"Congratulations it's a girl!" Naru was weary and her hair stuck to her face from perspiration caused by the birth of her baby. She was a healthy baby girl at 5 pounds 12 ounces. And a winter baby just like her father. Naru held her arms out so that she could hold her baby when she started to tremble then it turned into violent, uncontrollable spasms. Kakashi took a hold of her hands asking her what was wrong. "Please step outside sir, we need more space." A nurse kindly said as she moved about in a sense of urgency. It became chaotic as doctors and nurses were squirming around in a panic in the little delivery room. Kakashi was confused, he wasn't used to the maternity ward and everything always seemed hectic, the constant beeping, countless nurses, and bags of fluids used for different reasons it was all too much. Now his 20 year old wife of two years just had their baby and was experiencing complications. They knew the risks,Tsunade warned them of the consequences and the likelihood of it. Kakashi was skeptical about it but Naru insisted on keeping the baby. Kakashi sat out in the waiting room until a doctor came to tell him the bad news. Naru gone into a coma, they don't know why. He cradled their baby, their daughter whom they didn't get to name together as tears strolled down his face, guilt and regret weighing on his mind. The snow fell heavily outside as he stared at the frost on the windows then do.