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Super Heroine's Café

Super Heroine's Café

Elsa is sitting next to Raven from the Teen Titans, while across from them is Supergirl. Elsa is drinking some chocolate milk, while Raven is drinking some tea, and Supergirl some coffee.

Raven: Soooooo, where's Batgirl and your sister Anna?

Elsa lets out a small sigh.

Elsa: They are still out driving around in the Batmobile. I don't get what's so great about riding around in that thing. It looks dangerous.

Supergirl: Yeah, that's why I prefer to fly than drive.

Raven: Do you even know how to drive?

Supergirl: Of course I do. I just choose not to drive.

Raven: Uh-huh yeah you don't know how to drive.

Supergirl: Oh and you do?

Raven: Yeah, we all got our license even Beastboy. Here's the weird part though, he passed it once while Starfire had to take it three times because she couldn't parallel park.

Supergirl: I don't think it matters unless you need to take it for your test. After that, you don't need it.

Raven: Says the girl who can't drive.

Supergirl: Shut up, I said I do but I choose not to.

Elsa: What is so important about driving such a dangerous vehicle? Whatever happened to riding around on a horse or being pulled on a carriage or sled?

Raven: People made cars so they can get around to places faster and because owning a horse costs as much as fueling up a car.

Supergirl: You're lucky to live in a time without cars Snow Queen. Of course now that your sister has had a taste of the vehicles it's going to be difficult to get her away from all of that.

Elsa: I wouldn't worry about it. My sister is not going to change.


Anna is driving the Batmobile crashing through buildings, smashing into cars, and running over a man's cabbage cart. Batgirl is in the passenger side holding on to her seat for her life.

Batgirl: Anna! Stop the vehicle! Stop it now!

Anna: I can't! I don't know how!

Both girls scream as they break through another building and run off a cliff.

Super Heroine Café

Elsa: Sooooo, do all heroines in this world wear such strange and revealing outfits?

Supergirl: Yeah, it's better than wearing a dress like you guys. Plus we get a lot of attention from the guys.

Raven: I'm going to change mine. I am tired of the looks.

Supergirl: I think it looks good, it's better than mine. Every time I fight a villain, mostly males they always try looking up my skirt.

Raven: At least it's not like Powergirl's outfit.

Supergirl: Oh I know right? It's not bad, but I don't get how she can do any hero work with everyone watching her ass and breasts.

Elsa: I bet it is difficult, Raven you are a hero right?

Raven: Yes, why?

Elsa: Nothing, it's just you don't look like one especially how you're dressed.

Raven narrows her eyes at the girl.

Raven: What is wrong with how I'm dress?

Elsa: Well, with your outfit and appearance I thought you were a villain.

Supergirl: She's not a villain…

She grabs her friend and gives her a hug.

Supergirl: But she is cute when she was turned into a bunny.

Raven's eyes glowed red and pushed her friend off her.

Raven: Never speak of that again and speaking of villains, weren't you based off the original Snow Queen who was supposed to be a villain?

Supergirl: That is true and how Disney planned to make you a villain, but they changed it at the last minute.

Elsa: Um, well yes that is true, but I'm glad they didn't. I'm not a villain I'm just misunderstood and I was afraid of using my powers because of how people would judge me.

Supergirl: Like Raven, except she is half-demonic and if you piss her off her demonic side will leave you scared shitless.

Elsa: Wait, you're afraid to use your powers Raven?

Raven: I was, but after I defeated my father I am now in full control over them, why?

Elsa: Can you teach me how to do that? I have control over my powers, but I still want to learn in case I lose control.

Supergirl: I think that would be nice.

Raven: Fine, but if you freeze my room I will hurt you, got it?

Elsa nods her head.

Elsa: You have my word as Queen of Arendelle that I will not cause any problems.

Raven: All right, let's go then.

Raven and Elsa soon left leaving Supergirl alone. She lets out a small sad sigh realizing she is alone.

Supergirl: I wonder how Barbara and Anna are doing.

Super Café

Superman is sitting across from Batman who is updating his Twitter.

Superman: Don't you have anything better to say than "I'm Batman"?

Batman: Hmm nope, because I'm Batman!

Superman: That is so old.

Batman: As old as your bad movies?

Superman: At least I wasn't played by an actor who sucked as bad as those outfits he and the guy who played Robin wore.

Batman: Yeah well, at least my movie wasn't-…

The Batmobile crashed into the café shop near the two men. Batgirl and Anna come out both smiling innocently.

Batgirl: Oh um hey Bruce.

Anna: Hi Batman…it was her fault!

Anna pointed at Batgirl before running out of the store.

Batgirl: Um…look the Bat Signal!

Batgirl takes out her grappling gun and takes off.

Superman: Wow, that is why I don't drive and I prefer to fly.

Batman: Eh, I got insurance.

Superman: Really? You have an insurance for your Batmobile.

Batman: Duh, I have insurance for all my vehicles.

Superman: Why would you do that?

Batman: Because I'm Batman!

The End

Superman: You're never going to stop saying that are you?

Batman: Not a chance.

Olaf appears.

Olaf: Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs.

Batman: I'm Batman.

Olaf: I'm Olaf.

Batman: I'm Batman.

Olaf: I'm Olaf.

Superman lets out an annoyed sigh.

Superman: I need someone new to hang out with.

Spider-Man from the 2002 version appeared.

Spider-Man: Can I hang out with you?

Superman: Hell no!

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