"Where are we going papa?" asked Butters as they hurriedly got on a carriage which had to two horse and a driver handling the horses.

"We are going to meet mystical creatures that live in the forest they know about your powers maybe they can help" said Gerald. The man's dark brown hair has turned lighter over the years and grey hairs have appeared from all the stress of being a king.

"Gerald!" cried Sheila has she held Kyle in her arms "Kyle is waking up!"

All the three people riding the carriage gasped and Butters watched with watery blue eyes as his stepbrother was waking up.

Butters or Leopold Stotch as the people in the castle and royals called him except Kyle, Kyle couldn't say Leopold when he was younger all he saw was that Leopold liked butter so Kyle gave him that nickname.

Of course Kyle was 3 when Butters was adopted and now 5 and still cant say Leopold, he is now used to calling him Butters even if his parents don't.

"Kyle…" whispered Butters as he reached for Kyle's pale cheek.

"Huh..?" Kyle mumbled waking up "Where are we going?"

"Kyle" said Sheila "we are going to take you to a special doctor so he can cure the pain in your heart. Alright?"

Kyle nodded and went back to sleep feeling tired and drained.

When they arrived they quietly got of the carriage and looked for these mystical creatures.

"Hey!" said a rock as Butters stepped on it. Butters yelled and ran to his stepmom.

There were many rocks and they slowly started to shake and little rock creatures appeared before their eyes.

"Humans! Humans!" said one rock running away

"What do they want?" asked another one angrily.

"Now, now behave" said one rock which had a beautiful necklace around its neck.

Sheila assuming this one rock was a female and possibly a mother spoke up first.

"See we need your help my son was hit in the heart by his brother Leopold who is standing here, and we want to know if you can cure him, please".

The female rock nodded and gave a sympathetic smile at the red-haired mother and said a chant in a language they haven't heard of "Alright here is a magical rock that can cure him but be aware that this young boy with frozen powers needs to control them."

The female rock went over to the small body in the mother's arms and brought the rock over to Kyle has a magical light went in Kyle and he suddenly woke up.

"I feel better!" said Kyle happily.

"Kyle! " Sheila hugged him and cried tears of joy.

"Thank you so much for your help we must get going" said Gerald.

"Your welcome!" said the female rock "and remember be careful with those powers!" warned the rock as the family hurriedly got in their carriage and started heading off to a castle, which is their home.