"He's not you." She insisted. The Doctor shook his head and replied. "He needs you that's very me." Those words still repeated in Rose Tyler's head like a cruel echo. She was so deep in thought that she was startled by a pair of arms hugging her waist.

It was John, the human Doctor. It took a second to remember she wasn't at Bad Wolf Bay. She was in her bed staring blankly at the wall. Rose felt him kiss the back of her neck; she turned over she gave him a weak smile. "You alright?" He frowned. Rose nodded. "Yeah just trying to wake up." She lied.

John smiled and kissed her forehead before getting out of bed to hurry into the shower. Rose laid on her back sighing with relief but at the same time she felt terrible. Rose liked John but deep in her heart he was nothing more than an echo or a clone. He might've looked like the Doctor, sounded like him, had the same mind but he was not her Doctor. Rose managed to pull herself out of bed and slowly got ready for work.

Rose and John worked at Torchwood run by Pete Tyler, her father. He was so happy he when found out about John but he was ecstatic when he found out he had the Doctor's intelligence he wasted no time hiring him.

Pete called John a valuable asset for Torchwood and put him to work in the alien research lab but he couldn't wait for the day when he could call John his son-in-law.

Rose took one last glance in the mirror and hurried out the door with John. The car ride to work was long and quiet but it was always like that. John tried to make conversation but Rose just grunted or made excuses that she had a headache or wasn't feeling well. As soon as they got to Torchwood Rose hurried out the car. She felt so awkward being alone with him. She gave him a quick kiss and headed to her department leaving John once again to wonder what it was he had done so wrong to make her run away from him.

Rose enjoyed her position at Torchwood. She was in charge of weapons and was awarded with a silver medal for being one of Torchwood's finest soldiers. It was an honor Rose had to very work hard for despite being Pete Tyler's daughter. She had to give him that, he was fair. Here no one got special treatment for any reason.

When Rose got to the testing lab she automatically recognize blond spiky hair coming her way. It was Jake her lab partner and fellow soldier. She smiled "Hey Jake how's it going?" He grinned and said "I just got the privilege of testing out our new laser cannon!" Rose eyes widen "No kidding?" smiling with delight. "I can't believe dad approved the project. That must have cost a fortune." Jake's smile got bigger. "Nope, John came up with a cost effective design and it was made in no time." "Oh, well that's good." Her voice softening.

He stared at Rose puzzled. "What's the matter?" She lowered her head in guilt and glanced at him. Jake I can trust you, right?" "Of course." He nodded. "Well I really like John but…" She paused. "But you feel he's not the proper Doctor?" He finished for her.

Rose nodded in shame. "That's not all." She motioned him to come closer. "Look." She said showing Jake her cell phone. Jake squinted at the screen before realizing what he was looking at. Rose still had the Doctor's phone number. "How did you get this?" He whispered. Rose shrugged. "I forgot it was there. Apparently I never deleted it from my contacts list." He shot her a look. "Honest." She protested.

Jake threw his hands up in surrender. "Okay, okay if you say so. Are you going to call it?" Rose shrugged. "I don't know yet." "You can't, you'll hurt John." Jake protested. She sighed. "I haven't made any final decisions." He then asked. "Have you told John yet?" "No and neither are you." Rose firmly told him. She glanced over his shoulder and saw John coming. "I've got to go. Now remember don't tell him." She warned. Jake reluctantly nodded and promised not to say anything.