This is a story about a relentless princess, so indulged in her own power that she lost who she was and a knight who couldn't bring himself to stray from her side and the despair that enveloped their existence, linking the two together by a distinct, scarlet thread.

"Princess," a lithe female clad in maid attire hastily ushered the female inside, all too aware of the chill that was settling over the flower garden but the royal seemed determined to relish the presence of the violets for a while longer, shooting the maid a distasteful glance, who shrunk away at such. "Sorry..."

"I thought I told you not to bother me, Rayela." She stated dryly, her eyes magenta in hue lingered on the woman before her with clear distaste. "You seem to forget whose in charge here, or do I have to remind you again?" The words stabbed at the female's core and Rayela was quick to take a step back, distancing herself from the ruler, bowing her head in respect. "I'm sorry... You're meal will be ready shortly, I hope you'll join your brother this evening."

"If I do, or do not is none of your concern. Now you're dismissed," Her dainty hand was flicked and the maid hurried away, clutching the frill of her attire as she did so, distress written across her visage.

"You've been particularly cruel to her of late, My lady." A voice resonated through the flower garden, earning the female's attention; a cynical smile settling over soft pink lips. "Are you truly one to judge Knight? Is it really you're place to judge me of all people?" Her voice was like syrup to the male who stepped out into the light, his armor splendid in colour and vibrance gleamed under the light.

"Perhaps I'm not and maybe I should keep my opinion to myself but I worry for you at times, you know that." His voice was completely even, no hint of emotions lacing it and that was just the way she loved it. Sauntering over to her personal guardian she rested a hand on his chest plate, raising an inquisitive brow "You've not forgotten who /your/ ruler is then?" Her voice was a purr but it did little to contort his tight features.

"Of course not, it's your brother; the king."

Her taunts had never had an effect on Kite as they did the other members of the staff and he always stood up to her, perhaps that's why she relished his company? After all people who were harder to break were all the more appealing when sprawled at her feet.

"Oh, but for how long." She cooed, pulling away from him and turning toward the arch-way which lead back into the palace, her lips curving maliciously. "Say, who do you think dear brother will choose to wed me, perhaps a handsome man from a far off land? You would know wouldn't you Kite? After all you're my brother's right hand man."

He stiffened her words but offered no response, his stormy hues distant even as they rested on the small of her back "He hasn't spoken of such, if he does I will be sure to inform you, Princess.."

Her aquamarine locks swished as she spun on her heel, ascending the steps and vanishing inside the castle "I would expect no less." her whispered hung on the gentle breeze long after she'd vanished inside and he wondered for a heartbeat if he should have warned her of her brother's departure before the dinner began? Perhaps it would have been wise, he didn't know- But as a subordinate to the royal family it was not his decision to make.

The dinner table was clad with an extravagant white cloth, corners adorn with a tribal gold pattern. Whine glasses gleamed under the light of a chandelier and at the head of the table, seated in a chair that was just as extravagantly crafted as the cloth itself was the King, Reginald Kastle.

The siblings had never had a properly established relationship. Often her brother would spend long hours away from the kingdom, order their forces, protecting the borders- Attending tedious meetings with other lords... The works. Rio had never been bothered by such, her brother was a pompous fool who assumed that his word could control her- But she'd investigated her power over the citizens and was quite aware that she could slither her way out of his orders without much effort.

"Sister." His greeting echoed through the hall, sounding as if he were addressing a youth rather then the adolescent who was second in place to take the throne, Second only to him. "Brother-" Her honey coated voice masked pure malice, she loathed the male before her- Everything from his piercing cobalt eyes to the unusual pattern his hair created- More then anything she despised the crown that protruded from between the M his locks formed. "It really is a pleasure to be joining you-"

"I'm sure it is, I have great news for you sister."

She was about to question him when dinner arrived, as usual it was served of polished silver trays. An array of delectables from things such as Turkey to meals that involved meats she could never quite name- each as delicious if not more so than the one that came before it. "It will have to wait until after dinner, your majesty." His maid mused, resting the plate before him before ducking her head.

They were all so friendly-

Sickly so. Always bowing down before the royals, always wearing those painted smiles- It drove her mad, sometimes- Prying the fear and the anxiety from them was the only thing that could drive away those putrid expression from her mind. "Thank you for preparing such a meal." His tone didn't waver but even as austere as his words may have been they still elected a blush upon her cheeks. "Of course," And with that she scuttled off.

"What is it you wished to tell me, dear brother?" She asked, using her fork to prod at the wing of a roasted bird, not looking like she planned on eating it any time soon. Ryoga raised his head, his oculars settling on the woman before him, who was still playing with the food upon her plate.

"I shall be leaving tomorrow, to meeting my bride-" Her brows worked together, a scowl forming on her lips. Rio had been painfully aware that her brother had showed interest in marrying into a powerful military based family from a few lands over and she knew the female, all too well- She was a beautiful female, with long blonde locks and vibrant blue eyes, Rio loathed her- And her brother knew that all too well.

"Oh are you? Now why would you want to share such with me?" She jeered, scowling at her twin. He simply took a sip from the wine glass that rested between his index finger and thumb "Because, you'll be taking the throne in my stead."

And that was when the first string of despair set into action- What would come next would cause many a great deal of pain and the princess would learn just how much power could corrupt a person.