For the next week, Mother Superior tried to train Sister Rosalie in the science of flight. It was not easy. "When lift plus thrust is greater than load plus drag," Mother Superior began to say.

"Any object can fly, even a nun," Sister Rosalie said. "I understand the science and I know what I should do, but when my feet leave the ground, I get so confused. Its a shame that Microsoft never made a Flight Simulator for nuns."

"I suppose you don't need to know how to fly. We could allow you to wear a different habit."

"No, Mother Superior! I do want to fly. It's a gift from God that I can fly, and if He wants me to fly I will."

"That's how I looked at it when I could fly. It is a gift, and a wonderful gift at that. But with this special power comes a great responsibility. I know that I can't stop you from flying, I shouldn't. But you must keep this a secret. No one must know. It will bring too much confusion to the convent. We are not a circus side show." Mother Superior Bertrille knew it was herself speaking, but it sounded so much like Mother Superior Plaseato who had put up so much with her 30 years ago.

"I'm going to practice again this evening, Mother Superior."

That evening, Sister Rosalie took her first flight beyond the convent grounds. To the south of the convent was open farmland. Hidden from spying eyes, she should be able to finally perfect some important maneuvers, such as landing!

The fields unrolled underneath her. The wind blew against her face. "This is what Heaven must be like," she thought. "I wonder if I could wear a Walkman." She began to hum the theme from Superman when an unearthly shriek broke her concentration.