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{Akemi Homura}

Walpugnist night wasn't easy to defeat, but I knew even with me alone, I couldn't do anything about it. I let the tears stream down my face as my soul gem was slowly being consumed by darkness. I was slowly losing hope and probably my sanity. I, Akemi Homura was a useless person anyways. I shut off all emotions, traveling through time and space trying to save ONE person. What do I do? I thought crying. I want a happy life, Madoka...Help.. That's when my soul gem broke, that's what I thought until I saw myself in a new area.

"Where am I?" I said out loud. I didn't understand why I was here, if my soul gem was broken, I would be a witch by now,right? Then there was a person who was right in front of me, I didn't know who this person was.

"Ah~! We finally met!" The person said with a bright smile. It was contagious, but I started to smile too. How long has it been since I last smiled? I locked up all the emotions so I could save Madoka.. The person smile never left her face and she soon touched my hand that held my soul gem. It suddenly turned into a necklace.

"I will give you a gift. Your suffering should end, I will give you a life to be reborned in. You will reborn as me!" She said. I looked at her with confusion, why would she do that, for a person like me?

"Why? Why do that for me?" I said to her. She looked me in the eye and gave me an answer that I will never forget.

"Because, I had a happy life, but for you, you lived in such a horrible world. Where you fight to survive, gambling your life, being consumed into darkness and then becoming a monster." She said to me with a sad smile." Ah, it's time to go! Take care of my older brother for me! You won't look like the family, but hey they'll love you! Good luck!"

"Isn't she beautiful,Iemitsu?" I opened my eyes to see a person I couldn't recognize before. The women was beautiful, she had auburn hair and brown eyes that was filled with happiness and adoration. Then there was the man right next to her he had blond hair and brown eyes.

"She is Nana. Oh her eye color is just so unique too!" He said. Is this my new family? Is this what the girl was talking about?

"Hmm..What should we name her?" My new mother said. My new father thought about that and smiled.

"How about Tsukino?" Dad said. Mom smiled and looked at me with a big smile.

"Her name is now Sawada Tsukino." And that was when my life started. I had to admit was hard being a baby. I was stuck inside a crib, but I had a older brother who is one year older than me. He is just like the sky, he smiles a lot. He's name is Tsunayoshi. I kinda admired Tsuna, he doesn't have trouble smiling. But he's a clutz.

I felt different in this family, I was really smart and looked nothing like everyone in the family. I looked the same from my past life, but the ony thing that was different was the fact that I didn't have trouble smiling or showing my emotions.

I got back my soul gem when it was my second birthday. Tsuna and mom went out shopping while I decided to take a nap. Of course dad was home and he was pratically cooing over me. Saying all these stuff like,'You're to cute!' or 'Say you love Papa!' It was creepy. I kinda stared at him and giggled at his reactions. I get crushed into hugs alot by him, but then mom and Tsuna came back home. I walked towards the door.

"Tadaima!" They both said. I smiled and hugged Tsuna. It was strange, I felt so out of character, but I felt..better.

"Okairie!" I said cutely. Tsuna smiled and started talking about his shopping trip and then we had to blow the cake. Then Tsuna walked towards one of his shopping bags and got something out. I felt the pull and the completness all over again when he showed me the box.

"Happy birthday! Tsuki!" Tsuna said. I smiled and jumped up in the air.

"Thank you, Big brother!" I said. I opened the boxs only to see my soul gem in a necklace formation. I stared at it and remembered all the hard memories..I took a breath and put it on with a big smile on my face. I loved this necklace! After put it on, I fliped my long short hair. The day went by, but when I went to bed I looked at the necklace. I tapped on it and what surprised me was pictures showed out of it.

"Happy birthday Homura! We miss you, but I'm sure you will enjoy this present the most. The next year we will give you another one connecting to this necklace. Remember these days when we ate at Mami's house and everyone was so happy? Yeah those were the days! Happy birthday we hope you are enjoying your new life.

- Madoka, Mami, Kyoko, and Sayaka"

I teared up seeing all these memories. Yes these were the memories of the first world, before I became a magical girl. Before all these horrible things started to happen. I looked down on my clothes only to see my magical girl outfit. Probably an extra, but it looked like a regular school girl clothing, but it was good for trainning I guess. I'll do that when I get older. I watched the pictures all over and saw all of them until I got tired. I tapped on it and everything went back into the necklace even my clothes. I laughed and looked out the window.

"I miss you guys. I hope I can see you all again. Thanks for the great birthday present, we are all best friends right?" I said and went to sleep.

{Third Person} {Year 3}

Our main protagist sat in the living room reading a book. She felt like something was going to happen today, but she doesn't know what it was. Tsukino was really smart, she was able to read a lot of hard books for her age. Compare to her older brother he is clumsy and well not really that smart as she was. But they were really young, so that shouldn't count just yet. Today her father is bringing someone home from work and she and Tsuna will be able to meet him. So both Tsuna and Tsukino sat next to each other enjoying each others company. She read and talked to Tsuna at the same time. Call that multi-tasking.

"Tsuna! Tsunkino! Nana! I'm home!" Their dad said. Tsuna walked towards the door while Tsukino put down her book. She followed silently while Tsuna was very shy. He walked besides her while Tsukino didn't mind.

"Hello, my name is Timoteo, nice to meet you two." Timoteo said kindly. Tsuna smiled shyly while Tsukino smiled. The two adults decided to have a conversation while the two children played outside.

It was mostly Tsuna not catching the ball that made Tsukino have to roll it instead. No matter how many times she tried to find a better way to have him catch the ball, he still can't catch the ball. But she ended up rolling it to far making the ball go over to the gate. What was by the gate was a dog, the dog barked at Tsuna while Tsukino was running over to Tsuna. In the end they both ended up freaking out. That dog was scary in the two's point of view. Tsuna ended up crying while Tsukino was trying her best to scare the dog. Their dad came over to comfort Tsuna and Tsukino, mostly Tsuna. Tsukino was shivering and was tramautized. Forever scared of dogs. I remembered one time when I was fighting a witch a dog scared the hell out of me! Tsukino thought. Shuddering at the memory all together. She watched Timoteo go up to Tsuna with a flame in his hand and Tsuna ended up falling asleep. Then he looked at Tsukino, with a sad smile.

"You both have such horrible fates..Tsukino, protect your older brother ok?" He said to Tsukino. Tsukino shook her head and walked with them. Timoteo went up to Iemitsu with a sad face.

"Your son will end up being a canidate for Vongola..All I can do is seal his flames so nothing bad will happen. Along with his memories of me." He said. Iemitsu was upset and then looked up to Timoteo.

"What about my daughter?" Iemistu asked. The girl wasn't listening to their conversation instead she was more interested with her necklace. A sad smile filling into her heart. When Timoteo looked at her, he saw a white flame. A rare flame, more rare than a sky flame. It was the snow flame, her fate was exactly like Tsuna's, she will be involved with the mafia.

"She will also be involved..She has the snow flame making her fully inside the mafia." He looked at Iemitsu, but looked at the girl again as she was crying. No one was able to hear the one word that she repeated all the time. Only Timoteo was able to hear it.

"..Madoka.." In the end she collasped from a fever. Timoteo looked at the two children as the two parents had to put them into bed. He was confused on why she said a name that he haven't heard of before. But all he knew was in the end, those two will have a horrible fate..

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