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Rin sighed as he walked across the hot paving that lead to the True Cross Academy's main campus. The weather was unbearably hot and humid which did nothing more but make Rin want to return to the dorm. Unfortunately, he couldn't exactly just leave. He had a job to do. One of the most important jobs of the month in fact.

It was payday today. The day that Mephisto would give him and Yukio their monthly allowance as well as any extra money Yukio might've gotten from his teaching job. Normally Yukio would be the one to go and fetch the money but he had been busy grading papers so Rin was left with the task.

Which left the demonic teen trudging through the streets wishing for nothing but the bliss of their air-conditioned room and a couple Gari Gari-kun to munch on to stave off the heat. Though… without their allowance there wouldn't be any money to buy any ice cream.

The demonic teen grumbled as he crossed the road leading to Mephisto's office. Why was it that he had to go walking at midday? Just because he could control fire didn't mean he couldn't get sunstroke.

Rin shook his head clear of any negative thoughts. Paycheck, he reminded himself, get the paycheck and then you can go home to moan at Yukio.

The cool air of the air-conditioned building hit Rin like a fist to the face and he sighed in relief. He waved to the receptionist and she gave him a curt nod before going back to her work.

As it was, Rin wasn't entirely sure what the woman's name was but he had been here enough times to know that as long as he didn't make noise, she would let him into the office without supervision. The room in question, Mephisto's, wasn't far from the entrance and Rin wouldn't have to walk far before he would see it.

Rin didn't hesitate to push the overly decorated door open, without knocking, and barged in.

"Hey, Mephisto! I'm here for our allowance!" Rin called out only to find that the room was empty. His eyebrows knit together as he checked behind the desk just to make sure that the clown wasn't hiding from him, he had done it before, before walking back to the reception desk.

"Hey lady. Mephisto's not there so what do I do now?" he asked and drooped over the woman's desk. The receptionist sighed, she didn't want Rin in her reception area but she wasn't sure what to do with him. The boy was one of those odd figures that Sir Pheles liked to have around even though he caused trouble at every second step. She put down her pencil and got out her schedule book before doing a quick check.

"Sir Pheles is currently busy with a meeting but he should be back in about ten minutes. I'm sure he would not mind if you waited in his office for him as long as you do not touch any of his things." She was sure that the delinquent-looking boy could sit for ten minutes without ruining anything.

"Sure," Rin shrugged and turned away, "why not? Just be sure to tell the clown that I'm waiting."

Rin didn't wait to hear the usual drabble of how he 'shouldn't call Sir Pheles a clown' and walked back to the office. The office was huge and lushly decorated so Rin had no trouble in finding a comfortable spot to sit in. The couches in Mephisto's office were the stuff of dreams. If Rin had to rate them, he would give them a solid ten just for the fact that it felt as if you fell into a cloud. Bliss.

Rin hummed in contentment and settled himself down for the wait. Absently he took in the office in its entirety. Opulent was the only way to describe it. The furniture was tastefully spread across the room and the art that hung on the wall expensive. Dimly, Rin was impressed. The room looked classy.

The only fault that Rin could find that there was an annoying and somewhat irregular 'cooing' coming from somewhere in the room. It was quickly getting on his nerves.

On any other day, Rin would have admitted that the cooing wasn't that bad and could have been easily ignored. But Rin was hot and bothered and wanted to go home, which only worked to amplify his irritation towards the sound tenfold.

Rin grit his teeth against the sound and tried to ignore it but after a good five minutes of the sound he could take no more. He got up and off the glory that was Mephisto's amazing couch and started to look for the source of the sound. He was determined to find it and if it turned out to be some pigeon that Mephisto caught? He'd roast it alive.

An especially loud 'CRO-COO!' brought his attention to one of the many decorative cabinets that lined Mephisto's office and by that time Rin's patience had been corroded into a tiny nub. Uncaring of the consequences, he roughly yanked the door open and regretted it immediately after.

The contents of the closet came rushing out like a metaphorical river and almost swept Rin away. He dazedly sat in the mess for a second before sitting up and examining what exactly had knocked him over.

"Typical." Rin snorted once he had gotten a good look.

The pile seemed to be consisting of mostly Mephisto's anime memorabilia, with many other things mixed into the bunch. Things like frogs in jars, what seemed to be spices and many other blunted out weapons were scattered in between the DVD's, dolls and instant ramen. Rin put his hand on a shelf and tried to use it as a brace to pull himself up only for it to break as soon as he put any weight on it. Something bounced off Rin's head and opened with a sickening pop!

Rin sat horrified for a moment before reaching over and taking the jar off his head. The contents of the jar seemed to be a jelly of sort and it was now running down Rin's head and dripping onto his shirt. 'Translator goop!' the jar read 'When subtitles fail, it never will!'

"It's a jar of fucking slime," Rin muttered as he tried to quickly pull the goop from his hair, the stuff was disappearing into his scalp as he spoke. There was little that could be done for his damp shirt so he left it. "How the hell is it supposed work better than subtitles?"

"CRO-COO!" something said just above him and he jumped. His head snapped up, mess in his hair forgotten, and stared at the cuckoo clock in the closet.

It was huge!

It hardly fit into the small space it had been jammed into and Rin could see why everything else fell out. How did such a big thing fit into the small cabinet?! The beige monstrosity looked like some kid's gingerbread house made bigger than a clock. Sweets, balloons and a stuffed rabbit decorated it.

Hypnotized by the sheer ridiculousness of the monstrosity in front of him, Rin reached out and touched the white doors of the clock. Surely something so ugly could not be real, right?

Fingers brushed over a bright green lolly pop when the doors of the clock snapped open once more. Rin jumped back and out of the mess of items just in time to miss being impaled by a white cuckoo wearing a purple bow and matching top hat.

The bird twitched spastically and the clocked donged painfully out of tune. Its head swiveled from side to side before Rin caught its eye. The top hatted monstrosity's eyes gleamed with something that sent a chill down Rin's spine. He frantically tried to crawl backwards, and away from the clock, but it was no use. The huge bird pulled its head back, cracked its beak open wider than it should have been able to and like a bullet it shot out to grab Rin.

The young exorcist had no time to try and free himself for he was already being drawn into the black abyss of the clock. He screamed as the doors shut behind him and the feeling of falling engulfed him.


Hiccup sighed as he and Toothless made their way across the sky. As much as he loved the freedom that came along with getting onto his best friend's back and leaving his troubles behind, it just wasn't possible to relax these days.

Recently, there had been a string of attacks on the villagers in the village and all along the island. Many were complaining about being blindsided by strange creatures as round as eggs and as vicious as wolves. So far nobody had been able to identify what type of animal it was causing all the trouble but that had to be the least of their concerns seeing as the creatures were unfairly hard to kill.

Nothing really worked on them. Steel was easily brushed off, wood bore no damage at all and iron was only marginally effective, seeing as it seemed to burn the creatures. The only thing that seemed to work without fail was dragon fire. Which lead to the situation they were in now.


Every day, twice a day, the dragon riders of Berk would go off in pairs and scour the island for anymore of the beasts. If they found any, they were to reduce it to ash before returning home.

Toothless crooned a question and shot a glance over his shoulder, concerned. Hiccup shook himself out of his thoughts.

"I'm fine bud." He reassured, "Just thinking."

Toothless eyed him for a second more before looking straight again.

Today, they were patrolling the island with Astrid. Sometimes Hiccup wondered if it was not over kill to have a Night Fury sniping the creatures from the sky added to a Nadder's deadly flame all on one team before he decided against it. Better Astrid than the twins after all.

They were just passing over the Cove when Astrid signaled Hiccup.

"Hey, Hiccup!" she called, "Why don't we land for a bit? The dragons have been flying for a while and I'm sure that they could go for a rest."

The dragons grumbled out agreements and Hiccup found himself following Astrid down in her descent. Toothless and Stormfly made unhappy noises when they flew into a low-lying cloud and got themselves wet but other than that it was a quick flight down. They landed in an open clearing and was about to dismount when what sounded like a huge bell sounded out. The teens' heads snapped to the sky because surely only a dragon could make such a loud sound? When what looked like a house appeared in the sky.

The two dragon riders stared at it for a moment, utterly unsure of what to make of the situation, when its doors suddenly opened and thrust something out of its open doors.

Whatever was thrown out let out a screech (a person?) which was slightly muffled by the poof of the house disappearing. The resulting crash sent out a huge cloud of dust into the air.

"What was that?" Astrid asked, still shocked, and drew her sword. She didn't dare dismount in fear of a new unknown assailant attacking her.

"I don't know but I guess we'll have to see. Toothless?" Hiccup patted his dragon's side and the Night Fury complied with a strong beat of his wings. The wind generated cleared the air of the dust and allowed the two riders to see the coughing figure in the middle of a small crater perfectly. Toothless dipped closer and allowing Hiccup to see better.

It was a person.

He was a strange sight. He looked to be their age with black hair that shimmered blue every time he turned his head. His clothing was odd too. The coat his was wearing ended above his hips and looked far too thin to be fur or leather. It fit rather snugly around his shoulders but did not extend all the way down his arms, instead ending somewhere just after his elbow. It was open down the middle and a black tunic peaked out from underneath. His trousers were odd too. Stiff material and of a blue color that Hiccup had never seen in clothing before, chains hung around his hips and Hiccup wondered if it was for decoration. The red bag on his shoulder was another oddity but it was more easily recognized as a weapon holder.

All in all, it was an odd, slightly jarring sight. Foreign.

"Hey!" Astrid called, "Are you okay?"

The newcomer's head snapped upwards to the sound of her voice before back peddling, "Holy shit you're riding a salamander."

Hiccup's eyebrows knit and he exchanged a look with Astrid. Okay, so he wasn't the only one.

Definitely foreign. Very foreign.

The dark-haired teen in front of them had spoken to them but it wasn't a language they recognized. It wasn't the English that the traders often spoke when they came to Berk or the occasional French that they had heard here and there but an entirely new language.

Hiccup made a move to dismount but Toothless growled at him. The young heir ceased all movement and eyed his dragon, "Toothless? What's wrong?"

The dragon ignored the hand on his head and prepared a plasma blast. "Toothless, no!" Hiccup shouted but it was too late. The foreigner jumped to the side and shouted angrily in his language. Hiccup sucked in a breath when he saw what made Toothless so wary of the newcomer.


He had a tail that was waving angrily behind him. Hiccup stared at the limb, transfixed. Absently he nudged Toothless down. He wanted solid ground under his feet while he tried to process what he just saw. Astrid followed him down and together they both continued to stare at the increasingly uncomfortable foreigner.

From ground level, they could see pointed ears peak out of blue-black hair.

"H-Hiccup?" Astrid whispered as Stormfly got a few spines ready. The foreigner paused when he heard her speak. He looked confused and Hiccup could share the sentiment. "Wha- what is he? Surely not a human?"

The foreigner must have at least understood some of what she said because his confusion quickly turned to panic as he tried to stuff his tail back up his tunic.

Toothless grumbled something under his breath and Hiccup could only stare as the newcomer's attention snapped towards the dragon. Then, surprising the vikings for what seemed like the hundredth time, he started to speak. Very angrily. At Toothless. Who, just as grumpily, warbled back.

It's like they're speaking to each other, Hiccup thought. Something glinted in the corner of his eye and he caught sight of two sharp incisors peak out of the foreigners lips every now and then.

Hiccup's mind flashed to his old story books.

Sharp teeth, human looks, elfish ears, able to speak the language of dragons and most of all a tail. Hiccup could only think of one thing to call the being in front of him. The one creature that Hiccup hadn't searched for as a child. The one people would use to scare children to bed at night and was almost as hated as dragons were.

"Demon." Hiccup murmured in horrified wonder and hardly noticed when the occupants of the clearing went oddly still. "I think he's a demon."

"You mean like those things that live in the Realm of Fire?" Astrid asked and turned to scrutinize the demon once more.

"Yeah," Hiccup nodded and leaned forward onto Toothless' head, "It's the only explanation I can come up with. I mean I read a lot about trolls and elves but not as much on demons. I think it's a demon though, I'm almost sure it is."

Astrid nodded and then wasted no time in signaling for Stormfly to let loose a barrage of needles upon the demon. Hiccup's eyes widened in horror. No! The demon had been peaceful and non-aggressive before now but now Astrid just gave it had reason to attack them. None of the spines hit the surprisingly fast demon, thankfully, but it still wasn't a clever move.

It hissed out what sounded like an insult and one hand crept to the weapon bag at its shoulder.

"Astrid!" Hiccup shouted, alarmed. He jumped off Toothless, much to the dragon's chagrin, to stand in between Astrid and the demon. "Don't attack! We don't want to give him a reason for him to see us as an enemy! We can still fix this mess peacefully!"

But it was too late. The now riderless Toothless, let out a roar and rushed the demon. He grabbed both of the demon's shoulders in his claws and pinned him to the ground before gathering gas in his throat for a plasma blast. Hiccup watched in horror as the demon snarled at Toothless and set itself ablaze, not unlike what a Monsterous Nightmare would do. Toothless screeched and jumped off the demon, his claws and underbelly visibly scorched.

"Toothless!" Astrid shouted. She sheathed here sword, reached into her bag and pulled out one of the stone bola. With the grace of a warrior Astrid threw the ball-and-net at the demon. The size of the net was made for a dragon so, when the bola connected, one of the large stones collided with the demon's temple and rendered him unconscious.

Hiccup stared for a moment before walking over to the unmoving and bound demon. His temple was bleeding slightly and there was little doubt that he would have a massive head ache when he woke up. His stomach dropped. So much for peaceful relations. Hiccup hoped that the demon wouldn't hold too much of a grudge when he woke.

"What did you two do!" He shouted and ran two hands through his hair. "Now its- he's going to be extra mad when it wakes up!"

Astrid shrugged and dismounted, "What's your point?" She then proceeded to pick up the demons tail and give a small tug. The demon let out a small moan and Astrid let go of the tail as if it were a snake. "It really is attached to him. This guy really isn't human."

Hiccup could've screamed. "I thought that we already established that he wasn't human! As if the blue fire wasn't indication enough!"

Astrid waved him away, "Well then now that we know what he is, there's only one thing to do."

Hiccup's hands fell from his hair as he looked towards the female viking, "And what's that?"

Astrid gave him a smile that promised trouble for later and said, "We can't have a dangerous, angry mythical being running around Berk now can we?-"

"It's your fault he's angry!"

"So naturally, the only logical thing we can do is bring him back to the village of course." Astrid finished and Hiccup really did scream in frustration this time.

Why could vikings never leave what they didn't understand alone. And stop angering them in the process too!

Muttering angrily under his breath, Hiccup went to pick the demon up. He wrinkled his nose when something wet rubbed off from the demon's tunic onto the side of his head.

Great, Hiccup thought and tried to wipe the slime away, this day just kept on getting better and better.


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