9 Fateful Months

Chapter 6: The Truth

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"The dream is the same, the same woman, the same insults, the same feeling. Why is this happening to us, why did she have to do this to us, WHY WONT SHE STOP!?"

"NO!!!" Misty screamed as she jerked upright, pulling the covers of the bed off in the process.

"Misty, what's wrong!?" Ash said, rising up next to her, with a terrified tone in his voice. Ash was holding onto Misty's hand, and caressing her arm in a comforting way. Her whole body was covered in sweat, and her hair stuck to her face. The two lovers sat there, the sounds of their breathing slowly getting softer, and eventually replaced by the gentle tapping of the rain. "Misty……"

"Why, why wont the dreams go away Ash?" Misty said, her voice was croaky and teary. Instead of saying anything, Ash placed his hands on her shoulders, and pulled her into an embrace. In that instant, all fear washed away, and was replaced by a complete feeling of bliss.

"No dreams can take you away from me Misty, I wont let anything take you away from me." Ash said quietly into her ear. The two lovers continued kissing, and slowly drew the covers over themselves.


The sun shone through the gap in the curtains, lighting up the two lovers, still locked in an embrace, but both fast asleep. Birds could be heard chirping outside, and in the distance there was a faint sound of society, people going to work in cars, and the various sounds of car horns and the odd occasional faint shout. The door to the spear room creaked open, and Jesse poked her head through the gap.

"Hello, is anyone awake yet?" Jesse said, noticing the couple still cuddling in bed. Seeing this sight reminded her of how she was when James proposed to her, every spare moment they had was spend cuddling and kissing. "Those two were really meant to be together," she said softly to herself, before closing the door quietly and walking off to the lounge to join her husband.

James was sitting back watching the news, he normally did this every morning, but he seemed rapped with interest for some odd reason. "You had better come and see this Jess" He said to his wife, shifting over so she could sit down next to him.

*Television Reporter*

Although the motive for these attacks is unknown, experts are speculating that this may be the work of the once powerful gang, Team Rocket. In some of the sightings, rumors about a "Revival" and "Secret weapon" were heard, but nothing is for certain. In other news, a Mr. Michael Spicer was taken to hospital today with burn injuries to his lower body, he claims that taking a bath in gasoline was an experiment to prove……

"What kinda idiot takes a bath in gasoline???" James said, almost forgetting about Team Rocket.

"The same kinda guy who collects bottle caps" Jesse said, receiving a frown from James. "and the same kinda guy who married me" She said seductively, moving closer to James and wrapping her arms around him. She was about to launch her lips onto his, when a voice sounded behind her.

"Are we interrupting anything" Ash said, looking very amused. Next to him stood Misty, who was giggling as she remembered being caught off guard by Jesse the previous evening. Ash glanced over to the television, and saw images of firefighters hosing some poor naked guy who seemed to be on fire. "What is that??"

"Some idiot decided it might be fun to take a bath in gasoline, people these days…" James said, still blushing from being caught off guard by Ash and Misty. "But enough about that, did you two know that there were attacks on various targets all over the world yesterday, they think it might be Team Rocket……." James said, his tone dying down as he mentioned Team Rocket.

"We know, we were at the scene of the crime yesterday." Misty said, "We also heard the Team Rocket rumors, but I thought they were non existent anymore, right?"

Jesse and James's expressions both saddened, and they looked at each other, then nodded. "Please, we have a lot to talk about, ill get some breakfast ready, we can talk over that." Jesse said "James, please go and wake Cassandra up, its time for her meal too."


The four people sat around the table, empty plates in front of them. James was busy finishing of feeding his baby, spooning in soft baby food into her mouth, Ash and Misty chuckled watching him use various methods to try and tempt the baby into eating. He was employing the old "Here comes the chu chu train" method, and even eating the odd occasional spoonful himself, as though it might convince the baby that the food is infact nice.

"Jess, this is impossible, the baby only listens to you, no matter how hard I try it just doesn't want to eat its food." James complained.

"Allright, never send a man to do a woman's job" She said, pulling up a chair beside the baby and taking the food from James.

"I though it was never send a child to do a mans job…." James said, scratching his head. In literally a minute, Jesse had completed feeding the baby, and had slung Cassandra over her shoulder and done the usual "burp" routine. "See how easy that was James"

Jesse returned to her seat and gave her husband a quick kiss on his cheek. "Don't worry James, you may be useless, but I still love you." Ash was about to get up and take his plate to the kitchen, when Jesse said something. "Not so fast, we need to talk, we have to get this out of our system, I can't leave it any longer"

Ash and Misty both got concerned looks on their faces, and shifted their seats towards the table. Jesse began to talk. "I know when I was younger, I was always told that you cant change the past, and that it's the future that counts, but whether you like it or not, the past can be painful." Ash and Misty had never seen either of the two ex-Team Rocket members ever look so serious.

"Our pasts have been turbulent, for me, James, and probably even for you, despite your young age. James and I have been through hell and back in these last 4 years, we have experienced every sensation possible, the things Team Rocket did to us were inexcusable, but we are partially to blame for our past actions. We have been trying to forget what happened, and start anew, make our lives worth something, but no matter how hard we try, the past keeps coming back to haunt us." Jesse was close to tears, James leant over and tried his best to comfort her, but to no avail, because she broke down into tears, but only sobbing, she seemed to be trying to fight off the tears with every ounce of power she had. James decided that he should carry on the story.

"The price we paid for this life was great, too great for comprehension. We lost someone dear to us, I'm sure by now you can guess who it was. Meowth, despite his appearance, he was good at heart, he was the reason why we are here today, trying to live out our normal lives. He was like family to us, every moment of joy was shared by us three, we became inseparable, until Team Rocket took him away from us. There is a lot you should know about our past, but I am afraid I cannot tell you right now, it wouldn't be fair on you, both of you, please understand that we have changed, we are new people, and we will do anything we can to help repay you for the trouble we have caused you in the past."

By this time Jesse had recovered and wiped her tears away and was holding onto her husbands hand. Ash and Misty sat, overwhelmed by what they had just heard. In front of them, sat two adults, not the misguided people that they used to know, but two vulnerable people, just like them, and they realized that they had more in common with each other than they could have ever expected.

The silence was broken by a noise from Cassandra. James turned and picked the baby up in his arms. "Although the past may hurt us, the saying is right, it is the future that counts, and here, in my arms lies our future, and within your stomach lies your future." James said, looking at Misty. "Guard her well Ash"
"I think its time to take Cassandra for a nap, she has eaten a lot and needs abit of sleep" Jesse said, picking the baby up and wandering into the next room, returning looking slightly happier. "James is right, there is no point brooding over the past, so, now that you are pregnant, what do you plan to do?"

"Well, to tell the truth, we are meant to be leaving to go to Pallet town today, but because of the weather last night, I think we will have to leave it till tomorrow." Misty said, showing a concerned smile on her face. "But we will probably also go to Cerulean City, my family lives there, and I feel they also need to hear about this personally."

"Cerulean City you say, our house is there, so you can come and visit us when you are there" James said.

"You mean, this isn't your house?" Ash said with a confused look on his face.
"No silly, this is only our holiday house, our actual house is just outside of Cerulean City, James inherited it from his family, and with all the income we make, what with him being a top lawyer and all, we decided that it would be nice to have a few holiday houses too." Jesse said with a beaming smile on her face, she seemed like she enjoyed talking about this, it took her mind off of the previous conversation.

"Oh no, as much as we hate to be rude, I think its best if Misty and I return back to the pokemon center, Brock must be so worried about us." Ash said, suddenly remembering that they stayed the night without warning Brock.


Ash and Misty stood outside the house by the gates, the past events had been interesting, but somehow taught them something they would never forget.

"It is a shame you have to leave so soon" James said, handing Ash one of his business cards. "If you ever need to contact us, my number is on the card, please, don't hold back, we are willing to help with absolutely anything you need."

"We will bear that in mind, and thank you too, I'm glad we met like this, and I wish you and Jesse the best of luck." Ash said shaking James's hand.

"Please say goodbye to Cassandra for me Jesse, and please take good care of yourself" Misty said hugging Jesse goodbye.

"Hey, you're the kid here, im supposed to say that" Jesse said while laughing. "Don't worry about us, James and I have been through worse, just take good care or Ash and your baby, I would not want anything to happen to the three of you."

The gates opened, and Ash and Misty walked out, waving goodbye to the two most changed people they knew, and glad that they could have met them again, but Ash was still curious about how Meowth met his demise, knowing that there was much more to his than met the eye.


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