He could hardly remember where they had picked up this military truck. Somewhere just outside of Eastern New Mexico but before they had started north. It had become a safe haven for them. They were high enough off the ground which gave them some protection and it had high side walls and a tarp over top which made it user friendly for all of them. He liked it and other than sucking on gas, it was a good choice to get them to Washington DC. They still had a long ways to go. But tonight he was enjoying the quiet. Somewhere off in the distance he could hear the telltale groan of a walker, but that would be too far away for him to worry about. He used his buck knife to clean out under his nails as he leaned against the side rails listening to the night.

She was sleeping a few feet away from him, curled up in a little ball in the corner of the truck, protection on two side. She slept with a pistol on her hip. He had tossed a blanket over her a while ago, the wind had picked up and her short shorts were not enough to keep her warm. Well that and he needed to stop looking at her legs. She had woken when he put the blanket on her and mumbled out a thank you. She was a light sleeper, as was he. She woke at every sound which was a skill you needed to survive these day, they both had that skill. Eugene on the other hand did not. He slept most nights locked in the cab of the truck. The only one out of the wind and the cold. He was the only one who mattered. He was the package they were delivering to Washington DC.

Abraham listened to her breathing, she had been asleep for a while now and her light snoring had gone away when whatever she was dreaming about had taken over in her brain. He could see her twitching, legs getting restless under the blanket but he let her dream. When her ragged breathing turned to muttered words he knew he had to wake her. He stood up sure that his movements would wake her but she was pretty deep in sleep. She mumbled out some swears and he knelt next to her. "Hey…" He finally reached his hand for her shoulder, "Rosita…." He shook her just a bit. Her body flinched then she woke and he backed up not knowing how she might lash out.

The caramel skinned beauty cowered back into the corner of the truck for a moment then realized who was touching her. She put her hand up and nodded. "Yeah… what?" The dream was still in front of her, she was fighting and killing. But she suddenly realized that it had been just a dream. He had moved away from her, "Yeah… k….I'm awake."

Abraham nodded and went back to where he had been seated. "Ok." He looked out into the night and let her have some privacy to compose herself.

She stood up and shook the sleep and the nightmare off of herself, paced the bed of the truck for a minute that sat next to him. She was done with sleep for a while. "Thanks." They sat in silence for a while, it was easy for them, neither of them ever really wanted to talk. Too much in the past to want to think about and nothing in their futures worth speaking of. The night was clear and the woods were alive with insects and small animals. The end of the world had been less devastating on the animal kingdom than it had been on mankind.

Something larger was making noise in the woods now, something that made them both whip their heads left in unison. Sargent Ford tightened the grip on his rifle as Rosita moved her hand to the gun on her hip. The listened as whatever was moving did it slowly, a dragging sound along with the snapping of sticks. Not stealthy enough to be an animal and to sloppy to be a person sneaking around. They both knew that it was one of those undead things that they had been fighting against for months now, the thing that their precious cargo was here to cure us all from. They stayed low in the truck neither of them moving as they listened. It didn't take long for the dragging to work past them, it never left the woods, it didn't know that there was food five feet off the ground in the back of an army truck. It just staggered away. They stayed quiet till they could no longer hear the noise it was making. Abraham would have loved to kill it, to jump out of the back of the truck and ram a knife into its brain over and over. But it was not practical to make such unnecessary noise.

They both released their holds on their weapons as the creature moved away. She leaned back and looked over at him, his ginger hair was getting long. Well, longer then he seemed to like. Military guys liked it close to the skull. She thought about the fact that it seemed to be the one thing he had held onto from the past, his vanity in keeping his hair looking good. "Want me to cut it for you?" He had been fussing with it yesterday.

"Wha'?" He looked at her, she was staring at him.

"Your hair." They had found a pair of scissors last week, good ones. She had wrapped them in a bandana and tossed them in her pack.

He ran his fingers through it. It was getting long, it was the longest it had been since he had been in high school. And that was a long time ago. "Nah, it's okay." It was a lie, it was driving him insane. He had wanted to take the buck knife to it the other day but he couldn't stand the thought of a bad haircut even more.

She smiled, "Do it when the sun comes up, it will take five minutes." She slapped the side of his leg. They had gotten pretty used to each other this past month that she had joined their rag tag bunch. Abe and Eugene had been traveling with two other military guys when they found her hiding in a house. It didn't take too much convincing on either part to get her to come along with them. She had been pinned behind Abraham when Bill and Kevin had been killed. He had saved her life that day. Hell he had saved her life when he asked her to hit the road with them.

Rosita had figured that joining up with a group of four men would mean sexual violation and womanly chores around camp. But Abraham had kept her close, he was the gentleman out of the group, rough around the edges but a decent guy. She stepped up and showed her skills with a gun, never lagged behind and never showed fear in the face of danger. It didn't take long for everyone to realize that she could do more than cook.

Abraham looked straight ahead into the hot Louisiana night. "If you wanna sleep more you can lean on me." He knew she wouldn't go back to sleep in the corner after the nightmare, at least she hadn't the last few times it had happened.

"Nah, got too much sleep already. I'll keep lookout if you want to pass out." He hardly ever slept. It worried her sometimes.

The solidly built man lean toward her, his bare shoulder touching hers for a moment. "Hey, I'll grab us a deck of cards and we play a few hands?" He didn't feel like sleeping, didn't feel like staring any more. She nodded. There was enough moonlight to see by tonight. He had taken the canvas off the top a few days ago, made it more comfortable to hang out in. He reached for his bag and found the cards.

She turned and faced him, legs crossed Indian style now, her shorts were riding up like underwear and she should have tried to cover herself, but it was too hot to care about and she knew he'd always be the gentleman.

Abraham dropped the deck between them and she started to shuffle, she knew all the shuffle techniques, as if she had been a dealer in a casino. He tried to watch her hands. He tried not be distracted by her long sexy legs, the mid-section that was never covered or how her pig tails bounced when she moved. He especially tried not to look down her cleavage no matter how perfect it seemed to be or how it called for him. She dealt out the cards for Gin and they played a few rounds focused on the game more than anything. When they both heard Eugene snoring they let out a laugh. That man could sleep through just about anything.

"How bout we eat something?" Her stomach had rumbled. She twisted at the waist and leaned behind to get at the cooler they kept a little food in. Abe had the perfect few up the back of her shorts to her perfect ass. He closed his eyes trying not to see if he could actually see anything. "What?" She had turned back and saw his eyes closed.

He shook his head, "Nothin'" then he blatantly adjusted himself in his fatigue pants as he picked his cards back up. He was leaning against the side rails, feet crossed at the ankles. "What's to eat?" He tried to change the subject.

Rosita blinked twice looking down has his hand that held cards while trying to hide the bulge in his pants. "Sorry…" She stammered out the apology. Maybe they had gotten too comfortable around each other, she had been too hot to sleep in much else and he hardly ever seemed to notice her. She blushed but he couldn't see it in the moon light. She handed him a bag of stale, imitation flavored cheddar fish shaped crackers. "Sorry." She said it in a whisper this time.

Abraham smiled. He didn't mean to make her uncomfortable. It just all kinda happened. "Christ on a cross…. I'm polite, I'm not gay." He paused and when she didn't say anything he opened the bag of crackers and offered them to her.