Black Ivy

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Summary: During the summer before his third year, Harry finds his mother's school trunk in the Dursley's attic. Inside he finds a Japanese katana augmented with several charms and runes and documents he was supposed to have seen his eleventh birthday! Now, armed with his mother's "anti-magic" sword and his parents' will, he will carve his own path and embrace his more Slytherin side in order to finally rid himself of Voldemort.

Chapter 1- Black Ivy

Honestly, I think my "relatives" get dumber and dumber every time I turn around, a twelve-year-old (almost thirteen) Harry Potter thought bitterly as he moved a box of Christmas ornaments to the shelf opposite of where it originally was.

A few days ago, his Uncle Vernon told him that his sister, Marge, was coming over on July 31st, his birthday no less, to stay a few weeks. And his Uncle, in his infinite wisdom, told Harry to rearrange the attic for whatever reason. Something along the lines of "Might be your new bedroom, freak." Harry knew better than to ask. That was usually met with Vernon punching him in the face. Or the gut. Or the neck. Or, well, whatever the fat ugly walrus could get his hands on at the time.

So, here he was, putting boxes on the ground, sorting through them, and putting them back. He actually finished three hours ago, but at least if he stayed up here, the Dursley's wouldn't bother him. He just moved their Christmas tree to the side when he saw a trunk off back at the far end of the attic. Curious, he walked over and found it was a model trunk he'd seen at one of the shops in Diagon Alley. It was beautiful, what with the engravings of vines and lilies all over it. But what really got Harry's attention was the latch. It was shaped like a shield with the image of a lily and the initials "LE" in the center.

Harry's breath caught in his throat. This was his Mother's trunk! What in Merlin's name was it at the Dursley's?! He quickly shook his head to try and gather his thoughts. Could she have given it to Petunia? No, she probably lived here before she married my father and just left it here. It was a good guess, in Harry's opinion. He didn't suspect Vernon bought this place, mainly because Vernon was a fat greedy walrus that would have died of a heart attack if he had to buy a house.

Shaking his head of those thoughts, Harry carefully touched the lock on the trunk and quickly pulled back as he felt a quick prick. He looked at his finger and was surprised to see he was bleeding, but before he could think about that, he heard the trunk unlock and open slightly.

Slowly, cautiously, he moved towards the trunk's lid. He pulled it open and was immediately amazed at what he saw. There were multiple compartments filled to the brim with his mother's effects from her years at Hogwarts. One compartment expanded into a full library! Harry, gob smacked, found a ladder and climbed into the trunk. He walked between two of the shelves and came to a pedestal with a large book on it. Harry walked over to it and read the bright golden-red inscription on the cover: Evans Family Grimoire.

Hesitantly, he opened the book to the first page and read:

As the first in my family to have magic, I, Lily Evangeline Evans, have decided to

create this Grimoire for my family in the future. I have recently been to the magic

shopping district of London, Diagon Alley, to obtain my second year supplies for Hogwarts

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and have met made a new friend, one Amelia Bones,

of the Most Ancient and Noble Wizarding House of Bones. She explained several aspects

of Wizarding Society to me, including that most wizarding families have a family Grimoire.

And in the spirit of all things Wizard, I have decided that I will create my own Grimoire. May

future generations read the words of this book and remember fondly their roots should they

one day be considered "Purebloods" and not become arrogant pricks, like that Damn James-


As Harry read this, he was amazed. He never knew much about his mother, save she was the brightest witch in her year, a muggleborn, a master at charms, and married to his father; oh, and the eyes. He couldn't forget about that. So, it was amazing to read something she wrote herself, but the last sentence stuck out.

She called my dad an arrogant prick? I know they didn't see eye-to-eye until about their sixth or seventh year, thanks to Hagrid, but an arrogant prick? Was he like Malfoy?! Harry thought. His mind swam with the new information regarding his father. Everyone told him his father was a great man, and while he wouldn't let anyone say otherwise, it was nice to hear he was human too: even if he was just a bully. He just hoped his father wasn't like Malfoy.

His mind quickly went to another piece of information in the Grimoire's first page. "What does 'Most Ancient and Noble House' mean? And is this Amelia Bones related to Sus-"

He was interrupted by a whizzing sound coming towards him. He looked up just in time to see a book fly out from between some of the book shelves flying towards him. He caught it thanks to his seeker skills and looked at it. It read: History of the Most Ancient and Noble Houses.

Curious, he flipped through the book and skimmed through it. He was surprised to see Hermione's family name in it, right beside his family. Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Granger, the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Longbottom, and the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter have been allies since the time of the Founders of Hogwarts.

That sentence was the one thing that stuck out in Harry's mind. Was Hermione really a Pureblood? Or just from a long line of Squibs? Either way, it was worth telling Hermione so she could check it out. He looked at the author and laughed. Joshua Granger. Oh, Hermione would be eating this up.

Harry looked at the book after he closed it and asked, "Um, where do I put you?"

Surprisingly, the book flew out of his hands and flew between the bookshelves again. Harry blinked. That was interesting. Maybe-

The last year came to his mind and he decided to see if his theory was correct. "I'd like a book about House Elves," he called out. Almost instantly, three very thick books came flying at him. He caught them all with little trouble.

He looked at the books and was again amazed at his mother's library. So all he had to do was say what subject he wanted and the books would come flying to him? Brilliant! He looked down at the three books and one stood out to him. History of House Elves and their magics. He put the other two down and flipped through the other. He turned a couple of pages and was immediately floored, figuratively of course. House Elves need to bond with wizards or else they will grow crazy or die? But Malfoy's pounce of a father abused him! And he enjoys the freedom I gave him! What if it's hurting him? What have I done?

Harry cried out, "Dobby!"

With a resounding crack, the House Elf appeared. "Master Harry Potter has called Dobby?"

"Dobby, I just learned some disturbing news. Is it true House Elves need to be bonded to Wizards or they might die?"

Dobby nodded. "Yes, it is true, Master Harry Potter Sir, House Elves' magics is not very strong without a Wizard's magics to stabilize it. Most House Elves go mad if they is not bonded to a Wizard."

Harry felt cold. "A-and you? Are you okay then, Dobby? Do you like being free? Or do you want to bond with anther wizard?"

Dobby's ears flapped as he considered the questions. "Yes, Master Harry Potter Sir, I is fine, sir. And Dobby does like being free, but Dobby wishes to be part of a family again. House Elves live to help Wizards, sir."

Relief flooded Harry. "Well, Dobby, would you like to bond with me?"

Dobby's eyes widened, his ears flew up. "You mean it, sir? You want to accept Dobby as your House Elf?"

"Yes I do, Dobby. However, I have some conditions. First, you will not punish yourself. If you believe you've done something wrong, then you come to me and we will discuss it together. Second, I would like to pay you two Galleons a day for helping me. And third, you are to keep my secrets from everyone, even my friends or even the headmaster if I see fit. Deal?"

Dobby looked like a child on a sugar rush. "Dobby will take one Galleon a day, Master Harry Potter Sir. Working for the Great Harry Potter is honor enough, sir."

Harry wouldn't have that. "Two Galleons."

"One Galleon, sir."

"Three Galleons."

"One Galleon, sir."

"One Galleon."

"Two Galleons, sir."

"Deal. You drive a hard bargain, Dobby. You sure you're not related to a goblin?" Harry ginned.

Dobby realized what Harry had done. His ears went pink. "Not that I know of Master Harry Potter Sir. And I don't like what did, sir."

"And, oh, none of that 'master' or 'sir' crap, Dobby. I'm your friend. I want you to see me as one."

Dobby's eyes widened again. "Master Harry Potter called Dobby a friend! Dobby is so happy!" Dobby blew his nose on his rucksack tunic, wailing in joy.

Harry put a hand on Dobby's shoulder. "It's okay, Dobby. Now, how do I accept you as my House Elf?"

Dobby sobered up and said, "Master Harry Potter must say, 'I, Harry Potter, do accept Dobby as my House Elf. So mote it be.'"

Harry nodded. "I, Harry Potter, do accept Dobby as my House Elf. So mote it be."

There was a flash of light. When Harry could see again, he was stunned. Dobby looked healthier than he did before and was even a little taller. Dobby beamed. "Master Harry Potter, thank you! Thank you so much! Dobby is a true House Elf again!"

Harry smiled. "No problem, Dobby. And I told you no master stuff. I'm just your friend, remember?"

"Of course, Master Harry Potter Sir, Dobby remembers. Do you need anything done, Master Harry Sir?"

Harry shook his head. That was going to take a while. "Well, could you make my relatives lunch? And not be seen? I kinda want to keep exploring my mother's trunk here." He gestured to the library around him.

Dobby nodded. "Of course Master Harry Potter Sir. Dobby will start right away." Dobby snapped his fingers and disappeared with a crack.

Harry sighed. It was going to be a challenge to break Dobby of that "Master" crap. He didn't want to be like Malfoy Sr. He'd rather cast the cutting hex at his neck than be like the damn Malfoys.

He looked back down at the three books about House Elves and said, "Return." They flew back to their respective shelves. He smiled. His mother was a bloody genius! This library proved it. Man, he'd bet even Hermione couldn't-

He stopped. He looked around at the bookshelves with a particularly blank look on his face. "She must never know of this place," he said gravely.

He looked back down at his mother's Grimoire and closed it slowly while saying, "She would never leave." As the book closed, he turned around and went back towards the ladder that led here. "It's for her own safety."

He climbed out of the library just as Dobby popped in front of him. "Dobby has finished making Master Harry Potter's nasty relatives lunch, sir. Dobby has even made Master Harry Potter lunch."

Harry smiled. "Thank you, Dobby. And please, drop the 'master' title, Dobby. Remember, I'm your friend. Not your master."

Dobby nodded. "Of course, Master Harry Potter Sir. Dobby remembers. Does Mast- Harry Potter need anything else?"

Harry smiled again. At least it was some progress. "Not right yet Dobby, thank you. Oh! Could you go and deliver a letter to Hermione? You remember her? It's on the desk in my room. Then, well, could you ask her to buy me some new clothes? Here's some money to give her. Once she's done, come back here, 'kay?"

Dobby nodded. "Of course, Master Harry Potter Sir. Dobby is doing this now." He disappeared with a crack.

Harry looked down at the plate. It was a sandwich, but it was more than enough. He ate the sandwich and guzzled down the orange juice Dobby had poured for him. After the quick-lunch, he began looking through the other compartments.

Harry's eyes widened when he saw a glimmer of something in one of the compartments. He grabbed it and was surprised to find a Nimbus 1969! He'd read one of Ron's old Qudditch magazines and knew that a Nimbus 1969 was rare among rare! Only about 998 were ever made! When he saw on one the butt end of the broom: Property of James Potter, he was floored. His father owned something like this?! How?!

He shook his head. This was just too much to take in. He wondered for a moment why his father's broomstick-his super rare broomstick, no less- in his mother's school trunk, but quickly dismissed it as he probably gave it to her during the time he was dating her.

During his rummaging through the trunk, he came across the last compartment. This was the one that didn't have some sort of enlargement charm on it. Inside was the most beautiful sword Harry had ever seen. It was an authentic traditional Japanese katana with golden vines wrapped around the black scabbard and handle, which had black cloth wrapped around it. The guard itself looked like it was made of the vines, centered around a beautiful gold lily. The pommel had a silver cap on it with the Gryffindor crest emblazoned on it. The cap on the scabbard was also silver, but had the Slytherin crest displayed on it. Harry inspected it closer and saw several runes drawn all over the scabbard, hilt, and handle, faintly glowing a vibrant red.

Slowly, he unsheathed the blade and found it was solid black with a jagged silvery line (An: called the Hamon or tempering pattern) flowing the length of the blade. He held it up and inspected it, turning it every so often. It appeared to have runes on it as well, all still glowing a faint red. After he was satisfied, he re-sheathed the blade. As he was about to put the blade away, he saw a manila folder in the compartment along with a letter attached to it.

He grabbed the folder and pulled the letter off. He set the folder down and opened the letter. He nearly choked when he saw the letter was adressed to him.

My Dear Sweet Harry,

If you're reading this, then your father and I were killed by Voldemort. I pray you read this letter with Sirius, your Godfather present. If so, please disregard most of the body of this letter.

Harry frowned at the last sentences he read. He had a Godfather? If so, why in Merlin's name was he with the DURSLEYS of all people?! He shook his head and continued reading:

But, if my gut is right (and it usually is, mind you), then you are at your Aunt Petunia's. If that is the case, then we've been betrayed by none other than our "Esteemed" Headmaster Dumbledore.

Harry stopped again. Dumbledore betrayed his parents?! NO! Dumbledore wouldn't- He stopped the train of thought and frowned thoughtfully. Yes, he deduced, Dumbledore would do such a thing. Question was: Why? Harry already knew he was here at Hell on Earth because of some cock-and-bull about Blood Wards connected to his Aunt and would keep him safe, but from what? Certainly not his so-called Aunt and Uncle. It didn't help him for nine agonizing years of being beaten due to being magical. If Harry had been any weaker in spirit, he would've been just like Tom Riddle and became the next Dark Lord.

And Harry wasn't dumb, despite what Snape claimed. He just didn't do as well as he should out of self-preservation. If he got better grades than Dudley, he got the punishment. So, he did what he had to and did a "good enough" job. He knew the only reason he survived his first and second years is because of good luck, and he knew that there were several inconsistencies with everything. How is it no one suspected a GIANT SIXTY FOOT BASILISK was attacking the students when all the signs were there? How could three FIRST YEARS get past a bunch of "protections" (which seem awfully tailored to Hermione's, Ron's, and his skills) and then have to face a possessed teacher for a stupid stone? Harry shook his head at the idiocy displayed.

And there was the fact that Dumbledore always seemed to show up just as things were ending. Plus, he had sent Hagrid, while Harry did see the Grounds Keeper as a friend; even he had to admit it wasn't very smart to send Hagrid to tell him about the Magic community. Harry deduced at the end of his second year Dumbledore was up to something. Now, he just needed to find out what.

He looked back down at the letter and continued reading:

You see, Sweetie, when we went into hiding, our house was placed under a Fidelius Charm, a charm meant to keep us all safe. It can only be undone when the Secret Keeper reveals the secret to a person. Dumbledore claimed it was much safer than Potter Manor, but I know that was a load of Hippogriff dung. I checked the manor's wards and charms personally. It is way more dependable than the American's Fort Knox.

Anyways, Sirius was supposed to be our Secret Keeper, but Dumbledore claimed he was too obvious, even if the Oath he took when he became your Godfather would prevent him from saying it, as it would put you in danger and probably cost him his life. However, we, reluctantly, switched Sirius with another of your father's friends, Peter Pettigrew with Dumbledore casting the charm. So please, Harry, if you are reading this in Petunia's house, please find Sirius and stay with him. He'll know what to do, despite still being a child at heart. Or find your father's last friend, Remus Lupin, although he may be hard to find seeing as he's a Werewolf and due to Ministry bigots, he can't find a decent job and has to travel a lot.

Now, you're probably wondering what the katana and the folder are for. Well, to start, just know I charmed this trunk so that anything I put in the trunk before me will also show up here. Always plan ahead, I say. Well, let me just say the katana is mine. A cousin of mine got it for me for Christmas one year when I was into Japanese culture. During my fifth year, we had to do a project in Ancient Runes, and I decided I would use my sword as my project. I can say that without a doubt and without arrogance that it is my best work. It's called Black Ivy. I placed several runes and charms on it to create what I like to call my "anti-magic" sword. Black Ivy is a sword I even used in battle against Death Eaters, Voldemort's followers.

The runes and charms on the blade vary from Anti-blood Clotting charms to runes to keep the wielder calm. I've even inscribed runes on there that will automatically teach you how to properly wield the sword, Harry (I was going to pass it on to you after all). The exact number and descriptions of the runes and charms are in a notebook locked by a blood lock in my desk in the library inside this trunk. Your blood will open it Harry, yours and no one else's.

The folder has several papers that you need to read. One of them is our will. One that hasn't been compromised by Dumbledore (as I don't put it past the man to try). I know that your father and I left you Harry, but please know that we love you more than anything in the world. If need be, we would have exposed the Magic community to the Muggle one, hexed any who stood in our way, and set the world on fire; literally, I'm working on a spell to do just that now. So, go out there, break a few rules, find a girl, and give Dumbledore hell. Oh, your father also wants me to tell you to show Dumbledore why you should never mess with a Potter.

With Love,

Lily and James Potter

Harry felt tears slide down his face. His parents loved him. Really loved him. It felt amazing to read that his parents would have (if the letter is to be believed) set the world on fire. That alone made him feel very special. He looked back down at the katana. His own mum claimed she augmented the hell out of it and planned to give it to him. The sentimental value of that statement spoke volumes to Harry. The comments on finding a girl though…Harry blushed slightly. He wasn't sure what to think about that. He could barely talk to any girl who wasn't Hermione without bumbling through a sentence. He shook his head of those thoughts. He would make his parents proud. HE would give Dumbledore hell. AND HE would MAKE Dumbledore see that he should have never crossed a Potter.

He placed the letter down and picked up Black Ivy. He examined it for a moment before unsheathing it. He held the scabbard in his left hand with Black Ivy in his right. Without warning, he slashed down, then turned the blade to his right and slashed the blade to his right, the blade humming as it cut through the air. He quickly spun the blade around in his hand so he was holding it in a reverse style. He through a couple of horizontal slashes before he spun the sword back again and threw the blade forward in a stabbing motion. He brought the blade back and brought up the scabbard horizontally as if to defend against another blade. He pushed forward and swung the scabbard around like a bat, still holding it in a reverse fashion. Harry then went into a series of diagonal slashes in front of him before he stopped, the blade hanging over his left shoulder. He slashed the blade back down diagonally, and then quickly brought the blade back to its scabbard. He slid the blade across the top before sliding it back into the sheath, making an audible CLICK as it was fully sheathed.

Harry looked at the blade in wonder. IT REALLY WORKED! His mother's teaching runes really WORKED! Harry laughed. He couldn't help it. His mother was a fregin' GENIOUS! He could actually use a sword! He was ecstatic that he had such a badass mom.

He placed the sword back down and picked up the manila folder again. He opened it and the first thing he came across was, interesting enough, a letter his father wrote to Professor Snape of all people. It read:


I know that I am the absolute LAST person you want to hear from, and I guess I can't hold it against you. I mean, I was an arse, wasn't I? Please know that everything Sirius, Remus, Peter, and I did was supposed to be in good fun; but in all seriousness, I believe it was because you were so close to Lily and I was jealous. Everything I did to impress her wasn't good enough, but when you did it, she thought it was golden. I'll admit it pissed me off. What made you so special? But now, I realize it was because you were possibly her first real friend. The man who was there for her. The man who helped her run away from me. The man who knew her probably better than she did herself. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, and I understand that. But, please, don't take out your anger out on my son. He may look like me, but if I'm honest to you (and to myself); he's more like his mother. Bright, cheerful, fun-loving, and stubborn as a hippogriff (you know what I mean). So, please, hate me, not my son. If not for me, for my wife. If not even for her, then do it as a last wish from a dying man (as I'm sure Voldemort will not suffer me to live).

James Potter A.K.A. Prongs

Harry finished reading. It all made sense now. His own father was the reason Snape hated his guts? Harry's anger flared for a second before calming down. It wouldn't do any good to get mad at his father for things he did in the past or Snape for hating him because he was a carbon copy of his old man. Or that Professor Snape apparently knew his mother really well (he'd ask the greasy haired bat about it next he saw him, though). The past was the past. It's best to leave it there.

He picked up another letter. This time, however, it was his mother writing Snape.

Dear Sev,

I am writing you today because I do not know if I will make it through this war alive. I know you had something to do with us going into hiding, but I don't care. I get that you were upset that day in fifth year, and I completely understand. I'd like to say that I forgive you, for everything. I hold you blameless, so does James (even if the stubborn pounce won't admit it). Personally, I hold Albus "too-many-bloody-names-for-his-own-good" Dumbledore for all this. Remember back in third year I told you he always seemed to smile brighter when James was around me, then out-right frown when I told James to shove off? And then at my wedding to James, his damnable twinkling eyes were on full blast. How, in the BLOODY nine circles of Hell, does he even do that anyways?! I don't know his game Sev, and I'm scared. Scared of what he would do if he somehow got a hold of my son. Did you know he was slipping me a potion just so Harry would be born on July 31st for his damned prophecy? And when Harry was born, he looked as if he wanted to do the Irish jig on mine and James's graves? Something is very wrong and I don't know if I will ever solve it. Please, Severus, if something happens to Sirius that he can't take care of Harry and keep him AWAY from Dumbledore. I don't that barmy old man turning my son into some person weapon to stop Voldemort. Please, keep him safe, Severus.


Lily Potter née Evens

Harry felt his anger spike again. This time, however, he didn't try to rein it in. At first, he was pissed at Snape for apparently having something to do with his parents' deaths, but he quickly forgave the man. After all, his own mum didn't hold that against the Potions Master, so why so he? However, his anger rekindled at Dumbledore's manipulations. He drugged his mother?! HOW DARE HE! He wasn't sure what this prophecy was, but it didn't sound like it was good for his health. And his mother's suspicions did little to ease his own paranoia around Dumbledore. Something was very wrong here.

Harry calmed down enough where he could read the last item in the folder. It was his parents' will:

I, James Charles Potter, and I, Lily Evangeline Potter, being of sound mind and body, do declare this to be our last will and testament. We also declare any wills before this to be void. If this will is being read, then let it be known that Peter Pettigrew was our Secret Keeper, not Sirius Black. And let it also be known that Albus Dumbledore was the one to cast the spell.

To Sirius Black, my best friend, since you've already taken your Godfather Oath, Lily and I hereby give you guardianship of Harry, both physical and magical. We also grant you 500 Galleons a month for his upkeep. We also give you 10,000 Galleons and the Marauder's trunk in Vault 777. Use it well, Padfoot.

To Alice Longbottom, James and I give you the contents of Vault 543 and 20,000 Galleons to help start-up your own clinic. I pray you do well, Alice.

To Remus Lupin, we're giving you 100,000 Galleons, Potter Escape in Scotland for your 'furry little problem', and a twelve-year supply of Wolves bane potions. For Merlin's sake, Moony, use the money a buy a much better wardrobe and live a little. (Oh, and Remus, please keep Sirius in line and NOT let him corrupt my son). LILY!

To Peter Pettigrew, if we survive Voldemort, we give you 1,000 Galleons and access to the Potter Villa in France. But if we die by Voldemort's hands, we bequeath to you 30 Sickles, a rope, and a Bible for you to read through. May you rot in Hell for turning my son into an orphan. And furthermore, as the Founder of the Marauders, I hereby banish your name from our effects, the map, and take away the name 'Wormtail' from you.

Harry read through the will with interest. But when he got to the part of his guardianship, he was fuming. He was NEVER supposed to go to the Dursleys! There were about TEN DIFFERENT people who would've taken him in! And Dumbledore didn't put him with any of them. Harry looked away from the will to his mother's trunk, then to his new sword.

Dumbledore, Harry thought darkly. I'm going to make you pay. For all the pain you caused my family. He picked up and Black Ivy and said, "This I swear."

!# !#$%$ #$$ # $#$ %$#%^# % % $% $% $% % # %$# $% $% #%

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