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Chapter 2:An Unknown Legend Arises part 1

At the camps Infirmary:

In Jakes dream he thought he saw me, Percy Jackson, hit him with my swords hilt and that a roar shot into the air. When he woke up, he thought he was still dreaming because he saw guys and girls with goat feat and a man with a horse body.

"You're not dreaming," said a voice behind him. As he turned around he saw Grover and me, but he started walking away a little.

"Dude I won't hit you with my sword okay," I said.

"Fine but if you try again I will use Tai-Kwon-Do on you."

"Okay but I've faced worse," I said before I was cut off by an earthquake.

"Can't be Gaia we put her back to sleep," I said.

"It's not. Gaia's the earth so I would feel her wake up but this feels like agony not awaking."

"OH GREAT NOW WE NEED TO FACE something that is putting Gaia in agony. Must be more powerful then."

At the Camp Fire:

"Hello campers. Hope today was a good day. Yes I know about the earthquake so don't ask."

Everyone then turned to Percy like he knew everything.

"What It's not like I know about this."

"Well whatever this is Gaia seems to be in pain," said Grover.

"And how would you know that Grover," said Clarisse.

"Because Gaia is one with the Earth since she is the Earth and I can feel things that are one with the Earth."

"Okay we get it."

"Now the reason for this meeting is because of the prophecy which Percy got. Percy please tell us what the prophecy said."

"Okay." Child of Sea Beware the Sky. If you shall fail the Earth will die. Sea and Lightning must work this day, Or else the Earth will fall when Darkness reigns."

Everyone looked puzzled when he finished.

"Wait the prophecy couldn't mean Zeus, can it?" asked a camper.

"Why would it? I mean really. If Zeus killed Gaea then he would kill his own children," answered Nico.

"Well then we better get cracking because-" Leo was cut off when people started gasping and seeing a sign on Jack.

"What," he asked. He then looked above him and saw a sign that was different then any sign I've seen.

"Chiron who's sign is that?" asked me.

"I don't know. I've never seen that sign since I started making Camp Half-Blood."

"Well whoever it is they'll have to wait till their son's in his cabin because we can't tell who's sign that is. He'll have to stay in Hermes cabin. Can someone in Hermes take care of him while we find out who's sign that is?" I asked.

"We will," said the Stoll brothers.

"Fine but if you try to prank him I will send you to the darkest, deepest part of Hades," said Chiron.

They then walked away but the Stoll's looked scared since that was a threat to them.

"Well I'll check the attic for anything about the Sky. Percy you check out every book your father sent and see if you can find anything about that symbol," said Annabeth.

Also I have been getting a lot of books from my dad and they're getting cramped up there. Some of them actually are symbol books so lucky for me.

At Poseidon cabin:

Well I've just checked every book my father gave me and not a single one has the symbol that appeared over Jake. I was about to give up when another book appeared. I read the title and it said " Legends of Darkness, by Rhea." So my Grandma Rhea actually made a book that was about 1 million years old, give or take a few.

I started reading the book and found symbols of beast that my aunt call "The Gitans."

I finally found the one that appeared over Jake and the name was "SkyRon, King of the Gitans."

"I ran to the Big House and found Annabeth as she said," Hey I found something about the Sky. It says that before the Titans, there were the Sky and the Earth. When they had children, the Titans, their children killed the Sky. Before he died he said," I will return when the alignment of the planets come in 1 million years. If any of you are alive I will destroy you." The name for the Sky is... Oh Ouranos. I thought the Sky was familiar."

"Well I found something also. My dad sent this book from my aunt Rhea and I found the symbol. Do you know someone named, Skyron."

Another earthquake went off.

"Oh great. Another earthquake."

Another book appeared in front of me as I grabbed it. I read the title and it was called," Book of The Ancient Myths, by Hera."

"Oh great. My dad gives me a book that was made by my Aunt Hera. Let's read it."

When I read it I found a section called," The Three Powerful Gitans." The Three Gitans were SkyRon, DeadRon and SeaRon. When they were made was after the first Giant War, but after they were created, the spirit of Cronus came to them and made them evil. They later had sons and daughters who became Gitans called WheatRon, HearthRon, MarriageRon who married SkyRon, KnowledgeRon, SunRon, HuntRon, FireRon, Waron, BeautyRon, MessageRon, LoveRon, WildRon and WineRon who I know is like Mr. D. When I told Annabeth about the section see ran to Chiron to tell them if there was anything more powerful then the Gods, Titans or Giants.

"I don't know what to tell you. The gods don't tell me everything they do in the last millennium," was all he said.

"Well I don't know who the Gitans are but they're like the gods. They come and have children. What should we call them?" I asked Annabeth.

"Maybe Demitans."

"Sure. Whatever."

"So Chiron can we have a quest," asked Annabeth.

"Sure but we need a prophecy. Can someone get Rachel," he said.

"I'll get her," said Jake.

Later on at the Camp Fire:

"Hello everyone. I know we're still puzzled by what happened yesterday but we have figured it out what the symbol is. It's is the sign of an ancient league of gods called Gitans," Chiron said," We just need Rachel to start the quest for Percy."

"Okay. I'm ready," said Rachel.

When she was ready, she nearly feinted until two campers caught her and another one got her a chair.

"The 7 Half-Bloods against Gaia must came once more. Another warrior of different kind will help to find the open door. The gods of evil will help against the gods, and Gaia will fall against the Sky's reign."

"Well that was confusing. It almost sounds like the first one," I said.

"Well all we do know is that we need the 7 Half-Bloods and Jake to find the Doors of Death again."

Well at least I got the prophecy for the quest done. Soon we'll have some monster attacks and more monsters coming back.

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