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{Tsukino Sawada}

I have to admit life was much better than ever. Everything was different from what I usually experienced. There's no such things has witches, there's no Kyubey either. Everything was so much peaceful..Well if you don't count the demon prefect in Namimori Middle school, then we would have normal. I was already in middle school along with Tsuna, I was suppose to be in 6th grade, but instead I skipped a grade just to be with my older brother. I had to admit, technology isn't something I was so use too. It's very different, but I believed that in my world technology was already too advance.

Dad left us when Tsuna was 6 and I was 5. I wasn't expecting him to leave just for work, he was here when we were born till we were 5 or 6 years old. So the daily mornings were normal, I think. I wake up really early and get ready before Tsuna. Usually I wake him up when I'm done, but maybe we wouldn't be late if I wake him up right now.

"Tsuna-nii, wake up!" I said, shaking the bed. He just groaned and rolled over. I sighed. This boy will be the death of me. I thought. I decided to pull the sheets off and open up the windows.

"Wake up, or else we will be late." I said walking out the door once Tsuna fell off the bed.

"HIIIEE!" A loud high pitch shriek came from my brother. I sighed, I am going to literally give up on ever waking him up. I got ready within 5 minutes and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Good morning Mama!" I said with a smile. Mama looked back and smiled. Something about that smile makes me worried. I looked at her suspiscously.

"Mama, did something happen?" I said. She flinched and shook her head.

"No, nothing happened." She said while preparing the food. I knew she was lying. I stared at her again, but then Tsuna came down the stairs. I stiffed a laugh.

"Calm down we have about 30 more minutes." I said calmly eating my food. Tsuna sighed and he relaxed. Then mama was all happy and decided to let out what she find out.

"Tsu-kun, Tski-kun, I got a flyer for a home tutor! It's for the both of you!" She said so happily. Tsuna fell off his chair, while I just stayed quiet.

"Mama are you sure it's for us both? I think I don't need a home tutor." I said. Mama nodded her head. Then the door bell ring.

"I'll get it!" I said. I opened the door to see a baby with a yellow pacifier. The baby was wearing a suit and a feora with a green lizard on top of his hat.

"Ciaosu!" The baby said. I squat down and looked at the baby.

"Are you lost?" I said. I felt my soul gem burn and it was glowing. I look down at it and saw the pacifier from the baby glow too.I looked at his, is this...a..? I thought. I glared at the baby and got up.

"Tsuki, who's at the door?" Tsuna asked me. I just sighed at the pain and at the memories.

"There's a little boy at the door. I think he's lost." I said. Tsuna sighed too with an awkward smile along with it.

"I am not lost, I am the home tutor, Reborn!" Reborn said. I sweat dropped, Must be one hella of a smart baby. I thought. I don't know if Reborn was able to read my thoughts, but he glared at me. Old habits die hard because I hate backing down from a challenge. I glared back at him. Damn. Sakura Kyouko is giving me one of her habits. I groaned mentally. Then Tsuna went up to his room while Reborn told me to follow.

"I am the number one hit-man,Reborn. I am here to train Sawada Tsunayoshi to become Vongola Decimo." Reborn said seriously. I just shook my head and tried to walk away.

"I am also here to train Sawada Tsukino to become one of Tsunayoshi's snow guardian." He said as he pointed a gun at me. I turned around and looked back at him.

"Tsuna, we're going to be late. Lets go." I said. I didn't care about all that in my opinion. I had my adventures, but really I don't care what ever that baby was. Maybe habit dies hard, but I don't care about anything. This is my new life, I should be living it to the fullest, not dying or being immortal like I was before. In the end Reborn followed both me and Tsuna to school. We just had to bumped into Sasagawa Kyoko. She was an angel, and she reminded me a lot of how Madoka acts. But more...I don't even know. But sometimes I feel like she is Madoka, but at the same time she isn't. I sighed when I saw my brother get all fluster when Kyoko started talking about Reborn.

Reborn started to say how he was in the mafia and such. I don't really care about that stuff. It was just the babies delusional thinking. I ended up tapping my foot on the ground waiting Tsuna to finish. We went to school, but this day was just not for Tsuna I guess.

Tsuna ended up confessing to Kyoko..in his underwear. I face palmed at this and just helped him with another pair of clothes after that.

"Reborn told me to die! And shot me with the gun. Then I went all like that!" Tsuna explained. I was literally laughing at how Tsuna sounded like. He was panicking because I had that disgusted look on my face. I ended up bursting into a line of giggles.

"It's fine. I believe you..well partially." I muttered the last part. Tsuna sighed with relief.

It was already the beginning of everything.

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