Author's Note: Adoption Notice

I cannot believe I'm doing this, and I'm sorry to all those who have been following this saga of mine.

I'm discontinuing Antarctica, and its companion story, Another Time, Another Place.

Back when I started writing fanfiction in 2014, it was with the intent to give (unofficial) expanded universe material on my favorite shows, books and movies. And in some cases, I wanted to do epic re-tellings of those stories.

Back in 2014, I was obsessed with Happy Feet and penguins.

Before the franchise's writing problems dawned on my developing and maturing mind, I thought Happy Feet was the best film ever.

Times, and opinions, have changed.

So has the standards and quality of my writing.

I'm sorry to say that the Happy Feet franchise just doesn't appeal to me anymore, and I can't find the energy, time or motivation to channel my efforts into more chapters for my Happy Feet fanfics, especially since I'm now in the thick of university.

But I refuse to leave this case cold and dead.

You, my readers and fellow writers, can now have the opportunity to see this story through to the end, each in your own ways.

I'm putting up both Antarctica stories for adoption.

And they can be adopted many times by many different people.

If you want to see this story continued under your own hand, feel free to do so.

Because after all, that's what fanfic is for.

Creating, and improving on, stories based off of the characters that we love.

Heck, nothing's stopping you from improving on another fellow writer's story, or creating something that's been spun off another fan's idea.

That's why fanfic exists.

That's what fanfic is for.

So, feel free to adopt both of my Antarctica stories as many times as you want, guys.

Perhaps you can even do a better job than I ever did.

By the way, you can message me if you want the outlines for the stories. That way you can know how they would've been finished under my hand.

Thank you all for your loyalty and your time.

Transformers 0, signing out.