Zombie Adventure

Hey all its Wolf From The South293 here bringing a new story that involves zombies and a little bit of gang violence and crazy science experiments but the experiments come later but I do own my ocs and nothing to do with left4dead because it is not based off the videogame but enjoy please

Chapter 1. A Wide Awakening

(October 25th,2045 the apocalypse begins and the story starts with our main character Zack Collins eighteen years old and lives in home in the countryside of L.A. and this is were we start)

I toss and turn in my sleep not wanting to get out of the damn bed, but my alarm clock starts going off and my eyes shoot open I slam my hand on the button breaking the clock actually but I rise up and look around at my surroundings.

I then hear the sound of glass breaking and a loud crash come from down in my basement, I say "what the fuck was that?" so I get up get dressed in a blue shirt that says kill all zombies and some blue jeans then I start heading into the kitchen to my basement door.

Once I get to the kitchen I head over to the basement door and swing it open and start heading down the steps as I head down them I hear something moaning and groaning I say "what the fu…" then see a zombie crawling on the ground towards me saying "braiiinnsss" I say "oh shit" I then pot the window that's broken and say "son of bitch got in here through that" I then find my old baseball bat and slam it down onto his head exploding his brains everywhere.

Then for awhile I stand there looking at it then turn and say "hmm I wonder how many more of these things there are? I then put the baseball bat across my shoulder and head back upstairs and to the front door once I get to it I open it and see the whole city of L.A burning and homes buildings destroyed and left in shambles I then see miles of walkers as far as my eyes can see I say "well damn something tells me that this apocalypse was caused by a scientist fucking up his bring back the dead experiment common reason fi ay ask me" I look around and continue by saying "and I'm talking to myself."

I'm sorry short first chapter I know chapter 2 will be longer then this I hope but anyways ill cya next chapter which will be up in a few.