Abraham was gone when she woke but he had tossed a blanket over her. There was a bottle of water on the table next to her, she smiled. Eugene was banging cabinets in the kitchen, he had little to no manners but she was used to it. She got up, sipped off the bottle then used the bathroom before heading outside. Her face looked younger today. Or at least it seemed that way, good sex would do it, she thought to herself.

She grabbed her pack and looked through the house one more time for anything salvageable. When she got out into the yard she could see Eugene passing a few things over the railing to Abe. He didn't really look her way but she knew he was watching. She opened the cab of the truck and tossed her pack behind the seat. It hadn't been shut tight and some of her clothes came tumbling out of it. She reached across the seat and pulled her panties off the drives side floorboard and stuffed everything back into her pack.

"Hey!" Abe was refocusing Eugene's attention which had been on Rosita's back side.

He handed the toolbox up to Abe, "Can ya blame me?"

Abe shook his head, "Let's get packed up and out of here." They had gone almost ten hours without seeing a walker, Abe knew his luck wasn't that good for that long. The sky was turning grey and he wanted to get the canvas back up on the frame of the truck. He helped Eugene climb in then secured the canvas at the top, Rosita helping from below.

They had almost a full tank of gas and he had rerouted them down side roads that he hoped would be less clogged. With rain coming it would make for messing clearing. They piled into the front of the cab and started down the road. He had barely muttered a good morning Rosita's way. Fuck, it was uncomfortable. Damn it, she was afraid this was going to happen. End of the world or not, guys get weird after sex. She let her thigh drift against his and he shifted in the driver's seat away from her. She shook her head and went back to the map.

They came up on a small jam of cars, it would only take a few minutes to clear it. They all jumped out and worked at their appointed duties. The Buick was old, it just slipped into neutral. Ford pushed while Rosita steered it off the road. Eugene followed behind with the syphon and filled a five gallon gas can quickly. The walker came out from around the corner of the house and Rosita flagged Abe to it. She always let him evaluate the situation. Was it going to be a quick kill or a run and evade. He pulled the buck knife off his belt and stalked to the disheveled mess. A stab to the eye quickly ended the threat and it dropped at Abe's feet. He started to kick, smashing the decayed body venting aggression. This wasn't the first time Rosita had seen this, his temper peaking as he destroyed a walker. But this time she had no idea why he was mad.

He wiped the goo off his boot and gathered everyone, "We done here?" They both nodded and they all piled back into the truck. They drove in silence till Eugene reached over and turned on the cassette deck, the CD player didn't work and they had wired in an old cassette player. Johnny Cash started crooning 'I walk the Line', sadly it was the only cassette they all agreed on, and they were always on the hunt for other music. They drove for another hour or so before the truck started to smell funny. It would over heat sometimes and they'd have to pull off and let things settle. Abe was a pretty decent mechanic but he couldn't seem to find the problem. They pulled off, it was just beginning to rain so they waited inside the cab while Abe tried to pin point the problem again.

He was soaked by the time he gave up and he stalked by the cab, hand bleeding from a scrape as he climbed in the back looking for dry clothes out of his duffle bag. He didn't hear the cab door open and close but he knew someone was behind him as he peeled off his shirt. He turned to Rosita who was holding a towel and the first aid kit.

"It's nothin'." He licked the blood off his hand and started pulling dry clothes out of his bag.

Rosita walked up to him and pulled him by his shoulder. "Le'me see." He jerked away from her. "Ford. Let me see it." She didn't know why she was pushing him, it wasn't a bad cut, she could have left the first aid kit for him to take care of it himself.

Abe stopped and turned to her, pushing his hand in here direction. "It's nothin'." He was right, it was just a scratch that didn't even need the band aid she insisted on putting on him. When it was done he turned, "Now go so I can get changed." He was mean. She jumped out the back and went back to the cab.

They had pulled off the road for the night, the rain had stopped and Abe was done driving for the night. They secured themselves next to a building as Abe went out to find some food. He knew that the small critters would be active now that they rain was done. Rosita kept watch over their precious cargo. Eugene never seemed to mind that everyone catered to his protection.

It had been about an hour since the Sargent had gone hunting when they heard something breaking through the brush, Rosita readied her gun and watched as the ginger haired brick wall of a man came through holding dinner out on display.

Inside the abandoned building the cooked and ate the rabbit he had knifed. Just a little smoke filed out the back window. No need to draw too much attention. After dinner was cooked they extinguished the fire and headed back to the truck. Abe was getting tired of this way of life. He hoped that DC would be all it promised to be, real living again. This survivalist lifestyle was no way to live all the time. He looked over at Rosita, she was staring off into the woods. He wanted to go over to her and wrap his arms around her but he couldn't seem to do it.

"I get the cab tonight." Rosita grabbed her pack and said a quick goodnight before climbing down the back of the truck. Eugene had learned not to argue when she claimed the cab, it didn't happen often. She climbed in the truck and used her pack as a pillow trying to get comfortable. She cracked the window just a bit for air then pounded her bag trying to make it a little more comfortable. She was pissed that Ford was being such a dick. Why the hell can't men just fuck and deal with it? Why did they have to play these games trying not to get attached?

She huffed for a while the turned her back to his direction and forced herself to get some sleep. She hoped she was pissed off enough not to be plagued with nightmares. She fell asleep quickly which is exactly what her body needed.

Rosita was confused, she thought she had locked both doors to the cab, not true, she had hoped Abe would check on her, or had she locked it? Maybe Abraham had used his key, no those were in the ignition. She was actually confused for a moment. She knew instantly that whoever was climbing in the cab with her was not Abraham. She went for her knife faster than she could yell out but whoever it was came at her face swinging his fists. She tried to scream but he made contact with her jaw. She let out a howl that had him scrambling to cover her mouth. Her head hit the passenger side window and it stung, she winced then felt a hand at her throat. She thrashed, she needed to get her shit together, she needed to get out from under this beast. Rosita started swearing, but the hand at her throat tightened.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" It wasn't Eugene either, she started to kick and pull her knife out when the door suddenly opened up and the faceless beast that was roughing her up was pulled out of the truck. As if he had been sucked into the night by his ankles, his body dropped when it lost contact with the seat. She started to cough, her throat tight with pain.

She couldn't see much outside the door it was dark and the clouds had covered the moon. She heard a fight then Abraham's voice, "Dick brain piece a shit." She didn't hear anything else. It was quiet out there; she still couldn't catch her breath.

Abraham inhaled and wiped the brain matter off his knife onto the guys shirt. He looked back into the cab of the truck. He wanted to ask if she was okay, pull her close and check to make sure she was safe, hold her close and tell her that she it was okay. But he couldn't just yet. He locked the door and shut her into the cab. He couldn't speak. He went around to the back of the truck to make sure Eugene was where he had left him, in the far, dark corner with a gun in his hand. Abraham walked the area twice making sure that the dead man by the truck was the only person in the area. Where the hell had he come from, and how did the stupid fucker not bother to check if there were more people than just Rosita inside the cab. He kicked the dead man in the head before he went back to the cab door. He knocked twice and waited.

Rosita looked to make sure it was him and unlocked the door. She had stopped coughing but she was still in pain. He opened the door and held his hand out to her. "'sokay, come on, everyone in the back of the truck." He needed to be able to see them both, keep them both alive. She nodded leaving her stuff in the front as she slid out of the cab. He caught her by the hips and helped her down. When she had both feet on the ground he hugged her close and kissed her forehead. "'sokay." He was reassuring himself more than her. They walked around to the back of the truck. "Put down the gun there mad dog." Eugene had it pointed in their direction. He helped her climb up into the truck. Abe was grateful that he had gotten to her in time, he was grateful her ass was still okay enough to check out, though he only glanced her way.

This was life now, always on the watch, always fighting for your life, always a target for your food, weapons, body and sanity. She was pissed at herself for letting her guard down, letting her need for Abe to trump her security. Eugene finally dozed off, but she wouldn't sleep, not till her body gave out in a day or so. She had drunk down a bottle of water trying to make her throat feel better. She tucked herself in the corner trying to hide. Abraham didn't seem mad at her but he should have been. He killed a man for her and that would weigh heavy on him when the sun came up.

Eugene's snore were low and Abraham knew he was asleep now. "Com'mer." He couldn't see her in the shadows but he knew she was still awake. "Rosie." He waited to hear her move and she did. She walked the five or so feet to him and stood next to him. He tipped his head to her thigh. "Sit." Honestly, he was still seeing red, his eyes dark with anger and fear. It was a lethal combination that created a killer. She sat next to him. This was the closest it had come since Kevin and Bill had been killed, they had been ambushed then as well. He had saved Rosita and Eugene that day too. He put his arm around her and pulled her to him. He kissed the top of her head.

"I'm sorry Abe, I fucked up." She had left the damn door unlocked.

He rubbed his hand up and down her arm. "'s'fine. Don't worry about it." He was wondering why she hadn't locked the door. If the asshole had found the door locked he would have gone to the back of the truck, Abe would have heard him rounding the back and she never would have gotten touched. He could make her feel terrible but he didn't, she had learned her lesson the hard way. She had probably thought that her worst fear would be a sex crazed Eugene or even Abe coming for a second taste of heaven. He whacked his head on the rail behind him. "Did you…." The realization hit him hard.

She didn't know where he was going with his statement, it didn't matter. "I said I'm sorry." She was sorry she didn't lock the door, that she almost got herself raped and killed, sorry that he had to save her ass again. She was even starting to feel sorry for the fact that she had let herself like him as much as she did because he could be a confusing dick.

"Why didn't you lock the door?" He whispered the question.

Rosita stared at her own boots. "I thought it was locked." LIE, she knew it was a lie. He knew it was a lie.

He looked at her even though she couldn't look at him, "Why?" His voice was a little louder.

She wanted to get up and run from him, from the conversation and this life right now. "I made a mistake." She had, her mistake was thinking he might stop in to say good night or give her a kiss or fuck her senseless.

He rubbed his eyes. "I'm a dick." He scratched at the back of his neck and looked down at her creamy legs, he wanted to touch her so much. "I'm a selfish dick that you don't need." He was being honest. He had only ever had one real relationship in his life and she had left him for a man who wasn't married to the military. She didn't reply. "You are a good kid and you deserve a decent man." Not some fuck up who is still focused on his mission and angers to kill at the drop of a hat, he thought to himself.

She laughed, "I don't know about dick… but you're stupid." She looked at him finally. "You are a decent man. You are the reason either one of us is still alive." She glanced toward a sleeping Eugene. "And you're a guy. Which means you suck at…" she didn't want to say it but she couldn't come up with a better word, "relationships."

Abraham nodded in agreement. He did suck at relationships, but that's not what this was. They had had sex. Hot, incredible, amazing sex, but just sex none the less. They were quiet for a few minutes. There was nothing to say. Finally he reached over and took her hand that had been resting on her knee. "I'm gonna be a dick and fuck this up. It's what I do."

She nodded in agreement. "We're gonna fight." They both had hot tempers when they wanted, "But sometimes I'm gonna wanna fuck." She didn't know if she really wanted more than that or if that would actually be enough for her.

"I can do that." He said it fast hardly letting her get the words out. He held her hand tighter and kissed her hair. "I can do that for you Rosie."

She exhaled. "I hate being called Rosie." Once she said it, she knew she was doomed, he'd call her that just to antagonize her.

"I'm gonna kiss you now Rosie." He turned her face to his and covered her mouth. They sat at the end of the truck kissing while Eugene slept and the sun finally came up.