It felt so good. All of it. The feeling of Elsa's member pressing gently against the soft swell of backside, the feeling of the burning hot body beneath her, and the blood she tasted. Her face flushed as she drank greedily, taking hungry and desperate gulps...Arousal coursed through her at the flavor of the blood…and the power growing in her suddenly strong hands.

It tasted so good. Thick, and wet in her mouth...salty yet sweet like the broth of some stew...she gasped. Even with the urges inside of her, instinct told her she was taking too much and if she continued this source of blood would fizzle out and she would have to find new prey. But she couldn't stop it, her grip from tightening nor her fangs from burying themselves into freckled flesh even deeper. She ground herself up against the girl beneath her, desperate for skin to skin contact. Her length was impossibly swollen, and she hissed with pleasure.

She stopped drinking then, to take in the other girl's reaction. Beneath her fingers, Elsa could feel the girl's hardened nipples, and when she inhaled the heady scent of arousal hit her like a train. Even unconscious, this girl's body knew what it wanted. She realized then that she was full. She didn't want more blood. But...she was still painfully aroused. And this girl...she was wet and open for her, Elsa could smell it. She hesitantly flipped the girl onto her back, as if she weighed nothing.

There was something itching at the back of her mind. Something was wrong...and seeing the girl's face, the streams of messy auburn, and the freckles-she realized what it was.

She had just... "Fed" off of her own sister. Elsa scrambled away quickly, heart pounding in her chest. Her mind buzzed with sudden awareness. Blood was dripping down her chin and on her lips. The same red moisture was glistening on her sister's neck, where a bite wound was open and pouring. And there was heat radiating from between Elsa's legs. A tent had formed in her boxer briefs.

Elsa stared with horror. What had she done?! How!?...She shook her head and covered her mouth. What was happening? Why was she drinking blood from her sister, not to mention a person in general? Why did she have a...thing, between her thighs? A thing Elsa very much wanted to forget she ever saw. Her attention on herself faded when her younger sister whimpered in her sleep, shifting. Her tiny tank had slid down, revealing one erect nipple. Anna looked painfully innocent. And much to Elsa's disgust, painfully delicious. Her younger sister's cheeks were red and her lips were partially spread and glistening with saliva.

Her mouth watered at the sight of that red-spattered throat. She wanted to drink more. Her disgust wrestled with the need and desire to feed and take what she pleased. She growled at herself. Wait, why was she growling… What the hell was going on!? But dammit, that blood looked so good…and it had tasted like heaven…

Her body moved on its own. She took one last needy lick, cleaning the remaining red fluid. Her arousal flared. She slipped to the doorway, and took one final look at what had apparently been her meal for the night. The penis between her legs, which shouldn't have been there in the first place, strained and screamed for attention. Elsa eyed Anna hungrily. She could just jerk off near her…onto her chest, maybe her face…So cute...her soft breasts, her slightly spread legs, her tight pajamas...Dammit! No. what was she thinking!? Elsa was going to punch herself.

She escaped from the room, trying to catch her breath and get the scent of blood and the sight of her delicious sister out of her head. No, just her sister. No food or sex themed adjective included! What was wrong with her!? She slipped silently into her own bedroom with her eyes wide. She took a detour into her personal bathroom.

A different person stared back at her in the mirror. Elsa looked so odd. Her pupils were dilated and narrower than was normal. Her skin was unnaturally pale and glistening with a sheen of sweat. Then she realized she could see everything clearly. The deep parts of her eyes, every speck of color, and every individual strand of golden hair on her head…Even though it was pitch black? She shook her head. That was impossible, especially since the chance of her having to get glasses was pretty damn high.

Not to mention vampires didn't exist. And Elsa certainly wasn't a vampire. She hadn't been one the night before, and she wasn't one now. This was a dream. It had to be. She smiled weakly…but…what had happened today? She couldn't remember… seriously…a vampire? No, that simply wasn't a possibility. Not an option, vampires didn't exist. She needed to sleep. She really needed to sleep. That was all there was to it. She was sure. When she woke up there would be no…no, cock between her thighs, no desire for her sister, and no intense hunger for blood! Everything would be normal again.


Everything wasn't normal again.

It tasted so disgusting! The cereal that, her favorite even, Elsa dipped into her mouth was just plain gross. Her stomach turned as she forced it down her throat, shoveling it in as fast as she could in an attempt to hurry the process up. Her throat tightened, bile rising, and she paused with a revolted expression. She was going to be sick. Her stomach growled with protest, begging for mercy. Elsa trembled as she realized she wanted something more… red. That thought process made her hurriedly spoon more of the soggy food down her throat.

Elsa paused when she heard a loud cough across from her. She looked over to find her dad staring at her with tired, confused eyes. "So we're just going to pretend like you didn't skip school yesterday," her father asked suddenly. Elsa raised a brow. What was he going on about? He looked more confused than angry. She hesitated, struggled to come up with a feasible answer to the odd question. "Did something happen?"

Elsa was so confused. She hadn't been at school yesterday? She couldn't respond to this. It was all a blur. She had woken up. She had gone to school. Then…what? Clearly, something had happened.

"You can talk to me y'know."

Elsa looked him in the eyes and nodded. About most things, yes. Not about this. When she was silent for too long he looked away. "Please don't make this a repeated, everyday thing." There was the creak of wood. Elsa looked over in time, her blue eyes narrowing. A smell, such a delicious smell, hit her. She gripped the table tightly, forcing herself not to leap up. Her body shook, and she felt her canine teeth lengthen and curve slightly, between her thighs it also lengthened. She cursed herself. Anna emerged from the staircase, yawning heavily. She looked as beautiful and warm as ever. Her skin was full of color, her teal eyes large and cheery. Her ginger hair was tied cutely in twin braids.

"Morning," she chirped, gracing both Elsa and her father with a smile. Elsa didn't respond. She couldn't look. She wanted to jump Anna, tear her uniform off her, and bury her teeth into that soft unblemished neck and drink. She was so hungry. And impossibly aroused.

I need help. I need serious help. She internally laughed, because what could she possibly say to a therapist, or to her father? Oh hey, I drank my sister's blood last night, have sprouted a penis, and want to fuck her. Any meds you could give me for that? She could already feel that strait jacket being slipped onto her.

"Dad, you're going to be late for work," Anna informed, looking at her cellphone while she toasted what Elsa assumed was a bagel. Her father blinked slowly. Then gazed at his wristwatch. His tired look disappeared and he adjusted his tie as he stood, pulling on his suit jacket by the door as he popped his shoes on.

"I lost track of time," he blurted. Elsa rolled her eyes and couldn't stop herself from smiling. Her father was an airhead. Honestly, it's probably where Anna got it from. "Make sure Elsa gets to school, Anna." Anna just nodded and smiled, waving to him as he dashed outside. There was a peaceful quiet left behind once the roar of his car ceased and he drove off. Elsa pushed her bowl away. Her stomach ached. Her mouth watered. She turned her gaze over to where Anna was leaning back against the counter. She was looking at something on her phone.

Elsa ran her eyes over her younger sister. Such a soft, gentle form. Her delicate curves…that skirt was so short too…It displayed her creamy thighs, covered by nothing but some sexy stockings. If Elsa wanted to she could bend her over and- Elsa mentally slapped herself. Stop it stop it stop it. It's your sister. It's Anna. What was even wrong with her?! What was up with this sudden attraction?

"What was even up with that yesterday Miss Rebel," Anna teased. Elsa blinked. She caught Anna's gentle gaze and flushed. She had thought for a moment Anna was talking about the drinking of her blood. She sighed with relief when she realized that the girl was talking about her "absence from school."

"Not really sure. Just needed a day off, I guess." Elsa sipped at her previously untouched glass of milk. She nearly threw up. She pushed it away from her. She wanted blood. She wanted it so bad.

"A day off with Hans," Anna giggled. Elsa blinked. Who in God's name was Hans? She stared blankly. Anna raised a brow. Her freckled face held an expression of confusion. "Umm…that new kid…" Elsa scratched the back of her head.

"The rich new boy, the one you left school with…why aren't you remembering this…" She sighed when Elsa greeted her with even more silence. "Anyways Miss Awkward, I think something happened last night…some kind of animal, I think, got into my room…" She sounded scared. Elsa drank more milk. Her stomach turned and she coughed awkwardly as she set the cup down and laughed.

"Oh? Why do you say that?" She couldn't tell Anna that she was the animal! Anna was her precious little sister, if she knew Elsa harbored these filthy feelings and urges she would be horrified. They'd never be the same! Elsa couldn't tell her the truth, it just wasn't an option. Even so, she wanted to because her little sister sounded so terribly afraid. Anna stared at her after a moment, her face seemed to crumple. She ran her eyes along Elsa's face, then her shoulders slumped.

"You don't sound interested at all," she said softly, "sorry that I bore you so much lately…"

"No, I'm sorry, I'm just tired is all," she said quickly. "I could never lose interest in you…"I've got to work on my act. "Please tell me, and I'll talk to dad about it." At first she brightened, then Anna's face turned beet red.

"Well I um…I woke up this morning…and there was…blood on my neck. And teeth marks. The thing is…I think maybe…it's a humans…never mind, just ignore me, I'm being stupid." Anna went silent, and her bagel popped out. She grabbed it, hastily putting on a layer of cream cheese.

To be honest…Elsa had no clue what she was going to do about this whole mess. There were so many things going wrong right now. She was wrestling with herself, trying to stop herself from jumping her sister and literally eating her while having sex with her. With a penis. That shouldn't be there. Nope, definitely not a normal thing. And now this strange Hans? And her, skipping school? She would never! And of course there was this skirt problem now.

She had a very painful erection and a very short skirt, and judging by her size this wasn't going to be a very easy to fix problem. She stared into her bowl of cereal. Anna was talking now. She closed her eyes and blanked it out. Her voice was making it worse. She exhaled, her fangs lengthened when she inhaled and her sister-…she leapt up when Anna's hand grazed her shoulder. The sensation was way too good, way too powerful. She shoved the girl away, baring her fangs. "Don't fucking touch me," Anna was gazing at her, shocked. Elsa was frozen in place, then she moved quickly, escaping down the hallway and out of the kitchen. She practically dove into the bathroom. She slammed the door shut behind her.

Elsa breathed harshly, staring at herself in the mirror. Her pupils were as dilated as they were the night before. Her fangs were very long, and very sharp. She had just screamed at her sister, pushed her even. What had the girl even been talking about? It didn't matter. She exhaled sharply again, aware of the blistering heat growing between her thighs. Shit. She was not going to pay attention to it. It was wrong. This whole situation was wrong…but she was so hungry!

She groaned, before she gave up, she didn't care if it was messed up. It'd be more messed up when the entirety of her school noticed the bulging erection she was sprouting. She pitied boys. She pitied boys so much. Then again, boys didn't wear a checkered short skirt with panties. She pushed it up, her undergarments down.

So messed up. She closed her eyes. She'd pretend it was a guys. She opened her eyes. That was worse. That was way worse! She had known she was a lesbian since she was thirteen. These…thingies grossed her out. She stared at the porcelain counter. Come on, it's just a dick. Yeah, your dick! What are you gonna do, leave it there, all hard and hangy? Well no but- Her internal argument ended when she heard her sister's voice.

"You coming to school?" Anna asked softly. Oh god. She didn't hesitate now. She reached between her thighs, and gripped herself.

"Sorry. Sorry, for being an asshole. I'm just a bit, uh, down is all." She swallowed hard. It was actually the opposite…she was up. Then she squeezed her eyes shut. She was sick. She was a sick human being for doing what she was about to do. She comforted herself with the knowledge that there was a huge chance she wasn't even human. She bit her bottom lip hard then laughed weakly and gripped the counter. "Sis, could you uh…just talk about…stuff. I want to hear your voice. It…makes me feel better." There was a moment of awkward silence. She wanted to bang her head on the wall. She did it, she had actually asked her completely innocent and unaware sister to talk to her! Not knowing Elsa was going to use her voice to-

"Sure." She could hear the girls smile. "I'm glad I make you happy."

Guilt came with the arousal. She stared down at the thing between her thighs. "I hate you, you son of a bitch," she growled. It said nothing. She glared at it. Why the hell did the nasty thing have to be so fucking big? She scowled. "Don't look at me like that…You're the one who likes her voice, don't you judge me," she muttered, then sighed and squeezed her eyes shut. Her sister spoke happily about…nothing really. Grades, kids she knew…she blanked out what Anna was saying after a few moments, and instead focused on just the sound of her voice.

Elsa hesitated one more time before she gripped her length fully, and began to move her hand. She nearly cried out at the pleasure that hit her, biting down into her bottom lip hard. She jerked herself quickly, pushing one hand onto the porcelain bathroom sink. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Anna…She tightened her grip. Her whole body was hot, burning. She leaned her head back. She pictured Anna crouched between her thighs with her mouth on Elsa's erection. Oh god, that's so sick. But really fucking hot. You're a sick person Elsa Snow. A sick person. She could just imagine it, imagine Anna's gentle, loving expression as she sucked on her elder sister's cock. The thought made her jerk.

"Do you like it," she could hear it. Oh god Elsa could practically hear it. "Do you like my mouth on your cock?" Anna whispered as she squeezed Elsa in her hands, massaging her aching flesh firmly but gently, running a thumb over her soaking head. She groaned, bit into her lip. Her wrist hurt from how hard she was moving it. Why couldn't she come? Come on already. She focused on the horrible, morally wrong fantasy. I'm going to cum in your mouth, swallow it all-the idea of it, her sister taking it all down her throat- she groaned deeply, then quieted herself. Fuck. "I'm gonna cum," she whispered softly, "so close…so close."

She felt her peak hit her and then…nothing. Nothing. It was like she was suspended in that moment of orgasm, her cock was very much erect still. The ejaculation never came. She gasped, eyes squeezing shut, shaking wildly as she gripped the sink. Holy fucking shit she couldn't come. Holy fucking shit she couldn't cum! What the hell!?

His voice hit her then. Steady and quiet.

"There are a few…things, which come with turning. You only feed from one person until that person has…passed. For the entirety of your immortal life. They live as long as you feed. Meaning you can kill yourself and not feed and therefore they'll age. But as long as you feed from them, you're preventing them from aging. Also, you only can have sex with one person, feel attracted to one person. For the same reason. They're the person you feed from. You can't cum from anyone else's hand, or mouth, or vagina or any other body part. Not even your own. You get the point so you have to choose wisely. You still interested? Oh, you also grow a dick but you're a lesbian so I'm sure you don't mind."

Elsa stared at herself in the mirror. She remembered her response… her doped up, weed-induced response. Simply put, she had said yes. And what kind of statement was "you're a lesbian so I'm sure you don't mind!?" What did that even mean!? She had consented while not even being sober. That fucking asshole! He took advantage of her. Oh no, this was real…what was she going to do?!

She remembered waking up, alone, walking home. She remembered the intense, powerful hunger. Remembered walking past Anna's room. Looking in. Her beautiful sister had been asleep. Elsa had noticed how delicious she looked. How…yummy, her neck looked…she had…No! She was going to be stuck feeling incestuous for her sister until she died!? This was the worst…She couldn't orgasm…she was…going to be stuck in a pre-orgasm state all fucking day? She shook with a mixture of so many emotions.

She was going to kill him. She was going to kill that immortal bastard! "Elsa?"

"Hi. Anna. Can you…grab me some pants please?"

"Sure, I guess!" Elsa leaned her forehead against the wall, and waited for her sisters retreating footsteps to return.


Hans laughed at her. "Wow, you fucked up." He giggled, then pat her back. "Sadly. I can't fix you. There is no real…fixing. I've been trying to get fixed for the past, let's see, hundred years I believe?" He shrugged. "Me and my boyfriend Kristoff, we really don't hit it off anymore y'know? He tried to run away last week. He's been in my cellar, tied down since then. Kinda like a juice box, y'know?" Elsa didn't register what he was saying, she simply stared at the desk in front of her. He put his arm around her, grinning ear to ear. "Don't blame me, I asked you if you were sure."

"I was fucking high you piece of shit."

"Relax girl, you can just starve to death!"

"I don't want to die!" She whispered harshly, crossing her arms. Then, sad, she buried her face in them, tears burning at her eyes. She was so…she didn't even know. She was fucked beyond all possible levels. This was horrible. What even was Hans!? He claimed he was a mixture of succubus and vampire, and had apparently turned her into a mix of incubus and vampire.

Elsa banged her head on the desk. She just didn't have it in her…She'd always been told she was weak spirited and this just proved it. She had already given up. And she would neither kill Anna or drink nor fuck her for the rest of eternity. She would rather die…in fact, she'd do it gladly. "I will be taking your pants," she muttered. He blinked, stroking one of his sideburns with his well-manicured fingertips.


"I have been told I have to wear the uniform," she said thinly. "I have a skirt. Since I am not going to be walking around with a dick in a skirt, I expect you to give me your pants."

"I'm not wearing a skirt, Elsa. For the same reason." She curled her fists into balls and glared.

"You will be or so help me god, I will make your life hell. I will track down this…Kristoff fellow, and I will end him. What will you eat then?" He stared, then a slow smirk appeared on his face and he sat back in his seat, eyeing her from head to toe.

"You are an evil, evil woman Elsa."

She smirked, "Apparently I'm not a woman now, since I have a penis." He raised a brow, then ran his fingers through his ivy-league styled hair. "So are we agreed here?" He hesitated for a long moment.

"I could just kill you," he murmured, "That's an option too."

"Or you could do me a favor and give me your pants. Come on, you owe me."

"It was a pretty dick move doing it when you were high, emphasis on dick," Hans giggled at his own pun, "…not to mention coercing you into getting into said state." She stared, brows low and knit together. He caught her gaze and shrugged, tossing his hands in the air. "Ugh, fiiine, but I am buying more pants. Don't expect me to wear a skirt for the whole school year." She literally couldn't have cared less what he was going to do. She was thinking about what she was going to do. She buried her face in her hands. She wanted to cry. "…Hey…you can always do what I first did...you could feed off of her while she's sleeping. Of course with the whole permanent boner thing you are fucked but I can stop you from starving to death so you should be thanking me." Elsa twitched. She smiled thinly and forced back her anger. She'd never take advantage of her sister like that. While she was sleeping…that was just sick. And she'd be stunting her growth. She could never do that to her sister, no matter how hungry she got.


"It's just a little, tiny sip of her blood," Elsa whispered to herself. She smiled nervously as she treaded slowly down her hallway from her bedroom. She whistled softly, awkward and embarrassed even though no one but her knew she was doing this... Guilt ate at her. But she was so hungry. She needed Anna's blood…she wasn't doing this by choice. This whole situation was ridiculous and she would fix it but for now…She just needed a little bit. Her stomach growled eagerly. She opened the door slowly.

Come on, you can figure out a way to fix this. She's sleeping, you can't do it like this. She shut out the sensible side of her brain and instead focused on how beautiful her sleeping sibling was.

Anna was dressed in loose, silk pajamas. Her pajama shorts didn't even reach the bottom of her thighs they were so short. She was sleeping gently with her hair undone and her legs partially spread, displaying pure white thighs Elsa wanted to kiss and bite. She looked so gorgeous. In the darkness Elsa could make out every freckle and drop of sweat on her porcelain skin… Elsa adjusted the uncomfortably hard erection in her boxers, trembling as slid onto the bed very slowly hesitantly.

Anna's chest rose and fell slowly, medium-sized breasts rising with every breath. Her nipples were partially erect and peaked from the thin shirt she wore. Elsa's member throbbed between her legs and she exhaled, trying to ignore it. But the mental image of sucking on those nipples until they were swollen in her mouth… She got between Anna's legs, sliding carefully up her body. She forced back a loud moan when the bulge in her pajama pants met the area between Anna's thighs as she moved. She went still when her little sister shifted slightly beneath her, letting out an especially gaspy breath. Elsa swallowed slowly before she leaned down, and captured the girl's throat. She was probably doing it in a dangerous spot, but she couldn't care less the second she tasted Anna's skin, not to mention her blood.

Her teeth sank in quite easily, and crimson poured like a waterfall between her lips. She took it down eagerly and sank her teeth in deeper. Then, movement. "You bastard-Elsa," Elsa didn't even care, she couldn't care! She was so hungry…she needed more blood. Their eyes met, and her eyes widened. Then as Elsa delved deeper into her throat, color spread like a wildfire across her cheeks, and a moan tumbled from her full mouth. Elsa nearly came at the sound, releasing her sister's neck to…She hesitated, stopped in front of Anna's mouth.

She forced herself not to kiss Anna. Even though she wanted to. Every part of her, every instinct was telling her to claim her sister's mouth. She had never had to try to do something before. "I can explain everything. I'm so sorry." Elsa said very softly. Between her thighs, she ached. "You can hate me. You…you can kill me if you'd like. But…" she reached down, pushing her boxers down to her knees. "I need…" she squeezed her eyes shut. "Anna, I need to-" their lips met gently.

"I didn't know you had feelings like this for me too, Elsa," Anna whispered. What did she just say? Anna reached down, then froze when she felt the pulsating cock that stuck up between Elsa's thighs. Elsa swallowed. "I…Elsa…what is that? Were you…drinking from me," Her teal eyes were full of curiosity and a tiny bit of fear. Elsa smiled weakly, before she nudged the girl's thighs apart.

"Please just let me…" Anna's hand rubbed along her length and Elsa groaned deeply, understanding flashed in her eyes as she realized what her baby sister was doing.

"You need it," the ginger girl asked tentatively, "do you need it in me, Elsa?"

"Y…yes," Elsa said softly, her voice strained. Sweat dripped down between her shoulder blades. She squeezed her eyes shut. Anna stroked her face with gentle eyes. Elsa opened her mouth, tentatively leaning towards the younger girl's throat. Anna's teal eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. Anna was in love with her. She opened her lips, placing them against the girls flesh. She sunk her teeth into a new spot, blood pouring into her mouth. Anna's legs wrapped around her hips, and she arched her back, groaning with pleasure as she felt the girl's sex take her in deep. She groaned.

"I love you so much, Elsa."


Elsa sat up with a start when she heard a loud bang, eyes wide. She exhaled breathily. "That was…" She covered her mouth with her hand. The heartbreak she felt from such a letdown was indescribable. It was the middle of the night. She had just had a friggin wet dream.

And what had made that noise? She heard a muffled "shit!" and recognized it as Anna. She moved quickly, slipping from her room. She covered her crotch as she peeked in the girl's room. She was setting something up. She looked over. "Oh, hey sis, what's up?"

"Nothing," she answered softly, eyeing the camera in the girl's arms. "What are you doing?"

"Setting up a camera. I want to catch that person that came in here."

"I thought you said the idea of it being a person was stupid," Elsa said sharply. She realized the tone she had just taken and swallowed, speaking again. "Why would a person bite you?" Anna apparently had noticed her tone and looked extremely annoyed. She set the camera down.

"I don't know…maybe it's a sicko with a weird biting fetish."

"That's stupid," Elsa growled. Maybe because she realized…she was going to starve to death. She couldn't sneak in at night now. But she could always turn off the camera when she did it, or destroy it…but then she was sure Anna would take more drastic measures. She'd tell dad and get people that shouldn't be involved. Elsa drifted close, before she sat on Anna's bed and quickly covered herself. She sighed and rubbed her face, tired.

"…Yeah, you're right." Elsa glanced over, a bit surprised that her rebellious little sister was actually listening to her. Her cheeks were red, and she was shifting nervously. Unconsciously, her younger sister tugged at a plump bottom lip. Elsa nearly groaned out loud, jealous of Anna's teeth. She wanted to bite into that lip, taste that mouth… "Then, can I …sleep with you then?" Anna asked tentatively.

"No!" Elsa snapped out, and Anna looked at her with shock. Her face grew dark and she looked away. Elsa sighed. "…Grow up, Anna."

Anna looked very small and scared then, trembling. "Look, I know I'm being annoying but it scared me. There are teeth marks! Look Elsa, I even had to cover it," her hand moved to her neck. Elsa opened her mouth to protest as her sister's fingers undid the bandage on her throat. But it was peeled off before the words could escape her mouth. Elsa's eyes widened as she took in the sight of the wound. "Look at it, these are human teeth marks!" Somehow, at some point, Elsa had started moving. As she neared, the blood scent consumed her. She slavered, gaze focused entirely on that beautiful throat…The delicious scent hit her like a hammer. Her cock swelled until it was impossibly hard, straining desperately against her boxers. She panted openly, then looked away.

"Get away from me, I don't want to see it," she snapped. She stood hastily and Anna touched her hand.

"Elsa, what's going-"

"Get away from me," she shrieked. Elsa wanted her so badly! She didn't think she had ever desired something so much as she had in that moment. "Anna! Don't touch me." She was greeted with silence. When she looked over Anna was clutching her forearm, staring at the floor. Elsa was so thirsty, her stomach ached so badly… She had to be able to drink from other people! What could possibly make it so that other blood didn't satisfy!? She stared at her sister. "I'm sorry Anna." Her younger sibling raised her eyes from the floor.

Then Anna's gaze widened and her mouth dropped open. "What is…" she pointed. Elsa looked in the direction of the point. She gasped and covered herself.

"Let's pretend you saw nothing. Alright?"

"Elsa, please don't shut me out, just let me-"

"No, please just," For a second Elsa wrestled with her, and then Anna grabbed her wrists, and- Elsa moaned as her sibling grabbed the member between her thighs, grasping the flesh and squeezing once than twice. A painful throb tore through the entirety of her length, and she felt precum drip from the hot tip at Anna's touch.

"What is this Elsa?" Her sister asked slowly. Her eyes met Elsa's. Just like in the dream they held curiosity, except this time there was much more fear. Elsa smiled weakly, eyes dismayed and wide. "Elsa, why the hell do you have fangs!?" Elsa covered her mouth now.

Everything is going to shit right now!

"You didn't see anything, Jesus just…act like you didn't ok, let it go-"

"Stop it, just tell me what's going on, did you bite my neck!? Why do you have a penis-?"

"Stop," Elsa said venomously. "Stop talking now." Elsa froze when Anna grabbed her by the shirt, eyes flashing with rage. Her face had gotten a bit red as well. Elsa flinched with the girl scowled furiously. She hated when her sister was mad…

"I think I deserve some answers considering the fact that you fucking fed off of me you freak!" Elsa sighed heavily, dropping her shoulders weakly. "So are you going to explain why you have a penis and fangs or no? Because I'm not letting you leave the room until you do."

"It's not simple to explain, I don't really understand myself…"

"Try me, Elsa," Anna said thinly, her eyebrows furrowed. "We have all night."

"…" Elsa sighed. "Well…when I went out with Hans yesterday… we smoked some weed and maybe drank -"