Chapter 6

Harry sang a cheerful tune as he skipped onto the Hogwarts express, having already stored his luggage. He had finally managed to finish getting all of his things and was ready for his new school, so hopefully they would be ready for him! Peeking into each compartment as he hummed his way down the aisle, Harry found them all full before finally coming across an empty one. Settling in with a book on various first year spells, Harry gave a wide smile of anticipation as the train finally started to move forward. gazing out the window with awe, as the scenery flew past, he was just about to go back to his book when the door of his apartment flew open to reveal a somewhat stocky red head with enough freckles to compete with the number of stars in the night sky.

"Uh..." he seemed lost for words, just staring at her before he seemed to get ahold of himself

"H-hi I'm Ronald Weasley" he stumbled forward reaching out to shake his hand. Harry tucked a strand of hair behind his ear and gave a charming smile

"Nice to meet you Ronald, my name is Harlowe." Ron blushed a deep red, starting at his neck which slowly made its way to the tip of his ears. knowing at this point all that would come out would be a jumble of stutters, he sat across from harry quietly.

"so Harlowe, do you have a last name?" he asked, eager to learn more about his new friend

"Potter." Harlowe replied raising an eyebrow when Ron stiffened, eyes bright

"Potter you say? are you by any chance related to Harry Potter? I hear he's coming to Hogwarts this year" the redhead rambled excitedly not noticing when Harlowe gave a sly smirk

"We're of some relation I believe..." she replied modestly, turning away to hide her grin

"Wicked, maybe you can introduce me to him then!" Ron exclaimed and harry wouldn't have been surprised had he clapped his hands in glee, this was quite the obvious case of hero worship but Harlowe would nip that in the bud. Just as Ron was about to continue the door to the compartment once again slid open to reveal a somewhat bushy haired girl

"Hello, I was wondering if you had seen a toad? Neville's lost his" the two shook their heads and the girl turned to speak to someone further down the hall

"Sorry Neville, thats the last compartment on the train, perhaps if you found a prefect they could help you. I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere." and with that she entered the compartment, shutting the door behind her and sat next to Harry.

"Hello I'm Hermionie Granger and you are?" they both introduced themselves, Ron somewhat more reluctantly than Harry who spent the next half hour chatting with the muggleborn about magic, fashion and everything in between. Hermionie was delighted to have her first girl friend and Ron was growing so uncomfortable with all of the 'girl talk' that he was actually relieved when the door was shoved open for the third time. There was barely a glimpse of white blond hair when Harlowe burst out of her seat.

"Dragon!" she exclaimed and bursting with excitement enfolded the Malfoy heir into a tight hug. Draco flushed bright pink, ignoring the gaping stares of the other two boys behind him and gave a quiet greeting while disentangling himself from her arms.

"hello again Harlowe" he gave a small genuine smile glaring when Ron snickered at his name. before he could respond with an appropriately scathing comment however, Harlowe lightly smacked the freckled boy upside his head and led Draco to the seat across from her and next to Ron. Draco complied but the two boys glared at each other nonetheless until Harry cleared his throat, gathering their attention. Draco barely glanced back at his brutish companions, dismissing them with an idle flick of the wrist. As soon as they left however he broke out into a grin that quickly dissolved into a jealous scowl as Harry introduced the others in the compartment.

"Draco, this is Ronald Weasley and Hermionie Granger I really do hope you'll all get along" Draco had obviously just been about to say something derogatory about mudbloods but at that last bit grudgingly swallowed his words and nodded, much to Ron's surprise. they spent the train ride like this with Hermione and Harry chatting, and Ron and Draco communicating in strained monosyllabic words before finally unboarding, after which they crossed the lake in small rickety boats that creaked as Ron and Draco struggled for position besides her. Soon enough they found themselves in the great hall ready to be sorted. As a stern older woman that had introduced herself as Professor Mcgonagol led them to the only empty table in the hall, the first years for the most part whispered nervously, only a few boasting of whichever house they were sure they would be placed in. Harry just smiled however, swinging her legs and chattering enthusiastically to anyone who would listen. Ron and Draco sat to either side of her, glaring at each other as Hermione watched on amusedly. Harry was oblivious to this newly founded rivalry however, just as she was oblivious to the way most of the first and second year students were looking at her. With blushes and the first beginnings of puppy love from the boys and undisguised envy from the girls. all of a sudden harry spotted a very familiar face. Leaping up from her seat, and immediately gathering everyone's attention she hopped up and down with a blinding grin, waving her hands madly.

"Honeydums! what are you doing here?!" she yelled as Dumbledore flushed a deep embarrassing red at the staff table, gesturing for her to sit as the students began to laugh and titter among themselves. Harry quickly sat back down, still with a blinding smile, the headmasters new nickname being mumbled all throughout the room as Albus tried to quiet everyone in vain. At the front of the great hall Minerva gave a full blown cheshire grin, silently mouthing Honeydums up at Flitwick who chortled in return. Snape even gave a rather nasty grin, much to the students astonishment, after all that was about the closest they had ever come

to seeing him smile. Luckily for Dumbledore, whose blush had spread to his ears by now, the sorting finally began and everyone quieted. all of a sudden the hat which had stood at the front of the hall seemed to come to life before everyone's eyes and began to sing.

The children clapped, muttering appreciatively as the first name was called.

"Abbott Hannah" and a pink faced chubby girl abruptly stood, stumbling her way to the hat, which once firmly on her head immediately yelled

"Hufflepuff!" it went on like this for awhile until at last Harry's name was called

"Potter, Harry" everyone broke out into loud exclamations, each member of every house craning their heads to catch a glimpse of the famed boy who lived. When Harlowe stood up they broke out in furious mutters amongst themselves, whether it be that the first year was over eager to catch a glimpse of the Potter heir, or just had to use the washroom. when Harlowe walked up to the hat and put it on however, they went dead quiet each of them completely and utterly stunned. Was this some imposter, or was Harry Potter a girl? Dumbledore took it the hardest however, eyes bugging out and jaw dropping to the table,

Pomfrey was fearful for a moment that he was having a heart attack but he seemed to gradually recover just in time to hear the hat announce

"Griffindor!" the house of lions gave a weak cheer, as Harlowe sat among the other first years, gracefully smoothing out her skirt, uncertain as to what was going on and if they actually wanted Potter after all. The Slytherins just gave cruel smirks. They'd have them all in matching skirts by the end of the week.