The S.W.O.R.D Chronicles

Book II

Prelude Story

Itazura No Kami: Loki's Story


When he had spoken his mind he sensed the Chitari near and his face soon conveyed fear. Quickly he put his disguise back on and awaited the invaders. When they appeared before him he in a commanding tone asked "Why have you come? Why do you invade our realm when we have no quarrel with you?!" but they knew then it was him. They attacked him then dragged him off bound and gagged. They left the weapon he held behind for his allies to find. When Thor returned to the throne room after the main force had been repelled he found the All Father hurt on the ground. It then clicked that who he had just spoken to was Loki alive and well. He became alarmed that Loki was missing. Thor gathered his strength and ran toward the Bi-Frost to return to Midgard and Avengers tower. Little knowing Loki was not in any danger as he'd been tossed out with the space trash above an earth much like Midgard only with out the heroes to defend it.