dumbledore liked Lily and James they had to die and leave Harry an orphan to be raised by his abusive relatives who would make him really weak and easy to manipulate. Naturally Dumbledore would use his position in the government to make sure Sirius did not receive a trial. Sirius was to raise Harry should Lily and James die but that could not happen as Harry would be far too independent under Sirius he needed a loser in life someone with no self confidence. No, instead Sirius would be framed and sent to Azkaban so he could not influence the weapon (Harry). None of this bothered Dumbledore as it was for the greater good. "The prophesy seems to be going according to plan for the greater good". While Dumbledore was not happy that he would lose the Potter wealth backing his operations it was for the greater good which meant he too would have to make a sacrifice. Now the second part of his operation was to go into effect that being condemning the brat to hell on earth for the next ten years. If all went to plan Dumbledore would have a really weak unconfident and easily malleable boy or as he liked to refer to Harry as his new weapon. Perhaps before Harry died he could have a few rounds with him.

Minerva McGonagall was very reluctant to leave Harry with these poor excuses for people. But Albus had told her and Hagrid that they were wonderful people and that they would take care of young Harry to the best of their abilities. Dumbledore's assurance was enough for both of them as he was never wrong or so they thought. " We have no business here" Dumbledore said as they took their leave. Hopefully they refrain from beating him until he is at least three, thought Dumbledore but it was not troublesome enough for him to go back for as he had a date with Gellert to go to at Nurmengard. That night was the starting point in one of the most bizarre rises to evil in the annals of British history.

8 years later

Harry Potter had a disturbing dream last night it involved his parents being killed by an ugly man with no nose. The man who looked like plastic surgery gone wrong had said some words Avada Kedavra or something like that and they were dead. Harry was beginning to think that was the real cause of death for his parents not a car crash. You see Harry Potter could tell if someone was lying to him and he did not like it. It was like magic he thought, sitting in his room. It all seemed to make since to Harry now because he had been doing unusual things for a while now. The first thing he had ever done was while running from Dudley and his gang he had managed to somehow turn invisible and was able to escape. The next was when his Uncle Vernon had tried beating him for outperforming Dudley in all classes , while Vernon was punching him his skin would turn to a burnt crisp, needless to say Vernon never touched him again and resorted to crude insults. Petunia and Dudley were now afraid of him and Harry used it to his advantage to get anything he wanted he was quite a manipulative child. Today was a new day and today Harry would get answers.

"Aunt Petunia" asked Harry from over the book he was reading invoking a small scream from his aunt, " Tell me about what really happened to my parents and no lies"! Aunt Petunia for fear for her life began to tell the tale she wished she would never have to but she had no choice. As Harry listened intently to his aunt tell about being jealous for not having magic as her sister did Harry suddenly realized why his aunt never liked him. While she told him the story he slowly began cutting off Vernon's fingers with a razor. The story of the murder was not to disturbing because he knew it already, no the thing that got him was this Dumbledore had the nerve to put him here of all places instead of a magical family. Harry knew from the way his Aunt talked he was famous in this magical community surely a family would take him in. Harry was good at deciphering intentions and knew he was to be manipulated. Now the world was in for a surprise manipulation of their own. "Aunt Petunia take me to this Diagon Alley you speak of" Aunt Petunia hurried up for fear of her life as she looked at Vernon moaning over his bleeding stumps of fingers. While Vernon moaned Harry focused his efforts and soon Vernon had regrown his beloved fingers. Harry chuckled and warned Vernon not to mess with him anymore.