It was too easy to forget how long I'd been invisible. My oldest memory being waking up, it was rather discomforting to think that I couldn't even tell how many years had passed. It wasn't too long before I decided to travel the world, so I wouldn't feel too bad at coming back and seeing something completely different.

One day, I was coming across a small Scandinavian kingdom. I believe it was called Arrendelle. I noticed the winter had not started by the time I got there, so I kick-started things a little bit, but I may have done a bit too much.

I was too enraged at myself for not getting the frost in on time, I made the first snowfall into a great snowstorm. Many people died because of me. It was one of the first times I was truly depressed, but it wouldn't be the last. After I saw a little sick girl die in her mother's arms, I decided I wouldn't leave this small kingdom until I could fix it.

I eavesdropped on the king and queen, and learned that the queen was with child, and due very soon. It was their first, and the queen was absolutely terrified that if the storm didn't stop, then their child wouldn't survive for a week.

I did my best to calm the storm, and I only succeeded in stopping the snowfall, but there was still too much snow for there to be no danger before the queen gave birth. The child was born on the worst day of it all, actually. She was born on the last day of the storm.

The baby girl was tiny, and weak. I could tell that if I couldn't control my storms, the child would die, no matter how the parents tried to help. The king and queen were so certain that she would die, they hadn't even named her. I had to do something.

After much thought, I blew open the window to the room with the child in it. Immediately, she began to cry. I knew I would have to act fast if I was to help her live, without her parents coming in and thinking something completely different was going on, like me killing her or something.

Cautiously, I walked up to the child, and tried to remain calm about what I was about to do. I had never done anything like that before. For all I knew, if it went wrong, if I screwed something up, she would die instantly, because of my intervention

With slow, careful movement, I leaned my head into the child's crib, and kissed her forehead, giving her the blessing of the Frost. Upon the kiss, the child's hair turned white, and her eyes became vividly blue, and she cried louder than ever before. I heard her parents come rushing into the room, so I fled through the window.

The father shut the window immediately, but the mother stood in shock over the crib. Her child looked back at her, but she appeared different than when she was born. Not only was her hair white and her eyes blue, but all in all, she looked healthier. But then it was my turn to be scared.

The child looked over to the window, and reached out for me. It could have been her father. In fact, that's what I told myself, until he moved out of the way, and the child still reached towards the window, to me. She recognized that I was there. I was scared by it, so I flew away, and continued my snow-duties elsewhere.