~~ One year later – Storybrooke, Maine ~~

"I swear, if that idiot -"

"Everything will be fine, Regina." Emma cut her off while putting what she hoped was a comforting hand on the brunette's bicep. "We'll go, take care of things, be back in time, and everything will be just fine."

Brown eyes met green and Regina took a deep breath, and another, in attempt to calm down. "As long as we're not facing Ratigen again."

Emma made a face. "It took weeks to get that smell out of my hair."

"Yes dear, I know. At least we could burn the clothes..." She patted the hand on her arm.

Emma threw her head back and laughed. "We had quite a year, didn't we?"

"Every year since you set foot on the front lawn of the mansion has been quite the year." Regina agreed, not unkindly. She shook her head as a thought came to her, then looked Emma up and down. "Well, there goes tradition."

Emma looked down at herself, then up at the dress the woman in front of her wore. "Please, nothing about our relationship has been traditional!"

Regina hummed in agreement. "Perhaps, but I still didn't want you to see me in this dress before the wedding."

Emma shrugged. "Then change. It will take my breath away just as much the second time. You're gorgeous; white looks good on you."

Regina smiled and leaned forward to give her fiancée a soft kiss. "Sweet talker." She looked the taller woman up and down again. "Please don't tell you are going to walk down the aisle in that." Her lip curled in distaste.

Emma laughed. "Hell no! I want to sleep with you, not on the couch tonight. I always put fancy clothes on at the last possible minute; you should know that by now." She gave the arm she held a light squeeze. "Come on, let's get rid of Sykes and his dogs, and get married. And you owe me 10 bucks. I told you that something was going to happen with that man that would end up delaying our wedding."

Regina shook her head with a small smile. A small wave of her hand and a cloud of purple left her dress hanging from a hook, and her wearing gray slacks, and a t-shirt she had confiscated from Emma.

"I like you in my shirt."

"Don't you dare finish that cliché." Regina warned, raising a finger to just under Emma's nose.

"I wasn't going to." The blonde defended herself with a grin. "I was just remembering the first time you saw me in your clothes and nearly took my head off. There was something about that silk shirt being the only thing I'd be getting?" She teased and the brunette woman slapped her arm lightly as a smile formed on her face. "Dad told me where they were headed, I'll take you there." After a slight nod from Regina, Emma took her hand and with a small gesture the two were enveloped in a cloud of blueish white smoke.

When the smoke cleared the two women found themselves not far from the troll bridge, and couldn't help but gape as they took in the small clearing that had been transformed with yards of fabric, flowers, and a few rows of chairs from an ordinary clearing to vision.

Henry, Snow and David beamed. David was doing his best not to laugh as he came towards the two. "So – I lied. I hope. Sykes is quiet, for now at least. We figured that you could change on site, now that you can control your magic." He hugged his daughter, then Regina.

"And having this ceremony out in the open would probably mean more to the both of you." Snow added as she copied her husband's actions.

"It would also smell less of wet, dirty, dog than city hall currently does." Henry mumbled as he came closer holding Zelena's hand as the girl was determined to walk as much as possible.

"Dog!" The toddler exclaimed happily, causing everyone to laugh.

"What do you plan to do if Sykes comes here though?" Regina questioned with a raised eyebrow as she bent to pick the girl up. The girl cooed at her happily before all but launching herself at Emma who caught her with an 'ummph'.

"We have two magic users, and three members of the sheriff department. I figured you could freeze him in his tracks, and we can put him in jail, and the dogs in the pound."

"Or have him and the dogs as a new statue." Emma suggested, not entirely joking.

David shrugged. "I can live with that."

"David!" His wife slapped his arm, but he merely shrugged again.

"No, I don't think we would want a statue that gruesome anywhere in town." Regina shook her head with a grimace.

"We could put him next to the troll bridge holding the sign," suggested Henry. Both of his mothers gave him a flat look. "I think I liked it better when you weren't so united against my jokes..." he mumbled and crossed his arms. Zelena squirmed in Emma's arms and the blonde looked down, tilting her head questioningly.

"'Ina," she held her arms out to her sister, who smiled and took her.

"I can't wait until you get to G's and R's," she stated to the girl who laughed. She looked up at the people standing around her; her family. "Are we waiting for anyone?"

"Only for you two to change," Snow said flatly, trying not to grin. Regina rolled her eyes.

A gentle flick of the wrist was all she needed to exchange her clothes for the dress she had left hanging back in her room. The look on Emma's face when the smoke cleared caused a slow smile to spread on her features.

"I used to be very scared of that smile," Snow mumbled. "I'm not sure I like it any better now that it's directed at my daughter."

The last two words seemed to visibly shake Emma out of staring at the woman before her, and she licked her lips and blinked. "I," she cleared her throat, "I should change too." A small gesture enveloped her in a cloud of smoke, which cleared to reveal her own outfit.

Regina's smile grew just a bit hungrier as she shifted the girl in her arms to run a hand against the white lapels of Emma's jacket. "I do love the way you look in a suit."

The blonde smiled back, her eyes twinkling. "I know." The reply earned her a light slap against the shoulder from her fiancé.

Snow shook her head and linked her arm with her husband. "Zelena, do you want to come with us?"

The little girl frowned and shook her head, "no!"

"I actually have an idea," Henry said smiling and reached out for redheaded girl. "Shoulder ride?" He offered with a smile, "this way we can both give them away." The girl squealed in delight and nearly jumped into his arms. Laughing, Emma helped Regina sit her on the boy's shoulders, and when he put his hands on the girl's thighs to steady her each woman took hold of an outstretched elbow.

"Are you ready for this?" Emma asked over her son's head.

Looking back across her son and her sister, Regina nodded. "Very much so."

While the words 'And They Lived Happily Ever After' might not do well to describe this relationship, as far as this story goes -

The End

As for the family Harkness - that is a story of long travels; a different story.

I am told they are currently doing well.