Short little wrap up thing. I'm leaving it open to a possible continuation but for now it's done.


The months following saw the group of hunters recovering and getting back into training mode. They had to be at their best before they could even think about going out on the field. Jade had wanted to go alone, feeling like she should be giving the others space, but they wouldn't allow her and Tori made a point of keeping her close, including her in everything they did. It got a little easier for Jade to be around them after all their injuries were healed. Of course, the scars would never go away but at the very least she didn't have to see them so beat up anymore. She was really glad to see Tori back to her bright and sunny self. She was her personal sun and Jade never had to worry about getting burned by her. They spent even more time together and eventually Tori asked if she could share a room with Jade who happily accepted. Tori's old room was converted back into a spare room again, with a possibility that Beck would use it, and Tori moved in with Jade. On their kick back days Jade and Tori would disappear for hours in their room. No one even bothered to find out what they were up to, especially since Tori would be left so tired she didn't want to wake up from her deep sleep or they would both be incredibly tousled when they made an appearance. Then there were those times when Jade would send Tori a suggestive smirk.

Tori would sometimes nip at Jade teasingly when they kissed or they would flirt and give each other heated stares. After that they were gone again. The rest of the group was happy for them so they didn't mind. Sometimes they would even joke about it. Life in general was nice and fluid but without too much stress now that the worst threat had been eliminated. With their reputation there weren't many who wanted to oppose them but it was only a matter of time before a new threat showed up so they always remained ready for anything. It was a daunting task for most but they had it all worked out. Jade came back from her thoughts with another nip to her lip from Tori. She hummed questioningly and looked down at the sexy, very much naked, Tori in her arms. The blanket was draped over her shoulders and she lied between Jade's legs, her elbows propped on Jade's stomach after her minor attack to Jade's lip. Jade ran her tongue over her bottom lip and waited for Tori to speak but she was too busy following the movement of Jade's tongue. Jade chuckled at her appreciative expression and then sat up enough to lean down and kiss her nose. Tori felt her abdominal muscles shift under her and pulled herself up higher on Jade to capture her lips in another passionate kiss. Jade's hands ran down her back, tracing the thick scars she had inflicted there.

"What's on your mind?" Tori panted when they parted, her warm breath wafting over Jade's lips. She brought Tori into another kiss before answering.

"Just lost in the past. Sorry," she apologized. Tori shook her head and let her hand wander down Jade's bare body under her. Her breath hitched, her body far more sensitive. It was an advantage and a disadvantage to have such heightened senses.

"You're supposed to be here with me," Tori reprimanded lightly, dragging her hand over Jade's thigh. She groaned under her breath when Tori's hand fell to her inner thigh.

"Shit. If you keep that up the only place I'll be going is the moon," Jade muttered, lust gleaming in her eyes which glowed an icy blue. Tori smirked and allowed her hand to find the only hot part of Jade. She bucked and gripped Tori's back lightly. A deep moan fell from her mouth and Tori swallowed it, her tongue sliding out to play with Jade's own. Her hand teased Jade twice before giving her what she wanted. She broke away from Jade's mouth to watch her come undone under her. She growled and her back arched when she finally achieved her high. She came back down praising Tori with sweet kisses. Then she pinned Tori down and proceeded to return the favor, her mouth being put to use just as much as her hands. Tori was a little more vocal when she reached bliss but Jade quickly covered her mouth with her fervent lips. She pulled away and rolled on her side so that she could spoon Tori.

"I'll never get tired of that," Jade murmured in her ear. Tori giggled and cuddled back into Jade.

"I know. I won't either," she agreed.

"So, what were we talking about before you jumped me and we got distracted?" Jade wondered.

"I did not jump you," Tori denied. Lately she had been so needy, but Jade wasn't complaining. She couldn't get tired so she looked forward to pleasing Tori however many times she needed until she was worn out.

"Yes, we were talking about that super sun block stuff Cat is making for me and then you brought up the beach and then I accused you of imagining me in the skimpiest bikini ever and then you decide you needed the real thing," Jade explained.

"Well then fine, that's what we were talking about," Tori finally accepted. Jade laughed and gave her an affectionate squeeze.

"I'll still have to try it out. I really don't want to. Bursting into flames isn't on my list of things to do," Jade pointed out hesitantly.

"Then maybe we can try it from a window or something. Like, open some blinds carefully or just anywhere we can control how much sun comes in. Maybe a UV flashlight or something," Tori suggested.

"I guess. I still don't like it though," Jade sulked. Tori rolled over and slipped a hand behind Jade's head so that she could pull her in for a long, deep, languid, kiss.

"I know. I'll be there with you every step of the way," Tori promised. Jade grinned and gazed into Tori's eyes.

"Love you," she stated, kissing her nose.

"Love you too," Tori responded. They met again in another kiss and their hands began to roam when there was a knock at the door.

"We're still patrolling tonight, right?" Beck questioned through the door. They exchanged a questioning glance with each other before Jade answered back.

"Go without us," she told him.

"Jade, you guys missed three patrols already in the past week. Wrap it up already," he joked. They laughed.

"Ok then, be right there. We just need to get dressed," Tori spoke up.

"Of course," he laughed, walking away. Jade waited, listening to make sure he was really gone, and then straddled Tori's waist.

"All clear," she purred, snaking her tongue into Tori's mouth and running her hands down her body. A tremor rushed through Tori.

"Ok, one more time," Tori complied between kisses. Jade snickered and met Tori's hips with her own, basking in her lover's moan.

"Baby, when is it ever just one more?" she questioned with a heated smirk. Tori didn't bother answering that. They both already knew. She just let herself get lost again. They only managed another round before Beck conveniently let Hemingway into their room. The picky cat didn't like sharing Jade and quickly jumped up on the bed to knead her back. She was currently on top of Tori though so he looked down at her over Jade's shoulder with what Tori felt was a smug expression.

"Hemingway, what the hell? Get off!" Jade ordered. She rolled off Tori so that the cat had no choice but to remove himself. He yowled and pawed at Jade who grumbled and hid her face under Tori's chin, busying herself with kisses, licks, and nips to Tori's neck and collarbone.

"Jade, ah, t-tell him to go first," Tori murmured, moving to grip at Jade's rear and pull her down just as she lifted her hips. Jade trailed her tongue up Tori's neck to her jaw before turning to glare at the cat who just stared her down in return.

"Go on," she said, pushing at the big cat from under the blankets to get him to leave. He hissed and pawed at the hand hidden by the covers so Jade hissed back in frustration, her fangs bared in a perfect imitation of the spoiled cat's tantrum. His ears flicked back and his tail twitched irately but he bolted at the clear message. To Tori she sounded a lot like a pissed off jungle cat. Hemingway seemed to think so too because he curled up in his cushy bed in the corner and stayed there. They finished with one last intense round that left even Jade's mind reeling. Tori collapsed on her, sweaty and completely worn out. Jade was like her personal ice pack though so even though she felt like she would overheat from exertion Jade's temperature ensured that she stayed cool. She rested her head on Jade's chest and tucked her hands by Jade's sides, her fingers drawing patterns every once in a while and making Jade shiver pleasantly. Jade massaged Tori's back and ran her hands over her tired muscles.

"How much you wanna bet Beck called it quits after Hemingway failed to get us to stop?" Jade chuckled in amusement. Tori smiled but agreed.

"Yeah, they most likely just went without us again," she replied. Comfortable silence found them, and with Jade's soft caresses Tori fell asleep, snoring lightly. Jade smiled at the sound. She only snored when she was having a great sleep. Jade had finally managed to stay up a whole day and all they really did was talk and make love. Jade laughed to herself. It was quality time well spent. They really would have to leave the room at some point but for now they weren't going anywhere. There was nowhere they would really rather be than in the arms of the one they loved anyway. That is, until Beck returned to tell them it had started to rain.

Tori had been in the process of waking up, but when she heard, she hastily urged Jade to throw on some clothes while she got dressed too. Jade complied, laughing at Tori's eagerness. She knew what her love wanted. She claimed it was romantic and Jade promised they would partake should the situation arise. So, Jade let Tori drag her outside and into the rain where she spun in the pouring water and laughed without a care in the world. Jade walked out and stood in the water she barely felt temperature wise. Tori came back over to her with her bright smile that smoothed into a loving one. Jade pulled her into her arms and Tori cupped Jade's face in her hands.

"Love you, Tor," she stated, leaning in just enough for their noses to touch.

"Love you, Jade," Tori replied, connecting their lips softly and getting what she had wanted, a kiss in the rain. The water slid between them as their lips met and Tori moved her arms to wrap around Jade's neck while she lifted Tori into her arms. Tori locked her legs on Jade's waist and kept the kiss going even though she had been so suddenly repositioned. They continued a little longer but Jade was the first to pull away. She effortlessly supported Tori with one arm and brought the other to Tori's cheek to gently brush over her skin with her thumb.

"Time to go in. I don't want you to catch a cold," she fussed lightly. Tori giggled but nodded.

"Ok," she agreed. Jade set her down and took her hand. With a simple squeeze they knew just what the other felt. It was overwhelming joy to be with the only one they would ever want. They returned inside to the others teasing about recreating a clich├ęd scene in a romance movie but they ignored them. They were already looking forward to a warm shower together, and later, they weren't sure, but it was most likely guaranteed to only involve the two of them.