Zombie Adventure

Its Wolf From The South293 here again bringing you another chapter now lets catch up on how the main character is doing eh.
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Chapter 2: Meeting Someone New

So after o looked at the miles upon miles of zombies I say to myself "I'm going to need a better weapon then this bat" so I start thinking where I can find a pistol or at a least a shotgun.

Then I remember where I can find them so I face palm myself and say "zack you're a fucking idiot there is a gun store in the downtown area of L.A., but I first I need to find away to get around these zombies or I'm as good as dead" so I start looking around for an easy way to get past them, then I spot some bricks sticking out of a buildings wall no more then 5 feet to my left I look to see how tall it is and I see its not that bad so I walk over to the building and start climbing the bricks.

After about an hour of climbing I see I'm at the halfway point of the building and I say "I would of never of guessed that this building is taller then I thought" so I go to reach for another brick but my feet slip out from underneath me and I grab the brick I was reaching for and hang on for my life, I then fell the brick start getting loose from its spot I start saying "no… NO…. NOOOO!" the brick then comes out of its spot and I'm sent heading towards the ground, once I hit the ground there's a loud crash and all just goes black for me I was out cold.

After 48 hours of me being unconscious by the fall I start getting shook awake by someone shaking me and shouting "hey you wake up!" over and over so I open my eyes seeing a girl in a green ninja turtle hoodie (she looks like this brown hair, hazel eyes, age 21 and her name well you'll see) and she is still shaking me thinking I'm still knocked out so I shout "hey I'm awake so stop fucking shaking me!" she then stops and pushes me back down and she stands up saying "oh your awake" I say "yea I'm awake but now who are you" she says "my name is Julia Cody" I say "oh nice to meet you my names Zack Collins" and I hold out my hand she shakes it.

SO after awhile after we introduced ourselves we were talking about survival plans and I ask "hey you want to team up I was planning to head to Whitakers gun store" she says "sure ill team up with you" she then pulls out a U.S. Military grade combat knife and a colt .45 I say "hey can I see that .45?" she says "sure" so she tosses it to me and I pop out the clip after I catch it I take a bullet from it and see the bullets are exploding Hollow point rounds.

I say "hey you got good bullets in this gun" and I put the clip back into the .45 she looks at me and says "you can keep it if you want I don't use guns anyways" I say "alright thanks but we should get moving before night fall these zombies get worse at night" I put the .45 in my pocket, she nods and says "alright" and we start walking down the streets of uptown L.A. then we stop seeing a crowd of zombies about 50ft in front of us so I look around for seeing a military HMMVEE because the gun is not silenced so if I use that then gone I say "hey over there" and I point at the HMMVEE Julia turns her head in the direction I'm pointing and we rush over to the vehicle.

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