I care about you

chapter 3

Sam and Lexy get out of bed getting ready to go out for something to eat.

Lexy says "Sam can I borrow some clothes this dress is so creased"

Sam shouts from the bathroom "Yes course choose something in the wardrobe"

Lexy walks over and chooses a pair of skinny jeans and a plain black t-shirt. She starts getting ready it was 11am and she goes and puts the kettle on realising Sam's still in the bathroom

Lexy says "Sam you ok?"

Sam says "Yes ill be one minute" sam says struggling getting ready she had realised since Cat had died the smallest of tasks had got harder, she thought to herself maybe dating or a good friendship with Lexy might help her get passed this hard few months.

Lexy really loved and cared about Sam and didnt want to push her to far. She would wait as long as possible after last night she knew it was definitly Sam she wanted to be with.

Lexy felt a bit guilty, she knew Tess liked her but ever since she met Sam she thought she was amazing and fancied her.

Sam came out of the bathroom and looked at Lexy smiling as she said "Its almost lunchtime, we could go for a run later if you want"

Lexy looks at Sam "Yeah that sounds good, now come on hurry up im staving"

Sam laughs "Well I would offer you something but i have only got a slice of bread in"

Lexy says "Thats why we are going out I saw there was nothing in last night"