Ch.3 The Mall and Asthma Attack

"Wow, this is what you call a mall?" Loki asked. Jamie smiled at him and said "Yep. We are having a shopping spree. You need clothes and I could use some new stuff for the house and my...well our room." by now Loki had lived her a month and he slept in Jamie's room in her bed with her. Not that Jamie minded. She loved going to bed with the trickster close and waking up in his arms. Let's just say that Loki thoroughly enjoyed the mall.

However, Jamie and Loki had to dash out to their car quickly when a bunch of fan girls spotted the pair coming out of China Capital Arts together. Loki enjoyed him self but soon became worried when Jamie did not respond right away. Getting her into the car and getting in the driver seat, Loki drove her to the hospital. He didn't know what else to do. When he found out Jamie suffered an asthma attack. Loki then took it upon him self to keep her rescue meds close at hand.

It saved her life on more than one occasion, so she was very grateful to Loki for that much.