Comments: This picks up two months from where the last chapter left off.

Command Center

It had been quiet lately. There was a few runins with the national guard outside and a few more transgentics needed help getting to safety, but other than that, things were quiet. Alec liked it that way. Eyes only was back into full swing, Logan wasn't sure if it was having any real effect but Alec kept reminding him that every bit helped. He sat back to see what the news was reporting on them today when Joshua ran into the room in an almost panicked state. He ran up to him and grabbed Alec by the shift lifting him a foot off the ground. Alec saw the look in his friend's face and wondered what was so important that Joshua would act like this.

"Alec, Little Fella, cookies everywhere, tossing and throwing and you come now." Joshua didn't wait for an answer. He placed Alec back on the ground and practically dragged him out of the room.

"Cover for me!" Was all Alec could get out to Dix as he was dragged away.

Outside Command building

Max was almost to the door when Joshua came barreling out, a confused Alec in his wake. The three collided and fell into a heep on the ground. Upon seeing Max, Joshua immediately jumped up and pulled Alec off of Max. He silently waited for Max to stand back up.

'Great,' Max thought, 'I get a little sick and he goes to get the biggest mouth in the place.' "Report!" She spat.

Alec threw his hands up in a surrendering guesture. "Don't look at me, the big guy here came in talking about you tossing cookies and dragged me out here. Care to explain what's going on?"

She glared at the two men before her. "I'm Fine!" She was about to walk past them when Joshua grabbed Max and lifted her off the ground.

"No little fella, you sick!" Max tried to struggle but she was no match for her friend. Alec just laughed as Joshua proceeded to carry Max to medical.


Joshua placed Max on a cot and left to find one of the medics. Alec sat down next to the cot and surveyed his friend. She was a little pale and flushed but otherwise she looked okay.

Max looked at Alec and said once agian, "I'm Fine!"

"Max, if your throwing up, then your sick; and people like us dont get sick. This could be a new toxin or something." Max rolled her eyes but Alec continued. "Do you want to walk all over Terminal city contagious?"

"I'm not contagious."

"So what's making you sick." he asked.

"None of your buisness, and I've already been here for this and there's not much anyone can do. I'll be fine in a few hours."

"Until tomorrow morning." Aveta's voice entered the room before she did. "I thought I told you to take it easy Max. If your feeling queasy sit down for a minute. How do you expect to make use of the vitamins I've given you if you can't keep anything down."

"what's wrong with her doc?" Alec asked.

Aveta spoke two words Max dreaded Alec hearing, "Morning sickness." Just as Max had expected, Alec just about fell to the floor laughing.

"Morning sickness.....that means....." Alec couldn't even finish his sentance he was laughing so hard. Joshua just stared in awe at Max's still flat stomache.

"I don't see a baby." Joshua said turning to Aveta with a quizzical look on his face.

"It will be another months or two before she starts to show Joshua." She looked at Max, "You need to rest, the morning sickness should pass in a week or two, until then you are on limited duty. You can't push your self too hard."

Alec recoved from his laughter and looked at Max in concern. "Does Logan know?" Max looked around from something to throw at him but nothing looked heavy enough.

"Yes he knows, he was with me when I found out." Suddenly Max was off the cot and had her hands around Alec's neck holding him to her face forcing him to look into her eyes. "Don't think of telling anyone, especially Mole. Or you'll wish you died in that fire back at Manticore."

Alec knew she was serious and decided it might be better to do as she asked. "He'll find out in a month or two anyways Max, you heard the doc, you be showing." Max let go of him and sat back down.

"I know"

Aveta grabbed Joshua's arm and motioned for him to follow her to another area. "Come on Joshua, I can use your help on something." Joshua took one more look at Max's belly and followed the medic.

"Max," Alec said placing his hand on her shoulder, "I'll do what I can to help, you may not be able to go out and kick butt but there are enough of us here to cover that department. Your brain," He taped a finger on the top of her head, "Is what we've got the most use for, and a baby's not going to affect your skills for directing a mission by comms."

Max smiled, "I hope your not the only one who thinks that. Thanks Alec." She looked up at him and chuckled, "Since when are you a nice guy?"

Alec smiled, "I'm a lot of things." And with that he got up and headed back to command.

Max sighed and stood up, she wanted to go back to command but she was tired, and hungry. Since her stomache was now empty, she decided to go try and find Logan and see if he was up for lunch.


Logan was doing the one duty he really hated here, latrine duty. With his family being well off he never really had to this type of work. But he felt it was worth it to be with Max. When they found out Max was pregnant, Logan took over her latrine duty as well, which turned out to be more of an annoyance than he thought it would be. He was close to finishing when Max walked up behind him.

"Need some help?" Max asked as she neared.

"Yea actually, I'm almost finished here but I gotta take these supplies back." Max grabbed a bucket and filled it with cleaning material as Logan finished up. The two walked off the put the materials away.

"Up for some lunch?" Max started.

"That depends."

"On what?"

"Are you up for it? I heard you got sick agian this morning." Max sighed, it was getting harder and harder to keep her pregnancy quiet.

"I'm feeling better. In fact, I'm starving." Logan smiled at her.

"I got an idea," Logan said, "How about we go back to my place, I get a quick shower cause I'm a mess," He gestured to his filthy clothes and hands, "And I whip you up something to eat."

"You don't have to." Max replied, but she beemed at him anyways.

"Yes I do, the mess hall doesn't let anyone in for lunch for another hour and I'll bet you don't feel like waiting that long." He smiled at Max to let her know he really wanted to, then he took her hand in his and they both smiled.

Comments: Okay what does everyone want next? Should Mole confront her about her being sick?