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Duel Nephilim

Chapter IV


Rosette Potter – no she didn't like that. Rosette Evans was more her style. She didn't like her father, and though he honestly thought they were 'the best of pals', she sometimes wanted nothing more than to scratch out his eyeballs, gouging them out with a rusty spoon.

James Potter didn't seem to understand that she thought he was a stupid prick, and she would never forgive the ignorant fool for her being separated from her big brother.

Though, she was quite happy seeing the Quidditch World Cup; she would have rather been with her mother or brother rather than her father. It was a bright morning; around 10, and it was nice to see all of the people milling around the campsite while she pretended that she wasn't with her father as he, in his growing incompetence tried to place up their tent the muggle way and he was useless at anything 'muggle', and wouldn't let her do it for him because she had read the manual; instructions were apparently for losers. The manual wasn't even very long, just some simple directions actually.

Rose was bored out of her head, and would have left to find her best friends if her father hadn't forbade her. He didn't like her friends. He said they were a bad influence; especially her Slytherin friends. Well she only had a couple Slytherin friends, and she was almost certain that they didn't consider her their friends, but she enjoyed their company anyway.

Her father didn't like her Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff friends either as they were, 'bad news' because the 'great' Albus Dumbledore told him they were, which meant they had minds of their own. Instead, they wanted her to be friends with an idiot named Ronald Weasley, even going so far as wanting her to date a boy who was outclassed by her in every single way, which wasn't bigheaded if it were true, which it was; not to mention he was lacking intelligence. Then he was sexist, racist (against muggles and 'coloured/foreign' people), and ugly too.

She sighed as she saw her father was busy, and wasn't paying her any attention before she slipped off and once far enough from her dad she ran for it. Her long cherry red hair was left loose, flying back behind her before she came to a stop.

She was wearing blue robes with some comfortable brown walking boots and a white tee shirt with green hipsters with a black and silver thick sectioned belt around her waist as a jaunty angle to the left where it curved into a knuckle duster type handle wrapped in white leather, locked in.

Her emerald eyes sparkled in glee as she was free. She wouldn't have worn the stupid robe if her stupid father hadn't demanded that she dressed properly. It was annoying, so she pulled off her robe in relief and walking passed somebody's tent; their fire was going out so she dumped the robe in the flames, getting them going again before hurrying off.

Rosette honestly felt like squealing in joy that she had managed to escape when she paused. She had been so interested in her own melodrama that she hadn't noticed until then. It was Harry. She could tell. She knew he would be at the camp, going to see the game with their Aunt Bella, but being able to sense him she felt the urge to track him down and dry hump him, which was something she heard about from older girls while listening in to things she probably shouldn't have listened too.

Then she figured she probably shouldn't be thinking about doing naughty things with her twin brother. Her mother had said once they're back together; they could kiss (even on the lips), and hug all they wanted too. They had a lot of catching up to do after all.

Rosette couldn't wait to see Harry, but she knew that their mum had said to wait until the new school year. Then they could be together all they wanted when he arrived with his new school for some silly tournament, which was likely apart of one of Dumbledore's crazy schemes that they had to foil.

Then they could catch up and talk while ruining Dumbledore's life. But more importantly she could even get to go monster hunting with her brother and his new best friend; a German girl called Asuka. She couldn't wait to meet the girl either because she sounded like lots of fun.

Turning a corner she was minding her own business when someone blocked her path. He was a huge man leering at her, and she looked around to see that his campsite was hidden by a small thicket of trees that she was sure shouldn't have been there, so he must have used magic to grow them in the middle of the plane, and nobody thought anything of it.

She knew that look in his eyes, and it didn't mean anything good before she carried on walking a moment later as her pastel blue P45 with white handgrip and white silencer twirled in the fingers of her right hand before it was hidden again up the back of her baggy tee shirt, in the holster just below her white (to match her tee) sports bra to hold her nicely sized (yet still growing), firm breasts in place while fighting the forces of evil, or forces of stupid, whichever got in her way first.

The man had fallen to the floor with a hole in his forehead and blood pouring out with a look of shock on his face, dead. It was his fault for thinking about attacking a sweet, innocent, and defenceless young lady like her. She didn't want him to manage to find a victim, or worse, another as it was obvious that wasn't his first time, and if the law was that crap, best to put him out of some girls' nightmares.

He wasn't the first human she had killed. Her second year of school had been the first time. It was the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. He was a pompous nobody (who was a pretender and fraud) who she caught trying it on with her dear beloved friend Luna. He thought that because she was a 'freakish' girl it would be easy to get her to do 'things' with him. Rosette ripped the man apart with her bare hands, and Luna rather than freaking out became a very close friend, fascinated with Rose's demonic powers.

She wondered what her father and Dumbledore would try to say seeing her so casually kill the man. They would likely try to blame it on someone else; as if she needed anyone to tell her to kill crap-heads like him. She had been tempted to kill her no good for nothing dad a few times, but while James lived it was easier for her mum to manipulate everything to hopefully work out, and find a way to destroy Dumbledore, as his rep was hard to damage.


She turned as she stopped. She heard someone say her name, well fathers name, but still. She looked around to see Tracey Davis. She wasn't that bad as Slytherin's went, likely because her older brother was in Ravenclaw. But she still did the whole family name only routine to none Slytherins, but Rose didn't mind as she liked the girl, and Tracey was only saving face with the other Slytherin's so they didn't bother her about their 'friendship'.

Rose was a Gryffindor, and she didn't like her house, and many of her housemates were minions of Dumbledore in the making. The sorting hat had said she could be great in Slytherin. She agreed and said she was fine with that because her mum said to not be judgemental, and that most people could be changed for the better while they were young and impressionable. Not to mention Rose knew she would have enjoyed kicking arse that first day of school; it would have been fun, and she might have been able to turn some into her very own minions, which would have been awesome.

She didn't know hats could get shocked in the way Mr. Sorting Hat was. She suspected that the hat was cursed to do whatever Dumbledore wanted, which made her thankful that she could hide her important thoughts; especially with that greasy loser Snape and Dumbledore looking in kids heads whenever they want, which was surprisingly a lot; didn't they have anything better to do?

She had made sure to get all of her best friends' books on occlumency to protect them; even her Slytherin 'friends', not that they all needed to learn the mental arts, as 2 of them had already been taught as their parents knew about the memory rapists and prepared them to fool the fools.

"Hey Tracey!" she said giving the girl a surprise hug, which though not reciprocated, wasn't resisted either before pulling back with a bright smile on her pretty pink lips that made the other girl squirm as it was adorable, and she wasn't supposed to think like that about Gryffindors.

"Are you here with your mother?" the Slytherin girl asked as she secretly liked the muggle-born teacher like many Slytherin girls who had her class, as she could probably give them and their parents lessons on 'cold' when she was annoyed; she could be the scariest teacher at school if she acted like that constantly, and other than McGonagall: the deputy head teacher was the only one who could and would put Severus Snape in his place with barely a look.

"No, unfortunately not!" she declared unhappily. "Dad didn't want her to come, and she stayed at home just to keep the status quo. She's not the biggest quidditch fan anyway; me and mum are more into broom racing, and she promised to get tickets to the World Freestyle Championship next year in Hawaii; the WFC is so awesome!

"So anyway, you want to come hang out and stuff?" she asked hopefully.

"Oh, Tracey!" they were interrupted as a woman arrived at the camp spot with a smile. She looked like an older version of Tracey except Tracey's brunette hair was short cut, and ruffled while hers was longer. Their eyes were the same vivid blue though. "Why don't you run along with your friend and go and play," she said, smiling. "It's good to see it's not that annoying Malfoy boy, or that whiny Parkinson girl! Your brothers gone off with some of his friends, so off you go!" she said, shooing the pair away.

"But mum-," Tracey whined, trying to resist the shooing, and not doing a very good job as the woman obviously had practice. "I'm a Slytherin, and this is Rosette freaking Potter; not only is she a Gryffindor, but Rosette freaking Potter!" she declared again.

"Don't be silly, Tracey, you might upset your friend-!"

"That's okay Mrs. Davis!" Rose piped in with a bright smile. "I don't mind. I know Tracey doesn't mean anything by it. She's just spent too much time around morons like Malfoy," she said with her brightest smile as she took Tracey's hand and marched her away while her mother was laughing and waving them off.

"If any Slytherin's see me hanging out with you I'll never hear the end of it!" Tracey said with a sad pout.

"Who cares what morons think?" Rosette asked rhetorically. "I would have to deal with idiot Gryffindors too you know, and trust me; the likes of Ronald Weasley will go on forever, maybe even use violence to try and get their point across, and then I'll have to beat him up or something. I just can't stand him. Every time I see him I get this crazy urge to smash his teeth down his throat, and then stamp on his face until he's dead!"

"Wow, I feel like doing that to Malfoy too!" Tracey said in surprise as they walked hand in hand, fingers linked, and it was nice not having to be all 'dark' and cold, and a smirk lined her lips. "Before school ended; you know that prank that made Malfoy mess his pants in the Great Hall?" she asked while they both snickered while thinking about it.

Rose nodded while replaying a great, yet gross memory. "The Weasley twins were blamed," she agreed thoughtfully. "But they swore blind it wasn't them, and they normally like to take credit, if not to the teachers, but at least to the students, and I know they take pride in their pranking, so it probably wasn't them if they wouldn't even admit it to their friends."

Tracey nodded with a smug smirk. "It was Astoria Greengrass," she said while Rose laughed. "We were all talking about something about the future, being purebloods and all that lore garbage that I'm going to ignore, but pretending it is awesome. So anyway, Malfoy came out and said with this huge grin that all of us girls would be lucky because we would be breeding stock for important pureblood men someday, meaning him-."

"You guys didn't like that?" Rose asked in mock wonderment.

She let an evil smirk line her lips. "Only one who was excited and pleased to hear such idiocy was Pansy. Astoria is an opinionated and dangerous girl with a mean streak, and talent, so not someone you anger lightly. Even I'll admit she's quite powerful, and the only Slytherin who openly says she likes you, so she got revenge herself. Daphne and I thought it was odd that she didn't want to help us turn all his clothes pink-."

"And make sure he didn't notice!" Rose interrupted, grinning as it was so funny to make pink puns while he didn't have a clue, and when the illusion wore off and he saw what everyone else saw – priceless.

"Yeah," she agreed, suppressing her laugh. "Then suddenly after Malfoy had stolen Astoria's butterbeer he started crapping himself. It wasn't the first time he had taken butterbeer from one of us. But if he had any sense it would be the last time. When Astoria wants to prank you for being a jerk, she goes all out into the vindictive-pranking-magic."

"Shouldn't have stolen from her...!" Rose said with a wide grin while Tracey nodded in agreement. "And even more, shouldn't speak to young ladies the way he does - without any respect."

"I know-!"

"Hey, Rosie...!" Ginny called out to her friend as she was with Luna and some feather lightened 5 litre bottles of water they were carrying. They placed down their bottles and were soon cuddling their best friend while she hugged them tightly in return for a few moments before they pulled back and picked up their large bottles.

"What's up, Tracey!" Ginny added, smiling at the girl widely. "Rosie, we thought you would never come and find us. We thought that douche monkey Potter was going to keep you away from us again!"

"He was trying to set up our tent the muggle way, so I snuck away while he was distracted," she replied, smirking smugly. "As if I can't take care of myself; I could Devil Trigger if I had too. Come on, you guys want to find something fun to do?"

"Well, we have to take these back first!" Luna said, smiling as they looked to the bottles.

"Oh, okay," Rose agreed as they led the way with Rose and Tracey following them, no longer holding hands, and Tracey missed the contact; it was nice to have people care like she knew Rose did; she wished she didn't have to pretend so much to be the pinnacle Slytherin.

"We made some new friends!" Ginny said eagerly. "One is a girl German girl, but the other is a smoking hot boy who has a freaking gun, and put it to Lucius Malfoy's head; not to mention he filmed him admitting he was a Death Eater on his hell phone!"

Rose paused and the others stopped with her. "Cell phone!" she corrected automatically like she always had too, and she still didn't get how they always got it so wrong. "It must have been Harry," she mumbled to herself in happiness a few breaths later. "Yes, no doubt about it; it must be Harry!" she said in awe and nervousness. "But-but what if he doesn't like me, or doesn't think I'm pretty and doesn't want to cuddle and hug and... hang, and stuff, and mum said we shouldn't meet on purpose yet, but I really want too."

"Wow," Ginny said before a wide grin stretched her lips. "If that is your brother he is freaking hot, but you don't have anything to worry about, so are you; I should know; totally seen you naked!"

Rosette blushed lightly before a smirk lined her lips. "And diddled me like the adorable naughty girl you are!" she added as her smirk turned into a grin, which caused Tracey to light up, but Luna smiled as she was there with them at the time and wasn't left out of the experimentation.

"Rosette...!" Ginny whined, blushing brightly. "You promised never to tell anyone about that!" she declared, highly embarrassed.

She shrugged with a cheeky grin. "It's only, Tracey. It isn't like I said that in front of any boys, and I'm sure she and Daphne have tried something naughty together they're so close, and I bet they would get curious too," she said, not noticing the girls' mortified and embarrassed face. "Anyway, you know what I don't care what mum says; I'm going to see my big brother!" she said, tugging Tracey with her while the other 2 followed.

It didn't take them long to get to the Weasley camp, but no one but Mr. Weasley was around and he didn't know exactly where the others had all gone. Though, he did mention something about a scary girl having chased Ron away and that he was off sulking about something while Harry had taken Asuka and Hermione to some kind of show being performed by the Russian tents that they heard about.

Rosette was only too happy to drag the 3 girls after her as she charged off to look for her brother. There were so many people around she was having trouble pinpointing the exact location. But she hoped that once they got to the show they would easily find him.

"Hey guys!"

They hadn't gotten very far through the site when they were called as a girl with a wicked smirk got in their way and Rose almost crashed into her as she and her friends pulled to a fast halt. She had long smooth blonde hair down to the small of her back and ice blue eyes. She was wearing a robe that was open and a blue muggle summer dress underneath.

"Yo, Tori...!" Rose chimed out in greeting while looking behind her to see the girl's older sister. "Hey, Daph...!" she called out, waving. Daphne was different to her sister only in clothes, hairstyle, and she was slightly taller, otherwise they could pass for identical twins, even down to chest size.

Her hair was held back with a black headband, and she wore a black robe over a long black dress with white around her chest, slightly looser than the dress, and a tight corset boosting up her chest area. It was a magical world fashion, but Rose thought she was looking hot anyway. That was from wearing what she was as well as how she looked in it.

"Hey Rosie...!"

They turned again to see 2 other girls: the first was a red head wearing blue jeans and a white tee shirt with trainers. Then the other was a blonde girl with her hair in ringlets. She was wearing some black jeans and a black tee shirt to match, but wearing blue shoes with the toes and heals missing.

"Oh, Susie...!" Rose greeted the red head with a huge, before glomping onto the blonde. "Hey, Hannah; I didn't expect to meet up with so many people on my first day here!" she said overjoyed.

"We are only over there with my Aunt Amelia!" Susan said, gesturing over where a stern greying red-haired woman was preparing to leave after she had pulled on her auror robe over her muggle clothes, and she gave them all a tight lipped smile and a wave before heading off. "We got lucky; Aunt Amelia got us some cool tickets, but she has to work before and after the match. So where are we heading too?" she asked while Rose was startled as she had almost forgot.

However, Rose grinned her widest at her fellow red head. "We heard there is a show in Camp Russia, and Hermione will be waiting with Harry and Asuka!" she commented excitedly.

"Who are Harry and Asuka?" Hannah asked while all of the girls looked curious.

"My brother, silly!" she said, getting some wide eyes. "And Aunt Bella's newly found muggle-born niece!"

"Harry is freaking hot!" Ginny commented with a smirk. "Rosie hasn't even met him yet, but it just so happened that his camp spot is next to mine and Luna's!"

"How hot...?" Astoria asked slowly as her interest was piqued as Slytherin house didn't do hot; it was mostly average delusional-snob, ugly bruit, or pretty boy ponce who spent more time in front of the mirror than all of the girls combined.

Ginny leaned over, smug. "Totally the hottest guy I know, but I think he has a thing with Asuka, but she's totally hot too!" she said with a small grin.

"Ginny!" Hannah reprimanded, snickering. "Sometimes you come out with weirder stuff than Luna or Rosie, and one of them is a conspiracy theorist and the other is a nephilim!"

"Angel!" Daphne corrected with a smirk as she had moved close enough to fully join in the conversation, and her parents were behind, several metres, frustrated as they were fussing around with trying to fix up their tent the muggle way. "... oh, them; I bet they couldn't fix the tent up by hand, and mum and dad are notorious for accepting challenges. Anyway, as I said; Dumbledore has convinced himself, your dad, and the 'minions' that you are an angel, which I find odd as according to books I've read, though angels come from a celestial plane, or heavenly realm they're not all, 'the nice' popular media would want you to believe, even going so far as for some to be considered worse than daemons or Fallen."

Rose shrugged thoughtfully. "Yeah, mum gave me books depicting the last war, which was funny when I found out that a daemon lord rose up and put an end to the fighting when he fell in love with an angel, even though the angels didn't want to stop fighting. It's kind of romantic, don't you think? Romeo and Juliet kind of thing, just across realms, and Earth was like their place to go and secretly meet up and do it!"

"You know adding that last bit you sullied the romance from the story!" Astoria commented with a suppressed evil grin.

Rose laughed and stuck her tongue out childishly. "Hey we all know they were sneaking off to do it!" she said shrugging. "Well, anyway; we should head out and find Camp Russia to find my brother!" she said leading the way.

"Come on Daphne, don't be stupid!" Astoria said as she had to force her sister to go with them. "I know Malfoy is annoying, and a git, but honestly, just let the git steal your butterbeer, but don't forget the added potion so he goes around telling everyone that he loves to have his tiny balls chewed on by kittens!"

The girls all burst out laughing, even Daphne as she couldn't help herself, and she started walking, holding her little sisters hand.

They were later chatting away in good spirits when they saw a sign pointing out the Russian camp, which was annoyingly only in Russian, but Rose could read and speak a few languages so she pointed the way.

Lily had made sure that Rose got to experience other cultures while growing up, and learn some new languages rather than rely on very poor translation magic just so she could speak to someone in their home tongue. Translator magic had never been big since language was always changing it didn't do too well, but worse when it came to writing since handwriting and fonts differed vastly; the spells just couldn't hack it.

It hadn't been hard to get Rose the lessons. James Potter was a dope, so he just needed to believe he was a genius getting his daughter lessons that would give her an advantage over 'lesser beings'. Though, some things were brushed aside once Dumbledore found out about them (so she had those lessons in secret), as it was obvious the old man didn't want Rose to get too far, only where he wanted, but he would be in for a surprise.

The girls all stopped in their own surprise as they walked through a thicket of trees where 5 men had camped and the 'trick' looked awfully familiar. The men were leering at the girls.

"Oh, I like to torture red heads in my bed!" one man said, speaking in Russian while all of the girls hid behind Rose as she had drawn her trusty P45 with silencer, and pointed it at the surprised man's head.

"Isn't my gun cute?" she asked brightly, speaking Russian to their growing concern. "I call her Miss. Assassin!" she said with a wicked grin. "Do you know why I call her that?" she asked while her girls stayed back and the men shook their heads slowly. It shot with a swish of air straight between the man's eyes and he dropped to the ground, dead.

The other men moved, fast, drawing crooked wands. However, Rose's left hand took the handle of her belt and with a few clicks, it pulled free like a serpent, drawing out into a whip of blades it took one man's hands, removing his wand from play as he screamed in agony as he dropped to his knees bleeding. Rose gave a sharp pull and her whip clicked together to become an oddly designed rapier sword.

"And this is Miss. Slices!" Rose said while the other 3 men moved back with horror in their eyes as she took the man's head, nonchalant about it; he stopped crying as his head rolled. "I think she has a romantic interest in Miss. Assassin, but don't tell them I said anything!"

"She's a monster!" one of the 3 men cried out in horror as they were stumbling over each other to get away from her.

"Yes, I am!" she agreed as she swung her sword as they ran and it unhooked, swishing out to her command. They didn't stand a chance as the blades sliced through the nearest 2 and the third got a back full of bullets; they were all a bloodied mess of death and silence.

"I'm the monster that kills monsters!" she agreed again; this time in English.

"I think I'm going to throw up!" Susan said but she wasn't the only girl looking so green as Rose's whipblade wrapped around her waist, clicking into place, and she put her gun away, smiling at her friends sheepishly.

"Sorry," she said with an impish grin. "But they were going to attack us, so... anyway, let's get out of here," she said leading the way back into the main camp.

"Well I thought that was pretty awesome!" Astoria said before latching onto Rose's right arm, and hugging it tightly to her body. "And people like Malfoy think you're a Dumbledore puppet!"

"Blah!" she said, smirking as she gestured behind her and they watched the remains of the men starting to bubble and turn, dissolving and deteriorating away, flesh slipping from bubbling bones. "Lower level daemons. Didn't you notice the thicket of trees shield the camp from the sun; not that I wouldn't have killed them if they were human."

"But the vampires you shot?" Hannah asked while feeling better that they weren't humans she had slaughtered in front of them.

"Enchanted gun silly!" she replied, rolling her eyes as if that should have been obvious, which it probably should have been. "Anyway, looks like that's where the show is taking place!" she said gesturing down a large hill where a huge crowd had gathered and performers of all kinds mingled and wowed the masses. It looked like they were going to have a great time.

to be continued...

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