A/N: Third chapter, and in here we put meat on the bones, so to speak.

Odaiba Shipyard, Odaiba

December 20, 2003

'This is crazy,' Tai complained, leaning down low behind the wall. 'What's this facility got that it needs to be hidden here?'

'It's inconspicuous, not to mention that there's the strong smell of saltwater and fishermen's ships and catches here,' Izzy explained, easing his head from behind the wall to peek. 'My guess is that in case of a fire or some chemical spill, they can mask it under the smell of the sea and fish. The snow also helps because the air feels thicker and heavier.'

'Good idea,' Tai pinched his nose, disgusted by the affronting scent. 'So then, got any idea which warehouse it is?'

'I can fly over if you want me to,' Tentomon suggested, walking by Tai's knees. 'I'll be harder to spot in the air.'

'I think that would be a bad idea right now,' Izzy contradicted, nudging Tentomon back behind the wall. 'Think about it – it's early in the morning. Sure, there are no fishermen right now, but if someone comes over here, we're finished. Sorry pal, but you would actually be easier to spot in the air.'

'I suppose that would make sense…' the dejected Digimon settled down beside them. 'Well, we can't stand behind this wall all day. What do you suggest?'

'I say we make a break for it,' Tai suggested rashly, tired of standing behind a wall. 'We've been here for about ten minutes and seen nobody. C'mon, worst case is that we have to make a break for it faster – let Tentomon fly over quick and then we follow.'

'That does seem the only option,' the red beetle creature nodded. 'Izzy, are you alright with Tai's plan?'

'That seems the best solution to the current problem,' Izzy said, moving from behind cover and walking down the concrete walkway, Tai following hastily after while the sound of Tentomon's wings sounded above. 'Alright, it seems clear – let's run for it.'

And Tai did as Izzy directed, running as fast as he could, cautious of the noise his running made in the light layer of snow. It had been snowing moments before, but had now let up, allowing Tai to unblinkingly head to the warehouse Izzy had indicated, third in a row of five, all running along the concrete coastline of the shipyard docks.

Izzy took another few seconds to catch Tai and Tentomon before the warehouse, panting loudly from the effort. Tai inwardly cursed that Izzy really hadn't wanted to give soccer a try – he was inactive physically much of the time, and it showed in his poor running speed.

'Alright, where'd the door be?' Tai asked himself, looking down both extremes of the warehouse's front, though only a large pair of doors stood before them, too big and likely loud to dare open without arousing suspicion. 'Izzy, you think we should chance it?'

'These can't be opened by us,' Izzy coughed. 'They must be operated by a remote of some sort… Kabuterimon would be able, but I doubt he could stay a secret for long…'

'So what do you think?' Tai said, impatient and fearful of being spotted.

'If this is what Gennai told me it was in his address for this place, then it's a government building – that means high-tech,' Izzy mused, hand stroking the surface of the doors. 'Think about Andromon's factory-'

'I'd rather not think about that right now.'

'No, hear me out,' the redhead stressed, hand stroking the door still. 'That place was high-tech as well. There were consoles and access panels, so there's bound to be a special way into this one, like a terminal for a given password.'

'Now you've lost me,' Tai grumbled. 'What's that all mean in normal terms?'

'It means that there's probably a false portion of this door,' Izzy said, looking at Tai determinedly. 'Come on, help me. If we find it, then we can get in.'

'Alright,' Tai said, stroking the door and feeling carefully for something odd on its surface. 'You know, for a special place for those government bozos, there aren't a lot of guards – none, actually.'

'Why do you think I want to get inside quick – Tentomon, I never asked, but can you feel electricity, like in this door for instance?'

'Well, I've never tried it, but…' Tentomon approached the door and placed a stumped hand onto it. 'I don't see why not.'

A moment or two past, Tai's insides knotting themselves tighter and tighter with every second that Tentomon said nothing.

'That's odd,' the red Digimon muttered. 'It feels like there's a weak feeling of electricity in there…'

'What, does it have a source or an outflow?' Izzy pressed in words Tai didn't comprehend.

'Scratch that, can you get us in?' he pressed, looking down the coastline anxiously.

'That's the thing, it feels damaged, as though somebody went and shocked it in some way.'

Tai blinked, 'What, like a Digimon?'

'Not likely, Tai. The Digital Government is watching all known Digiports with great vigilance.'

'But not impossible,' Tai said snappishly. 'That's not the point – can it open or what?'

'Izzy, I should Digivolve,' Tentomon turned to his partner. 'I wouldn't need longer than a few seconds to pry these doors open.'

'I suppose…' Izzy looked up and down the shipyard frantically, pulling his Digivice from his pocket and whispering. 'Alright, but we have to be quick about this.'

There was a sharp flash of light, blinding Tai for a moment before he could see again, see the leg of the giant but familiar Kabuterimon, looking as though he were crouched and his large hands digging into the doors, struggling to pull them apart.

'C'mon, you can do it!' Tai cheered quietly, looking up and down the shipyard with a tight, nervous tugging at his insides. 'C'mon, you can do it, Kabuterimon!'

And he did. The doors began to creak and then part, slowly, little by little. It was rather loud, but Kabuterimon was opening the warehouse door, a thick darkness inside.

'Alright, we can squeeze inside,' Izzy urged. 'Go back to being Tentomon for now.'

'Right,' the giant bug grunted, a yellowish glow embracing him as he shrunk before them back into Tentomon. 'That was tiring – I haven't managed to Digivolve in a year, but even so that was tiring.'

'Complain later,' Tai hissed, squeezing into the gap between the doors with ease and entering the darkness with a tremulous feeling within him. 'Alright, seems clear to me.'

Izzy and Tentomon followed him through the gap inside, leaving the opening as it was in the event that they needed to make a hasty retreat.

'So far so good…' Tai mumbled, looking to where he could hear Izzy's feet moving. 'It's too dark…'

'Hold on,' Izzy whispered, his pace slowing and Tai following suit, 'there must be a light switch somewhere around here.'

'And in the meantime we're walking in the dark, Izzy.'

'Just shut up for a moment and-' there was a loud banging close by, something having been bumped into. 'Alright, I think I found it…'

Izzy flicked something from what Tai could hear, and a second later the lights flashed on above, disorientating him for a moment with their stark brightness cutting through the dark around them in an instant.

What he saw around him was stunning.

'Izzy… what's this?'

Continental Flight IL-345, Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

December 20, 2003

'How much longer do you think it'll be until we're there?' Mimi asked, knowing that it was for at least the tenth time. 'Michael? Willis?'

'I'm not sure, Mimi,' Michael said politely, his accent as thick as ever. 'It can't be much longer, can it, Willis?'

'I hope it's not,' Willis sighed. 'Terriermon's probably bored out of his mind in the cargo hold – playing cards with Betamon can't last this long, especially with turbulence making everything shake.'

'I suppose not,' Michael laughed, smiling broadly.

Mimi couldn't help but smile too. She was sat in first-class on an airliner, a first by her, though Michael's father owning a private plane had made him accustomed to it. His father had paid for all three of them to spend their sixteenth Christmas with their friends in Japan. It had taken some convincing, but her mother finally agreed to part with Mimi for at least a week or two until after New Year's Day.

'So then, what do you think they've been up to?' Willis leaned back into his reclining seat, looking pleased by it. 'I haven't seen Davis or his group for over a year, even before the final fight.'

'I know,' Mimi said, sighing thoughtfully of her friends. From what little she could understand, they were rather separate, something that only made her sad. 'Still, imagine the looks on their faces when they find out that Benjamin brought Terriermon and Betamon back.'

'That's true,' Willis mumbled, his eyes closed and a tired sigh escaping him. 'Still, he could've told me why Terriermon needed to be in Japan. My Japanese is a little rusty.'

'As is mine,' Michael input, looking up at the plane's ceiling. 'Still, Betamon needing to be in Japan is strange. He said he couldn't talk about this 'Digital Government' of theirs either.'

'Still, you two are so lucky,' Mimi muttered sadly, Palmon's visage before her eyes. 'I miss Palmon so much that it hurts sometimes…'

Neither boy said anything to this.

Mimi saw that she had made the air thick with tension and an awkward sentiment, and looked at her Digivice's timer to hide her reddening face. It said that it was 11:02 in Japanese time-zone mode. She could see the sun outside and figured that the correlation of the time and the light outside the plane's window meant that they were close, though she couldn't spot land as of yet.

She couldn't wait to surprise her friends in her first visit since Armageddemon's rampage a year before. Nothing would go wrong; she simply wouldn't allow it to happen, she decided.

This year she wanted a pleasant Christmas with her old friends and allies.

Odaiba Overland Train Station Platform

December 20, 2003

'So then, do you think that you got all the gifts that you need to get?' TK inquired, trying to break the silence between them as they awaited the train to the neighbouring district of Tokyo on a desolate platform. 'I mean, you know, if you wanna go shopping again I'm good with going with you.'

'That's nice of you, TK,' Kari smiled the smile that TK adored so very deeply. 'But we had better go and see how Yolei's doing with Ken. Those two seem to have trouble understanding each other.'

TK was taken by impulse, his hand moving against his volition and taking Kari's own.

'They aren't the only ones, are they?'

'I guess not,' Kari said, her cheeks reddening slightly. 'But we got there in the end. I have faith in both of them.'

'I do too. Ken's still at the top of his classes from what I hear – not at the level he was before, but he's at least second or third in terms of midterms. At least, that's what Davis told me once.'

Curiously, he felt a slight twitch of Kari's small hand within his own.

'Is that right?' she asked, her voice sounding slightly hollow, though TK already knew why. 'Well, I wouldn't know… he doesn't come near me anymore.'

'It's just his way of coping,' TK assured her, gently squeezing her hand. 'Come on, you know Davis better than that. If MaloMyotismon couldn't get to him, I doubt that we will.'

'I hope so,' she mumbled sadly. 'I knew about it, you know, but I never got around to telling him. He was a friend.'

'He is a friend,' TK told her, the tannoy announcing their train on the approach. 'And we have to have faith in our friends.'

'How do you know that he can still be our friend?'

'I have 'Hope',' TK announced, smiling as broadly as he could at her. 'Besides, hard-headed as he is, Davis would never do anything to upset you. If you don't believe me, believe in that much, Kari.'

'Okay, I'll try.'

Odaiba Back Alleyways

December 20, 2003

He could see them patrolling around the street from the alley he was hidden in. They had been doing so for ten minutes, the crowd of shoppers suddenly dispersing just before having probably been evacuated due to a 'bomb scare' or a 'monster sighting'. They would never tell them that they were after him alone.

They had searched for him for days, the men in their strange costumes. They were walking around in what looked like a single piece of black overalls with a mask attached with minor breathing apparatus, as though he could poison them with the air he was breathing. In their hands, they held guns, looking oddly like FN P90s, meaning it was not typical weaponry. They were compact and deadly.

On the back of their clothes were a bold set of letters: SDF.

The Special Defence Forces, in other words. He had been warned against them by his one friend, but they were still vigilant for him, and in truth he was not sure how much longer he could hide from them in the alley. Their steps were approaching loudly in drilled march.

He needed to escape, but the alley he had hidden in thoughtlessly had no exit, it merely ran into a dead end.

'Who are these guys?' he muttered to himself with aggression, despising their persistence in following him and more than likely the other. 'Come on, there's got to be one way out without going out into that…'

Then it hit him. He knew what to do, though how he knew was unknown to him. In the previous few days, he had found that he knew a lot about things he had not though much about before.

'Alright…' he muttered, lifting a hand to the sky and concentrating on what he wanted to happen. He sincerely hoped that his mind hadn't taken its leave of him, and he hoped even more that desperate madness had taken him blind. 'Wait…'

He could see it working.

Odaiba Shipyard, Warehouse Facility

December 20, 2003

His Digivice was blaring and flashing wildly, a feature that had never proven beneficial to Izzy in any way in the past. In fact, it more often than not signalled a bad tiding or a warning. But about what it was, he had no idea, and frankly, he had bigger concerns.

Stuffing it into his pocket and doing his best to ignore the muffled beeping, Izzy went about the console again, trying to find a way to switch it on. It had been lying at the very back of the empty warehouse space, the very thing he had bumped into, finding the light switch situated beside it. Other than that, the warehouse was the picture of bland and empty.

'What's so secret about this place?' Tai groaned behind him while he tried to activate the console. 'I mean come on, it's pretty much a dump!'

'Tai, I would like to tell you that this place is spotless,' Tentomon perked up behind Izzy as well. The pair of them began to bicker. 'This is getting us nowhere, Tai. Perhaps we should allow Izzy some peace and quiet, hmm?'

'You haven't even got a mouth and you never shut up!' Tai snapped irritably, and Izzy could sense that he had turned to Izzy. 'Any luck?'

'Not even close,' Izzy sighed. 'This machine is prodigious. My best guess is that it requires a pass or a cardkey to even induce power to begin with. Without that-'

'So no,' Tai surmised.

'Yes, the answer is still as much 'no' as five minutes ago.'

'That's great,' Tai said, pacing behind Izzy. 'If only Tentomon could feel the power in the computer and then shocked it – that'd save us a lot of time and a lot of hassle.'

'Wait, Tentomon!' Izzy whirled around, both of his fellows looking surprised in their own way. 'I've been stupid, but it makes sense now!'

'Uh – what does, Izzy?'

'When you leave, you wouldn't just leave something as important as this alone, no matter what you do!' Izzy's mind was fast at work, considering the possibility. 'They must have switched off the power source to hinder any intruder!'

'So, what?' Tai stepped forward, confused. 'We just switch it back on?'

'No, the power source will be somewhere else, otherwise the lights and the computer would both be working right now. Think about it, Tai, if you had your computer left for the world to see, what logically comes to mind?'

'Well, I guess I'd take out all the plugs and stuff…'

'Precisely, and that is what they have done,' said Izzy, confident now in his hypothesis. 'If I'm right, then we could still pull off this mission Gennai has given us. All we need to do is find those disconnected 'plugs and stuff' and have Tentomon give them some electrical assistance.'

'Oh, I get it!' Tai smiled, 'So we get him to shock these cables, right?'

'I believe I can manage that,' Tentomon added. 'However, now we have to find these cables you believe have been disconnected.'

'Right,' said Izzy, 'hopefully, they're close by and within easy reach. That is why I want you to assess the console and see where whatever power it has leads to and cuts off. Can you do that Tentomon?'

'It's worth a try,' the red beetle Digimon buzzed, flying over to the console and grabbing it with both stumpy hands. 'I need a moment or two.'

'That's fine,' Tai perked up. 'There's no guards or anything, and no fisherman's gonna go out in the snow. Plus, it's only… um…' he rifled through his pocket and consulted his own Digivice, which was not beeping or flashing at all. 'It's only 11:30, so we're good.'

Ichijouji Residence, Ken's Room

December 20, 2003

'Yolei, really, you don't need to dress me,' Ken insisted, being pulled aside in front of his mirror by Yolei. 'Seriously, it's only a trip into the city, right?'

'That's right,' the lavender haired girl had a finger on her chin, considering how he looked in a blazer and jeans. 'I'm not sure… Mimi didn't teach me all the things to look for when dressing boys…'

'Yolei, please stop,' Ken sighed his plea, knowing she wasn't listening. 'Is this because of last night? I said I was sorry for whatever made you cry, didn't I?'

'Did I cry?' Yolei put on an innocent face, but the waver in her voice told Ken he was right, 'I don't remember doing that. Maybe you were daydreaming again, Ken. You do that a lot…'

'Excuse me?'

'No, this is no good!' Yolei yanked him by the arm and threw him onto his bed, aside from his closet and the literal pile of rejected clothes she had made in her hour of being at his family's apartment. She wandered over to it and looked at what little remained. 'No, too plain and too uninteresting… Ken, do you care if you wear odd-socks and clothes?'

Ken scratched his head distractedly, 'Come again?'

'I remember Mimi saying that in vital moments, clashing colours can give a person character,' Yolei said sagely, though it made little sense to Ken, still drowsy from when he had been woken early by her, who had claimed it an 'innocent visit'. She had made a lot of them as of late, he recalled. 'Ken, are you listening?'

'Yes, yes,' he lied, reaching to his desk for his cell phone while Yolei plundered and purloined combinations of clothes for him to try.

Absently, he looked through the numbers, arriving to one he had not called in the longest time, mostly by Yolei's request. But now, with a full month nearly having passed by, he grew worried. He had not even seen his best friend in that time. He had considered it, and decided that today he would be proactive and force the issue.

Initiating the call while Yolei hummed some J-pop tune that was popular at the moment, Ken listened anxiously to the dial tone, and almost felt his heart stop when he heard his friend pick up the phone.

'Hello?' Davis asked.

'Hi,' Ken said pleasantly, his eyes on Yolei, who was still blissfully invading his closet. 'You free today? Me and Yolei are getting the group together for today. I asked Cody yesterday.'

Yolei turned, her eyes wide behind her glasses. He had expected as much, but frankly put, he was a little weary of her company and TK with Kari's company alone. He wanted his friends back. He had called Cody before and told him where to be. All that was left now was Davis.

'Ken…' Yolei whispered pleadingly, shaking her hair slowly. 'Please… don't do this…'

'He's my friend,' Ken stated with some strength. He was not one for force, still scared of how he had been as Digimon Emperor, but he decided that he could no longer watch quietly while his friends parted. He owed them so much, every single one of them.

'Ken?' Davis's voice said through the receiver – in the quiet, he was sure that Yolei could hear his voice, her face white as chalk. 'Ken, c'mon, what's this all about? You know what it's like right now, don't you?'

'Yes,' Ken said. 'But my friends are my friends. What you want to think about each other is none of my business. But Davis, please, do this for me.'

There was quiet for a moment.

'Alright,' Davis sounded uncertain, even through the cell phone's receiver. 'Where to, then?'

'The main shopping district in the city – we're meeting at Joan's Diner, do you know it?'

'Um – y-yeah, I was there yesterday, but… well, you sure about this, Ken?'

'Davis, do you trust me?'

After a few seconds of silence, Davis said, 'Alright, I'll… I'll give it a try. No promises, alright?'

'No promises, no regrets,' Ken smiled, though Yolei looked mortified and dumbstruck before him, dropping the clothes in her hands. 'You used to say that when you came here, remember?'

'Yeah, when we were playing video games and betting,' Davis laughed. 'Alright, I'll go find some train fare, alright?'

'Alright, see you soon.'

There was a beep, and Ken ended the call, throwing the phone beside him on the bed and staring at Yolei's worried expression.


'Wear what you want,' she said rather sharply. 'Do you know what this'll do to Kari?'

'I have a good guess,' Ken got to his feet, knowing it would affect Kari badly. 'But they need to talk sometime, Yolei. Isn't he your friend as well?'

'Of course he is, but Kari's my best friend,' she replied, some colour returning to her face. 'And she'll be here soon. I've got to warn her.'

'Go ahead, if that's what you feel is right.'

Odaiba Streets

December 20, 2003

'Again?' Sora looked startled. 'How many dates can they manage before they get bored? I mean, they are forcing it a little.'

'That's what I said,' Matt responded calmly. 'I trust TK enough to know he's a big kid now. Let him make mistakes and learn from them – remember how I was before the whole thing with Cherrymon?'

Sora nodded, remembering how Matt had told her about an unctuous and untrustworthy Digimon that had fooled Matt into fighting with Tai, their Digimon doing their duty to protect their partners and also fighting each other. From what she had heard, Cherrymon had been a tree, which was an odd thing to consider, thinking that something so seemingly calm and stalwart could be devious like Cherrymon was.

'So anyway, TK aside, why did you want to come out so early?' Matt asked, Sora's heart almost beating at her ribs like a drum at the question. 'I mean, the snow's nice and all, don't get me wrong, but it's been about an hour of us walking now. Don't you want to go to the shopping district?'

Sora licked her lips nervously, feeling herself go red as time passed by. Matt must have thought himself gentlemanly with concern as he took her hand into his and asked her what was wrong, but she knew that she was being put on the spot for what she had planned.

'I-I-I… well, that is… um…' she began stuttering like a fool – as Tai had once told her at age eight, she was an awful liar, but the truth was just embarrassing. 'I-I… I wanted to see the snow is all…'

'Sora, are you feeling alright?' he put a hand to her forehead. 'That's not good – I think the cold's getting to you…'

Biting back her fear of ridicule, she dispensed with her horrible attempt to lie and delay what she wanted to tell him and give him. Shakily, she reached into her pocket with her free hand and pulled them out, dangling them before her by her fingers.

'I wanted to give you this!' Sora almost shouted in her embarrassment, thankful that no shoppers were on the street at that moment. 'I-I… do you like it?'

She felt one of the thin chains being pulled gently from her shaky fingered-grasp. Steeling herself, she waited on his approval or disapproval, feeling regret for getting them.

'S-Sora…' Matt sounded thunderstruck. 'I – are you sure?'

'Y-yeah,' she mumbled. 'It's Christmas soon and my mom wants me at home for when dad's back, and on Christmas Eve it would be embarrassing so… now was the best time… do you not like it?'

Her heart felt as though it had turned to stone as she waited, feeling it sink slowly within her. Perhaps her gift was not a good idea. She focussed on the pavement and the trodden snow beneath her.

'I love it,' he said, the words sweet as honey to her. 'An early Christmas present's nice, but I wasn't going to give you yours until the day… do you want them now?'

'No,' she smiled stupidly, her face only getting hotter and her mind clouded by happiness. 'This is… this is special.'

Losing her ability to speak with what felt like a drowsy flush, Sora fumbled to undo the thin chain's connection, her hands unsteady. Matt held her hands gently, his necklace now hung proudly around his neck and over his jacket. The sight calmed her, and she allowed him to take hers without complaint, his hands precise in brushing her hair aside and hooking the chain together, her necklace now over her coat.

Matt smiled at her with the smile she had felt so utterly cherished ever since their first travels in the Digital World, all those years ago. Now, they were different – now they were happy together.

Matt again took her hand into his, and they began again to head down the street.

'So, wanna go shopping?' he asked with the necklace still on top of his jacket. 'This time, gifts are on me.'

'Y-yeah…' she mumbled, grabbing at and looking at the pendant of the necklace she was now wearing, a half without his to complete it.

It was small and made with an unimpressive metal, but the shape of a heart with a jagged break in the middle would connect with his to make a full heart. The inscription of hers read 'LO' while his would read 'VE'.

She had never managed to say it before, but through the necklace, she knew that Matt would know how important he was to her, and she hoped the feeling was more than merely mutual.

In fact, it was more than a hope. She knew it, as she had sensed it with Tai a year ago.

Love was, after all, her special quality.

Odaiba Shipyard, Warehouse Facility

December 20, 2003

'You're sure it's under here?' Tai asked, looking down at a small grate on the floor they had found within the corner beside the doors of the warehouse. Snow was creeping in gently through the small gap between the doors. 'Tentomon, are you pretty sure?'

'Yes, I am,' the Digimon declared proudly. 'If you open that grate, the cables should be under there. I felt them when I checked.'

'Good enough for me,' he declared, wanting badly to leave before he was caught by the authorities for essentially trespassing. 'Izzy, can you give me a hand?'

'Move over,' the redhead said, standing at one end of the grate while Tai went to the other. 'Alright,' they both reached for small delves that allowed them grab at the grate's underside. 'On three – one, two…'

'Three!' Tai yelled, he and Izzy beginning to groan with effort as they both lifted the heavy grate hardly a foot from the ground and dumped it beside them, revealing what it had been hiding.

'T-that's it…' Izzy panted, pointing at a mass of disconnected cables, removed from small outlets purposefully. 'T-Tentomon… give them a good shock, okay?'

'W-why not just connect them again?' Tai inquired, feeling his heartbeat quicken from the effort of lifting the grate.

'Are you kidding?' Izzy blurted, coughing drily. 'I mean, can you imagine how weird it would look if whatever had been powering this place was doing it again?'

'We'd get people coming to look,' Tai grunted. 'Sorry… I wasn't thinking clearly…'

'That's alright,' Izzy looked then at Tentomon, Tai taking the opportunity to catch his breath. 'Tentomon, could you do me a favour and give a small but constant charge to the cables?'

'Leave it to me,' the insect Digimon said, hobbling over with his small legs and opening his carapace-like back, his wings buzzing quickly, 'Super Shocker!'

A small stream of electricity came from his wings, going into the hole and striking the cables. The flash stopped Tai from seeing them, but he supposed that they were working, running with Izzy over to the monitor of the terminal.

It was coming to life, he could see it as he and Izzy made it to the back of the warehouse, the screen running through recovery scripts of code that Tai didn't truly understand.

When it was done, Izzy went to work on the keyboard, clacking away at unbelievable speed.

'Can you find anything?' Tai asked.

'I will, don't you worry,' Izzy said. 'Besides, I bet Gennai can look at this on his side, too. I want to know what he was so interested in here.'

'Well you better hurry up,' Tai snapped. 'Tentomon can't last forever.'

A/N: And there is the third chapter of the tale, running smoothly into a fourth that begins to look at what has happened and what the existence of Digimon has created.