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"Doctor Ichigo Kurosaki, in the ER please."

Ichigo raised his head from the surgery book he had been reading and frowned. What the hell was up again? He had been in the Emergency Room for at least three hours straight, he wanted a break, damn it! It was eight o' clock in the morning too, but no biggie on that one; he had been on-call for several hours already. From nine in the evening, the previous day? Probably.

You think that was torture? Well, Ichigo knew that since the moment he applied to med school and back then, he was actually looking forward to it. He was eighteen, young, full of energy, ready to suck in the knowledge of the world. Thankfully, his enthusiasm hadn't subsided as the years passed, no matter the hardships. Besides, for a hard-worker like himself, nothing could be more satisfactory than watching the seeds of his effort bloom.

Ever since he was a little kid Ichigo wanted to become a doctor, a surgeon to be more specific. Of course, the moment he graduated from med school, he threw himself into it, but because he didn't want to be restricted in only one area, he chose general surgery.

He was still fighting with it. You see, to become a licensed surgeon, the minimum amount of years one must spend studying was thirteen. Ichigo Kurosaki was still twenty eight.

Thankfully, he had a job. A well paying job at the General Hospital of his city and he couldn't be happier; trotting around the hallways of the hospital, dealing with all kinds of people and at the same time, studying for his surgery courses. Yup, he absolutely loved his life. However, sometimes it pissed him off, especially when he had the whole night shift, as well as a part of the morning shift, since his co-worker and first cousin, Kaien Shiba, decided it was a good idea to call in sick.


Ichigo stood up from his chair, the book still in hand while pushed through the doors of the lounge room. He headed straight to the lockers to dispose the large surgery guide in his small backpack, anxious to get back to it later. Ah, he loved surgery, yeah, you guessed it. As he made his way out of the locker room, he caught a glimpse of his mug on a random mirror surface and cringed at the black circles around his eyes, as well as the disheveled mess he called hair. Long fingers pushed through the untamable, orange tresses - yeah, orange. How weird was that? - then Ichigo fixed his shirt and straightened his white coat. If he was going to see a patient, he had to be at least presentable.

Some passing nurses greeted him on the way to the emergency room and Ichigo smiled sweetly at them, watching their faces go red. Shit, he could even hear their hearts skidding in their chests.

Women were so predictable; just a few smiles, a little bit of attention and almost all of them were rolling naked at his feet. Well, it didn't hurt that he was six feet tall, lithe and sleek but nonetheless fit, with orange hair and a sexy smile; aka, handsome. Ladies liked his brown eyes too, something Ichigo couldn't quite understand but it didn't matter to him. He himself had the weakest of all spots on blue eyes. Damn, Ichigo could literally stare for hours in a pair of blue eyes, whether the owner was a man or a woman.

He liked both male and female as lovers. The gender wasn't an issue as long as they could put up with his unlimited sex drive, his craving to dominate and sometimes be dominated. For Ichigo, sex was important but not so much as to be desperate about it, even though he had the name of being quite finicky with his partners. He might looked like a shameless flirt and, yeah, he sometimes was, however deep inside of him, he needed some romance too.

Ah. Well. Romance was really hard to find in our days. Everybody is mainly focused on sex, not emotions.

"Good morning, Doctor Kurosaki," a small, timid voice snapped him out of his musings. Ichigo craned his head to the right and his eyes fell on the red haired young nurse Inoue-something - he didn't remember the rest, he never did. This girl, however, had the hugest crush on Ichigo since day one and the funniest part about that was that she thought she was hiding it well. Even for someone like Ichigo who was slow to realize shit like that it was pretty obvious. Truth to be told though, Inoue was a sweet girl, ditzy and a little clumsy but she had a big a big heart. It had to be big, you know, to assist those humongous jiggly bells hanging and bouncing off her chest.

I'm just sayin'.

"What's the matter, Inoue?", Ichigo asked the woman, not bothering with her over-eagerness. If she was a man, she'd probably be sporting a stiffy in her pants, so happy she was to see him.

Her pretty face fell slightly at his curt tone and she pursed her lips together. "We have an uncooperative patient, sir. He claims that he won't allow any woman to examine him."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and snorted, already walking inside the ER, barely noticing Inoue following him. To be honest, he had had his fair share of stubborn patients but he had never stumbled across someone who wouldn't let the nurses or the female doctors touch him. It made Ichigo wonder: was the man a misogynist or just a plain asshole?

"Inoue," he grunted, abruptly turning around and startling the nurse, "What's the case here?"

"U-Uh, yes!", the red haired woman chirped and opened the history folder, "Name; Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, Age: twenty seven..."

"Inoue," Ichigo sighed in evident exasperation, "I'm asking what's the guy's problem."

The redhead blushed and flailed around for a few, long seconds, looking extremely flustered and embarrassed. "Ah, yes, yes, I'm so sorry... He says he has abdominal pain, on the right side, around the pelvic area."

"Appendicitis?", the oranget came up with the answer almost immediately. Inoue shrugged.

"Most likely."

"Did you check the blood test results from the lab already?"

Inoue cringed and averted her gaze, embarrassed. "He...", she swallowed, "He didn't let us... Take a blood sample."

"Blood pressure?"

"He didn't let us touch him, sir. Dr. Shihoin only managed to take medical history and she almost had to fight for it."

Brown eyes rolled once again in indignation and Ichigo facepalmed dramatically. Okay, that guy had serious issues.

"Alright," he turned to the young nurse once again, "Bring everything in, I'll do it myself."

"Yes, of course!", the woman chirped and skidded away to grant his wish. Ichigo didn't bother staring at her back like she would have hoped to, he had a biggest issue to take care of. He cleared his throat and sucked in a deep, calming breath, gathering his brains in place before entering the room with a professional smile.

Ichigo had hard time not widening his eyes at the sight that greeted him. On the patients' bed sat the most alluring, handsome, outstanding - yeah you named it - man Ichigo had ever set his eyes on. First of all, the man was tall, taller than normal since his legs were miles long and crossed nonchalantly at the ankles. Secondly, he was clearly well-defined, even though he was wearing a long-sleeved, navy blouse and a pair of stone-washed jeans. And then... Dear God.

The man had blue hair.

Blue, as in the color of the sky.

The blue haired man wasn't even looking at him, yet Ichigo was already flooded by willies and butterflies. Jesus Christ, the man was fucking gorgeous! Leaving that God-tempting body, Ichigo's brown eyes landed on the other's face. Gulp and blimey there, yeah. Even though the man was frowning like he hated the whole world, his face was magazine worthy; edgy, sharp, manly, godly... Dear lord have mercy.

Insert crazed panting, drooling too.

After a while of shameless staring, Ichigo shook his head to clear it from the naughty thoughts and he cleared his throat once again. The sound attracted the blue haired man's attention and ocean blue eyes locked with chocolate brown.

Insert loud thud for Ichigo's inner demon that had just dropped dead.

What the fuck. Seriously, what the fucking fuck.

"Good morning," Ichigo greeted with a pleasant smile, shocked when his voice didn't shake or break, "I am doctor Ichigo Kurosaki. What seems to be the problem here?"

Wide blue eyes stared at him for a great amount of time with what could be described as awe, the blue haired man's full lips parting ever so slightly, before he bolted up from his seat and took three confident steps closer to Ichigo. Holy shit. The orange haired man had to twist his neck in an awkward position to be able to look into the other's eyes. The blunet was fucking tall; like 6'4, maybe more.

Shit. Ichigo loved tall men.

Suddenly, there was something touching his hand and that snapped the oranget out of his musings. He glanced down and to his utter surprise, the blue haired devil had grasped the appendage in his, instantly bringing up to his lips and kissing the top, eye contact never breaking. Ichigo swallowed thickly. Not that he didn't like the treatment, mind you, but it was too sudden... And-and confusing... And the man's hand was rough and warm and calloused and... And large and sexy...

They had unleashed the monster.

"I'd always heard stories about angels patrollin' around hospitals but I had never thought I'd stumble on one of them."

Ichigo burnt a lust-hole on the man's lips. He had to, after the man electrocuted him with that sinful voice of his; deep and husky, with a delicious throaty timbre, gruff and booming enough to make one kneel.

Fuck angels and shit, we're talking about the impersonation of devil here.

But then, slowly, the blue haired man's words sunk into Ichigo's brain and set his heart into a stuttering frenzy in his chest. Shit, shit, shit, shit, that was completely unprofessional, utterly against the rules of the hospital. Ichigo shook his head and cleared his throat again. He shouldn't do this. No, fuck that, he mustn't do this. He liked his job more than enough to jinx it for the sake of the ultimately gorgeous, wet-dream-on-legs man standing in front of him and staring with those bone-melting blue eyes.

"I kindly accept the complement," Ichigo said instead with a smile, gingerly withdrawing his hand from the other man's grip, "Now, would you be ever so kind to tell me what brings you in our hospital?"

The blue eyes were still wide and scanning. "Wow," breathed the man, "No one has ever rejected me so smoothly. Gotta appreciate a man with tact."

Ichigo chuckled nervously, a little irritated all of a sudden - or so he tried to convince himself. Yeah, he liked the attention, he liked it a lot, but he was tired and cranky and dealing with an uncooperative patient who was shamelessly flirting with him while the orange head tried to do his job.

"Sir-", he started to say but the blunet cut him off.

"Grimmjow," the taller man corrected, "Call me Grimmjow."

"Alright, Grimmjow," the oranget sighed in exasperation, watching in fascination those blue eyes dilate significantly, "What is wrong with you?"

"I'm in pain."

Clearly, Ichigo wanted to snap but he didn't. Instead he smiled, fleetingly noticing Inoue bringing the necessary equipment in a tray.


Grimmjow broke the eye contact and looked down at his abdomen - his flat, defined abdomen - pointing low on the right side. "Here."

Ichigo studied the man's belly and nodded to himself, all the way into doctor mode. "Alright," he mumbled in consideration, motioning towards the patient bed, "Please lie down, I have to take a blood sample, your temperature and blood pressure as well."

"You could take my virginity as well, but unfortunately, I'm not a virgin anymore," the man drawled with a lazy smirk as he settled on the bed, "Damn, I wish I could become one once again, just for yer sake, my angel."

The orange haired man quirked one incredulous orange eyebrow and ignored the seductive/sweet statement, trying to hide the fact that it went straight to his man down low. Instead, he turned to Inoue, whose face was redder than a tomato. "Inoue," he said sternly, "Bring them here."

"U-Uh, yes!", stuttered the girl and skidded closer to him with the equipment. At that moment, Ichigo noticed the angelic face in front of him change to a fearsome expression as Grimmjow glared at the poor nurse.

"What's the matter?", Ichigo questioned, somehow intrigued as to why the man was so hostile towards women, "Did Inoue do anything to displease you?"

Blue eyes briefly glanced and locked with his before Grimmjow went back to glaring at a scared Inoue. "No," he muttered, "I just don't like being touched by women."

That didn't tell Ichigo a lot, not to mention that his curiosity had reached the blinking red levels, however, the orange haired man didn't say anything. Instead, he nodded in affirmation to his patient and briefly glanced at the redhead by his side. "Please step outside," he said with a smile, "I'll call you when I need you."

Inoue looked like she wanted to say something but the very last moment she clamped her mouth shut and nodded, walking away swiftly. Ichigo pondered on her strange reaction, not more than three seconds, before he went back, smiling at his patient.

"I'd like you to relax and take a few deep breaths," he instructed while taking the blood pressure cuff in his hands along with the stethoscope, "I have to measure you blood pressure."


Doing the nurse's job was a pain however Ichigo couldn't bring himself to totally hate it. It reminded him of the days when he was just a mere student and all these things seemed so new and exciting to him. Small things like measuring the patient's BP were like a whole new world. Ah, good times.

"One hundred fifty over ninety," he muttered, deflating the cuff and removing it from the patient's thick bicep. That was a little high. Was the blunet stressed or simply irritated by the pain?

"Is that your normal blood pressure?", Ichigo asked, glancing back into those blue eyes which never seemed to stop looking at him. Grimmjow simply shrugged.


Of course he doesn't, nobody ever does, Ichigo mused sarcastically, nodding at the man. Without many more words, Ichigo took the man's blood and temperature, then got rid of his gloves before he disinfected himself and wore another pair.

"So, Grimmjow," he began again with a pleasant smile, trying to deceive his patient for the uncomfortable situation that was going to follow, "I need you to lift your shirt up towards your chest."

"I can take all of my clothes off if you want me to," the blunet retorted with a cheeky grin, his hands sliding over his torso, gathering the blouse around his sculptured, broad, mouthwatering chest. There was a huge scar in the middle of that masterpiece too, probably an old one that didn't heal properly. Ichigo pretended he wasn't tempted to stare, forcing down a very bright sex-flush which was climbing up his neck.

Wow. Seriously wow.

The man spent some time at the gym, that was for sure. An hour or two, maybe three. Four, just to be point in. And those wash-board abs... Christ, could Grimmjow get any sexier? And to think that Ichigo had to touch that Godly body right now; it would be extremely difficult to not just start molesting the man. Gorgeous. Absolutely flawless, and for a man who cherished beauty when he found it, Ichigo was into his comfort zone, in his nirvana and hell at the same time.

"That won't be necessary for now," Ichigo said kindly, very doctory-like, before he lightly touched his patient at the diaphragm level, "Just tell me when it hurts."

"Fair enough."

It didn't take too long for Ichigo to find the source of the pain and it was right on the area for appendicitis. The place was tough and stiff, which was entirely too suspicious as well. Since Grimmjow was a man, he didn't have to go to the gynecologist first for ovarian check; all the oranget needed to do now was just a rectal test and an ultrasonography to make sure.

"So, Grimmjow," he said, capturing the man's blazing eyes once again, "It is very likely that you have appendicitis, therefore you'll need surgery."

Blue eyebrows marred together in a frown. "Seriously?"

"Yes," Ichigo nodded, "How long has it been aching?"

Grimmjow pursed his lips together, obviously thinking about it, before he sighed. "It started yesterday, around seven pm. It drove me crazy at night, so I came here to have it checked." Blue eyes were looking kind of worried now, compared to the previous sparking confidence they had not too long ago. "I never thought it could be appendicitis," added the blunet.

"It could be some bowel irritation as well," Ichigo explained cooly while opening the drawer right next to the patient's bed and retrieving a small bottle of lube, "But just to make sure, I have to perform a rectal examination."

"You mean you have to stick yer fingers in my ass?", Grimmjow explained, his face suddenly brightening up with what could be described as expectation and excitement. Ichigo quirked an eyebrow in confusion; he had never come across a patient that actually looked forward to that examination.

"Technically yes," Ichigo confirmed while he opened the lid of the bottle, "It can be slightly uncomfortable but it'll tell me whether there is something wrong with your appendix."

Hungry blue eyes tracked every movement Ichigo made and Grimmjow licked his lips the moment the oranget squirted the fluid on his fingers. Shit, that was really, really weird but it would be entirely too hot during a whole other setting. However, Ichigo still didn't know what to feel, but what he did know was that he had to stay professional, no matter how evidently Grimmjow was hitting on him.

"So, no foreplay?", the blunet husked with a smirk and Ichigo felt his body shudder a little. Fuck, get it together man! Instead of tackling the blunet like he was tempted to, he chuckled and nodded towards the man's pants.

"They didn't teach me anything about foreplay in med-school," Ichigo responded with a cocky smile and then he added, "Now, undo your pants and lower them to your knees, please."

"Che," the blunet snorted and did as he was told, "Med-school is no fun."

Ichigo shook his head in amused disbelief and looked away as the blue haired patient undressed. What? As much as he wanted to look, it was part of his job to give as much privacy to his patient as possible. The rustling of clothes by his side informed Ichigo that his patient was almost ready.

"Part your legs slightly," he then instructed, bracing himself at the edge of the bed, hovering above the blue haired man. He still wasn't looking at the man's pelvis even though his eyes literally itched to. Grimmjow obviously read straight through him because a shit-eating grin broke his face into two.

"You can look, you know."

"It's not part of the hospital's policy," Ichigo lamely argued, swallowing the thick lump in his throat. The blunet chuckled and shook his head, spreading his legs enough for Ichigo's hand to slid between.

"Have you ever thought about breaking this rules?", Grimmjow said after a moment of silence. Ichigo locked eyes with him, his glove-clad finger finding the man's entrance at the same time.

"If I wanted to lose my job, I would," the orange stated seriously, gingerly pressing in. When the blue haired man hissed and tensed underneath him, he instinctively touched the man's stomach. "Relax, please."

At the soothing command, the clenching muscles around him eased and Ichigo was able to push in a little further. The moment he did, Grimmjow moaned quietly, making him frown. "Does it hurt?"

"No," the blunet breathed, a sly grin on his lips, "It feels good."

Heat finally gathered on Ichigo's face and he huffed in agitation. This was too much for him and his raging libido. Yes, he hated himself for mixing his emotions with his job, as well as Grimmjow for being so obviously flirting, but after some point, it couldn't be helped, could it? Especially when he had a hot-blooded, gorgeous blue haired guy telling him that he enjoyed the rectal examination.

"I'd appreciate it more if you informed me when it hurts," Ichigo muttered, aggravated at how sullen he sounded. His tone didn't go unnoticed to the sneaky blue haired man because the man crooned.

"Aww... Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No," Ichigo lied sternly, pressing on the lateral wall of the blunet's rectum. Grimmjow grinned teasingly.


"Everybody lies, especially doctors. Haven't you heard?", the oranget snapped, not really enjoying the fact that his patient had started to corner him, "It's part of the job."

"Mna-ah," the blue haired patient moaned, his back arching ever so slightly, "It's not good to lie to your patients, no?"

Ichigo was scowling by now, his short temper flaring. He didn't like that. He didn't like it when somebody was mouthing off to him and talking back like that. So he decided to just drop the subject before he lashed out at his patient and punch him and become entirely too unprofessional than he already was.

He pressed towards the man's navel. "Does it hurt?"

The blunet grunted, the smug expression quickly replaced by a frown and he nodded. "Ugh, yeah, it hurts like motherfucker."

"Alright," Ichigo muttered, sliding his finger outside the man's body, discarding his gloves and washing his hands immediately, "I'll arrange a surgery for you, I think you have appendicitis."

"Shit, surgery?", the blunet exclaimed, looking utterly shocked and he pulled his pants up, "But I have a meeting in the afternoon."

"You'll have to cancel it," the oranget said, his face apologetic, "Appendicitis can be very dangerous. It may have complications, such as peritonitis. And after that, things can get even more complicated."

Blue eyes widened in fear, "You mean, I can die?"

Ichigo chuckled and shook his head. "Absolutely not. But, it would be preferable to prevent the spreading of the infection as soon as possible."

"Then what are we waiting for?", Grimmjow rushed, buttoning himself up, "Let's do the damn thing."

"Let's head to the ultrasonography first."

Ichigo swiftly grasped the patient's papers from the desk Inoue had conveniently placed them on and briskly opened the door. Just as expected, the red haired nurse was waiting right outside and she jumped, blushing the very moment Ichigo appeared in front of her. Ignoring the familiar reaction, the orange haired doctor opened his mouth to bark his orders.

"Arrange surgery for patient uuuh..." He glanced at the paper, "Grimmjow Jaegerjaques." He handed the pile of papers to the girl with a meaningful gaze, "Inform Dr. Shihoin as well, if you may."

"Yes, of course, Dr. Kurosaki," the redhead chirped happily but Ichigo was already heading to the ultrasound room, the sexy blunet tailing him.

"She has a crush on you," Grimmjow suddenly noted from behind, sounding a little... Was that jealousy? Ichigo glanced over his shoulder and smirked.

"I know that. But she has to give up, since I'm not interested."

Grimmjow smirked again saucily. "What a heartbreaker."

The orange haired man didn't answer to that, other than a small chuckle. Grimmjow didn't say anything else either, just followed him in silence. Ichigo briefly chatted with a few doctors on the way, that burning sensation at the back of his neck never wavering. It made him nervous and very conscious of the blue haired devil by his side.

His pager went off while they were doing the ultrasound and Ichigo jumped a little in astonishment. He had been so immersed in checking the other man's insides, off to his own world and the loud beeping sound brought him back abruptly. However, he wasn't the only one startled.

"The fuck," Grimmjow cursed, still laying down lazily, his shirt lifted up to his chest for the umpteen time, "Scared me shitless."

"I apologize," Ichigo muttered while staring at the screen, "It was to inform me that your surgery is ready." He took his eyes off the monitor and smiled kindly at his patient, "We'll have to go there now."

"So, like," the blunet swallowed and sat up again, "I have...?"

"Yeah," Ichigo assured the man, "But you'll be fine. I'll make sure of it."

At that, the blunet's ears perked up, his pretty blue eyes gleaming. "You mean, yer gonna operate me?"

Ichigo chuckled and switched off the machine. "As much as I'd love to, I can't, I'm not licensed yet." He stood up and helped his patient up as well. Grimmjow's eyes narrowed and he suddenly looked extremely nervous, something quite surprising considering how flirty and daring he had been in the beginning.

"But you'll be there, won't ya?"

The orange haired man smiled genuinely, a swelling sensation gathering in his heart at those mesmerizing azure eyes staring at him full of hope. People say that Medicine isn't worth the pain, it's too hard and not well-paying compared to the amount of effort you have to put into but for Ichigo, a pair of hopeful eyes drilling holes into his own were just enough of a reward for his hard work.

"Yes, I will," he promised, "Of course I will."


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