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Most people don't know about me, and the ones who do don't speak about me.

Only one person makes sure I'm alive and teaches me things; that person is my big brother, half-brother technically, Bill.

I have five other half-brothers and a half-sister; all of them are Bill's full siblings, and none of them know about me. I know all of them though; each and every one, but I know Bill best.

Bill is the oldest, and he is always being told, when he's home nowadays, to cut his hair and get rid of his earrings. He is two years older than Charlie.

Charlie is the next oldest and is never home anymore, he works in Romania with Dragons. Charlie was 7 when I was born.

The next brother is Percy. He is four years younger than Charlie; is very smart and punctual and boring.

After Percy are my 2nd favorite brothers Fred and George. They are younger than Percy by two years and only a year older than me. They are perfect mischief and sometimes, Sometimes, I think they know about me.

After Fred and George, and technically me, is Ronald. Ron is a year younger than me and has friends who are over a lot.

Ginevra, or Ginny, is the youngest and "only girl" Weasley; she is two years younger than me.

My parents are Arthur Weasley and Jezabelle Hollybirch.

I was born through an affair when my father got drunk at a New Years party. My mother died when I was 6 months old so Arthur was forced to take me. Molly, Bill's mum and my father's wife, wasn't happy about it and that's why I live in the attic, that's why Ron and Ginny are told there's a ghoul.


End Note: So... that is the beginning.