Elsa stared in shock at the girl across from her. Anna…a werewolf? No. That simply couldn't be allowed! Grimacing, the vampire shook her head. Her expression was dark. "That's not an option." She made sure her tone expressed how final her statement was. There would be no changing Anna. Her precious baby sister wouldn't become a vampire, a werewolf, or any other supernatural creature that existed. She would just be Anna. Elsa wouldn't allow anything else.

As if sensing her thoughts, her little sister glared at her. Her expression was angry, "You don't get to make that decision!" The werewolves watched them in silence. When Elsa turned her eyes back away from Anna, she saw Meg had a disgustingly smug smirk. She stiffened with rage, and she pushed Anna behind her.

"Yes, I do, Anna." She aimed her icy blue eyes forward. Her entire body was tense, jaw clenched tight. "You will stay away from my sister. That's not an option. I'll need some time to think about this whole situation. So get out of my house." Maleficent's mate, Aurora, stepped closer. Her huge blue eyes were shining with compassion.

"Please understand that turning Anna wouldn't be painful. We'd be there to help her every step of the way." Elsa didn't even hear her words. Instead, just the mention of "turning Anna" infuriated her. Her tone grew angrier. Her fangs extended fully and she hissed, loudly.

"I said get out. Now."

Surprising her, the small group of wolves actually left. Only Snow lingered. Elsa tolerated her presence. The dark haired beauty gave her a sad look. "I'm sorry about this, Anna. The offer from my pack stands." She met Elsa's eyes slowly. "Listen, Elsa…it might be best if she doesn't remain human." When Elsa began to bare her fangs she gave her a scoff. "Put your fangs away, baby vampire. I could kill you in an instant." Elsa knew in her core that those words were true. She'd almost killed her back at Water Wonderland. So Elsa reluctantly relaxed, crossing her arms.

Anna smiled, "Thank you Snow. Elsa's being too pigheaded right now."

Elsa gave her a searing glare. "I'm not being pigheaded. Being a damn supernatural creature isn't fun! It's dangerous."

Snow shook her head again, clearly disappointed. "Elsa. It's more dangerous for her to remain a human. If Hans wanted to control you, and use your sister as bait, would you be able to stop him? Would you rather she be a thrall of a vampire that's out to use you and your friends?" Elsa didn't really understand what "thrall" meant, but she got the gist of what Snow was suggesting. It pained her to think about it. She would hate it if Anna were to go through what she did…having to drink blood. The blonde bowed her head. She wouldn't let Anna become a monster…

"I didn't think so. See you in school, Anna." Snow gave a slow wave. "Bye, Elsa. Think about it."

Then she was gone. Once they were alone again, Elsa shook her head. What the fuck? The front door was destroyed completely. Who did they think they were, walking into their house and threatening them and destroying their property?! Anna was silent. She appeared to be deep in thought. Elsa walked towards the front door, picking up bits of the splintered wood.

"What the hell are we going to do about this?" Elsa masked her fear of the situation by complaining. In her head, she was in turmoil. Everything truly was falling apart. And she was helpless to stop it. Saving Anna by turning her into a monster? That was just ridiculous. It was a terrible idea. Elsa would never ever agree to it and she'd make sure Anna didn't either. Snow's feigned kindness wouldn't change her mind. She'd protect Anna from Hans…she couldn't allow what they were suggesting. Elsa despaired as she wondered what to tell her dad about the door. There was no proper excuse for it and saying someone broke in would only worry him too much.

Arms wrapped around her neck, and Elsa let out a soft sigh as a pair of familiar, soft breasts pressed to her back. Anna's comforting smell, warmth, surrounded her like a blanket. Would this change? Would she lose Anna..? She wouldn't be able to bear it if Anna developed that unbearable dog scent that Elsa was becoming more sensitive to by the day. She wouldn't be able to bear it if anything changed about her sister… "She's right," Anna mumbled against her ear. "We don't know anything about Hans. I don't think you can protect me, Elsa." The older sister flinched at those words, even though she knew them to be true she didn't want to hear it.

"Turning you into one of those things is not an option."

"It is if I want it to be." Anna mumbled back. Elsa whipped around, eyes flashing. Her sister stared back at her, eyes gentle. "Listen Elsa. You can't control what I do. Don't try. I'm interested in this offer they gave me. I want to take them up on it. If I do, you can drink from me whenever you want without risking my life. Even without the "Curse" Hans put on you that makes it hurt you when you feed from others, and makes you grow more violent towards me with every feeding, I would die. My body grows weaker the more and more I lose blood. I can feel it…"

Elsa lovingly touched her face. "There has to be another solution, Anna."

"And if there isn't?"

Before Elsa could answer, there was the slamming of a door. The blonde glanced over. Her father was walking from his car, looking as handsome as he had when he left. He immediately started running when he saw the front door. "What the hell happened here!?" He asked incredulously. "I'm so glad I decided to drop Louise off!" Elsa assumed that was the woman he had been out with. He gazed at Anna and Elsa, waiting for an explanation. When they said nothing, he frowned. "Did you two have a party while I was gone?"

Elsa was about to say no when Anna spoke up. "Yes. Things got a bit rough." She lied so easily,

Elsa was impressed. "'We're sorry dad! It was only supposed to be a few friends and things went a little bit overboard."

Her father tried to be angry. Elsa could see it was difficult for him to do so. He straightened, his face a mess of conflict. "Um…then, you two are…grounded. You should go to bed. I mean, go to bed right now?" He said it all in a questioning tone, as if he wasn't sure of what he was saying. Elsa tried not to smile. "Anyways, before that. I finally found a woman who is right for me!" Anna and Elsa glanced at each other, trying not to grin. He didn't actually care if they had or hadn't thrown a party. He hadn't even said what they were grounded from. He was apparently far too overjoyed to continue to pretend to. There was color in his face, and his eyes were sparkling…a welcome sight, since mum broke his delicate heart.

"Her name is Louise. She's a lawyer." Their mother was a lawyer too. What was it with Elsa's father and lawyers? "I'll be going out with her again tomorrow." He glanced at the doorway, and scratched his chin. "What are we going to do about this?" Was there anything they could do? He sighed. "I'll just go out right now and get a new one. We need to talk about your behavior lately, Elsa. Come on, I'm dragging you with me."

Oh gosh, not another pep talk, Elsa thought as she nodded her head in obedience.

"I'll be waiting," he twirled the keys on his finger and walked outside. Elsa turned towards her sister, who was gazing back at her. Elsa grasped her hands, and tugged her into the kitchen where their father couldn't see them. Then she kissed her. Anna opened her mouth eagerly at the lip on lip contact, her arms wrapping tight around the older sister's neck. They didn't use tongues, just force. Their lips crushed together hard, and Elsa dug her fingers into her sisters body, forcing her close and holding her there. Only when they couldn't breathe anymore did they end the kiss. Saliva glistened between their kiss battered lips.

Elsa panted, wiping at her mouth. "We'll continue this discussion when I get back. Just…Anna, please just…" She sighed and bowed her head, then she gave her sister another tight hug.

"I won't make the decision while you're gone or anything. We can talk about this," Anna responded gently. "Relax. Go out with dad or whatever. I'll be here, waiting." She kissed Elsa's mouth again. "Go on now, dad's waiting for you." Elsa nodded her head slowly. Then she turned her back, went upstairs and changed, and pulled her jacket on. Anna was waving from the trashed doorway when Elsa reached her dad's car. Then she pulled the door open, sat inside and they were on the way to Home Depot, or wherever it was her father decided to drag her.

It turned out that dad actually wanted to give her a talk about her behavior. Some things she just couldn't explain. "You've just been acting…oddly. Y'know?" Elsa raised a brow, then shook her head. She glanced out the window at the passing houses and trees that flashed by. "Going out on a date with Belle, the whole skipping school thing, that weird boy Hans, what happened at the amusement park…I don't want to nag, but I just am a bit confused by everything that's happening. Now I find out you've thrown a party and the door was busted down. This isn't a thing that I can continue to allow to happen. You understand, right? It would be irresponsible."

Elsa did understand what he was saying. He'd been suspicious and thought something was off with her but didn't want to upset her. She felt guilty again. For the things she was doing with Anna and having to leave him clueless during this whole ordeal. But she couldn't tell him. Anything, really. "It won't happen again. Skipping, parties, none of it. I guess I was just letting Anna make me do stuff to make her happy and it got out of control. I'm seriously sorry dad," when she spoke she put all her genuine guilt and the apologies she was holding back inside her trapped in. It affected her tone, because his previously tight face warmed up.

"I know it won't. I trust you. Let's drop this," Her father reached over and roughly noogied her. She couldn't help but laugh at the treatment, punching at his arm. The rest of the trip was relatively peaceful. Her dad talked about his new girl. Their date had apparently been cut short because her son wasn't feeling well and he had to bring her back home. That was why they were having another date the next day, to finish it. It was obvious he was smitten. He'd been going out with her a lot lately, apparently. As they were driving, they drove straight past Belle's house.

"Wait, dad!" He glanced at her, confused. "Pull over I need to do something."

The idea had come to her suddenly. Belle must have all the answers. It would probably be easiest to talk to her about these things. Her dad was confused, very confused, but he did as she asked. Then he noticed that it was Belle's house, and his face brightened. "Ohhh I see, you have to speak to your girlfriend. I understand. I'll wait here."

"Don't bother. It's going to be a long talk," Elsa responded immediately. She pushed her door open. He gave her a surprised look.

"I'll text you if and when I need a ride back home. Hurry up and get that door and get home. Okay?"

"Of course honey." Elsa smiled happily at him, before she shut her car door. She waited until he was off, down the street before she turned and faced the home she recognized as Belle's. It was a small, dinky little home. Cute and homey. The warm night air caressed her face as she walked up the driveway, hands in her jackets pockets. She glanced around. The grass here sure was green. Nothing seemed off about the home at all. It was ordinary. She didn't want to believe Belle had lied to her…

Before she even reached the front door, it opened. Belle's beauty was always a bit breathtaking. Her hair was cascading down her shoulders, glasses making her eyes seem big and brighter. There was a sad expression on her face. "I smelled you," she explained, when Elsa paused and stared at her suspiciously. There was a tense little moment, when Elsa realized her actions might be a mistake. Who knew what was in that house? Who knew if Belle had any tricks up or sleeves, or wanted to hurt her? She didn't. She didn't know where she was or who Belle really was and yet here Elsa stood on her front step. But she was here now. She might as well go in.

Belle stepped back, and opened her front door, giving Elsa permission to enter. The vampibus did so, suddenly thinking about Anna all alone at home so soon after those werewolf bastards had been in her home. "What brings you here so late," Belle asked curiously. Elsa gave her a dark look.

"Belle…I know you were lying. About everything. Liking me, all that bullshit. I know I'm just a pawn for yours, Hans, and the werewolves little games. I know she didn't rape you. I know." Belle's eyes grew sadder, and she sighed.

"I wasn't raped. I'm sorry for lying to you about that. I did what I had to so that Hans wouldn't be angered." Elsa wanted to feel bad for her, but knowing she had lied and so freely admitted it made it so hard to even like her right now. Elsa was shocked at how easily she admitted the terrible deed she'd committed. That awful accusation! "Please understand that everything I do I don't want to."

Elsa was regretting this decision even more. She should just leave. But she stayed.

"Tea?" Belle asked.

"Uh, yes, please." Her French friend nodded and led her into the kitchen where she immediately began to make some. Sometime later, they were sitting at her kitchen table across from each other, beautiful china in both their hands.

"It must be hard believing anything I say," Belle murmured, biting her lip anxiously. "But as I said everything I've done is to protect myself."

"Including date me," Elsa asked, generally curious. If she were to be honest, she didn't care much about the response. Agreeing to go on a date with Belle had been a huge mistake. She'd known it back then, and Elsa certainly knew it to be true now. She also didn't believe a word that fell from the other girl's lips. Not a single one. So why did she come here? Elsa just didn't want to believe Belle could be so cruel as to arrange a war between vampires and werewolves, and involve Elsa. Belle's words surprised her.

"No. Not including date you. I…" A scarlet blush covered Belle's creamy cheeks. She adjusted her glasses, peering at Elsa with her eyes twinkling. "I've liked you for so long. I used to watch you in the library." Elsa knew this part. Somehow, it was creepier now. "I wanted you so badly…sometimes you even talked to me. You were always so kind. So interesting. Invested in whatever it was you were studying." Uncomfortable, Elsa didn't know how to respond. "Hans and I met when I was at the public library. He smelled me, knew me for what I was. A mutt. He pitied me. He told me of his grand plans to make the werewolves pay for something they'd done to him. You have to understand-"

"I don't have to understand anything. You lied! You told me those wolves took over your pack. You don't have a pa-"

Belle stood now, tea spilled all over her table. Her eyes were dark, expression angry. "I don't have a pack because of them. I know what they probably told you. That I was a rogue part of a ratty little pack in town. Well I don't have a choice! None of us do. Hans is the only one interested in giving us a place where we belong!" Her tone softened now. "My dad is part of their pack. Did they tell you that?"

Elsa took this all in slowly. Belle had feelings for her for a long time, Hans caught an interest in Belle, and offered her a place among the vampires? Or in the world? And Belle's father was a part of Maleficent's pack. "No. They didn't."

"My father fell in love with a beast. A wild one. An actual stray. In order to be allowed back into the pack, he had to give me up. My mother is the one who owns this house. She's occasionally home with boyfriends, or whatever. Very rarely." Belle sighed, grabbing a cloth. "Apologies for my temper. They won't let me join them. Because I'm part dog, because my dad betrayed the pack by breeding outside of it." Elsa watched her face as she began to clean. Was she being genuine? "Regardless of how wrong it may seem, Aurora did belong to Hans. Maleficent stole her. It's not as if that's a huge, terrible deal. Aurora had two siblings. Ella, and Kristoff. Kristoff and Hans have met many times before. They like each other. I've met Kristoff and he's happy with Hans…but the werewolves won't allow it. Won't allow their love. They're calling Kristoff back to them."

Elsa raised a brow. "Calling him back to them?"

Belle tapped her chin. "Hmm, how do I explain this…? Basically, it's a Siren's call. It's a wave of pheromones, not in a sexual nature, that call Kristoff back to his pack leader, his family. It's stronger than a vampire's thrall." That word again, thrall. Seeing her confusion, she continued. "When a vampire feeds from someone, it makes them their thrall. A full-fledged vampire. Not a fledgling like you. A thrall cannot resist their vampire master. Except if a werewolf is being called back. To try to make him stay, Hans made Kristoff a thrall. But it didn't work, because of what I just explained. He had to restrain him."

Elsa didn't understand at all. "So why am I involved in all this?"

"That is complicated. When he explained why he did this to you he was being genuine. He hates people who don't act on their feelings, he finds them dull and boring. Hans joined our school for me. He said he would help me get together with you. When you were turned that day, you were supposed to feed from me first. You were supposed to be dependent on me…" Elsa stiffened at those words, drawing away slightly. Belle bowed her head in shame. "I know. I am sorry…but that's the past. Vampires are always unpredictable, untrustworthy, that's what my mother taught me. But I desired you so strongly I couldn't resist his offer. You, and me? Forever? I…I couldn't help but want that."

Elsa avoided her eyes. Her French companion had no idea how uncomfortable that made her. If what she was saying was true, everything that had happened was because of Belle. "But why would he help you?"

"At the time that was happening, the wolves were trying to physically get Kristoff back. In exchange for giving me what I wanted, Hans wanted my mother to order the town strays to fight back against the wolves. Any reason to fight was enough for them. Anyways, as I was saying. You were supposed to be mine, but Hans changed his mind. He wanted to have some fun with you. In the end, you'd be mine still, he promised. But he decided it was time to think bigger, better. This wasn't about just Kristoff and Hans and you and me anymore. This was about werewolves and vampires, and how disgusting werewolves act. How filthy they are." Each word that came from Belle's mouth was so full of hatred. "You were going to ignite the war between the vampires and the wolves. And then you'd be mine."

Apparently, story time was over, because Belle stopped talking then. Elsa stewed in the knowledge she had just been given. Everything she had just heard was absolutely insane. Belle didn't love her, Belle was obsessed with her. Anna had accused her of being a stalker, which was true. She was trying to paint Hans in this hero image, saying that he was the one wronged here, that Belle was, but the way they handled everything was disgusting! It went beyond what the werewolves did. Sure, they didn't let him have Kristoff, but surely another mate was available elsewhere? The only thing that she agreed was wrong was the mistreatment of the strays. Elsa had no idea what to think about all this.

"I'm sorry, Elsa. I'm not ready to give this up though. Getting you involved was wrong, yes but…the greater cause Hans spoke of is true. I want to be able to be with my dad. I've only met him a few times. I need to be with him…and I…I need to be with you. After you kill Anna…your mind will be broken, and I'll mend it with my love." She managed to somehow not sound completely insane when she said that. "I know, the werewolves gave you an easy way out, right? Turn Anna into a werewolf, problem solved? Did they tell you the part where she would have to stay with the wolves for years until you could see her again. They can't willingly let there be a lone wolf, a stray. She would be one with the pack. Even if they were to let her stay with you at first, one day when you were no longer a threat, they'd call on her. And you'd be alone. No one to drink from, nothing to eat. You'd starve to death."

"That's better than me killing my own damn sister!

Belle sighed. "I know this is all hard to hear-"

"How could you do this to me, Belle?!" Elsa stood up, demanding, eyes flashing. "How could you do this to my sister? If you loved me you wouldn't be so treacherous. There are other ways, I'm sure to get the pack to let you in! And Hans could get someone other than Kristoff. Help me, Belle. There has to be another way I can avoid killing Anna."

"There isn't. You leave her, or you kill her. Your choice."

"The werewolves told me. I could be with her. How do I know you're not lying?"

"As I said, it goes against their very nature to allow strays to live. Once they turn her, she's theirs. It may not seem it, they might let you play with her for a while but as I said, they'll take her back eventually."

"This could be a situation where they ignore the rules." Belle rolled her eyes. Elsa knew there was no point to what she was saying. She'd known from the way Meg was talking, the way they were all looking at her, that if Anna were a werewolf she wouldn't be Elsa's anymore. It's part of why she resisted the idea so strongly. She didn't know a single trustworthy person! Elsa felt so helpless, so lost. She clutched at her hair. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes. Why did she have to get drawn into this!? Belle saw her. Her brown eyes softened, and tears brimmed them. She reached out for Elsa.

"Don't touch me, please…"

Belle drew away. Then, she bowed her head. "…There is one other way. You could kill him."

Elsa was shocked into silence. Her blue eyes stared at Belle from across the table, the darkness of the kitchen casting both their faces in shadow. She swallowed. "Kill Hans?"

"You can't. Because he made you. But…someone else can. It won't be me." Belle turned her eyes away. "I won't help you. I'll stand strong in my path. I'm going to make you mine. I think it's time that you leave, I've said too much about this whole ordeal." Elsa stood stiffly, taking her phone from her pocket. Belle didn't move, frozen on her kitchen chair, eyes staring at who knows what. Elsa dialed her father's number as she began to walk out of that kitchen, out of that house. Belle was watching her from her front door when her father arrived to pick her up. Elsa would convince her to help. She'd tell Anna why being a werewolf was bad for her, why she'd been right that it was a terrible idea.

Was there no happy ending? But there was, she realized. One that didn't involve killing Hans, killing Anna, or becoming Belle's lover. It was crazy, and probably impossible. She had to convince Maleficent, convince Aurora…that letting Kristoff be with Hans was the best solution. Even if it hurt their pack. When she got home, she collapsed in bed, exhausted from everything that had happened that day. Anna was waiting there for her, ready for her. When they kissed, Elsa was filled with determination. Yes, that was what she had to do. There had to be a happy ending. She would find it.

For now though…Elsa and Anna would go to their mothers for the weekend. When they came back, then they could face this harsh reality again.

Though… it seemed more like a fantasy.