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A Harry Potter/Godzilla Crossover Fanfic

Chapter 1: Ashes

Pain. That was all 9-year old Harry knew. It was only by the smallest margin that he was still conscious. Uncle Vernon had beaten him before, but this was especially bad. Harry had been accused of climbing school buildings, and he had no good explanation of how it had happened. One moment he was running from Dudley and his gang, the next, he felt the wind under him, and he was on the roof. The strangest thing was that it had felt… right somehow.

As he sat there, his wounds still bleeding, he heard the door to his cupboard under the stairs being flung open, and felt the blubbery hands of Uncle Vernon picking him up roughly. Harry braced his already broken body, and prepared for what he knew was coming. Vernon struck him again and again, while Petunia and Dudley watched. Petunia's eyes sparkling with sick glee while Dudley's were clouded with confusion. As Vernon continued to beat him, something within Harry changed.

While Wizards have been studying the magical core since the dawn of magic, there is still much that is unknown. One of these unknowns involves the concept of core collapse. While it is known that a Wizard under sufficient duress may lash out with accidental magic, even to the point of draining their cores, the exact collapse process can actually be split into events.

The first is Compression: the core shrinks into a denser state, retreating from damaged areas of the body and spirit.

The second is Overcharge: the now denser core begins to build up energy, far beyond its normal capacity.

The third is Rupture: the overcharged core cannot hold its energy for long, expelling it as a larger than average burst of accidental magic.

What happens next is highly variable, depending of the strength of the wizard and how severe the rupture from the core was. For low level to average wizards, they become Squibs. For those above average, the will die. Those who are strong explode with the power equivalent to small nuke. Those who are even stronger instead may go supernova. Those of arch-mage tier power can collapse into a miniature black hole, which quickly consumes itself… as well as a ten mile diameter (523.6 cubic mile) sphere around them.

Of course, all these scenarios fail to take into account anomalies: sudden occurrences of pure chaos which intake some of the energies involved, causing truly unpredictable outcomes, which can in fact include core rebound and metastability.

In the case of one young Wizard named Harry Potter, the events occurred as such. Harry, despite his young age and lack of training, and serious restrictions placed upon him, had an Arch-mage tier core. As such as his core collapsed, it quickly reached and surpassed the density of a neutron star. However, before it could become a singularity, chaos intervened. Elsewhere in reality, a nesting mother dragon wept over one of her eggs: it was cold, showing no signs of life. The spirit that would have been part of its child instead moved towards the next life.

However, fate had a different plan. A vortex of chaotic energies sucked it in, and pulled it into the maelstrom of energies surrounding Harry Potter. It merged into Harry's spirit, and the two became one. A moment later, the Rupture occurred, blasting Number 4 Privet Drive apart with the force of a small, surprisingly localized supernova. However, two living beings with the house survived the blast. One was Dudley Dursley, who was partially shielded by his rather large father, partially saved because fate knew he still deserved a fair chance.

The other who survived was Harry Potter, though he was no longer the same being as when this event began. You see, dragons are highly magical creatures. In ancient times, they were revered as some of the greatest wielders of mystical powers. As such, when the soul of a dragon merged with the soul Harry Potter, their respective powers combined… not additively, but rather exponentially. This occurred during a core collapse, so some of the resulting energy was output, but the majority was contained, as this new being's core rebounded and hit metastability.

Additionally, the output energies from Harry's temporarily unstable magical core included high energy radiation, which started an irreversible change to Harry's very being. While all this is true, those who saw the aftermath of this event would believe only young Dudley Dursley had survived, as Harry's magic not only destroyed his tormentors, but also gave him a way to leave. Among the ruins of Number 4 Privet Drive, something new had come into the world, which vanished to safety in a burst of light.

At the same time, events transpired elsewhere in the world. Underneath the streets of London, in a chamber full of glass orbs, one suddenly cracked and then shattered into dust. At Gringotts Bank, all the Potter Vaults went into lockdown, sealed until the last of the Potter family returned to the magical world. In an office within a castle in Scotland, several odd contraptions suddenly blazed brightly and then melted into slag. The Phoenix sitting upon a perch in the room saw this, and trilled happily: something new, something of great power had just come into the world, and those who threaten it should take care.

Monster Island, Somewhere in the Pacific (Coordinates redacted)

A certain daikaiju felt a pulse of radiation run across its home, and stomped out of its cave to see what had caused it. On the beach there was a kaiju, one which he'd never seen before. Godzilla, the King of the Monsters looked over the one before him, noting it was still it the process of mutating. He understood that nothing could be done at this point but let the change run its course. The new kaiju was changing rapidly, its skin becoming cobalt blue scales. Its singular head had a shape similar to Ghidora's or Manda's, however this creature seemed to be unrelated… too many limbs. It had two sets of legs, with the front shaped for grasping, as well as a pair of wings on its back. Eventually, its form settled, having grown to 50 meters from the tip of its snout to the end of its wickedly spiked tail. Its scent was of this world, telling him it was not alien invader. Another thing he could tell was this new kaiju was a child, not yet fully grown. Godzilla hefted the creature before him, and moved it out of the tidal zone, so it could sleep of its change peacefully.

He sat back and watched the sea, waiting to see how this new kaiju would react to his change.

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