I really miss supernatural stuff so I came up with this short thing while I keep trying to work out OTS. I think it'll probably be five chapters long. It's based off the music video for A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me by Fall Out Boy with additional inspiration from Monster by Imagine Dragons. Enjoy!

Having one's family viciously torn from them is an overwhelming thing to have to carry around for the rest of one's life. Victoria Vega was one such person. The pandemic of vampires that spread like the disease it was made the world a much more dangerous place. They didn't start an apocalypse. It wasn't the end of the world, which was about the only good thing to say about them. Humanity still very much had a chance to fight back. Most vampires wisely stayed out of sight. The ones who liked to kill openly lived in the tougher side of town. With the death of her family Victoria had grown to be a fighter, a few things taught to her by her father before he passed. The rest of her minor skills she taught herself or picked up from hunting parties she joined every other week. She wanted to make a difference by hunting down the monsters that brought chaos. She jumped from one group to another because she was almost always the one to survive any run-ins with a group of vampires.

She knew enough to scrape by but it was nothing compared to the group she really wanted to join. She saw them once in a while, hunting down and killing vampires with ease. She wanted to join them but wasn't sure if they would accept her. She wasn't even half as strong compared to them. That was why she found herself navigating the streets of the vampire infested side of town, hoping to run into them and get in a few kills while she was at it. She had a fair amount of supplies and weapons but they weren't the best since she got them off the dead bodies of fallen teammates. It was enough to keep her safe for now. She wandered down the street with her hood up and her hands in her pockets to keep warm as well as not draw suspicion to herself. She rounded a corner and kept walking, telling herself that it was the last street she would look through before returning to her crumby apartment.

She was halfway down the street when she realized she was being cornered. With just a few glimpses she knew it was the less formal vampire clan, The Punks. They laughed and growled as they closed ranks. She sped up to escape through an alley she knew would lead her out into a safer street but they cut her off before she could reach it. A huge muscled vampire advanced on her from the right. A lanky bald one came up from behind her. What looked like the leader stopped to stand in front of her, his hair styled in a faux hawk with piercings and heavy make-up decorating his face. They all wore a toothy smirk, twin fangs on each side gleaming in the low light. She shoved past the leader but he grabbed her by the arm and threw her back to be caught by the muscled vampire. He chuckled amusedly before pushing her to the lanky one. The leader had a hold on her again, his mouth open and ready to strike. She flinched, waiting for the fatal attack, but instead he was shoved away from her.

"Leave her alone," someone commanded. Tori opened her eyes, not knowing they had closed in the first place, and took in the newcomer. She had a toned build under her hipster styled red hoodie and black denim pants. She wore a faded band T-shirt underneath, black with red splattered across, the title in white. Her face was pale but it looked good on her. It was the first time Victoria even considered that to be gorgeous. Her hair was thick and midnight black, curling down onto her shoulders and framing her round face. She had full lips, a straight nose, slender eyebrows, and eyes that took Victoria's breath away. They glowed an enchanting blue-green. She looked so familiar but she couldn't quite place it. She caught Victoria's eyes briefly before looking away, setting her sights on the enemy.

"Well lookie here. It's the human hugger. Can't you let us have this one, West? Huh, pretty please with virgin blood drizzled on top?" the leader hissed. She remained stony faced and only flicked her eyes over to him.

"Fuck off before I use your blood to paint the drab ass building behind you," she growled. He laughed and signaled to the muscled vamp who instantly crushed Victoria's apparent savior in his burly arms. She snarled and tried to get loose but he held onto her. Victoria was so busy watching that she was easy to catch again. The leader held her around her body, pinning down her arms. His free hand forced her head to the side so that her throat was now exposed. Other vampires that had been wandering gathered around with excitement, sensing that a fight was well on the way. The leader cackled in her ear and began pushing her towards the alabaster skinned beauty. The chanting crowd suddenly became clear to her.

"Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!"

She wondered why they would be saying something like that, when the connotation of it hit her. She looked to her savior to see she was eyeing her like the other vampires. The muscled vampire holding her moved her closer. Her mouth fell slack and Victoria could see that she had fangs. She was a vampire too. Victoria whimpered and tried to look away but the leader snarled at her to keep her eyes open or he was going to snap her neck. The two were close now. Victoria could feel the vampire's cold breath on her face, panting with the need to feed.

"Taste that sweet blood pumping through those veins. Take the bite! It's waiting for you right there! Take the bite!" the leader encouraged, his excitement in every word he shouted. The crowd continued to chant and Victoria watched as blue-green eyes glowed icy blue with yearning. She bared her teeth and leaned in, but at the last minute, she pulled away and sank her fangs in her captor's arm. He howled and his grip loosened enough that she could escape. She kicked away the vampire behind her and Victoria struggled free when the leader's own grip slackened in shock. She started running but stopped and turned to see the reformed vampire fighting off the group of pissed off vampires.

She punched two but another jumped at her, punching her hard enough to get thrown back into the car behind her. She recovered quickly and grabbed the guy to throw him over her shoulder and onto the car. She blocked incoming blows from the leader and then roundhouse kicked him so that he went spinning into the air to crash into the unforgiving ground. Another came up behind her but she spun around to grip him by the neck. She picked him clear off the ground and then slammed her fist into him, sending him flying. The ones left standing scattered before she could crack anymore skulls. Once they were gone and the injured ones limped off she looked at Victoria.

"What are you doing standing around? Do you wanna get killed?" she growled. The human cringed at her unnerving tone but stood her ground even if she was shaking.

"T-thank you," she stuttered. The vampire dismissed her gratitude and strutted over to her. Her eyes went back to their natural color as they scanned her for injuries. Victoria could see her nostrils flare.

"You aren't bleeding so you should be fine. What the fuck were you doing here anyway?" she snapped, crossing her arms.

"Hunting," Victoria mumbled, losing the will to look at her anymore. She felt like a child being scolded even though she was twenty and the vampire looked no older than her. It didn't mean she was necessarily the age that she looked though.

"Hunting? Are you stupid?" the raven haired vampire spat. Victoria shook her head and raised her shameful brown eyes to finally look at her savior. Her crystal gaze softened just a bit when she looked into the puppy dog eyes of the human in front of her. She sighed and brushed back her black hair with a pale hand.

"Whatever, just get out of here. I don't want to see you down these parts again," she stated. Victoria nodded and took a step back to turn around when two guys ran up to the vampire. She turned around to face them before they even got close. Victoria's eyes widened at the more known faces. It was them! The group she was looking for! Suddenly, she was nervous all over again.

"Jade! Dammit, I can't believe you ditched us!" the dark skinned one exclaimed tiredly. He bent over to rest his hands on his knees, catching his breath. He held a shotgun in one hand. The other tanned skin guy opened his mouth to no doubt complain too but he saw Victoria before any words left his mouth.

"Oh, hello. Jade, who's this?" he asked. The vampire, Jade, gave him the dirtiest look she could muster before answering him.

"Hell if I know. Her dumbass was wandering around here like it was the fucking mall," she mocked, eyes flicking to the uncomfortable human before scanning the area. The tanned guy didn't look amused but he did look curious. He only shook his head and walked towards Victoria. He held out a hand and smiled warmly. Victoria took it in her hers to shake once.

"Beckett Oliver, but friends call me Beck. Nice to meet you," he introduced himself.

"Victoria Vega, but most just call me Tori," she replied, her posture slowly relaxing in his presence. Although Jade seemed to be an ally, she put Tori on edge.

"That dude over there is Andre Harris and the ice queen is Jade West. We're all friends here," he said, making Tori wonder how Jade could be considered a friend. He must have seen her confusion because he draped an arm over her shoulders like they were already the best of friends.

"Don't worry, we get that a lot. You know, I don't think you were here just out of stupidity. I think you were here for a reason," he shared.

"I was. I hunt vampires. Or, I used to. It's hard when your team is killed off constantly," she answered grimly. He frowned and nodded but then his boyish smile was back.

"Well, I guess you just haven't joined the best one yet," he suggested. Tori looked at him in awe, wondering if he meant what he was implying.

"What?! You're just gonna invite her in? What the fuck, Beck?" Jade spat, a low growl underlining her words. Tori flinched again and Beck squeezed her shoulder reassuringly.

"Jade, she obviously has some skill if she's survived this long," he argued.

"Yeah, and she was almost dead meat until I showed up," she retorted.

"I think we should give her a chance. I mean, we should give every human a proper fighting chance, right?" Andre spoke up. Tori was starting to like the them. Jade just crossed her arms and looked away.

"Whatever. But if she fucks anything up I'm throwing her ass out," she relented, walking away. Beck just smiled and turned to her while Andre walked over to offer his hand too.

"Welcome to team Fall Out," he congratulated. Andre patted her shoulder and Tori basked in the attention. She made it. She was a member of a legit vampire hunting group. Her dreams were well on their way. Her new team led their equally new recruit to their car, on their way to HQ. It looked like it would be in some rundown apartment building but turned out to be under the building. They took a set of concrete stairs down after pulling open what looked to be a boarded up door for disguise purposes. They descended into darkness but Andre turned on a small flashlight. The beam caught Jade's eyes which reflected back like a cat's, catching Tori by surprise. Jade noticed her reaction and smirked, showing off a set of her deadly twin fangs. Tori shivered slightly and looked away. Beck finally got the door open and they followed him in. He flipped the lights on and gestured to the spacey room.

"Welcome to our humble abode," he announced. Jade shoved past him to make her way into the kitchen.

"I'm gonna check on Rob and Cat. Seeing as they aren't here they're probably in the workshop and lab," Andre stated. Beck nodded and left. Tori looked around before scurrying to catch up with Beck who walked away to sit at a desk loaded with papers. He slid a thick journal out from under the mess and flipped it open to a new page. He labeled the top of the page with the date before looking up at Tori. She was watching him with a tilt of her head. He opened his mouth to explain when a horrible grating sound smashed into their eardrums. They both jumped but Tori clutched at her heart with wide eyes. She looked behind her, following Beck's gaze. Jade was busy in the kitchen area putting together something in the blender. Tori looked back at him with an enhanced version of her previous befuddled expression. He gestured for her to pull up another chair so she did. He cleared his throat and then began when Jade stopped the blender. His dark brown eyes settled on the vampire before he spoke out loud the words he wrote down.

"Case #183A. We first see the unraveling. I've watched her...change. I've been able to keep her at peace with the blend we've created, but even that seems to be failing. She spends every waking hour plotting revenge against those who turned her, those who walk in the shadows, places forgotten by the sun. She hates all of them, but they live in fear of her," he mumbled as he wrote. Tori looked over at Jade again just in time for her to start up the blender one last time. She stopped it, popped off the top, and then started chugging the mysterious red concoction.

"Is that…blood?" Tori asked hesitantly. Beck shook his head, shut the journal, and tossed it aside on the desk.

"No, she won't drink blood as often as she should so I've made something for her that is the closest substitute to it. It took a long time and slowed down the hunger but her body is growing immune to it. She used to only have to drink a cup, it was so strong. Now, well, look at her," he replied. Tori looked back to the vampire. She wiped off her mouth and seemed to be lost in thought. The harsh expression on her face turned troubled for a second before adopting an indifferent frown. She began to clean up and Tori turned her attention back to Beck even though she could watch the mesmerizing vampire all day. She caught Beck's knowing smile before it could disappear, making her raise a brow at him questioningly. He just shook his head and stood.

"Come on. I want to introduce you properly to the team," he said, waving her over to the doorway Andre went through. They took the hall off to the left and then right to open a door into a room chock full of mechanical gadgets and whatnot. Tori couldn't figure out what anything was besides the shooting range in the back and the guns on the walls. Other weapons were there too but she didn't find the need to name all of them. Andre saw them enter and dropped the tool in his hand to walk over.

"Hello and welcome to my workshop," he greeted jovially. At that moment an unmanly squeal sounded from a worktable to the left of the room. A skinny guy with wide glasses and a mop of curly brown hair pulled himself off the floor and scowled at the smoking object on the table. Whatever he was working on obviously didn't go according to plan.

"Oh, hi. Don't mind me. I'm Robert Shapiro, but please, call me Robbie," he said with a nerdy and awkward wave. Tori giggled but hid it behind a hand. Both Andre and Beck chuckled.

"Robbie is our technician while Andre here is our weapons supplier," Beck explained.

"Nice to meet you, Robbie. I'm Tori," she introduced herself.

"So this is the new recruit. Yes! It's another girl! At least you aren't as scary lookin' as Jade. It's hard to find girls who don't look like they want to hurt me," he remarked. Tori frowned at that and patted his shoulder once he stopped near her.

"You're perfectly safe with me," she assured him. He brightened at that and hopped in excitement before realizing what he did, blushed, and then stumbled over his words as well as his feet.

"W-well, I-I uh, guess I'll get back to work," he said, returning to his work space.

"That boy. He just gets more and more hopeless," Andre teased jokingly.

"One more introduction left," Beck spoke up. Tori nodded and the two left after exchanging good byes. She followed him back to the hall but turned down the other one this time. The room they walked into looked way more sterile than the other and it was a little smaller. It had a big work table, a smaller one, and two cots. The redhead bent over the microscope heard them enter and looked up.

"Oh! A new recruit? You really meant it when you said you wanted another member," she said. Beck nodded.

"Yeah. Do you really think I would let Jade dictate everything?" he inquired with a scoff.

"Yes," the redhead said with a blank face. Beck grumbled something and rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, here she is, Tori Vega," he introduced her. Cat pushed up her goggles and then rounded the table to grab Tori in a hug.

"Welcome! My name's Catarina Valentine but everyone calls me Cat!" she exclaimed happily. She pulled away and then gestured for Beck to follow her back to the table.

"I've got the silver worked into bullets. That'll slow them down. I also have these. They'll poison them instantly," she informed him, holding up a bullet with silver liquid inside and then another with a glowing blue liquid inside.

"Holy chiz, you worked out the UV ammunition?!" he exclaimed, holding it up to the light.

"Mhm," Cat confirmed in her high pitched voice. She sounded pleased as punch.

"That's great, Cat. I feel better taking the rookie out with us now that we have these bad boys," he mentioned, giving them back to her.

"Oh, are you going to take her on a hook, line, and sinker?" she asked him, the term lost on Tori. He nodded and clasped his hands behind his back.

"Be careful, and do me a favor, don't choose Robbie again if he doesn't want to. It's been his turn the past five times and I worry about him," she half pleaded, half scolded. Beck nodded once.

"Ok, no problem," he agreed.

"Ok then, I really have to get back to work. I think I'm on to something," she said, walking over to the table again.

"Keep me posted," Beck told her. She just nodded distractedly and lost herself in research.

"Let's go. I still need to fill you in with some stuff before we all hit the hay for the night," he said with a tug on Tori's arm. He took her back to the living room to see Jade sprawled out on the couch. A handsome grey tabby cat was perched on her chest, yellow-green eyes half closed in content. Tori could hear the purrs all the way across the room. Jade's eyes stared straight up at the ceiling but her hands carefully stroked the feline's back.

"Hemingway loves Jade. Animals usually hate vampires but he's like an opposite cat or something. He doesn't like anyone but Jade. He followed her home one day. She didn't want him at first and kept kicking him out but eventually his stubbornness won her over because out of the blue she started getting cat food and litter and anything else he might need. Now he won't ever leave. The door could be hanging wide open and he doesn't care," Beck explained. Tori looked at the big cat and smiled. It showed that they had a connection. She actually looked tranquil since Tori met her. Beck walked over to her with his hands in his pockets but Tori timidly followed. Jade was an intimidating figure for her in more ways than one. She flicked her eyes to them and Hemingway locked them in his now alert gaze too. When Beck was a mere five steps away the feline growled in a grumpy manner and hopped off Jade to put distance between him and Beck.

"Dammit Beck, look what you did," Jade grumbled, sitting up to look over at the cat. Hemingway gave her a look that clearly meant he wasn't returning with someone else around so Jade just huffed out an agitated breath and moved to sit properly on the couch.

"What do you want?" she demanded, back to her abrasive personality.

"Hook, line, and sinker," he replied simply. A wicked smirk alighted on her face before it was replaced with a sly one directed at Tori.

"Please tell me she's the hook," she replied hopefully.

"I really don't like the way you said that," Tori said in a wavering voice. Jade just rolled her eyes.

"I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you, Jade," Beck responded. Jade scowled and narrowed her eyes at him.

"When don't you?" she snapped. He just laughed.

"I'm thinking she could be the sinker with you," he reasoned.

"Ha, she can't handle that. Plus, I don't want to play babysitter. We already have to do that with Robbie," she disagreed.

"Jade," he said in a way that could be construed as scolding but sounded more agitated and forceful. Tori wanted to say something to prove she was useful but decided it was smarter to stay out of it. Jade sighed and stood to her full height.

"Fine, let's go tomorrow night. The sun is almost up and I'm getting tired," she complained. Beck smiled and bowed dramatically.

"Sweet dreams princess," he teased.

"Keep that up and I'll rip out more than your precious fluffy hair," she growled, grabbing a handful of said hair and baring her teeth at him. He only smiled and waited for her to release him. She did, eventually, brushing passed Tori who stood rooted to the floor. She would have had a heart attack on the spot if Jade did that to her. Briefly coming in contact with the cold vampire didn't even register in her mind until Jade was long gone. She gripped the arm that touched Jade and dropped her gaze to the floor.

"You ok?" Beck asked her. She looked up at him and nodded.

"Good. Don't worry, Jade seems mean, but that's just because she is," he joked. Tori frowned at him while he laughed.

"Nah, I'm just kidding. She'll get over it and you'll see how great she can be. She isn't as bad as she portrays," he told her.

"How can you say that?" she questioned him like he needed help. He guffawed and nudged Tori's shoulder.

"I like you, Tori. I look forward to seeing how you fit in. I'll show you to our spare room and get you settled for the night," he said, taking her back down the hall. Tori had missed the other doors, but now that Beck pointed them out, she felt stupid for missing them. The door to the bathroom was the first on the left. Next to the lab was the spare room and Jade's room was the first to encounter before it. Down the right hall Robbie and Cat shared a room as they were a couple, which Tori thought was cute, while Andre and Beck shared a room next to the workshop. Being childhood friends who often bunked together made them comfortable with the arrangement. No one wanted to even attempt to share a room with Jade. The spare room was the product of Beck wanting another member so he moved out of it to room with Andre so that the guest could have their own room. Now, here she was.

"Ok, so you get this room," Beck told Tori, pushing open the door that was uncomfortably situated next to Jade's room. Tori glanced at the black door before stepping into her given room. It had a bed in the middle with the headboard against the wall. A TV sat in front of it. There was a nightstand on the left side of the bed and a closet on the right. A dresser sat in the corner on the right side of the TV. It was nice, simple, and comfortable.

"Thank you," Tori told him, voice full of sincere gratitude.

"Hey, no problem. We all need to stick together," he replied. He ruffled Tori's hair and then wished her good night. He shut the door behind him when he left and Tori wasted no time pulling out comfortable clothes from her backpack. She changed and then jumped in bed. She fell asleep with an accomplished smile on her face.