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Elsa Pearce POV,

"No, there is no way I'm ever going on a date again, especially on a blind one!" My voice had raised a higher octave, trying to tell 'Carrots for Brains' that I simply refuse to be set up with a complete stranger...

"Come on Els lighten up, a blind date is surely more exciting than a cartoon marathon" whined the stocky blonde man slumped on the sofa with Sven's chew toy in hand. "Belle is a nice girl, she's willing to try new things." He raised his eyebrows suggestively. I slapped his arm. Hard. "Hey- that hurts!" He monitored his 'injury' and frowned at the slap-mark surfacing the pale skin. He shoved me, with a little too much force, causing me to almost spill my drink all over the brown-I'm pretty sure it was white when we bought it- sofa. I groaned at him before turning my attention at the TV; the title 'Adventure Time' and 'James III' flashing before my icy blue orbs.

Reason Why I'm Still Single #1. It's a Friday night and to save money, I'm watching an Adventure Time marathon with a pack of diet coke by my side... Typical. My eyes were practically glued to the screen while I mindlessly drank and ate, a cough behind saved me from being pulled into the 'cartoon world'.

"It's been a while Kristoff," I anxiously ran my slender fingers through my platinum blonde hair. "Remember the study date with Tink? The one with the pixie hair?" My face began to contort just remembering the event.

"Yeah you broke her science project, you thought it was a foot stool! I've never seen her so steamed before-" Kristoff began to laugh.

"I didn't know it was meant to be a-"

Knock knock knock.

"Is anyone home?" A curious female voice rang in the air; the TV softly playing in the background.

I slowly twisted my head towards the direction of the guilty man before me. I looked at him. Then at the oaken door, then back to him again.

No freaking way. I locked my eyes with his hazel ones and forced a smile, my left eye slightly twitching.

"Kristoff, by any slight chance is this the 'Belle' you were talking about?" I forced through gritted teeth, not taking my icy cold eyes off the cowering man before me.

He looked at the silhouette of the guest outside the front porch of our house and looked at me apologetically. "I-I might of arranged some... plans between you two." He gulped. I grabbed the collar of his blue and white checkered shirt and dragged him closer to me. His face mere inches away from mine. Once I go Ice Queen, I could literally kill this dog lover with the looks I'm giving him.

"And by plans, you mean the one you told me about say... 2 minutes ago?!" My smile was replaced with barred teeth and my voice was no longer a quiet whisper. I heard a scurry of paws and a flash of gold whizzed past my face. Sven had leaped into the rescue, effectively splitting Kristoff and I apart. Sven curled on his master's lap and began to whimper, almost as If he was talking to me.

"But you can't back up now, you're going to break her heart!" Kristoff voiced Sven's voice for him.

"Yeah Sven, I think so too. See Elsa? Don't be a big meanie." The older began to ruffle Sven's golden locks. "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?" He cooed while alternating to Sven's voice to reply.

Sometimes I think he needs to be in a mental hospital. That guy has some serious problems, I rolled my eyes at their display of ummm... Affection?

"Elsa If you don't want to go to the movies its fine with me, I can walk back home." quipped in the voice from behind the door, shaking me from my thoughts. I could hear retreating footsteps from outside my door and I felt a pang of guilt.

Great, now I feel bad. Urghhh Alright, alright, hold your horses, I'm going.

"Wait- Uhh Belle? I'm coming, just gimme a sec." I shot one last death glare at Kristoff and Sven. "You know Kristoff, we may be BFF's but sometimes I want to choke you."

"I love you too Elsa," he deadpanned. He took the abandoned chew toy from his side and tossed it into the kitchen with much strength. "Fetch Sven! Fetch!" A chorus of paws followed.

I sighed at my current dilemma and stood up. I looked at my current attire and bit my lip.

Reason Why I'm Still Single #2. I dress like a boy who just walked through COMICON, and bought every god damn thing I could get my lousy excuse for a wallet on.

But at least all I have on me is my lucky Super Man belt, a shirt with a Adventure Time logo and a my favourite navy blue hoodie in the world, which has 'Come to the dark side, we have cookies' on the back. To me this is as normal as my clothing is ever going to get.

I quickly tied my blonde mane into a single braid that ran down my left shoulder and pulled my black converse shoes on, the only shoes I had that did not have a COMICON background to it. "I'm coming!" I yelled from the living room, but before I got to the door I took a quick glimpse at the TV.

There goes my Adventure Time marathon, I internally cried before scurrying to the oaken doors and dragging them open.

The first few seconds already headed for disaster, at least in my opinion. I looked at her attire. Belle had decided to um... dress to impress.

Reason Why I'm Still Single #3. I have the libido of a teenage boy-It's not even funny. I eyed her from head to toe again. Her brunette hair was done up in an intricate and neat way, she had a decent amount of mascara and eye liner-which made her hazel eyes look 'wow'-, she had a floaty light blue tank top-that did not do anything to hide her cleavage-, with a thin white cardigan and not to mention the navy blue skirt that was miles above her knee. I couldn't help but flush red, so I did what I normally do to hide my emotion, I hauled the hood of my hoodie over my face and mumbled "You look stunning,"

"Thank you, umm well you look, interesting." She offered, clearly confused by my choice of attire. It wasn't my fault I had a late notice, I totally would have gone for something less... Nerdy.

The walk to the movies went fine, we had short convos and I found out her name is Belle Brooks, she's 18 years old, a year younger than me. She's really smart and can come off as someone really shy- which explained the convos that lasted only a few seconds. When we arrived at the cinema, we had to pick between something about an air marshal on a high-jacked plane, a romance movie about two cancer patients falling in love or the new Disney movie 'Frozen'. She insisted that I choose the movie; A normal person would have gone for the sappy romance but being the nerd I am, I choose Frozen.

Reason Why I'm Still Single #4. Deep down in the very deeps of my closet- and possibly other places I can use to hide things- I have a Disney shrine consisting of DVD's, posters, merchandise, basically almost anything you can name. I looked at her, half expecting for her to make a run for it or to just put me down nice and easy, but I did not expect for her to smile.

"I love watching Disney films," I paid for the tickets and was quickly pulled into building, almost dropping the tickets on the way.

Okay, so I might just live through this, I lowered my hoodie below my head.

The movie went by quick, and I gotta say Disney had really out done themselves this time, I mean I did not expect the prince to be a douche bag or anything! Belle had to strap me to my seat to keep me from shouting at the top of my lungs "I rooted for you! And you let me down you dick!" despite an almost-empty screening. Who would be watching this at 11 anyways? Oh yeah me. As soon as the credits began to roll, I pulled down the hood since I was sweating like I ran a marathon and headed outside where the cold air greeted my sweaty forehead.

Phew! That wasn't as bad as I thought-

"Do you mind walking me home?" Hopeful hazel eyes stared at my anxious icy blue ones. Crap, I might mess up and get us both lost! She saw the worry in my eyes "It's only a few blocks away," she reassured.

I gave her a silent nod and we headed for the same street back to Kristoff and mine's place, but took a quick left instead of a right. The whole walk had a comfortable silence. We gazed at the starry night sky and listened to the dull sounds of bugs, singing in the background. It almost looked very romantic. I let out a sigh of relief, my breath fogging in the cold night. I quickly turned to face Belle, she was shivering. While her clothes did nothing to keep her body temperature warm, I was all snug and warm with my hoodie... MY HOODIE!

"Here, take it you're freezing," I quickly yanked my favourite hoodie and handed it to her, my skin had prickled to the new sensation of the cold. She flashed me a look that said 'Are you sure' and I replied with a nod; She rapidly draped it over herself flashed me a look of worry, I had goosebumps all over my arm.

"It's fine really, I felt stuffy in it anyway," I lied.

We continued to walk for another few minutes of almost silence-the only sounds were grass-hoppers chirping followed by the whistle of the wind and rustling of trees- She suddenly spoke up.

"My hands are cold,"

"Mine too." I replied.

She looked at me with a mask of confusion, her eyebrows raised, then she faced the direction of the path; not looking at me once. I looked at her innocently, as if I had done nothing wrong, I gave her a 'what did I do?' look but she just looked at me in a way that I couldn't describe. It went like this until we reached her house, she began to remove my hoodie, neatly folding it before handind it back to me.

"Elsa, this was nice and all but we should see other people, I hope we can be friends though?" She offered with a smile, before walking away and bidding me good night.

Ouch... I greeted her good night and pulled my hoodie over my freezing skin, smiling as soon as the familiar fabric enveloped me.

The walk back home for me was just... awkward. I could smell the heavy perfume on the hoodie and I had the urge to tear it off if it wasn't 5 degrees here in Arendelle, the smell just reminded me too much of what just happened. Minutes went by and as soon as I reached the safe haven that is the front porch of the house, Sven had tackled me onto the cold hard ground and began to coat my face with saliva.

"Sven! Stop cleaning the evidence that could lead to me finding out if they made out or not!" Ordered Kristoff, he pulled the golden retriever away from my assaulted face and I followed unwillingly.

"Kristoff, there were no kissing or anything like that." I slumped myself back onto the sofa, turned the TV back on and continued to finish my diet coke.

"That bad huh?" He took a can of beer from the fridge at sat down next to me. I explained to him the events of the nights while flipping through the channels and constantly groaning at the smell of perfume on my favourite hoodie. I went from the moment I opened the door and only got until the 'hand incident' until I was rudely interrupted.

"Her hands were cold Elsa," he leaned closser to me, his feet was tapping a rythm on the oaken floor.

"Yeah and so were mine," I stated taking another sip of my drink, I flipped the channel again.

"You could have done something!" He waved his hands into the air, clearly there was something I didn't understand.

"What was I supposed to do Kristoff? I had no gloves on me at the time-" Kristoff let out an exasperated sigh, he uncrossed his legs and bent closer to me, his face had pure annoyance in them.

"Ever heard of holding hands?" He cupped his hands together.


Reason Why I'm Still Single #5. I can NOT take a hint. Period.

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