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Righteous Fury: Godly Confrontations Part 1


The man then raised his head, allowing the hair to be brushed aside and reveal his face to the gods. Once again, a gasp arose from the gods as they beheld the face of the demigod they never thought they would see again, the face of their savior, the face of the man they sent to Hell to Rot for eternity.

The face of Percy Jackson.

The gods reeled back in shock and fear, while the goddesses blushed at how handsome he looked. His face seemed to be made out of marble, a strong jaw, powerful cheekbones, and his mouth set into a hard line. His face seemed to be made of rock, his expression not even betraying his feeling. Then they saw his eyes. Good gods his eyes.

They swirled and pulsed with power, Sea green speckled with red and a silver ring wrapped around his slitted pupil. But unlike his face that betrayed no emotion, his eyes were another story. They were filled with such anger, rage, and unadulterated fury, the gods felt fear worm its way into their hearts. It was the look of hatred and vengeance, a look that could right though you into your soul and made you scream your heart out.

With a quivering voice, Zeus spoke. "Perseus?"

Percy snapped his gaze onto the Kind of the Gods, his glare like a knife that cut right into his soul. Disbelief and fury twisted his features into a snarl, revealing growing fangs in his mouth that made him look feral.



Third Person POV

After Percy's shocking outburst, the gods were in a state of stunned silence, staring speechless at the sight of their savior. All the goddesses felt themselves blush at how handsome he looked, feeling the heat rise to their faces as they gazed upon his chiseled body. He was always handsome before, but now his features seemed enhanced even further as if they had been carved out of stone. His body was clad in a black muscle t-shirt with black cargo pants and black combat boots that were studded with stygian iron around the toes. His muscles bulged from underneath his clothing, looking like coiled pythons ready to snap into action. Underneath his clothing, they could see the bulges of what looked like an arsenal of weapons, completing the whole warrior badass look nicely

But it wasn't only his looks that captivated the goddess's attention, no it was his overall presence that were affecting them. The aura he gave, the very air around him seemed to be tinged with a sort of danger, an animalistic predatory feeling that opposed their own and seemed to dominate their own aura, making them feel weak in the knees. It made them feel vulnerable, weak, defenseless, and…subservient.

And for some reason…they liked it! It made them feel hot, a fire spreading throughout their body making their skin tingle and setting their nerves on fire.

From the shadows, Thalia and Zoe looked on with shock at how much their friend/cousin changed. They wanted to rush forward and throw themselves into his arms, the urge to hug him was so intense. Thalia had missed her cousin terribly ever since he was banished and to now see him in the same room with her, it was all she could do to restrain herself. But that did not stop the tears that streamed down her face at seeing her cousin. Zoe wanted to also run to her only male friend, but she knew she had to restrain herself. From the look on his face, the absolute fury distorting his features that was directed at the gods, made her uneasy and she knew she had to wait to see what would happen.

The tension in the air got thickened drastically to the point where it couldn't have been sliced with a battle-axe it was so thick. Percy gazed on in complete disbelief at his surroundings, his shock quickly giving way to the raw fury that was building in his chest. He was clenching his fists so tightly, his flinched as he unconsciously felt his fingernails shift into claws and puncture his palms, red and gold speckled blood dripping onto the floor.

In fact, he had to fight against the changes he could feel running across his skin, the urge to change into a monster to, to feel the savage ferocity of a monster to take over and slaughter these useless gods was so intense, he felt actual pain in restricting the changes. His flesh bubbled and crawled before he remembered his meditation sessions and tried in vain to calm his mind.

It was a losing battle.

The Olympians felt their shock increase as they saw Percy's form seem to shift slightly, his muscles seem to pulse and his skin bubble along the length of his limbs. With a titanic effort, Percy forced the change down back inside him, praying that the gods didn't see. As soon as it appeared, the shifting disappeared so they thought it must have been a trick of the light. But what they did see, or rather feel, was the overwhelming anger that was rolling off him in great waves.

Poseidon gazed at his son in longing; his emotions were swirling violently in his stomach. He wanted to go to his son and beg for his forgiveness, hug him, and fix their relationship. His eyes flitted over his sons form, drinking in the sight of him. He was taller than he last saw him, more muscular and he seemed to have gotten more handsome.

"Son." He breathed, barely audible, but it was loud enough to reach Percy's ears thanks to his enhanced hearing.

They watched with batted breath as Percy's eyes snapped open; the colors in his eyes swirling violently like a storm, glowing with untold power and hatred as they locked onto his former father's.

"ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!" A primal roar tore from his mouth full of rage and hatred, making the gods recoil in fear. His sword Riptide appeared in his outstretched hand and intricate gladiator armor coated his body as he raced forward, the urge to destroy the people who ruined his life taking over, only to smash into the barrier surrounding the circle.

He bounced off the barrier, landing in an undignified heap on the floor but he shot to his feet quickly, shaking off the blow. Blood trickled out of his mouth, but he wiped it away as he cautiously approached the shield. Placing a hand on the invisible barrier, little rippled extended from where his hand. He felt the fury in him rise to new levels, the anger clouding his mind, as all he saw was red. Lashing out, he began to wildly slash at the barrier with astounding strength, but his blade just bounced off the barrier as he became angrier and angrier.

"Send me back! Send me back this instant! I need to go back their right now!" He shouted, his mind focused solely on returning to his children.

The gods snapped out of their shock and began to call for him to stop, concern and terror lacing their tone. They were curious as to way he was shouting to for them to send him back down to the Pit, but they brushed at that aside for now. But their cries fell on deaf ears, as their voices seemed to send him into berserker frenzy, making him drop his sword and began to punch the barrier with everything he had.

Zeus stood from his throne. "Perseus, I demand you stop this instant!" He yelled.

Percy stopped his assault on the dome and whipped his head in the direction of Zeus's voice. A look of utter hatred crossed his face as his eyes flashed dangerously, an insane light filling them as he glared at the King of the gods.

"Zeus!" He hissed, venom dripping from his tone. The changes he had held back for so long finally burst forth, his rage being the catalyst. His lips curled in a snarl and the gods felt their jaws drop as his teeth elongated into fangs and his features became more wolf-like, his cheekbones becoming more prominent, his jaw became denser, and his ears pointed as black fur lightly covered his skin. He growled as he rotated his shoulders, his bones becoming broader and his muscles bulged.

The gods were slack-jawed at Percy's slight transformation. Was it just them or did he resemble a Hellhound? What happened to him? They were knocked out of their shock as Percy roared, lunging forward slashing wildly at the barrier with renewed intensity. Growls escaped his mouth as he felt his bloodlust and insanity take control of his, the anger coursing through his veins as the need to destroy Zeus overwhelmed him.

They gods jumped in their seats at this display of ferocity, shouts echoing throughout the throne room.

"What the Hades happened to him?!" Hermes yelled, his winged sandals fluttering nervously.

"Is it just me or does he resemble a-a Hellhound?" Aphrodite gasped, her lustful gaze looking over Percy's new toned muscles as they repeated flexed as he banged his fist against the barrier.

Ares smirked as he watched the carnage going on inside the barrier. "Man, the Punk got a little more bloodthirsty. I like it." He remarked, feeling the rage coming from the former son of Poseidon.

"It's impossible." Hades whispered, his pale skin paler than usual till he resembled the color of the ghosts that entered his realm.

The shouts riled Percy up even more. The barrier began to stain red as his fists collided with the barrier, splitting the skin on his knuckled and breaking his bones. But his claws were still as sharp as ever as he alternated between punches and slashes. This caused the gods to get even more frantic, desperately trying to reach him.

"Percy stop! Son please!" Poseidon cried, desperately trying to reach through his son's red haze of rage.

"Come on Perce man! Snap out of it!" Apollo yelled, his eyes widening in fear as he saw the damage he was doing to his hands.

"Calm down, Sea Spawn! You're gonna kill yourself trying to break through that barrier! I designed it myself so it's unbreakable!" Athena called.

All their cries failed to reach him. Just as they thought they couldn't get though to him, Hestia stood up from her place at the hearth and walked forward. Her calming aura extended from her, washing throughout the room and filling everyone with hope. Percy's rampage inside the domed circle slowed down as he felt the effects of Hestia's calming power wash over him, pulling him from his bloodlust frenzy and bringing his conscious mind back to the surface.

Hestia continued to walk forward till she was standing in front of the barrier. Hestia had tears in her eyes as she gazed upon her nephew who she never thought she would see again.

"Percy please. Calm your mind. Focus on my voice, let my words clear through the rage in your heart and the anger clouding your senses. Feel the power of the hearth replace your anger with peace, wash away your fury with hope. I care for you Percy, please come back to us." She said in a soothing tone, placing her hand on the dome.

Percy felt his senses return to him, feeling peace and calm wash over his mind. The fog cleared from his mind as he looked up and saw Hestia standing before him.

Tentatively reaching out with a shaking hand, he placed his hand over her own. "H-Hestia…is that you?" He said in a small hopeful voice.

She smiled as tears of joy spilled from her eyes. "Yes Percy. It is me." She said.

He locked his eyes on her and if she was shocked at how different his eyes looked, she hid it very well. He felt happiness wash over him as he gazed upon one of the people he stilled cared for and loved.

"A-are Hades and Artemis here?" He asked in earnest, hope flooding his system.

During the whole exchange, the mentioned immortals got off their thrones and approached Hestia from behind. Once he asked for them, they stepped out from behind Hestia, smiling small, genuine smiles at him, which he returned. He rushed forward to hug them, wanting to fall into their embrace, but was denied that pleasure as the barrier once again repelled him. Glaring at the barrier, he yelled in anger as he slammed his fist into the ground.

Hestia frowned before turning to Zeus. "Drop the barrier." She demanded.

Zeus did a pretty good imitation of a goldfish. "W-what did you just say to me?" He said, slight anger lacing his tone.

She turned and glared at him full on, her orange eyes filled with fiery anger. "If you did not hear me the first time, little brother, allow me to say it in a way that will get through the lightning fried brain of yours. DROP THE BARRIER!" She bellowed, flames rising off her as she shifted into her 21-year old from.

Hestia looked downright frightening as the flames of the hearth rose around her in a storm of fire, making her look like a wrathful goddess. She has never threatened anyone ever before and that scared Zeus worse than Kampe.

Unfortunately, he regained his former arrogance and glared down at his sister. "I will not Hestia. No telling what he would do if he was free. And you will sit down this instant or else I will make you." He threatened, grabbing his Master Bolt.

Oh boy did he say the wrong thing. Hestia eyes widened before narrowing. She was about to retort and send the flames to attack him but was cut off as the throne room was struck with violent tremors. The marble began to crack and shatter, the earthquake stronger than anything Poseidon had ever created before causing the gods to fall from their thrones. The only ones spared were Hades, Hestia, and Artemis as they all turned to the origin of the shacking and saw Percy glowing a bright sea green with silver and red speckles throughout, rage in his eyes.

They backed away from the dome as Percy walked forward, placing his hand on the barrier. The shaking stopped, but the light around Percy did not as he gained a contemplative look on his face. The rage he felt inside was still there, but he harnessed it, channeling it as he let a darker persona of himself take over.

Turning to the gods, he spoke in a deadly calm voice, his face devoid of emotion. "You know Zeus, that was a very stupid thing to say and to Hestia of all people. I always knew you were a womanizing bastard but now I know you're an abusive asshole as well." He sneered, venom dripping from his words.

Zeus was stunned speechless before anger overcame his better judgment. "Silence you insolent brat before I strike you down where you stand!" He shouted, pointing his mast bolt where Percy was standing.

Percy laughed coldly, a dark and evil laugh that sent shivers down the god's spines. "You could try you pathetic excuse of a king, but that little trick won't work on me. Not anymore." He said, eyes glowing. The gods couldn't help but wonder what he meant by that comment. It was like he was taunting Zeus into striking him.

Face growing red in anger, before Zeus could retort Percy continued as if Zeus wasn't even a threat to him. "You know, while I was down there in the Pit, where you so graciously sent me," He snarled, causing many of the gods to flinch, "I actually gained a few…tricks." He smiled sinisterly, making many feel uneasy. But it was okay, he was trapped in the barrier. There was no way he could get out…right?

"One of the tricks I was able to obtain was something I gained after I defeated a titan. A very particular titan named Perses, Titan of Destruction." He glared at the gods feeling satisfaction as he saw many of them pale. Percy glanced down at his fingers and examined them as if they were the most interesting thing in the world

"You want to know the interesting thing about Destruction? What makes it so deadly?" He questioned. "Destruction isn't always about the huge, violent destructive forces like earthquakes and storms. Sure those are such spectacular forms of devastation, but that's only as small part of the domain!" He smiled evilly, a cold glint reflecting in his eyes.

"So why stop there? It can be used on a smaller scale and in a much more subtle. Like cancer, millions of cells running rampant in your body, slowly growing out of control as cellular death occurs on the microscopic level. No one ever thinks of how to utilize destruction in small ways, but if you open your mind to the possibilities, it can be so much more. It is so broad that it has a wide spectrum of possibilities." He said, placing his hand once more on the barrier.

"Like so." He said, smiling wolfishly.

Suddenly, a red handprint glowed against the barrier, sizzling and burning against the invisible containment. The power of destruction raced across the surface of the barrier, working its way into the bonds of the barrier and slowly ripping them apart. Percy pushed more power into the barrier, slowing destroying the magic and bonds holding the barrier together. Cracks formed, spreading rapidly along the seams until with a mighty blast, the barrier shattered. The gods were dumbstruck as they watched the former son of Poseidon stroll out of the circle smiling menacingly.

Percy Jackson was free.

He walked purposefully towards Zeus, grinning like a madman as he cracked his knuckles. Zeus scrambled backwards, paling drastically as he was clutching his master bolt tightly. "Oh I have been waiting for this for such a long time Zeus. To give you a small piece of what I've had to endure down their for years!"

This statement puzzled many of them. Years? But they only imprisoned him down there only a year ago. Athena's mind was racing as she slowly connected the dots. She gasped in shock as the answer came to her, her hands covering her mouth in horror as she felt sick to her stomach.

"Ah, I see the little wisdom goddess has figured it out. Haven't you bitch?" He

sneered, still advancing on Zeus.

As he made his way to Zeus, Ares rose from his throne and placed himself between Percy and his father, his broadsword with a skull hilt with a ruby in its mouth appearing in his hands.

Percy growled. "Get out of my way Ares."

Ares shook his head, narrowing his flame-filled eyes at the demigod before him. "No can do, Punk. While that would be one Hades of a fight, I can't allow that. He is the King after all. Now why don't you turn around before I make you." He sneered, brandishing his sword.

"Still trying to protect daddy now are you? Since when have you ever cared for this piece of filth?" He spat, causing Ares flamed filled eyes to blaze.

"Shut up Punk. You're messing with the King of the Gods and I can't let you do that. Besides, I've been waiting a long time to smash you into a grease spot. Looks like I finally get my wish." Ares said arrogantly.

Percy smirked. "Didn't you hear?" His eyes then turned cold. "You should always be careful what you wish for."

Ares turned red in anger and lunged forward in a thrust, but Percy lazily swatted his blow aside with a flick of his sword. Ares growled as he ran forward, unleashing a bunch of devastating strikes at his opponent. Percy didn't fight back but was having too much ducking and dodging Ares' blows. With speed unheard of in a demigod, his body blurred matrix style as the strikes came faster and faster, but not one hit him.

He studied Ares fighting technique as he jumped around the sword, getting a feel for his battle technique. Just as he suspected, Ares relied on brunt strength to overwhelm his opponents, going with a pure offensive strategy with zero defense whatsoever. After about a minute of playing cat and mouse, Percy decided he was done toying with the war god and acted.

Ares was getting tired at this point, slashing non-stop at sprinting speed would tire even a god. His blows were getting more wild and sluggish, opening himself up to attack. As he slashed his sword towards Percy's stomach, Percy jumped over the blade, twisted in the air and landed in the three-inch wide blade with amazing dexterity and grace, riding the swing out. The sudden increase of weight to his sword threw Ares off-balance, lurching him forward. As the war god flew forward, Percy jumped off his blade, flipped over his body and stabbed him in the back.

Ares let out a roar of pain, feeling the blade pierce through the back of his shoulder and out the front, golden ichor trailing down his arm. It was in a position to where he couldn't reach it and moving made it hurt even worse. Ares could not believe that twice the same demigod had injured him! It was inexcusable!

Percy shook his head in mock sympathy. "You couldn't beat me when I was twelve and you can't beat me now. The only reason you are fighting me now is because you want to reclaim your bruised pride and prove how much of a 'man' you are. And you wish for you daddy's approval for you to get away with killing anyone you want." He taunted.

Ares face turned purple with rage and pain. "At least my father never disowned and banished me, punk!" He yelled.

That was a very bad thing to say.

Percy's vision went red as he screamed in rage. He wrenched the sword out of Ares' shoulder, twisting it to ensure he felt as much pain as possible. Lashing out, he slammed his fist into Ares's face and body, the sound of multiple bones shattering echoing throughout the room. Ares screamed in pain as he tried to put up a fight, but the Percy's anger could not be stopped as it filled him with strength. With sadistic glee, Percy reach down, grabbing Ares arm and effectively snapped it in half, the bone piercing through his flesh. Through the pain, Ares thought that was the worse he could do but was proven dead wrong as Percy grasped the exposed bone and with a sick smile, ripped it right out of his body, blood and sinew flying from the wound.

Ares' scream could be heard throughout the world as he held his now useless arm. Tears of agony and horror filled his eyes as he looked up in terror at his attacker. The gods felt like vomiting at the gruesome sight, their faces were sheet white as they gazed on the scene, unable to move. Percy's eyes held no remorse as looked down at the shivering god. With indifference, he spun around, slamming the pommel of his sword into the back of Ares skull, cracking the bone as Ares' eyes rolled into the back of his head as the pain was too much, unconsciousness claiming him.

Now that his obstacle was removed from his path, Percy continued on his walk towards his true goal: Zeus.

"That was a wonderful warm-up. No one left to save you Zeusy. Too bad to." Percy taunted, part of his face coated in shadows, making him look positively evil in the light.

Zeus tried to look intimidating as he stood up tall and brandished his bolt, but the fear in his eyes was unmistakable. "I'm warning you Jackson. Don't come any closer or I'll-" That was all he got out before Percy disappeared from view. Tapping into his increased Hellhound speed, Percy shot forward with blinding speed delivering a bone-shattering uppercut to Zeus's jaw. Zeus flew back, the strength behind the punch was incredible as he slammed into his throne, cracking the marble.

Golden blood trickled past his lips as he spat out a few of his teeth. He was punched so hard that he actually broke some teeth out of his jaw. He groaned as he sat up, blinding pain in his jaw. What the Hades hit him? How was the demigod this strong? Rubbing his sore jaw, he worked it around a little and felt it crack.

"Man that felt GOOD! And here I thought you would put up more of a fight." Percy cheered, holding up his ichor-covered fist. "But I think we should do something a little more…personal."

Zeus didn't know that that meant, but he didn't have to wait long as Percy was on him in seconds, grabbing him by the collar of his suit and lifting him up with insurmountable strength until they were face to face. He reared back a fist and slammed it into his face, smiling sadistically as the bone shattered under the force of the punch. Blow after blow rained down upon Zeus, but he wouldn't go down without a fight.

Reaching down, he grasped for his master bolt and slammed it into Percy's chest, blasting him backwards. Millions of volts of electricity coursed through his body as he was thrown away like a rag doll. Zeus stood up and kept shooting of bolt after bolt at Percy, each one slamming into his body, dust flying into the air obscuring their view. The gods cried let out a loud cry, thinking that Zeus just killed him with that blast of electricity. Imagine their shock when the dust settled and Percy got up steadily, lighting flickering around his form, as his arms shifted to pure lightning and absorbed the stray tendrils of electricity. His whole body crackled with power, little bolt of lightning running up and down his body, making him look like Goku going Super Saiyan.

His smile was so sinister and dark; it put a shark's to shame. "I told you Zeus. Your little attacks cant hurt me anymore!" He yelled.

Zeus's eyes widened till they looked like they would pop out of his head. Capitalizing on his shock, Percy shifted his arms into pure flames, sharp claws forming at the tips, and jumped forward, leaving a crater behind him and slammed into Zeus. Off-guard and off-balance, the King of the Gods fell backwards onto the ground with a demented demigod on his chest. Taking his fire arms, he slammed them into his chest, letting the blazing flames burn into his flesh, causing him to cry out in pain. The smell of godly flesh permeated the air, making the gods retch. He continued to slash at Zeus's flesh, his claws tearing through his skin and the flames causing third degree burns.

"Open wide!" Percy cried and with little effort, plunged his hand straight into Zeus's chest. Feeling around, he grasped two of Zeus ribs and with a flick of his wrist, snapped them like twigs. Fire poured into the break of the bones, forcing them to crack and splinter, sending shards into Zeus's organs.

Zeus cried out in agony and flailed around to get the enraged demigod off of his, but Percy's strength surpassed his own. He did manage to land a few good shots on him, breaking his nose and splitting his skin, but a red light would surround the wound and heal it as soon as it happened.

Through the haze of pain, he wondered how the demigod gained so much power and strength, but was cut off as he felt the flames pierced his shoulder. His thoughts were now completely focused on the torture he was suffering, unable to form any coherent thought He screamed again, feeling his muscles burn and his blood boil. The agony only increased as Percy twisted his flaming claws, tearing the flesh and muscles even further.

He smiled down in sick satisfaction, relishing in the pain he was unleashing on one of the gods he hated the most. To have him helpless before him, suffering at his own hands, and begging for the pain to end…it was invigorating.

"I hope you enjoy Tartarus bitch. I'll see you down there soon." He snarled. Percy was just about to deliver the killing blow when a voice stopped him.

"Percy stop!" Hestia called out, moving closer to him. No matter how much he deserved it, how much she wanted him too, Hestia couldn't let Percy kill Zeus. It was against everything she stood for and while she knew her brother deserved the beating he just got and so much more, he was still family and more importantly, was her family.

Percy snapped his glare over to her, making her flinch as the amount of anger and pain was in his eyes. He immediately softened his gaze, feeling a little bit of guilt gnaw at his stomach for scaring her, but hardened his features when he looked back at Zeus. "And why should I? He's one of the one's who betrayed me! Placed me in chains and forced me down into that hellhole! After everything I did by saving Olympus and returning his little toy, why shouldn't I extend to him the same courtesy he gave me?" He snarled, the tip of his sword pressing dangerously into the god's neck.

Hestia continued forward until she was side by side with him. "Because you are better than him. Because he is not worth it and if you did to him what he did to you, you would be no better than him." She said.

Her words seemed to be having an effect on him, but you could see the struggle he was having on his face. Percy shook his head. "That is where you're wrong Hestia. I am no better than him. I am nothing but a monster now. Just look at the torture I'm unleashing on him!" He spat out bitterly.

Hestia placed a hand on his sword arm, sending calming pulses into his body. "You are not a monster Percy. Whatever it is that happened to you down there. You are not a monster. Let him go. For me." She pleaded.

Her cozy flame eyes met his monster slitted ones. Sighing, he capped his sword and placed it back in his pocket. "Only for you Hestia. Only because you asked me." He said.

She smiled and pulled him into a crushing hug, one that he returned with equal intensity. "It's so good to see you Percy. I never lost hope in seeing you again. I missed you so much." She whispered in his ear, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Percy nodded, his own tears leaking out of his eyes. "And I you Aunt Hestia. And I you." He said sincerely.

As they pulled apart, Hestia gave him a warm smile one that he returned. He then leaned down and grabbed Zeus by the hair, lifting his unconscious head up. "Know this you pathetic excuse of a god. The ONLY reason you are still alive is because of Hestia and her endless mercy. If you ever cross me again, I will not hesitate to take my time in torturing you as I slowly kill you and scatter your essence to the far corners of the world. You have made a grave enemy out of me Zeus. It would be wise not to cross me." He hissed, releasing his grip where the god's head hit the marble with a resounding thunk.

Turning around, he caught sight of the other gods who were all wide-eyed at his display of power and the savagery he displayed. But Percy could have cared less about their feelings. Let them fear him he didn't care. Let them know to keep their distance from him lest they suffer his wrath.

"What the Hades was that?!" Hermes exclaimed, his eyes as wide as saucers.

Percy narrowed his eyes at Hermes, pulling out one of his many daggers that shined dangerously in the light. "Don't use my Uncle's name as a curse, Delivery Boy. Unless you want to feel my dagger jabbed in your gut, you will not utter that phrase in my presence again." He threatened, feeling a need to defend and protect his uncle.

Hermes paled drastically and nodded his head rapidly. He saw how he wiped the floor with his father and brother and he did not want to be the next on Percy's hit list. He was certain that he was already on his Shit List, so best not piss him off anymore than he already was. Hades smiled gratefully at Percy and shot a smug grin at the messenger god that was sweating in his throne. Percy turned and for the first time since he was summoned, he gave a sincere smile, making him look almost like the Percy that he was before the betrayals and the Pit.

He planned to talk with Hades, Hestia, and Artemis after this pointless meeting. He had missed them all so much.

"Apollo, Heal Zeus and Ares. As much as it pains me to say it, we need them before we proceed with today's meeting." Hestia commanded, taking charge of the situation.

Apollo nodded and jumped off his throne, making his way to his severely injured father and brother all the while eyeing Percy warily. Percy caught the look and decided to play a little with the sun god.

"Don't worry Sunshine. Your turn is coming up soon. I promise." He said, eyes flashing. He smirked as Apollo's face paled drastically and practically ran over to his patients.

He let out a quick chuckle before he turned to face the gods, disgust written all over his face. It took about 30 minutes for Apollo to heal Zeus and Ares, using a huge portion of his power to mend the bones and replace the radius and ulna in Ares arm. Healing gods was a lot easier than healing demigods as gods could handle the full healing power that Apollo could utilize. Even so, after both were conscious and healed, Ares had his arm in a sling, bandages on his head, and a brace on his neck. Zeus didn't look much better. Both were eyeing Percy warily as he stood in the middle of the throne room. Once that was done, they all turned to face Percy in the middle of the room, who had a very annoyed looked on his face.

The gods gazed upon their savior that they banished and they felt their hearts break at the hatred and deep pain that shined in his eyes. They were also very worried about how he would react to what they were about to ask him. As shown by the ferocious beat down he gave Ares and Zeus, they certainly didn't want to provoke him. Poseidon looked upon his son, a virtual hurricane of emotions running through his body. He wanted nothing more than to jump from his throne and wrap him up in a hug, but he had a feeling that if he did, he would suffer much worse than what happened to Zeus. So he settled with just sitting there for now, hoping to be able to talk to him after the meeting was over.

Finally irritated enough, Percy decided to speak. "So why the fuck did you summon me out Tartarus? Thought of a more brilliant torture to inflict upon me? I mean, by the way you had me trapped in an invisible cage, it couldn't have been for anything else right?" He growled angrily.

They flinched at his accusation lowering their heads in shame. Hera cleared her throat nervously, seeing as Zeus unable to address him at the moment. Guilt was heavy in her eyes as she spoke to the angry demigod. "We didn't summon you to torture you Percy. Apollo, if you could please?" Hera said, gesturing for her stepson to rise.

Apollo stood from his throne slowly, completely serious for once in his immortal life. Opening his mouth, he then spoke the Third Great Prophecy that was issued not to long ago.

When Olympus betrays its innocent twice over Savior

Due to outside influence upon their behavior

Eternal Darkness shall consume the Earth

Unless prevented by he who bares the Monster Curse

Will he forgive and will he fight?

Or let Olympus fall to the Darkness's Might?

Upon hearing those words, Percy felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. ANOTHER PROPHECY? Are they fucking kidding? Not only was he subject to two prophecies, saved their asses twice, put his own life on the line as one of the Gods' pawns, and sent to Hell because of it, but now there is a third prophecy that seems to be centered around him solely. Of course, they don't know he is the bearer of the Monster Curse. The Fates must truly and utterly hate him. OR they could see his life as one big sitcom. Either way, he hated it and struggled to contain his disgust and fury.

Hera turned her attention back to Percy who was standing stone still, an emotionless mask on his face as he tried to control the raging emotions surging through his body. "So you see Percy, we need you. We need you for this war and for you to help us find this man who holds the 'Monster Cures'. A new enemy is rising and we-" That was as far as she got before the laughter started.

A loud cold laugh echoing throughout the throne room cut her off. Percy stood in the middle of the throne room laughing uproariously, but the laugh coming out of him held no humor. In fact the laugh cold, dark, and had a hysterical edge to it. It was the laugh of a man that had been through so much tragedy and strife in his life and the thought of having more piled on top of him was just too much and he either had to laugh or go insane from the possibility of more tragedy. That is, if he wasn't already insane.

As quickly as it came, it ended. Percy's cold gaze seemed to pierce straight through to Hera's soul, as if stripping away her defenses and leaving her bare. "You need me? YOU NEED ME?!" He bellowed. "That's just rich Hera. And pray tell me, why on Gaea's green earth should I even consider helping you a possibility?" He demanded.

Hera felt her eyes widen along with all the other gods. This was not supposed to be happening. Sure they sentenced him to eternal punishment, but his flaw should have made him overlook that. At least, that's what they thought and prayed, but the Pit can change people. And the evidence is standing right before them.

Percy laughed mercilessly again. "Do you honestly think that I would even entertain the thought of helping you after the lot of you sent me to rot for an eternity of torture in Tartarus? If so, then you must either be incredibly arrogant, incredibly stupid, or a combination of the two."

Hera leaned forward, feeling panic surge through her as she tried to salvage the conversation. "You don't understand what's at stake. The enemy is another Primordial. It's-"

"Erebus." Percy stated factually.

The gods all gasped at his statement. Athena's eyes sharpened as she eyes him warily. "How do you know about Erebus?" She asked sharply.

Percy glared at her. "Watch your words with me, Wisdom Goddess. I don't take demands from the likes of you anymore." He snapped.

Athena felt anger rise in her, but she beat back her pride, as she knew that she was partially at fault for his new attitude. She wouldn't admit, but the power Percy now wielded scared her. She couldn't be making rash decisions when dealing with him. Still, it left a sour taste in her mouth.

"Percy." Artemis called. Percy turned to look at her and his eyes softened. "Could you please tell us how you know of Erebus." She asked.

He nodded. "You learn things while fighting for your life in the Pit. I have had nightmares down there, most of them of my tortures, but some of them were dreams of the cage of Erebus. I learned of his origins and role in the days before the Titans. I know of his location in Tartarus and am preparing my armies to defend ourselves. You should consider yourselves lucky that I'm not joining him now!" He stated.

"He has armies in Tartarus! I knew you were always a threat to us!" Zeus shouted from his throne, even though he looked liked he went nine rounds with Mike Tyson. And yeah, he really IS that stupid to yell something ridiculous like that after such a horrific beat down.

Percy rolled his eyes. "Why don't you sit down, Bolt Breath, before I make you." He said narrowing his eyes at the Sky God. Zeus paled under the glare and sat down quickly, looking away from Percy's intense glare. His chest still had the burns from the brutal assault he suffered not to long ago.

"Armies? What armies?" Hephaestus asked, putting away the pieces of metal he was tinkering with. Even the old forge god was fully focused on the meeting now. He too felt guilty about his part in Percy's banishment but didn't know how to apologize. As most know, he's good with machines and automatons, not organics.

Percy got a hard look in his eye as he eyed the forge god. "After I assumed control of the Arena, I reigned in the quite a decent amount of monsters residing there under my control. They are loyal to me and me alone as I offer them sanctuary in the Arena, away from lethal landscape of Tartarus. And that's all I'm gonna say on the matter." He said shortly.

All the gods paled at his statement. He had an entire army of monsters under his command? What kind of influence and power did he gain in the time he was down there? Hera, wanting to get the meeting back on track, looked at the man before her carefully. "Well, you don't have a choice in the matter. You must help us." She said.

The words barely left her mouth before she felt a body slam into her and someone grab her by the throat. Her eyes filled with terror as she saw that is was Percy, his eyes flashed murderously as he slowly added pressure to her neck, cutting off her air supply. But that wasn't what scared her; what scared her was that she was in her godly form of 12 feet and Percy towered over her in a form of 15 feet. He was able to grow his form till he stood taller than the gods!

Exclamations of shock escaped from the god's mouths as they tired to rise to their feet. But they found that they couldn't as earthen bonds wrapped around their feet and water bond wrapped around their waist and arms, pinning them to there thrones They struggled to free themselves from the bonds, but found that they couldn't do so. But once Percy began to speak, they stopped struggling and listened to his words.

"Listen to me well you bitter old bitch. You sit up here all high and mighty, looking down on the world below, thinking you can do whatever you please because you are the Queen of the Heavens. You control mortal's lives like it's a game to you, making us your pawns in your little game, deciding who lives and who dies simply because you have power. I was your god's pawn for over seven years and look where it got me, over a century of the worst tortures this world had to offer and then some. So let me make this very clear to you right now, bitch." He said squeezing her throat even tighter as she thrashed around, clawing at his titanium grip.

He brought her close to his face and whispered quietly in her ear. "You. Don't. Control. Me. Anymore. I am no longer your pawn for you to manipulate as you please. I don't have to help you do anything! In fact I could just stand by and watch with satisfaction as I see Olympus burn to the ground."

He dropped a shivering Hera back into her throne, her pupils dilated with fear. Never before in her life had she felt so much terror from a demigod before. Her breathing was shallow and her heart was beating frantically inside her chest. The hatred and savagery coming off of him was so intense, it made her feel like her chest was about to burst open.

Demeter leaned over and tired to comfort her sister, cereal the last thing on her mind at the moment. Once she had sufficiently calmed down, she tried to regain her composure, but couldn't seem to keep the tremble out of her vice.

"But w-what about your fatal flaw?" She questioned softly, not wanting to be on the receiving end of Percy's anger again.

Percy laughed humorously. "Personal Loyalty?" She and the other gods nodded.

He shook his head in amazement. "I don't think you Olympians quite understand the situation here. I don't care for the majority of you here. In fact, I DESPISE almost all of you. You sent me to Tartarus to suffer in agony when I never did anything but save your pompous asses time and time again and you honestly expected me to still want to be loyal to you?" He spat out in accusation. Many of the gods turned their heads away in shame, even the ones who didn't like Percy all that much.

"No. You pretty much burned that bridge and severed all ties of loyalty I have towards you. Loyalty is reserved for people I care about and I don't care about you gods anymore." He said, running a hand through his hair.

From across the room, a certain wisdom goddess caught sight of the hand that Percy ran through his hair and she gasped out in shock. The gasp caused the other gods to turn to her and see what she was pointing at. Turning they all caught sight of Percy's monster hand; the blackened skin bulging with muscles, slightly curled fingers and claws shooting out of his fingertips. How the Hades did they not see it before now?

"Percy," Poseidon said shakily. "You're hand?" He said pointing a shaking finger at his left hand.

Percy snapped his head over to glare at his father, who flinched under his son's hateful glare. Tearing his gaze away from him, he looked down at his monster hand; so different from the hand he was born with. He flexed his fingers, seeing the muscles, nerves and tendons working in tandem with each other, studying the creases and lines across his palms.

"When you trapped in the Arena of Tartarus, you lose some things when you fight for you life. And whatever you don't lose in the Pit, Tartarus takes it from you. Forcibly. My hand just so happens to be one of those things." He said, his eyes glazed over as if he was a million miles away.

Athena eyes burned with curiosity, the need to know how he gained all those abilities overcoming her fear. "How did it happen? And where did you gain those new abilities? Sons of Poseidon can only control water and some earth, not fire or lightning."

Percy rose his gaze slowly to meet the eyes of the Wisdom Goddess, his gaze boring into her own unflinchingly. For the first time in her life, Athena was on the receiving end of a calculating look that far surpassed the one she gave to others. The glare he was giving her made her flinch back, much to the shock of the other gods. So this was what it was like to be on the receiving end of a scrutinizing glare, feeling as if you were being slowly dissected and left vulnerable under that penetrating gaze of his. Those gleaming orbs on the surface showed barely restrained savagery, but underneath all of that was a hidden intellect that she never saw before. It was in that moment that Athena realized how much Percy had changed, how dangerous of an enemy he would be.

Unable to take it anymore, Athena averted her eyes, much to her shame. Percy's lips curled into a snarl. "I'm no longer a son of Poseidon, goddess. That man is no father of mine and I'm no son of his. You would be wise to remember that. It is your title after all." He said deadly calm voice.

The soft way he said was even worse than if would have shouted. He was talking to Athena, but it was obvious he directed it straight at Poseidon. Said sea god visibly slumped on his throne and felt his heart crack at his son's scathing words. Tears gathered in his eyes at the way his son basically written him off. Oh what he wouldn't give to have his son back by his son and to rectify the horrible mistake he made over a year ago.

Athena on the other hand bristled at the insult and forgot completely about her fear, as her pride reared up inside her and would not let a comment like that slide. Anger coursed through her system as she forgot all about how they were suppose to Apologize to Percy and try to convince him to fight for them against Erebus.

She stood from her throne in anger, her trusty spear and shield Aegis materialized in her outstretched hands. "You dare insult me about my wisdom boy?!" She shouted, standing at her godly height of 12 feet, her form intimidating as she glared down at him as power rolled off her form. Her power was that of order and structure, wisdom and disciplined war, filling the room with organized formation.

But she was not prepared for what happened next. He gazed up at her unconcerned by her threat and display of power. But his dismissal nature was only a façade as inside he was stewing in fury, his posture rigid and ready to pounce at a moment's notice, a hard glint reflected in his eyes, making them as hard as stone. Suddenly, his own power flared out from his body like a concussive blast from a grenade but a thousand times more powerful. It slammed into Athena's own and her legs buckled underneath her as she was overwhelmed by the monstrous and chaotic nature of his power.

"Yes I do dare, Athena." He hissed, his features becoming a little more feral as he began to walk towards her.

Athena tried to put on her emotionless mask that comes with her title, but it kept breaking as she slightly trembled. What is this?! She screamed at herself. Get it together! You are stronger than this boy! You do not get intimidated! You do not feel fear! But the other side of her questioned her mockingly, Then why do you tremble so? For that she had no answer.

He stalked forward slowly towards the weakening goddess, swinging his unsheathed sword she felt fear begin to claw at her heart.

"Oh Athena, the oh so great goddess of wisdom." He said mockingly. "Tell me, was it wise to sentence me to the pit just because of the rivalry with Poseidon and because I was dating your little bitch daughter? Was it wisdom that made you judge me and act like you are so superior to those you deem beneath you?"

She wanted to shout at him, tell him that yes it was but doubtful thoughts filled her head. None of the other gods moved from their seats, but honestly they were too curious to see what Percy would say as he made the untouchable, cold, aloof Athena become a vulnerable little girl.

"Y-yes it w-" She was cut off when he exploded.

"No it wasn't! It was your pride, your arrogance, that ruled you for thousands of years as you sat up her playing God. You think just because you are the goddess of wisdom that you are the smartest and most knowledgeable. You believe yourself untouchable and far superior to others. And when they are superior to you, you just can't handle it! You cut them down, turn them into monsters because your pride was hurt, destroying their lives and endangering the lives of THOUSANDS of mortals, demigods, and your own CHILDREN! That doesn't make you wise. That makes you an immature, temperamental brat who cries and complains when things doesn't go her way." He ranted, the scathing words pouring from his mouth hitting Athena like actual blows.

She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to ward off the poison he was spewing from his mouth. She wanted to deny it, say that he was wrong and that she didn't think like that. But the words rung heavy with truth as the millennia of jealous and prideful mistakes she made played through her mind.

He placed the cold celestial bronze blade against her throat, slightly pressing it into her skin drawing little beads of golden ichor as his cold eyes scrutinized her with disgust.

"How many have you killed Athena, because you acted rashly and cursed Medusa into a monster? How many of your children have suffered because you couldn't bear the thought that Arachne, a mortal, was better than you and you cursed her? HOW MANY?!" He bellowed, pressing the cold metal into her throat harder.

Tears began to fall down Athena's face, her emotionless mask breaking as the full implications of her actions fully hit her. "I-I don't know." She whispered.

"I thought so." He said before removing his sword from her throat, causing her to collapse in her throne, shaking.

"You wouldn't last a day in Tartarus, let alone all the time I spent down there. You pride yourself on your intellect and wisdom, but those are the first things to go down there. The very landscape is a field of horrors that pushes your mind to the brink of insanity, while the tortures strip you of every, single shred of coherent thought. All you would feel is the pain as your mind turned against itself to escape the reality of what is happening. Tell me, wisdom goddess, what good will your mind be when it is a cracked open, hollow shell as you scream in agony for the rest of eternity? When the thing you hold in greatest regard is striped from you and no longer yours?" Percy said in a sinister tone, his words echoing across the room.

Athena was just staring at him in frozen shock and horror. She looked like she was gonna be sick and the guilt and grief on her face was dominant. It was on all the faces of the gods. Percy didn't just say that to scare them, he said it bluntly and straightforward with nearly no emotion on his face. He was down in that hellhole, so he knew what was down there. HE lived through it.

She felt very small under his gaze as she stared up at him with guilt filled eyes. "W-what happened to you down there? H-how LONG were you down there?" She whispered, but her voice carried in the silence of the throne room.

He leaned in closer to her, his eyes never leaving her own. "You want to know the truth behind my new powers?" He asked, Athena feeling his hot breath on her skin, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of her forehead.

"Here it is." He said. He then slowly lifted his right hand, his non-monster hand, and twisted it around so she could get a look at the back of it. More precisely, to get a good look at the tattoo imprinted onto his skin.

Athena's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as she beheld the Slitted Monster Eye tattoo on the back of his palm, the tattoo that was responsible for inflicting the curse upon him. She shook in her throne, complete horror and revulsion surging through her at what the consequences of her and the Olympian's actions inflicted upon Percy.

"No…impossible…" She whispered as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing. The image on the back of her hand was unlike anything she had ever seen before, but a tickle in the back of her mind bubbled up to the surface as she realized what exactly she was looking at.

"Athena? What is it?" Zeus asked in concern, seeing one of his favorite daughters shaking and trembling greatly worrying him as he shot a glare at Percy who stood there with a stoic expression on his face.

She pointed to Percy's hand, her finger shaking slightly as she did so. "The mark on his hand…the monster eye on his palms…his new abilities and monster hand…it's impossible. Eternal Darkness shall consume the earth…" She began.

"Unless prevented by he who bears the Monster Curse." Percy finished lifting his hands to show the council the glowing black marks on the back of his palms, the monster eyes seemed to be staring directly at them. They all starred in disbelief and pure shock as the magnitude of the situation fully hit them.

Percy's cold eyes scanned the gods, taking in their expression and relishing in their fear and apprehension. "Yes. Now you fully understand don't you?" Percy said as he allowed his body to shift rapidly between his monster forms, not fully staying in one form before he settled back into his human one.

"I am the bearer of the Monster's Curse. I am the one that is thrown into another gods damn prophecy! I am the one that will decide whether to save your pathetic existence or let you be consumed by darkness!" He proclaimed, spreading his arms to the sides. "I AM THE MONSTER SHIFTER!

The Olympians all paled at the realization, shivering at his booming proclamation. They retrieved him from the Pit because they thought he could be an essential asset in the upcoming war, that he could help them find the one who beared the Monster's Curse and because he was completely innocent and did not deserve to be in the Pit any longer. But to know HE was the Monster Shifter? They were seriously beginning to regret sending Percy to his undeserved fate.

Looking into the angry eyes of the demigod before them, they were struck with one thought and one thought only…

We are so totally screwed.

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