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Duel Nephilim

Chapter I

The Birth of the Dark in the Light

The conditions were dark and stormy. The sun had gone down long before it started, and great dark clouds blocked out the light from the full moon and the stars. It was raining and thunder exploded across the sky. The thunder shook the earth, and the lightning shone down its rage upon the world. The rain was heavy and as cold as ice, and would soak through to the bone, causing shivers.

The clouds cloaked the world in the darkest black, absorbing the light from the world, making it harder to see. Thunder roared its power and fury. It was as if the heavens themselves were crying out to the world as miracles would soon be born: Nephilim born to a human woman while far away a prophecy spoke words of Light and Dark, but they would be misinterpreted by the arrogance and wisdom of an aged old man who would come to regret his ignorance.

The wind blew nearing hurricane forces. The Trees of the dark street were swaying, and were in danger of being-uprooted. Any creature within the storm would fear heaven was crying in furious pain, and hell was screaming its mighty anger.

However, this was a great and dreaded truth of the world as gods and daemons of lesser hells and planes of celestial hid within the night, curious as they watched the house, unable to see past the magic that hid it from sight, but they knew it was there, and they still stood in the cold to watch Destiny's cruel and marvellous work.

This was a night that all celestial bodies that lay witness would remember, from the heavens to hells, and even the earth for an eternity, for in a house under the frozen storm in Wales; in a small village called Godric's Hollow, 2 children were born: a boy and girl: twins.

Lily Potter lay in the bed tiredly propped up on her pillows, the covers pulled tightly up over her chest. She felt pride in her heart as she looked to her children, snuggled contently in her arms.

The children's birth had been an agony unlike anything else she had ever felt, and she had endured the torture curse before. But then she had never expected it to be a breeze, even with magic to help, which gave her the idea that she should look into that.

Magical people didn't use drugs or potions to ease the pain of birth because of silly tradition, which she hadn't realised until then or she would have been in a muggle hospital. But she was a bright woman and always believed traditions should change. She would know. It was 'tradition that muggle-born mage like her don't study the 'dark' in their spare time, mainly because the ignorant pureblood masses kept them away.

She hadn't delved too far, but she believed the term, 'know one's enemy' fitted well, but with the like of Albus Dumbledore and his holier than thou attitude towards the 'higher ground' it was hard to do that, especially since her husband was one of his fanboys. It was ridiculous sometimes, watching so many people listening to the old man and not having a thought for themselves.

Lily didn't want to go around killing anyone, but the fact remained that the Death Eaters were murdering, and worse to innocent people, muggle, and muggle-born taking high casualties. It remained clear that the Death Eaters needed to die because the ministry just let them go for lack of evidence, or properly put; they buy their way out.

Therefore, Lily had acquired some questionable reading material to help, especially after she discovered her pregnancy. She wouldn't let anyone hurt her babies, and if they tried she would make them rue the day they ever saw her. For her babies, Lily was willing to taint her soul in the night because that to her was an unconditional love that came with being a mother. She would love her children more than anything, and she would do what it took to destroy anyone out to harm them, which was why she started planning.

She had her ways, and she had a very few set of allies already, but she needed to get stronger, and stronger she would. The main threat to her babies was Voldemort, and no matter how powerful nobody was invincible. Then there was Dumbledore. He had too much 'love of the people' to just stab in the back, no matter how tempting, and he does act as a somewhat deterrent to Voldemort outright attacking the ministry and taking off because weak-ass pacifist or not, (who wants to give murdering scum, second chances when they've had too many) he is a powerful wizard.

Lily knew to get Dumbledore it wasn't as simple as shooting him in the back because of his trusting nature, since she was a master occlumens, and he was that arrogant that he believed he was seeing the truth in her mind, rather than what was the truth, what she wanted him to see.

She would need to destroy Dumbledore from the ground up, take his reputation, and question his mental state; his competence; his mental health; his health. She would need to slowly strip away every position in the magical world he held power in. Then when she had removed everything he held dear, especially his position at Hogwarts, she would strike him down as retribution for all of the needless innocent blood spilt for his 'Greater Good' and 'second chance' bullcrap.

Lily's long sweaty red hair splayed out over her shoulders and forehead messily, stuck with her sweat. Her emerald green eyes were still showing signs of shock and wonder at the two tiny children bundled in her grasp sleeping soundly. She smiled sadly as she would protect them from everything. She would even protect them from their own father if she had too, because she knew that he would never love their son.

She held one child in each arm. She didn't care what anyone else would think, but she would always love them equally, and protect them from everything. But she hated that they had to be born into a world at war where the so-called 'good' and 'light' treat the enemy soldiers with more respect for their lives than the innocent casualties.

Lily's lips formed a slightly wider smile as she shook those thoughts away. She witnessed her little boy holding his twin sisters hand gently in his own across her chest as they snoozed peacefully. They were so adorable, and cute, and, well, she was their mother, and she could still scarcely believe that they were finally out and in her arms where they belonged.

It was all a wonder. Her son had a small tuft of messy black hair now, but that was not what he had when he was first born. He had been different. It had scared the hell out of her at first but then she took him from the terrified midwife before she did something that would make Lily a murderer (in the open) and killed the woman for hurting her baby boy. She already hated the woman for denying her pain potions, and laughing it off like she was joking.

Her son was born with pure white horns on each side of his head, which, well, no wonder it hurt more than she had been expecting. They were a rounded flat, just above his ears going up above his head level with an angled point to the end. His eyes had been a glorious deep orange colour of wild pixilation, alight with a power that Lily had never felt before, but now his little eyes were green, like his mother and sisters.

Then he had wings on his back, curving from and with his shoulder blades like a dragons. His wings were a deep black with crimson markings, and his skin had similar markings scarcely on his face and down his body in a pattern like a tuning fork from under his eyes down and connected to his little feet.

His hair had been the colour of blood, and longer, wild down his neck. He had a tail that was as long if not longer than his body. It was scaled with armour, long like a whip to a point, black with crimson fading to black scales. His fingers were long and his nails like claws with milk pale skin. She was surprised he didn't have teeth. Then his muscles were tighter, more taught; she knew he had been stronger.

Lily fell in love with her little boy without a thought, taking him into her arms lovingly. His wild orange eyes were soft and innocent. She wouldn't persecute him because he was different like others would. She would always love him. Her little boy snuggled with her; his little tail wrapped gently around her wrist, and his little wings opened to try hugging her. They were large; larger than him and to her eyes looked delicate and thin, but upon feeling them they were obviously a lot stronger than that, designed to assist in a human in flight, or whatever he was.

She could not help but smile at her baby boy, returning his love. It was unconditional, just as a mother's love should be. She would protect him from the horrors of a world that would want to hurt him because he wasn't a full human. She didn't know how or why, but maybe it was Fate or Destiny, for what reason she could not say.

Then it happened. She held her baby, and in a splash of crimson and black energy like water her baby looked like a normal human. The energy just rippled, and then his wings melded away, and his tail left her wrist, gone, the markings faded; his hair faded from the colour of blood to a deep black and his eyes flickered from orange to green.

She smiled at her dazzlingly unique and special baby boy as he giggled, or more likely gurgled as she kissed his forehead. She loved everything about him, and would cuddle him forever if she could, but she had been still in labour, and knew that she had to suffer some more, until her little girl was finally born.

The oddities only continued for her family with the birth of her daughter. If you could think that a demonic baby boy was a bad sign; her daughter must have evened things out even though Lily was sure her angelic wings were not those of an actual angel because of other things about her.

Lily's baby girl had no teeth like her brother. Her wings were just as long as her brothers had been but in pure white feathers, and a long downy tail of pure white. They were so soft she could scarcely believe the fluffy texture.

Her eyes were a molten electric blue like the sky and ocean combined with cross slanted pupils, but other than that looked relatively normal and beautiful. She was just as pale as her brother had been, but at least he had gained some colour once he looked normal. Her fingers were long with clawed nails, but on a girl that could be more normal than like with her son.

The midwife was fast in handing Lily her baby girl, in reverence rather than fear this time. Lily held her lovingly to her chest with her big brother. Her hair was a short tuff like her brothers, but it was a shocking feathery white, and Lily didn't think anything could be softer as her hair felt just like the feathers of her wings and tail.

The small girls little wings were decidedly stronger than they looked, and nice as they cuddled with her mother and brother. She stroked both of her babies hair lovingly when her baby girl splashed with white and blue just like her brother had and she changed, her tight muscles decreasing and her wings and tail leaving her.

She hadn't had much in the way of markings except for 2 electric blue lines underneath each eye. However, they faded away and she looked like a normal baby girl with pale red hair and adorable little green eyes as she held her big brothers hand as she cuddled them both hoping she could give them a good future together.

She had just given birth to 2 wondrous and mysterious children; her little Devil and little Angel. They were perfect and she loved them both more than anything, but her life was going to change as her husband didn't have the same opinion, of Harry at least. She knew he would be like that, but she also knew if he couldn't love 1, no matter the reason, his love of the other should be suspect.

Lily could only prey that her baby's stayed safe in the war ridden world hidden from the rest of the world by magic. She had to worry about Voldemort wanting to hurt her babies and knew she needed to really start prepare, and learn more to defend her children; to destroy for them, so that no one would hurt them. If Voldemort found out about their powers he might fear one of them killing him when they were older, likely thinking that her daughter, Rosette Lux Potter would because she was the 'definition' of good.

However, he was the type that would fear her son, Harry Atra Potter trying to destroy him to take over in his stead, except he would know her son would not care about blood ancestry. She had chosen their second names as a mark of sarcasm, Lux meaning Light in Latin, and Atra meaning Dark. Rosette was named after her long since gone great grandmother. She and Lily had been very close to her when she was little, and wanted to honour her by giving her name to her daughter.

Harry had been named after her husband's deceased father, as that was what he wanted before the children were born. However, he changed his mind after he saw what Harry was; she gave him the name anyway, possibly just to spite him because James' father was a good man and neither he nor James's mother followed Dumbledore like James does. They died fighting to the death, and James was still unhappy with the 'shame' that his parents killed Death Eaters before they were taken down, but Lily was proud to know they saw fit to do the world a favour before they went. She knew from that moment that she and James would only stay married so she could protect her children.

If she left she knew that Albus Dumbledore, who she was certain senile old idiot, so she wouldn't feel bad stripping him of all of his power because someone had to take initiative. Her husband, and so many other 'good' people were blinded by years of grooming, and control, as well as his defeat of a Dark Lord seventy odd years ago, but even then he let so many people die before doing anything.,

They seemed to think that Dumbledore was some great beacon of inflatable hope that would bring them all hope and salvation, but all he brought them was pain and anguish, but they had turned to him so often they didn't realise that he wasn't great at all. He had questionable morals that any sane person could see that they were in favour of 'pureblood' mage supremacy because of all the muggle-borns and muggles he let die.

If she tried to leave, the old basket case would use his massive influence to keep Rosette with her gullible and easily controlled father, and James would let the old man do whatever he wanted with her. Harry would be safe because she would have left the country, but her Rosie would be damned. She knew that she would be hunted across the planet if she up and ran with both of her babies, so she had to play it smart.

She could not let her baby girl become that old frauds property. She would kill for her children. She knew that the Dark Lord Voldemort was bad news. She also knew Dumbledore was worse in many ways. She could run from Voldemort and take her children with her, and she was sure after a customary non-search, once he realised she was never returning he would leave her alone because he had better things to do, like murdering people.

But Dumbledore didn't have anything better to do, like protecting innocent people, and when he controlled so much and had his own army of losers, she had nowhere to flee too as she knew he would chase them until she managed to kill him, so she would bide her time. If she destroyed him too soon or while he had so much power; the old man's idiot Order of the Phoenix would never quit trying to kill her, irony wouldn't even cross their minds that they would have never raised the killing curse to murderers and terrorists, but to a muggle-born woman protecting her babies. Half of the Order was muggle-borns, so in-armoured by Dumbledore it would take some doing to show them what they were 'missing'.

Lily knew the old man had enemies who were also against Voldemort, but she knew they couldn't protect her and her babies for long if at all. She just had to wait until her children were old enough; make sure that her husband and Dumbledore didn't corrupt one into the dark, and the other to do whatever she was told for the 'Greater Good'. She would make sure her children were strong and independent forces of nature to be reckoned with.

The old man, Dumbledore was a fool who did whatever it was he wanted, and even bigger fools let him get away with lame excuses such as 'I trust him', which isn't proof of anything, but the Order trusts Dumbledore so blindly. Lily used to be friends with a man named Severus Snape; he was a half blood wizard she made friends with even before she knew she was a witch, and he was the one who told her.

However, Snape turned out to be another of Voldemort's followers in the making and became a Death Eater. She had really tried to help him while at school to stay safe, but he still played with his racist friends. She didn't care that he played with questionable spells; he was a wealth of knowledge for her when it came to the dark arts.

However, she had cut ties with him. He went too far with the spite he had used calling her a mudblood. She didn't really think much of the insult and never had, but he had been her friend, and the anger, spite, and loathing in the word hurt her, not the actual word. She had never felt hurt before being called a mudblood as she thought it was stupid, and being hurt by the word would mean she didn't love her muggle family, which she did.

She was a muggle-born witch, proud of it, and gifted at magic while many others who were these so-called great purebloods, from great pureblood family's were outclassed by her at every turn, and she was pretty and fit too while a lot of these 'great purebloods had seriously bad hygiene habits. However, she realised that Snape didn't want to change his fate, and he joined the Death Eaters. She knew that he had murdered muggles and other mage during his Death Eater career, so he deserved death or life in jail.

However, something spooked him, or he was a spy for Voldemort. He went running to Albus Dumbledore winging as being 'evil' in the war got 'too heavy' for him, and the old fool just welcomed him into his stupid arms, and useless Order of the Phoenix Club. That was Albus Dumbledore, pretending to care when all he cared about was what he wanted, and protecting wizards that would follow him was always more important, even when they were murdering douche bags who killed innocent people.

She also knew that whatever reason Snape went running to Dumbledore for had something to do with her family. She had heard about the rumours involving a couple of prophecies. She knew one of them said something about a saviour or something like that, but she was sure Snape wouldn't go running to the old man because of that.

The other prophecy was different because it was said to foretell Voldemort's downfall, and Snape would go to jail if his master was destroyed while he still bowed, and Lily knew he was cunning even if he was a jerk. She believed he was most likely looking out for himself as he always was a selfish prick. She would normally be the only Gryffindor to stand up for Slytherin's, as even the Headmaster Dumbledore treated the children like they were born to be evil.

Snape had once been a nice, if somewhat dark around the edges boy. She had known some Slytherin girls that she got on well with too, and thankfully neither of them joined the Death Eaters, but they might as well have since they were treated so badly just for being Slytherin's and girls by sexist, ignorant pigs, as if there was anything wrong with having ambition and cunning, and like that was the only traits they had, it wasn't like she didn't know coward Gryffindor's, most of them were, couldn't even say Voldemort's name, or hear it without peeing a little.

Lily hadn't told anyone, but the Sorting Hat had initially wanted to put her in Slytherin. She had been shocked as muggle-born students never went into Slytherin. She also knew it was dangerous for her to go into the house because of the way the majority hated 'mudbloods', and maybe the reason they hated 'mudbloods' was because there weren't any in the house for them to get to know, so the circle stupidly went on.

Therefore, Lily went into Gryffindor instead. She realised when the hat agreed that that was why muggle-borns weren't in Slytherin. Every student really got to pick their own house. It was probably for most at least, subconscious, but it explained why muggle-borns were in the other 3 houses, but not Slytherin; they were already told about it and were scared, so unless a fearless muggle-born changed the status, it would be unlikely that any muggle-born students would go into that house.

Lily kind of regretted not taking Slytherin as her house. She had only been as open to it as she had known Snape before Hogwarts and he wanted in that house. But ultimately she made her choice and she would live with it. She had been 11 years old, and the table had a lot of dirty and evil looking older boys at it. She would admit she was too scared to let the hat put her in Slytherin, and being a smart girl, worried mainly because she was a girl. The thought of what might have happened still made her shiver in disgust and want to blow something up.

It wasn't bad in Gryffindor, and she made some friends and had fun, but privacy was so lacking as Gryffindor's tended to be that stupid that they couldn't keep a secret, and worse, couldn't keep other peoples secrets. It was one think to tell people your secrets, but disgraceful to tell them your friends, or dorm mates.

Snape was now supposed to be Dumbledore's spy in the Death Eaters camps, but Lily could never trust him anymore, and who was to know he wasn't a spy for Voldemort? Though, if the prophecy was his reason for switching sides, she could not trust a man like that ever, so fickle, and cowardly, looking out for himself over anyone else.

She had heard that Dumbledore was giving Snape a job teaching potions when Slughorn retired in a few years, which was wrong on so many grounds, least of all he wasn't going on any teaching courses to get qualified. Snape was a murderer and the great white wizard of the light had given him a get out of jail free card, and a job working with children while he was an unqualified killer, and parents were going to let him.

She would have gladly taken the job herself. Her potion scores were better than his, and she would have got herself a teaching degree while waiting for Slughorn's retirement, and finally moved potions out of the dungeon to a safe and well ventilated classroom. She would bet a lot that Snape would also take the Head of Slytherin position and everything would be worse with him showing favourites, and Dumbledore encouraging it.

She looked to her children and kissed their foreheads each as she knew that life wouldn't be easy with her husband from then forward, and that she had to do everything in her power for her babies. They were her main priority, and keeping Dumbledore away from them as much as she could.

They had to remain in hiding after Snape 'switched sides', likely because of the prophecy, but for Lily it was nice not being pregnant anymore as it was a weight left from her, quite literally. She got to cuddle her babies any time she wanted now. They were just that cute and loving. She cooed them as much as she could, to show them that she loved them dearly.

However, Lily was so angry with James a lot of the time, and took her own room with the children, separate from him; she hated him. He wouldn't hold Harry, play with him, or even look at him without a sneer. She hadn't wanted him to tell Dumbledore about the twins but he practically worshiped the old man and ran straight to him for 'advice', or what Lily called any 'advice' coming from the old man, being told what to do.

The old man turned up but she held him at gun point when he drew his wand. The gun was an old shotgun that used to belong to her grandfather when he worked on the farm, and she had inherited it. Normal mage would ignore it in ignorance, and though the old man was ignorant he knew what it was as he wasn't that ignorant.

She wouldn't let him touch her son or daughter with his magic or hands. He stayed back, but looked worried, not about the gun, but about Harry. He claimed he was evil as Lily knew he would, and that he would destroy the magical world. Lily didn't care even if that was true; her son was an innocent child.

Then Dumbledore started suggesting that they got rid of Harry before it was too late while James was nodding in agreement. She was tempted to blow a hole in the old man and put him down before shooting James after, but she had to stick to the plan. She would not harm her baby boy, and she was not getting rid of him; she couldn't, because she knew that Dumbledore would find him if she slipped him into the muggle childcare system, even if she took him out of the country; the old man was a slippery old fool.

Lily Potter nee Evans (and if she could get away with both children it would be again) managed to protect both of her children over the next year and a half. They were adorable together the way they played. They were more advanced than normal children, and sometimes Lily felt they understood more than they should.

It made her feel pride that Harry didn't let James go near Rosette, but she had been nearly killing her husband when he struck baby Harry. However, her child didn't cry but looked up at the man with orange eyes while a bruise formed on his cheek but even as they watched the bruise forming it faded away as he healed faster than the bruise could form.

Then little Rosette had been with him, and she screamed, her green eyes the bright blue of the sky, fanged teeth in her little mouth (as their teeth had grown in by then). The noise was so high pitched that they had to cover their ears (except Harry), and everything glass shattered, including James' glasses, almost blinding him in his left eye.

Things like that kept happening, showing that Rosette loved her brother, but Harry never defended himself, just his sister, which upset her and things broke. James and Dumbledore blamed Harry's influence but Lily knew better. Her children loved each other, and looked after each other. They sometimes acted like they were adorable little kittens rather than human, but she felt that was just their nature.

Lily didn't know what her children were, or how they came to be; how could she have had children that were not human when the only man she had ever been with was James? That thought was depressing and figured that he had put her off men for a long while; maybe she could give the fairer sex a try.

Then the time came to a new beginning. The Potters had been betrayed by Peter Pettigrew. Lily knew he couldn't be trusted, and if not for Dumbledore assuring them that he was trustworthy she would have never had him as Secret Keeper, or more correctly put gave them no choice in the matter. She never did like him as he was always such a coward, and here he betrayed his friends; the only people who would give him time of day.

However, Lily had prepared. She had trained. She had set up her own measures to protect her babies. She had delved into the dark arts with a flurry but she knew, no matter how much of a dark witch she might have secretly became she needed to use her cunning because Voldemort was much too powerful for her to fight head on for long.

Lily knew that she would be able to stand him still for a short while as he was just as foolish as Dumbledore. He wouldn't take her seriously first and foremost because she's female and a muggle-born. Then he would watch her use dark magic and he would be surprised. He might increase his game, but not by much.

She just had to get him outside, and with one distraction, she had him. She would do anything for her babies. She could do anything for her babies. She could sense him coming. He had activated her alert wards. Then he had activated the wards that would keep the muggles from leaving their houses, and as long as the wards weren't destabilised by too many mage, the muggles should be kept safe.

Voldemort had come for them. She wondered whether it was the prophecy or he had found out that her children weren't human, likely the prophecy warned him and he chose her babies because of what they were. She knew it could have been her friend Alice's boy who could have been the chosen child because Dumbledore forced them into hiding too because her husband Frank is just as much a Dumbledore fanboy as James.

Lily knew that Dumbledore spread word around the magical world, especially his followers. He spread propaganda, inciting hate against her innocent child and she was getting worried. It was fortunate that Alice was on her side as she would have hated to lose her friend, and their children had played a little together before they went into hiding properly.

James had been knocked out the moment Voldemort entered the house, or killed, Lily couldn't tell, as she had rushed upstairs with her babies in her arms and into the children's room, placing them gently in their crib she drew her wand and waited. She had set up some powerful reflection barriers around the crib so knew that not even the killing curse could touch them. She wondered who said the killing curse was unstoppable, because if they had the 'qualifications' then they should have been revoked.

She was feeling calmer than she thought she should as she was going to fight someone everyone feared, but she chose not to fear fighting anyone because she knew she could win for her children. It paid to plan behind Dumbledore's back because she was sure if he knew, Voldemort would have 'found out'. Voldemort didn't take long to burst through the door and different colours went flying as Lily opened fire on him without warning.

The doorframe exploded along with the door, as the wall cracked as the dark lord shield himself and had to move around spells or conjure to stop the killing curse from taking his life. She just needed to move him to where she wanted him, and her lips curved up into a smirk as he was moving, but she couldn't keep the onslaught up for too long without a breather.

She wasn't afraid to die, but she wasn't going to let him get her children. She fired everything and anything, including illegal magic; she didn't care as she wanted him dead; if she got a lucky hit all the better, but she knew where he needed to be, and that wasn't in her house. She didn't believe in Dumbledore's crap. She believed that if someone was trying to kill her or her children she had every right to kill them first.

Voldemort was shocked that she would fight and even more that she was using some foul magic, and worse, she actually knew how to use it better than a lot of his Death Eaters but he was fast in using shields and slowly fighting back. He expected to push her back easily and bring her attack to an end before torturing and killing her, but she blocked and countered him, sometimes with too much ease, and certainly a lot more power and violence than needed.

The battle was a raging storm of lights filling the room. The side wall of the house was torn away and fell to the front garden outside in a boom. Then Lily hit him with a blue stream of light. It boomed into his shield, but the force was enough; the dark cloaked wizard flew out of the house into the dark quiet Halloween night, but managed to glide down to his feet on the street with magic, and Lily was pleased it was so late or else children could be out trick or treating still and become his targets.

Lily flew out after him using magic to levitate, she glided down gracefully. Her black robe flowing out behind her as it was open and she wore tight black hipsters with black half-boots, and a black tee shirt. Her body was slender, but she had some curves, and the tee did meld to her nice sized chest right. She had a silver pendant around her neck to her chest with a green gem in the centre of 2 naked female daemons and angles entwined shadows of each other.

Voldemort watched in shock as her eyes had milked away the green, darkened, and becoming a deadly and cold black. Her skin had paled showing some veins under her skin on her cheeks and forehead. Voldemort looked at her with red eyes, surprised as the colour bled her hair darker, into a pitch black. He even took a slight step back in shock. He could barely believe he was seeing what he was, and that a mudblood had delved so far into the dark.

She had done what she had to for her children and plunged head first into the darkness to protect them from the light and dark. She had practiced every free chance since her children were born, and had lots of experience from before then. James was always away following his masters' commands, so it was easy to find the time, but she had never realised that she would have to use her darkness so soon; she hoped for more time, but yet she was prepared.

Lily realised that Dumbledore had a large hand in Voldemort coming for one of her children. She knew Voldemort being a sexist pig would try to kill Harry first as he was the boy and to his mind the threat, but Dumbledore in his own arrogance would hope that Harry was killed and that Rosette became the hero afterwards.

She knew she delved too deep too fast, but she knew she was strong too, in body and magic, she was fitter than ever, and even if it was just her opinion, she made evil look cute. She had studied the dark arts at school for her exams.

Well that was the reason she gave, and because she was a clever little goodie-two-shoes Gryffindor muggle-born no one bat an eyelid as they didn't think muggle-born's could or would delve into the dark, but with the Death Eaters beginning to show up, and then Voldemort she knew being a muggle-born girl that she needed every advantage.

She was smart, and was even called a prodigy when it came to charms, and she had only gotten better, but realised now she may have been a secret prodigy in the dark arts, like Voldemort was, or maybe it was the way they re-imagined the dark casts. She knew she could have done better in Defence against the Dark Arts but they never did have a decent teacher in the class, and a new one was brought in each year as something always happened to make sure they never lasted a second, from death or just having to leave for some reason.

Lily had never imagined she would become a dark witch, and never would have thought to the extent she had; it was unheard of for a muggle-born and rarer still, being female. At school, during those early years she thought Dumbledore was a good man, but maybe she had fooled herself, or back then he fooled her; maybe she was too clever; too gifted at magic; much too cunning to be fooled for long. Therefore, she saw through his lie to the controlling enemy to her freedom and the freedom of all magicians, muggle-born's at the top of his list.

Voldemort sneered at her as they faced each other, wands pointed and at the ready in battle stances mage would use to kill rather than duel as they knew one of them would die that night, and both believed that was going to be the other. Though, that was arrogant of both, if they didn't believe in their victory they would hold back and lose everything, but Lily knew she was so close.

"So," he spoke slowly and Lily could see he was hiding the injury. He had landed too hard, twisting his left ankle, which made her feel some pride as that was an upfront injury, but she would let that get to her head; she couldn't afford to underestimate him for a moment. "The filthy little mudblood thinks that delving so far into the dark will help her defeat me and protect her little brats!?" he asked rhetorically. "You are not worthy of wielding such power!" he spat out in disgust.

Lily didn't speak. She wouldn't. It was a sure way that the dark wizard might have backup on the way, but worse. She realised that if Dumbledore turned up during the fight that he would interfere, and she feared he would attack her and she was certain she couldn't win an upfront battle against 1, but 2 and she would lose, fast, and there would be no one to protect her babies from Dumbledore. She should have kept her shotgun to hand as she might have actually killed him in 1 shot, given the chance.

The lights blazed from each Dark Magicians wand, exploding off shields and ripping up the street, but Lily always managed to keep the lights from hitting a house as a barrier was protecting the property since all of the wards that Dumbledore made 'conveniently' collapsed the moment Voldemort went into the house, but that activated her barrier wards.

They started flittering as black smog, beaming and teleporting to different locations trying to score a shot from behind. However, that was what Lily made him think while she was performing other magic's in between, luring him into a false sense of security as she made sure they swept by and activated her seals.

It took Lily a moment to glance towards the house as she fought, detecting the teleportation, to see that 2 men had appeared outside, but they didn't approach the house as the battle distracted them as explosions rocked the street.

She could see other faces from muggles in surrounding houses trying to see what was going on out in the dark of the street, but her protection wards would keep them from venturing towards them. It wasn't perfect and if too many mage apparated into the field it would weaken and eventually collapse. However, the 2 men rushed closer and she could identify them as allies of hers, thankfully.

One man had greying brown hair wearing haggard old brown robes while the other wore expensive blue robes and had long black shaggy hair and blue eyes. They were Remus Lupin (The werewolf), and Sirius Black respectively. They used to be close friends with James but as they watched how he wanted to murder his own son while letting scum Death Eaters live they only kept ties with Lily, mainly for the twins sake as honorary uncles.

Lily turned her attention from them as they openly gawked. She didn't see much of them as Dumbledore had convinced James that they had turned to the dark side, which was why one of them wasn't allowed to be secret keeper according to Dumbledore, but Lily now knew for sure it was because he knew Pettigrew was a betrayer maybe less so than James in many ways, but still.

She didn't know whether James had this done to him and was under powerful magic, or whether he just gave himself up to Dumbledore. She may never know, and honestly, she didn't care anymore. She just wanted to end the misery. She wanted to divorce him and leave with her children, but knew she couldn't because Dumbledore needed to die before she could live a happy life with her children. Then he had his little club, she had no doubt most of them couldn't be saved and needed to die too, or at least be put in a padded cell.

"Giving up girl!" Voldemort mocked as she suddenly stopped in the middle of the dark street with her wand in her hand twitching slightly as if her hand was slightly numb from the magic used; she knew better, and she wasn't ever giving up. The snake faced, red eyed evil stood before her, but she didn't look scared in the least, but rather darkly amused as it was time.

"Of cause not!" she replied with a wicked smile as she folded her arms under her chest, nonchalant and unconcerned. "And my name is Lily!" she said, her smile bemused with him. "I suppose you could say. I'm the Dark Lily," she said giggling as she was a beautiful fit young woman in the dark and light, like a lily, and she was amused with her wordplay. "And you're already dead!" she said laughing while he looked confused for just a few seconds when he screamed and dropped to his side as a long metal spike shattered through his left knee from behind, splattering blood across the road.

He tried to get up as his hateful red eyes glared at her only to see her wand twitch and he let out a blood curdling scream that echoed throughout the street as another metal spike shot down and pinned his right arm to the road. He lost his wand as another spike shattered it and he cried more as it took 2 of his fingers from his opposite hand. The spikes were over a metre long so she was aiming to maim and kill slowly because of the areas she hit.

"What's the matter Tommy?" Lily asked with a mocking baby-talk voice as he was whimpering and even had tears in his eyes. "I honestly thought you removed your tear ducts you pitiless little cretin!" she said with her grin still in place as she walked casually towards him. "Not once did you think I was running you into a trap. One on one I couldn't yet hope to beat you alone, but now you are within the grid of my symbology!"

She giggled as she placed her hands, her wand-free hand holding her other wrist behind her back as she leaned over to him slightly with wide and terrifying grin. "I was said to be a charms prodigy!" she commented offhandedly, grin still in place while he bleed, looking to her in loathing. "However, I am beyond that with my knowledge and talent in symbology... wait, what am I saying, a silly little boy like you wouldn't know what that is. It's the scientific term I use for runes, or runology I suppose.

"I just found it fascinating; all of the amazing things symbols could do, even more than simple spell casting!" she declared with a joyous grin as she stood up straight and brushed her long black hair back, as it had fallen over her shoulders, to hang just above her firm butt. He was looking at her in alarm.

He cried out and his head whiplashed as her right boot smashed into his face, spilling blood and forcing him to wrench his arm free from the sheer force as she wasn't like most dark witches; she kept herself fit and strong. He lost any possible use of his hand as it was hanging off by a slither of skin and flesh. He started sobbing as blood poured from him and he looked to his arm in terror.

He looked up at her a moment later. His anger was replaced with tremendous amounts of fear he was literally shaking. He was trying to drag himself back away from her horrified that he wasn't the big bad anymore, and worse, a mudblood girl was. She only smiled and flicked her wand. 2 spikes came out of the dark and shattered through Voldemort's shoulders, 1 each side and he whaled in agony as they forced him onto his back, screaming as he was pinned to the floor while Lily watched in mock fascination as blood was pooling around him.

"I've heard you enjoy torturing your enemies before killing them!" Lily commented whimsically as she watched him squirming and looking up at her in tears of painful aguish. "It does seem to make me feel much better!" she said while Sirius and Remus could only stare in fascination as Lily Potter, muggle-born-witch had gone dark, which was quite odd as muggle-borns tended not to go there and it was a first for them, but she had then beaten the Dark Lord Voldemort in a fight and was slowly killing him, not realising that she had set a trap and lured him in.

"P-please...!" Voldemort spat out blood as he gargled on it, and was bleeding enough that if left he was going to bleed out and die. "I-I'll do a-anything!" he begged, shaking and looked close to passing out and she was certain without medical aid he would never wake up.

She smiled as she crouched down beside him, and pulled up the sleeve of the arm still intact to find the dark mark tattoo on the underside. She knew it was the command seal, connected to any fool to take the mark as she knew symbology better than anyone she had ever met, Dumbledore and Voldemort included. She touched her wand to it and it lit up with white symbols before they faded away and she stood up and waited, mildly amused.

"Sirius, Remus, I wonder who will turn up to their Masters call!?" she questioned whimsically. "I don't think I'll have long before that fool Dumbledore turns up, but... ah, some are so nice to be prompt," she said when black smog poofed out around the street and several Death Eaters appeared wearing skull masks and black cloaks and robes.

They saw her and went for their wands but with a twitch of her wand, metal spikes tore up wands and hands. They screamed as they all dropped to their knees cradling stumps as hands were staked in front of them. They were crying in agony and Lily enjoyed the power she had over Voldemort's minions.

Several more had turned up at that and chose not to withdraw wands as they saw their master crying at Lily's feet while she playfully punted him multiple times in the head just for fun. He was sobbing and whimpering with tiny pleas for merci but she wasn't feeling merciful as he had tried to kill her babies.


"Black!" she replied with a mock bow as the former Bellatrix Black had turned up, one of few not wearing masks. She was pretty Lily noted, and though not fit in the definition of muscle or working out, she was fit in that she had a nice body. They also had things in common, such as a lack of a sex life because Lily won't let James touch her, and Bella's husband can't get it up, leaving the dark girl a virgin after all that time, in that respect; no wonder she got off on mayhem.

She was with a small gang of Death Eaters with her mouth hanging open and her tongue hanging out in something akin to lust as she looked at Lily. She looked to her previous master, and too her dark muggle-born witch. She had conquered him as she had known she could. Then she looked to the Death Eaters who arrived early, seeing them in agony.

Bellatrix looked round slowly before licking her lips as she looked at Lily hungrily. "I like what you've done with your hair and eyes!" she commented whimsically and then dropped to 1 knee bowing her head in submission, shocking her comrades. "My Master!" she said, giving all of herself, even surprising Lily a bit, even though she knew how submissive she was after that time they...

Bella was weird while at school when they first met and made a 'reluctant' friendship after Lily had beaten up a boy who used Bella as his own personal bully to pick on first years. They were fourteen at the time, and Bella had bowed to her, and practically been her slave ever since, though it was more than that, Lily actually liked her.

Bella had agreed to keep an eye on the Death Eaters for her, and was unfortunately forced to marry Lestrange by her mother and father, but fortunately he couldn't get it up. At school she was submissive and readily took orders from the biggest bullies, even though she could have been the bigger bully and had them following her orders because she had the talent and magic, but she stayed forever loyal to Lily, playing the part as that was around the time Lily saw Dumbledore for the fool he really was.

Lily had actually had her first kiss from Bella. It was only to practice she would tell herself, and Bella would agree that that was a great excuse even if they both knew they continued making out because they enjoyed it, and that turned into heavy petting, touching, and then they were sixteen. They had only done it once because it was hard to find a place for a Gryffindor girl, and Slytherin girl to sneak off to together.

Then they left school, and the war got in the way, and Lily decided to give James a chance as he had calmed down and stopped pulling pranks after school, and they got married and had children, but Bella was still Lily's spy. Even Bella didn't trust that Snape was Dumbledore's spy and she had been in the higher position on general than him.

"My Loyal Bella," Lily said with a grin that managed to be cute and chilling at the same time, sending a shiver down her spine. She watched as Bellatrix rose with a gesture of her free hand, looking at her with that same lust; always present when they're face to face. "A show of loyalty Bella!" she said thoughtfully. "I think you should get divorced... or maybe you would prefer to be widowed, as you belong to me!" she suggested and Bella's husband in the group turned to her and stepped back.

"No, come on, you can't for a filthy mudblood!" he cried out as she aimed her wand faster than he could draw and he lit up with the green spell and fell to the ground dead before she turned to his brother as he went to draw on her. He soon collapsed dead too. She hadn't even hesitated and it terrified the other Death Eaters that a crazy like Bellatrix Lestrange... well Black had been the loyal Death Eater of Dark Lily and not the Dark Lord.

"I always did tend to find killing mudbloods foolish when they would have been fine soldiers to increase numbers!" Bellatrix commented, shrugging. "And my Master did not approve, but I had little choice so I chose only those loyal to Dumbledore and his foolhardy Order of the Idiots so my master was not mad at me, but if she pleases to beat and torture me, I shall relish in her attention to improve my love for her!"

The other Death Eaters moved back from her in fear as she was crazier than they had ever thought, and wondering whether they would get away with bowing to Dark Lily, but they were too scared as she had already taken some hands from the weaklings.

"Also, most of the not-so-Dumbledore minions..." Bella continued. "Have better senses than these fools not to know a dangerous witch when they see one," she said, gesturing the men crying on the floor, bleeding with decapitated hands.

"Oh dear, My Bella...!" Lily said with a frown. "I sense morons on the way! My alert wards have been set off again. I suppose my fun seems to be up!" she said sadly before walking away from where Voldemort was still whimpering and crying before her wand twitched and metal spikes rained down, from the back, front and sides and Voldemort screeched as he was plastered with spikes. Death Eaters cried as they were torn up leaving Bellatrix as the only Death Eater survivor, but she was Lily's property. Blood was littering the street, but only Lily was left clean as she moved away.

However, they turned as Voldemort wouldn't stop whaling in agony, even in death. They watched as a pitiful spectre tore itself from the bloody-crushed corpse. It was red and dull, very weak and had his face, but he fled, screaming through the night and out of sight.

"Now that was something I wouldn't expect to see ever again!" Lily commented offhandedly. "We have to hurry, Dumbledore will be here shortly," she said as she hurriedly led Bellatrix to her house. The wards had collapsed because of Voldemort trespassing and she was sure the muggles would leave their houses soon as the magic was breaking, so Bellatrix could enter. Sirius and Remus shared a worried look, but they didn't try anything as they were quite terrified of being Lily's enemy now.

They followed her up the stairs where the children waited together, holding hands in their crib, and picking up Harry she gave him a loving kiss on the cheek as her hair started streaming back to red, and her eyes and complexion returned to normal as she left the darkness for awhile knowing now she could never give it up as it was a part of her now. She turned to the 3 and did something the 2 men never thought she would ever consider, but she didn't hesitate. She passed her son to Bellatrix, and she took him holding him with a cuddle.

"You will guard my son beyond death!" she commanded and the ex-Death Eater nodded her head readily as she cradled the boy, awed with the responsibility. "Teach him to fight both with magic and the muggle way. Travel the world and never stay in one place for too long. I want him to have a magical and muggle education. I will keep in contact by using these two morons. I will protect his sister from Dumbledore, but if I leave with her and Harry he will hunt us with his minions forever until his and the Orders death, and I cannot risk that he could win. We shall decide a time when he shall return to be reunited with me and his sister – understand?"

"Yes Master!" she said never having used that word and felt as proud as she did that day. She might have to wait awhile before getting to enjoy her master in more intimate ways, but she was proud of the trust and responsibility.

She loved that her master was a woman, and that made everything a big turn on as she loved such a powerful woman commanding her as she didn't like men in that sense, or in a sexual sense either, but she had to play before, and for her master, no job is too much. It was invigorating to bow to her.

However, she internally shrugged those thoughts away for now before looking to the men and glaring. "Let's go already before Dumbledore gets here with his Fodder Patrol!" she said while Lily kissed her son with a sad smile before they left her alone with her baby girl for company.

Her daughter looked confused, but didn't complain as she happily cuddled her mother when she was pulled up into her arms. "Don't worry sweetheart. You'll see your big brother again soon. You'll just have to be patient like mummy!" she said, kissing her cheek lovingly and let out a relieved sigh as she finally beat Voldemort even if she had kind of used a strategic trap rather than overpowering him, whatever worked, a victory was a victory after all.

She could barely believe that she had killed Voldemort by herself. She had delved into the darkness and she enjoyed it. The darkness would never leave her now; she knew that. She also knew that if Voldemort ever returned the world would know she destroyed the dark wizard, and that she was what they would call a 'Dark Lady', but until then, she knew Dumbledore would spin it for Rosette to be the hero, and no matter the evidence he would never believe she won without seeing it with his own eyes because she was just a muggle-born woman.

"Everything is going to be perfect in the end," she whispered to her baby as she sat in the rocking chair as it was barely burnt as it had been guarded by the barrier around the crib, and rocked her beautiful little girl to sleep already missing her baby boy and worrying.

She looked out of the shattered wall as members of Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix apparated in and around the street with aurors seconds behind. The sight amused her to no end as they saw Voldemort's body. She wondered what they were thinking, and put mind reading to her list of things to try figuring out, or at least adding legilimency to complement her occlumency.

Lily waited, watching as she heard cheers about Voldemort's death after quite along time that they finally realised it had happened, and for awhile they were free, but it looked like Voldemort anchored himself to the world somehow, so she would have to find out how so next time he stayed dead.

She saw aurors modifying awed muggles memories as they finally ventured out to investigate as the wards to stop them had been overloaded by the incoming teleportations. They then sent them home where they would be better off not knowing the truth of what happened, and the aurors didn't ask them what they saw, which was in Lily's favour that Dumbledore was there, being his ignorant self.

The sun was starting to rise when Dumbledore in his idiocy pronounced Rosette the Girl-Who-Lived, telling the world that she killed Voldemort with her 'holy-light' magic. However, some looked to the mother as they weren't stupid, and nor where they Dumbledore's or Voldemort's minions and gave nods of appreciation and the deepest respect, and condolences on the loss of her son, but they likely suspected that she had sent him away to protect him from Dumbledore.

It was all over for awhile, and the next 13 years would be quiet, but Lily never wasted a moment secretly training her daughter, and getting more powerful for a time when they would strip Dumbledore off his throne and show the magical world the threat he truly was!

to be continued...