Today was the day that Killer Bee was coming to check Naru's seal and see why the tailed beast wasn't healing her. Kakashi was a bundle of nerves as he stood at the gate with Sora and Gaara. Who had come to visit both Naru and Sora. Sora loved Gaara, he was one of her favourite people. The two would always be seen together in the sand box at the play ground where Gaara would mould the sand and make it move and Sora would sit the there and giggle and squeal at it. His brother and sister had almost fainted when they saw him smile while he was playing in the sand box. She also loved how she could fly with Gaara on his sand. Thou Kakashi nearly had a heart attack when he saw them flying past the hokages office window one day.

In the distance they could see 6 people coming there way. As they came closer Kakashi could already hear and see Bee rapping and A the Riakage hitting him over the head. Seeing this Sora squealed with excitement and the eight tails Jinchuriki heard and Bee came barreling towards her, picked her up where she stood in between Kakashi and Gaara.

" Yo yo yo if it isn't me little soaring Sora weeeeeee" Bee rapped a.t her earning a smile in return. He than put her little hand in to a fist and held his own fist to her tiny one. He stood there silent for a minute then put her back down on the ground where she grab her dads pant leg. Standing back up bee turned to look at Kakashi.

" Hello Bee. Thanks for coming all this way to see Naru. We don't know what's wrong with her she gave brith then went straight into a coma. We thought the nine tails would have recovered her by now. Tsuande-sama has tried everything to get her to wake up and we even have tried to see if something is wrong with her seal but we have had no such luck and it would seem that Sora might have some of the Foxes chakra in her system. I feel it sometimes when she sleeps, it results in her waking up and crying." Kakashi looked to the Jinchuriki's both current and former as they walked into Narus hospital room. They could see Kakashi was pleading with them to do something for his family.

Bee and Gaara both stayed quite for a while thinking over what Kakashi just told them. Bee was the 1st to speak. You could tell he was serious because he wasn't rapping " how long was she pregnant for? "

" 9 months we induced her because she was over due, Tsuande thought if we waited any longer it would be to much for her body to handle" Kakashi spoke

" Female Jinchuriki pregnancies last ten months or more due to the nature of the beast they hold inside them. They can't take the chakra they use on the seal away to help the baby grow, which is most likely why Sora is so small she was born early not only that, but during the forth Great War if you remember she received chakra from all the tailed beast mine included, which might mean she could of need more time. The tailed beast during her pregnancy didn't mess with her baby which is why there are no physical markings or traces of the tailed beasts on her which is good." Bee stopped talking seeming to regain his thoughts on the matter.

" So the whisker marks on Narus cheeks are a result of her mother being a Jinchuriki while pregnant with her? " Gaara asked facing Bee.

" Yes but not every child would be effected it mainly depends on the seal and which beast you hold, just like people they are all different. But my guess would have to be that the nine tailed fox pumped his chakra into Sora when Naru was induced to make sure she would survive the birth and being able to live. Naru would have let him do so to save her. The only problem is when we use the beasts chakra ours is mixed in with it and if he isn't healing her it means he doesn't have enough chakra to do so which means she doesn't have enough either, hers can't be replenished until his is so that would be why nothing is happening." Bee responded

"But what about Sora? Is she a Jinchuriki as well?" Kakashi asked while watching Sora playing with Narus hair.

"She isn't a Jinchuriki. As time goes on and she uses her chakra the foxes chakra will leave her system. As for Naru there isn't much we can do but to let her regain her strength trying to wake up wont do any good if we disturb the healing she might not be able to be a Shinobi any more. I will see if I can stay in the village till she wakes up, if someone finds out she is like this people might try and take the fox from her. It shouldn't be a problem since all the five great nations are at peace but you never know people have seen the power the beast hold when they can be controlled and someone will come after them again. I know she has hidden them but I don't know where even my tailed beast won't till me where they are which is for the best, she is the chosen one, the child of phrofocy, she has control over all nine tailed beast and if they sense she or Sora are in trouble they will come to protect them both. I am sure you feel it to Gaara you were once a Jinchuriki the need to be close the need protect her like a brother. Kakashi you will need to be careful as well you are her mate. you must have felt it to when you 1st met her the pull you are her destined mate her. Just like her mother Kushina, her mate was Minito he was your sensai if i remember correctly, you would have noticed when he was away from the village on missions he acted different more depressed and serious and he would always know if she was in danger, always know where to find her. I am sure you were the same if when she was a baby, you knew if she was in trouble, and you would go to her, you would find her, you had trouble leaving the village." As Kakashi listened to Bee speak. He now realised it was true but it wasnt until she returned from her training with Jiriaya that he felt complete. that after they had saved Gaara that he knew he loved her. Thinking back it all made since, why he was never interested in women. She was his 1st everything, 1st kiss , 1st relationship , 1st love. it all made since he was choosen to be her mate and foxes mate for life.

Kakashi sat on the roof of his home later that night while holding a bundle of blankets who was Sora. She liked being on the roof with her father. She never failed to look everywhere she could, trying to take in as much as possible and she cooed happily. The full moon lit up the two pairs of eyes.

"Your mother and I used to sit on the roof all the time. It was the only time we would sit together quietly and in peace even if we were in some sort of disagreement." Sora looked up at him absorbing her father's voice. She couldn't understand him but he knew she would learn about her mother when she was old enough to understand. He didn't want Sora to grow up without a mother for too long but until then, all he could do was tell Sora about her. He cradled Sora until she fell asleep.

Kakashi couldn't remember the last time he felt so relaxed with minimal stress.

It was winter in Village hidden in the leafs though, there wasn't snow in Village. It was nearing Sora's first birthday which was a week away and she had surely grown before everyone's eyes. It was a slow day for all the squads but there was always still work to do.

"Tenzo, I have some files that need to be sent to the intel devision. Please deliver them." Kakashi didn't look up from his work but already knew he was pouting.

"But senpai , it's so cold!"

"It's not that cold and it's not like it's snowing." Kakashi said blankly as he continued with his work in his perfect handwriting.

"Hmph, easy for you to say." Tenzo said as he crossed his arms "Winter is a bad season for me you should know that Senpai"

Kakashi stood up and dressed his daughter in a thick white cloak that complemented their eyes, white mittens, and red rubber boots over her white and pink polka dot socks.

"Tenzo, continue the rest of the paperwork."

"Hai. Uh Senpai, what do you have planned for today?"

"Nothing." Kakashi responded icily while wrapping a red scarf around his neck. It was the same one he wrapped around Naru's neck just a few years ago, the same one in his dream and the same one branded into his memories.

"Oh." Tenzo said quietly walked to the desk.

Kakashi lifted the hood of Sora's cloak onto her head and stepped outside. The sun was shining vibrantly, high in the sky but the air was chilly and Sora's face had a hint of red from the cold. He walked to the intel devision office with the stack of papers in one hand and Sora in the other.

"Tou-sa, r-me." Sora looked at her father with a little smile.

"You want ramen for lunch?" His breath caused mist to appear from his mouth. Sora laughed and tried to grasp the amusing scientific phenomenon while nodding.

"We'll get lunch after I drop this off to the intel devision."


"Yes,Shikamaru." Kakashi looked into his daughter's eyes whose were identical to her mothers except that Sora smiled with eyes. He knew her eyes appeared brighter than hers and probably looked much friendlier.

Kakashi always worried about his icy personality rubbing off onto his daughter but if she had a similar mind set as her father, it would be easy to get her to agree with whatever he said, especially when she gets older right? Considering that Sora is now barely a year old, she was quite cheerful and was usually in a good mood, though, he had to watch what he said. She was talking more and more everyday and repeated most of the things she heard, including bad words.

Once, while Sakura and Sai were babysitting Sora, Sakura and Sai got into an argument about some useless matter.

"Damn it Sai! I'm right and you're just an asshole!"


Sakura and Sai both gasped when they heard the voice of a child just learning how to talk.

"No Sora, say Sai."

"Ee-sa-ee ass-ole."

"Thanks Sakura, you just made it worst." Sai snapped.

Kakashi returned from dropping files off to the Hokage and they both received the lecture of their life not to mention the fact that their ears were ringing from all his yelling. He even stated that even though the statement may be true, it wasn't appropriate for his daughter, his infant daughter, to say. Kakashi knew it wasn't true but Sai was a part of it too so he had to get him for something. He kicked them out that night and ordered them both D-rank mission for a month.

Kakashi knocked on the intel office door and someone voiced him to come in.

"Kakashi sensai , Sora-chan." Shikamaru stood up from his desk and took Sora off of Kakashi's hands.

"How many times must I say this, its Kakashi. Sensia makes me feel old."

Shikamaru just muttered " troublesome " as he walked away while still holding Sora.

"She's grown since I last saw her." Shikamaru held the child out at arms length to examine her.

"Is she walking yet?"

"She can definitely stand but her walking is still a little wobbly, though, she is still capable of it."

" really?" Shikamaru put Sora on the ground to watch her walk but Sora placed her own butt on the ground instead. Her hood slid off when she made contact with the floor and freed her growing sliver hair.

"Come on Sora-chan, can you walk for me?" Shikamaru lifted Sora to her feet but Sora sat back down once again. Kakashi smirked as he continually failed to get Sora to walk. It was weird that the Nara heir was this motivated at something, but Naru always somehow made him motivated when she was around must of rubbed off on his daughter as well.

He walked over to them and took Sora's hands and lifted her to her feet, then he slowly stepped back causing Sora to walk forward. After a few steps, he let her hands go and she continued to walk toward him until she reached his leg and grasped his pants.

"Wow, Sora-chan, good job!" Shikamaru knelt down in front of Sora and held his hand out. Sora stared at it for a few seconds before placing her own hand in it.

"Shika." Sora said out loud.

"Your the only one she has a nickname for ." Kakashi stated as he handed a stack of files to him then picked Sora up. Shikamaru smiled.

"We're going to get lunch now. See-ya Shikamaru." Kakashi slid the door open.

"Wait, Kakashi." Shikamaru handed him a blue gift bag.

"Happy birthday. It's actually from the rookie nine and as well as team Gai ." Shikamaru smiled, they had never failed to give him a gift on his birthday since Naru found out when is was, but this year, he wasn't up to celebrating it.

"Thanks,Shikamaru." He attempted a smile but it faded quickly.

"Say bye Sora." Kakashi held her wrist and moved her hand in a waving motion.

"Bye Shika."

"Bye Sora-chan,Kakashi." Shikamaru waved as they walked away from his office.

Kakashi arrived at a ramen bar where he was greeted "Kakashi, Sora-chan" and was seated. They even had a high chair for Sora permanently placed there for her after she was born, much to Kakashi's surprise.

"Do you still want ramen?"

Sora nodded happily. He always wondered how he got so lucky to have such an amazing daughter.

Kakashi ordered miso ramen for Sora in kid size with the noodles cut up and ordered himself a small bowl of salt ramen. When the food arrived, Ayame put a little bit of the soup in a small bowl with the cut up noodle and veggies for her and helped Kakashi feed her while he ate his meal. Tenshi and his daughter Ayame loved Naru like family. When Naru 1st found out she was pregnant which she found out after she threw up her breakfast ramen. She freaked out and Ayame came to the rescue took her to see Tsunade to conform that she was pregnant. Then took her get parenting books and then to track Kakashi down to tell him. Which was a priceless reaction for all the people present. He fainted.

After their meal, Kakashi opened the gift he received from Shikamaru. It was a little photo album. It started with photos of Naru and him self. Naru smiled in most of the pictures where as he looked annoyed or showed as much as a eye smile he wouldn't take off his mask. Looking at the photos made him long for Naru even more and made his stomach turn but he couldn't stop flipping through the pages. There were photos of their wedding. Then there were the pictures of Karin while she was with an unborn Sora. These were the last months he had spent with her and though they were married, she lived in their apartment alone a lot of the time. She didn't mind and she understood the duties her husband had to fulfill for the village but he always was home on the weekends. Ayame spent a lot of time with Naru during her pregnancy since Naru, for some reason, couldn't get enough of ramen covered in chocolate and pickles.

After the birth of Sora, Naru didn't appear in any photos; it was now just Kakashi and Sora. There were pictures that he wasn't aware was taken, most of which were taken while he was asleep or when someone was baby sitting. The pictures were put in order as Sora grew. He had forgotten how little she used to be. Sora was growing more beautiful and looking more like her mother every day.

The last page was a photo of the sky taken from their spot on the top of the Yondihime Hokages head. That was their meeting spot. It was where they shared their thoughts with each other, secrets, and their past.

After meeting Kakashi at the spot and hearing him out about the sky and memories, Naru went there nearly every day even if he wasn't there.

Love eventually flourished when they met every day for almost three months. Even though there was an age gap they didn't care, their love only grew stronger. He got used to Naru hyperactive tom boy attitude and she got used to his nonchalance and wariness.

It took Kakashi a while to open up to her but it was the same with Naru. They understood each other and their need to share their feelings. They both kept everything to themselves and they both always wanted to deal with everything themselves. Though they had different problems, they were more alike than anyone knew at the time. Everything linked together, they had no secrets he even told her parents true identity. But he understood when she told him he couldn't know where she hid the tailed beast and Kakashi agreed with her. he didnt want to know where they recollecting all the memories that had to do with the picture, he slightly chuckled to himself. Only good memories were made at that railing.

Kakashi spent the day with his daughter. He knew Tenzo wouldn't mind considering that it was to cold for trees, and it had just started snowing and it was sticking to the ground.

He placed Sora on the ground where snow was extremely shallow and let her walk around.

"Tou-sa, so!"

"You mean snow?"

"So." She repeated.

He didn't even know how she figured out it was snow, it turns out she may be just as brilliant as he had been.

Sora looked up at him as he knelt down to her and held out a little snow ball. She stared at the ball for a little bit until she took it into her own hands. It fell apart but some snow still remained in her hands which she used to throw at her father.

"Hey, don't throw it at me."

Sora giggled then walked wobbly to a pile of snow where she threw it in the air as if it were confetti. Kakashi sat on the ground and watched her as she innocently played with the snow. He stared at her until he saw past her. He was starting to daydream. He saw Naru's face and he could feel her, smell her, and hold her. He was pulled out of it when he heard coughing.

"Sora, don't eat the snow."

Sora had bits of ice around her mouth. She looked at her daddy, eyes wide. She knew she was getting in trouble and when ever she did, she froze. She didn't cry but sometimes she would get scared. She didn't like getting scolded so it usually took one warning for her to stop what ever it was she was doing.

After spending a few more minutes in the snow,Kakashi thought it was time to leave before Sora got frostbite. He held on to her tightly yet gently as he jumped on the roofs through the village to his apartment. Sora was never afraid but was amused of the quick movements.

Another day had gone by. Kakashi now a year older and in just a week, Sora would reach that one year mark too. Time ticked away with no regards to anyone's thoughts. Time was unstoppable, unavoidable, and irreplaceable. Watching Sora grow proved that it had taken that much longer for Naru to wake, that much longer that Sora had been motherless, and that much longer that Kakashi had been away from her.

Kakashi took his daughter to sit on the roof as he had promised earlier. The sun was already completely down and stars were twinkling high in the sky.

He cradled her gently and hummed a lullaby. After a few yawns and fighting her heavy eyelids, Sora was fast asleep.

"Goodnight my Sora."

Kakashi went back into his home, took Sora's cloak off and placed her on his futon. He sat on his window sill, afraid to go to sleep. He was afraid of his memories, afraid to face them, afraid of the hurt that it would bring when he woke up. He felt like such a coward letting something as little as sleep to scare him. He thought about what his feelings were; whether if he was depressed or just plain pathetic. He couldn't help but feel sorry for himself. He only let these emotions leak out when no one was around to see him like this.

He sat on the sill until the clock read three o' clock. It was 3 A.M. and he was still awake. At that moment.