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Awkward conversations and caffeine addictions

Hadrian opened his eyes to cold blue one not five inches from him. He jumped.

An annoyingly familiar snicker followed after.


The face pulled back allowing him to see it more clearly. Yup it was Tom.

The irritating, apartment breaking into teenage dark lord raised an eyebrow.

"Just how many people do you have around here? This is my first visit- should I be jealous?"

His voice was light but Harry could see the glint in his eyes. In response he rolled his own, green ones. Standing he pushed his intruder out of his bedroom and into the living room.

"I haven't even had coffee yet. This is indecent I tell you!"

Tom snorted. "Drama queen."

A knock sounded at apartment door. Harry scowled. So much for a stress free summer. Only two weeks into the break before fifth year and he was being accosted. Joy.

Hadrian opened the door and immediately regretted it.

His bushy haired friend entered obliviously, already rambling about something or other. Finally she caught sight of his visitor.

"Oh! Harry quickly!"

And he was being pulled along and shoved into a small space and darkness.

He sighed. It, really, was much too early for this.

"What are you doing?"

"Hiding you."

Hadrian regarded his friend skeptically.

"In the closet?"

"I retreated to think of our options and strategize our escape."

" the closet?"

Hermione smacked his head and attempted to shush him.

Tom decided to enter the conversation.

"Is it alright if I procure a snack from the fridge as you are...otherwise occupied? I'm getting bored. I eat when I'm bored. Nasty habit."

Hermione looked nonplussed. She turned to him.

"What is he doing here?"

"Going through my fridge."

"Yes but why?"

"He's bored. Just said so in fact. Are you not paying attention at all? Some strategist you are."

She huffed, rearranging herself into a more comfortable position. That in it's self a feat, this was a small cloak closet.

"Why is he here Hadrian?" Her voice taking on that holier-than-thou 'why are you so stupid' tone that he loathed.

"I have no idea. You decided to take a detour to Narnia before he could say."

Tom's voice filtered in, he seemed to be near the closet door now.

"I've forgotten now. But I am sure I can come up with something to talk about. You have no food in here. What are you living on? Air?"

"You don't like to cook Tom."

"Last I checked neither do you, yet here lies the refrigerator and seasoning rack."

"It came with the apartment."

"Which is also horridly mundane. Really you could have come to the estate. This is dreadful. If Barty and Lucius knew..."

"Dammit Riddle if you tell them I'll gut you myself!"

"Ooh death threats. Makes the fifth one today."

Hermione stared at Hadrian.


"You've threatened him five times today? How long as he BEEN here?"

"Only half an hour. And no. More than likely it is five separate death threats from other people, who are now more than likely- dead."

"It is." Called Tom helpfully.

"Ah, thanks for clarifying."

"How are you taking this so easily?" She demanded, looking thoroughly exasperated with his lack of self preservation.

"How do you mean?"

"Tom Riddle. Dark Lord. Is in your kitchen."

"Is she always this slow?" Came a scathing comment.

His knees were aching, he felt claustrophobic and for the love of magic he wanted his dam,n coffee. "This is ridiculous I'm leaving the closet." He stood, thrust it open and walked out.

Tom grinned and looked him up and down suggestively. "About time too."

He felt his cheeks flush. "Jeezus Tom stop saying shit like that. This is why the Lestranges think we' Those rumors will never stop if you keep doing stuff like-" He trailed off.

Both boys stiffened and looked to the right. The forgotten bushy haired muggleborn stood there, mouth open.

"Oh my God. You two are friends!"

Tom leaned over and stage whispered, "I think she's on to us."

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