Gundamwing, Gundamwing

Ever fighting Gundamwing

Let us describe what your characters are like

Discuss their features, except their fights (I needed a rhyme!)

Heero yuy, Suicidal, Homicidal, self destructing loser

Owner of Wing zero, with zero system infestation

Don't go in there,           

Spandex wearing ever swearing

Common phrase, Omae o Korosu               

Next subject is Wufei Chang

Yay he's our man  (sarcastic remark)

Would be nice if he fights

But end up as a loser (he!, he!)

A dishonour to Nataku, his Sweet Nataku

Couldn't the guy be cooler?

Next is innocent, irritatingly polite Quatre

Sandrock is his Gundam

Never leaves those goggles

Kid your not in a chemistry lab!

Give the goggles some rest.

Rich is he, sitting on a goldmine

Always paying Duo's law breaking fines (readers I'm so sorry, for this)

Then is Trowa Barton

The cool haired guy

Also has a Gundam to fly                                      

Heavyarms is its name

Silent and stealthy unlike him

Silence is virtue is Trowa's motto

Then is Shinigami, the ultimate destroyer as he calls himself

Deathscythe hell is his type

Hyperactive, caffeine, sugar high is he

Irritating, nosy and meddling is his hobby

Always gets his butts kicked, likes intimidating

But looks up like a dope

Do us proud America, do us proud

Screw that all, this is the reason he is most liked

Strong will, courage and heavy might

With a braid that's extra cool

And an outfit that fits his mood.

Relena peacecraft

Or more like peace crap.

Along the basics of Duo

She is extra annoying, irritating

All she has in her vocabulary is

Heero, oh Heero

Alright, alright we get it already.

A crush is what she has in her peanut brain

Does she even have a brain????

What a mixed up world they have

Would you like to be there?

Well forget that all

Heck, the characters are so different

This is why we like them.

                                           The end

Disclaimer and all the crap, you get the point, I don't own anything except my computer, flames are welcomed as I was in a tired mood but was bored so I came up with this, first time I've written a poem, my apologies to all the fans of different characters out there.