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I furiously bargged down the stairs, clad in my ripped jeans and a batman bra, and looked at Kristoff who was settled on the couch. He had a sly smirk on.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!"

"Loving the bra Els. Its sooooooo very you," He teased.

Reason Why I'm Still Single #10: I may be an expert at Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, StarWars etc. BUT Lingerie is a big NO.

I made a leap towards him and pushed him off the sofa, hitting his head on the floor during the process.

"Alright, I kinda deserved that..." He clutched his thorbing temple. KINDA?! YOU REALLY DESERVED THAT!

"Sometimes I wonder why we live together! Your douche bag levels are almost as high as that King Jeoffrey from Game of Thrones!" I pushed my bangs away from my steaming forehead. Your probably wondering why I'm still friends with him but all is well; Its a love hate relationship between us. And shockingly he saved my sorry behind several times during college so I owe him.

"Ouch-" He muttered. YEah Kristoff, thats how bad it was this time. I suddenly felt warm fingers clutch at my biceps (I swear its not just fat) and felt a curvy figure press behind me.

"Are you always this articulate?" The brunette teased while she turned me around to face her. I gulped and stared at the ground, but my libido made sure I didn't miss a certain... feature. Unlike me, she still had her clothes on, however the buttons of her polo top were undone and boy did I make a wrong move. Her cleavage basically waved 'Hello'.

"Conceal, Don't feel- Conceal, Don't feel"

Shit its not working.

"Like what you see Wondergirl?" I blushed a deep scarlet. Apparently my eyes were still glued onto her um... well you know.

"Elsa, who is that greek goddess before you?" His mouth dropped and I could see his right eye twitching with disbelief. "I thought you managed to cath yourself a 6 but a 10? Whats your secret?" He began to eye her from head to toe. Ewww you perv- but I had to admit, Meg was a catch.

"Urgh, men are all the same..." She spat in distate.

"Hahahaha yeah... I agree..." I laughed uncomfortably. Kristoff was not far off from what I was thinking moments ago...

"Anyways Wondergirl I'll catch you later, It's been a real slice." She waved and slowly sauntered out of my house, her hips swinging. I heard the door click and turned to face Kristoff, my mouth still hanging agape.

"Conceal don't feel? Really Elsa? Your perv," He blinked several times before looking up and down at me, similar to the way he ogled at Meg. I raised my eyebrows and followed his line of vision, down my face, past my upper woman parts- thank god!-, below my mid section and stopped at my hips... My eyes went wide. I began to cover myself as much as possible.

Reason Why I'm Still Single #11: It seems that puberty has done wonders for me but it seemed that my personality was just to blinding. Bummer.

Its been a loooong time since Kristoff saw me anywhere near my birthday suit. The last time i recall involved a fateful encounter at the changing rooms during preschool. It was our first time meeting each other too and I hoped it was the last time. Kristoff sensed my uncomfortableness and immediately turned his head way and mumbled an apology. LIKE THATS GOING TO ERASE WHATEVER YOU SAW! I grunted and stormed back upstairs, looking back at him to make sure he wouldn't take a double glance.

I locked myself in my mess of a room and looked at the pile of clothes scattered around the rugged floor. Posters I ripped of from those gaming magazines and a bunch of flags from the land of Westeros hung everywhere. Olaf sat there on the wooden desk, the Pokemon X home screen was still flashing along with a piercing red light on the bottom left. He was dying, but all I did was shrug. I had bigger problems to deal with. First I gotta go shopping for some clothes and Kristoff was out of my 'buddy' list for the meanwhile.

I raked through my brains, hopping to find a shopping buddy, A bright flash of white and the theme of Adventure Time rang permeated around the room. I grabbed my phone and looked at caller ID.


"Hey Wonder girl its Meg. Look my sister and her best friend wanted to go shopping tomorrow and I can't go because of my boss, I was wondering if you can fill in for me?"

"Uh yeah, I can deliver a couple of pizzas for you-"

"Wondergirl you never seaze to amaze me" She laughed on the other line "I meant shopping with my sister and her friend"


"So I take that as a no?"

"No! I mean yes I can go, I was just thinking about shopping for clothes and stuff," I stared at the pile of clothes on the ground. "Count me in"

"Thanks Wondergirl, have a good time"

The phone went dead. I jumped onto my bed and I was out for the count.

I heard a loud screech from outside my house, followed by a muffled sound of giggling girls. Definitely not Meg. A series of knocking followed, light permeated from my curtains and it found itself onto my blue orbs. I heaved my legs over my bed, stumbled over some things, and finally made my way downstairs. It was little too quiet.

"Where the hell is Kristoff..." I muttered under my breath before realising how bad it stunk. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to make my way to the door, the girls were no longer knocking but impatiently banging. I yanked the door open in annoyance, I must have opened the door midway through a bang because a river of strawberry blonde hair fell onto me, knocking me backward with much force.

"Oooffff!" We screamed in unison. My vision was clouded by a barrage of auburn hair sprawled all over me, our limbs were tangled and I felt something-two soft somethings-pressed against my chest. I could feel the heat spread throughout my body and a certain lower region.

"Getting cozy there Anna?" teased a voice faintly similar to Meg's. Immediately 'Anna' shoved herself off me, her face beet red and kept her eyes on the ground at all times. "Watch out there feisty pants, she's Meg's"

"Sorry Elsa, may I call you that? Unless you have a nickname or anything- not that you don't! I know your also called Wondergirl but I think thats you and Meg's things and I don't want to interrupt whatever you have here..." Her words faltered as her teal eyes looked at my state. She didn't bother to stifle a giggle, much less a laugh.

Reason Why I'm Still Single #12: Bed head drives them all away.

"Sorry! But that is the meanest case of bed head right there! And I thought mine was bad- Oh um, I'll shut up now." She played with her twin braids but a smile still crept onto her feature. She's just too adorable.

"I'm Vidia, Meg's sister If you couldn't tell." She jested. She was the spiting image of Meg, besides the fact that her hair was a darker colour, more like raven, and that was pretty much it. She wore dark purple skinny jeans and a black tank top whilst Anna was the complete opposite. She really went for the whole Spring collection, I mean green dress with a white cardigan and olive green heels- Oh man are those... freckles? Oh now thats just cute.

"Whats cute?" Oh shit. Well done you pleb, you're gonna scare them all away.

"Nothing, um let me get changed and stuff and I'll see you in a bit" I closed the door immedieatly. I didnt let them utter a word because I was sprinitng up the stairs and I found myself in Kristoff's room once again. I searched his wardrobe and took whatever screamed ' I am a complretely normal person who doesnt go through her roomates clothes, much less a boy.' I found a pair of khaki coloured skinny jeans, a baby blue top and another flannel. For such a hockey fan, you'd think he'd have more manly clothes and stuff. I threw on my black converes and ran outside, the two girls were sitting on the hood off my car and... Her legs.. just mfff. Anna had the most gorgeous tanned legs that my eyes had ever laid on. Not to mention how beautiful her hair is, the perfect mixture of sexy and cute. I wanted to rake my hands all over that molten copper hair and to-Wait What?!

Reason Why I'm Still Single #13: Huh what do you know unlucky number 13. Sorry back to the point, Strawberry blonde hair is my kryptonite. Yes I can be picky, deal with it.

"This is going to be a looooonngg day"

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