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Loki gets turned into a baby human female and has his memory wiped to learn a lesson after he constantly seduces Aesir men. Thor decides to take a jaunt down to Earth while his brother is under punishment. Unfortunately, he does not know what Loki looks like, and decides to use the rest of his free time with the beautiful redheaded woman drinking alone. Lily's boy is born with golden blonde hair and glowing green eyes placed on a face that was much too masculine to have been James's. To keep James from knowing she disguises the baby to look like him. What happens when a race long thought extinct remerges from the shadows they had hidden themselves in?

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A/N: This is an idea/request from njchrispatrick on . Go check out the stories he/she has written. Loki will not remember his time as Lily, but will be able to switch back and forth between male and female when he is made immortal again due to a malfunction in the 'ritual'. My vocabulary is strange; you will probably be seeing British and American words, and terms at times. There is a reason for bringing forward the Black and Potter blood that will be explained later. There is a poll up for New World, Same problems. Oh God, so tired…finals…dying. Keels over dead.

Ok, just to be clear, Harry is not a Metamorph, he is a Shapeshifter. For a while he will seem more like a Metamorph, but in chapter 2 and 3, you will see some animal characteristics appearing. Sirius and James aren't actually Harry's parents. Lily just brings forward the Potter and Black genes she passed on to her son to make them more dominant than his real parents'. She needed DNA from the direct lines of Potter and Black, though she wasn't aiming for the Black line, which was an accident. Think of Sirius and James as close family (brothers or uncles). I want Harry to be a Seidr more so than an Asgardian. That doesn't mean that he won't become immortal or a citizen of Asgard. Seidr magic is vastly different than the magic done by other races, so the different types are mostly incompatible.

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Prologue: Of Mortals and Gods

*Asgard: 1959 Earth Time*

Odin sighed, staring out at the land of Asgard. He did not know what to do about his errant son, a son he had adopted. Loki had to be brought to heel, he needed to understand that his actions have consequences and that he was behaving most unbecoming of a prince, let alone a Prince of Asgard.

Odin turned, staring at the intricate wooden box sitting so innocently on his desk, yet he cold feel the power it contained. He strode over, running his hand over the detailed designs of long extinct magical creatures. Small gems lined the borders, seeming to glow in the light. He placed his fingers under the two latches, and taking a deep breath, flipped them, unlocking the box.

Slowly, Odin raised the lid, gazing down at the potions contained within. There were several, seeing as the box had an expansion charm on it, not that he understood what the Seidr had been saying exactly, but he understood enough to get the idea. One stood out from the others, a delicate pink with swirls of gold. There were several brightly colored potions in the box, but few were as brightly colored. Next to it was a bright blue and silver potion, the antithesis of the pink and gold. He closed his eyes, knowing that if he were to truly teach Loki humility and honor, it would have to be through something drastic.

He needed something that would hinder his magic; that would prevent him from overcoming the potion. He opened his eyes and stared once more at the potion, fingering the crystal stopper.


Loki looked up at the man who was his father. He sneered at the determined, yet sorrowful look on his aging face. Odin felt like a monster at the moment, he hated himself. He just didn't know what else to do. He'd talked with his wife, but simply stripping Loki of his magic and for a while and forcing him to do servant's work simply wasn't enough. Loki looked down on mortals, especially mortal females, thinking them to be little more than insects. No, something far more drastic had to be done.

"You leave me no choice Loki, this hatred and toying with Midgardian men and women stops now." Loki frowned, what in was he going to do that made him look so…devastated? He stared at the small vial of bright pink and gold potion in his father's large, scarred hand. He didn't like the look of that potion, but could do nothing with the magic suppressing chains on him. He had never seen his father look so conflicted.

"When you perform a truly selfless act, one that is honorable, then and only then shall you remember your past. You like human men, but hate human women. That has to change Loki, and it will…by turning you into a mortal woman." Loki's eyes widened in horror. Odin looked away from him, unable to bare the look Loki was giving him.

"No!" Loki lunged at Odin, his chains snapping his body backwards. He crashed to the floor. Loki struggled frantically, far more upset about being mortal than a woman, he was actually quite curious to try that, but he didn't want to become a weak and pathetic mortal to do it. Odin wanted nothing more than to free his son, to find another form of punishment, but he didn't know what else to do that would have as great of an impact on his wayward son.

Odin ordered the guards to hold Loki immobile as he pulled out the stopper sealing the potion that the Seidr had given him before being wiped out. They had tasked Odin with protecting the Tesseract in case they were to be destroyed. He still couldn't believe that they were gone, a race as powerful than the Asgardians wiped out by mutual enemies.

Loki's mouth and nose were covered, forcing him to swallow the concoction. He stiffened, before seizures tore through his body. Odin began to panic, something he hadn't done for a long time.


Pain, pain unlike anything he'd ever felt before. His soul was being torn asunder, his very existence breaking, shattering. The light was blinding, the darkness suffocating.


Something was wrong; such magic should not induce such pain. Odin panicked, having forgotten one key fact that the Seidr had warned him about. Odin had forgotten to check to see if Loki had anything containing magic on him. He tried to hold his son down to prevent him from slamming his head onto the stone floor. He really hated himself as he saw and felt his son writhe in agony, screams tearing through his throat. Odin felt like crying, which was something he never did. It was his fault that his son was suffering so. He should have found another way, should have done something else to punish Loki. Loki didn't deserve this.

A glow shone from around Loki's neck, a curious necklace that looked like an hourglass, yet was cracked, and containing gold sand shone with magic. Odin reached out for the item, convinced that it was the source of Loki's agony. The moment he touched the strange item, he and the guards were blasted backwards. His hand felt like it was on fire, the skin badly burned. He grasped his wrist, gritting his teeth at the pain. The next thing he knew, he was being blasted back away from his son, and nearly crashed into the wall. He groaned and struggled to get up. That's when he remembered the magic suppressing chains. He yelled at the guards to remove them.

The guards struggled to remove the chains, managing to one off, but were blasted back by the wave of magic released from the removed chain and cuff. Loki's screams lessened slightly, but only slightly. Odin struggled to stay conscious, his head pounding.

Loki's body began to glow, the small spherical object beginning to spin madly. Thor and Frigga burst into the room. Frigga screamed and ran towards Loki. Thor dashed after his mother after taking one look at his father and drawing an accurate conclusion, snatching her up just in time to prevent her from touching Loki. Frigga thrashed in Thor's arms, reaching for Loki. Odin managed to get to his feet, and staggered, blood dripping from a large cut on his head. His head spun and he feared that he had more than just a cut.

Thor backed up, struggling to control Frigga's wild thrashing. She screamed as Loki's body seemed to explode with light, before dying down. His body was gone, along with the chains when the light disappeared, an empty, scorched spot along with a chain and cuff were all that remained. Odin closed his eyes, swallowing back his nausea.

Frigga finally broke free from Thor, scrambling over to where her son had just been. She stared, tears filling her eyes and spilling over as she thought about what had just happened. She slowly turned her head when Odin came closer.

Odin froze, then ran, more like stumbled, from the room when he saw the look his wife was aiming at him. He really didn't need more injuries. He would let her do what she wanted later, once he knew that he wouldn't embarrass himself by passing out or losing the contents of his stomach. Frigga took off after him, screaming and cursing, throwing whatever she could get her hands on at him. She relented slightly, but remained absolutely furious, when she saw her husband slump to the floor in front of other Asgardians. Odin clutched at his head and stomach, and groaned. He was terribly pale.

Thor, in a rare moment of genius, fled from the room and castle altogether, wanting to get as far away from his mother as possible. He thought a weeklong trip around Asgard was just the right thing. His own fury at his father could wait, he wasn't sure that Odin would actually survive his mother's wrath.


*January 30, 1960*

Dahlia Evans screamed as another contraction tore through her. She was at some little hospital in England. Her red hair stuck to her sweaty, flushed face.

"One more push, the head is crowning." Dahlia sucked in a huge breath, grasping the rails of the bed. She pushed, harder than she had ever pushed in her life, wanting it to be over with and the baby out of her. Her husband was wiping her brow with a cool, wet cloth, trying to give her some amount of comfort.

A loud cry split the air, and Dahlia let her breath out in a giant whoosh. She stared at the red, slimy, screaming creature that was a human baby. She closed her eyes, suddenly exhausted. She heard the nurse talking to her, trying to get her to respond, and grumbled moodily.

Her husband brushed her hair from her face lovingly, whispering soothing words to calm her. She smiled tiredly, the pain of childbirth still radiating through her.

"Lily, Lily Evans." They baby opened her blue eyes, the color yet to be determined. She yawned cutely, before eagerly latching onto the breast being offered to her.


"What do you mean that we're related! How long have you known!" Lily's shrill screech nearly deafened James. He cringed away from his wife.

"I only just found out from Sirius. He found out from his uncle, Alphard."

"Why do you seem ok with this!" James backed away, putting the sofa between him and his irate wife.

"It's common among the Purebloods, so it's no big deal." That was apparently the wrong thing to say to Lily.

"No big deal!" Lily positively roared, her eyes filled with fury.


Lily Potter growled in frustration, she had just discovered that she was her husband's cousin. Her great grandmother had apparently been born a Squib from a Potter and a Black. James had simply shrugged it off, saying that inbreeding was a common occurrence in Pureblood society. Lily had stormed off in a rage, leaving behind a clueless husband.

Lily hated magic at times, sure it was one of the best things she'd had happen to her, but her magic was hard to control and refused to perform certain branches like Transfiguration and Defense in most cases. The simple spells she could do no problem, but spells on the same level as the Patronus were a big no-no. She grimaced as she remembered just how hard passing her NEWTS and OWLS had been. Most charms she excelled at, but Potions and Ancient Runes are where she really excelled.

A pang of regret stabbed her heart. She took a deep draught of the alcohol she was consuming. She regretted the way she had pushed Severus away, how she had never given him a second chance.

She was brought out of her thoughts when a large, strangely dressed, and handsome blond haired man sat on the stool next to her. She looked the Muggle over speculatively, frowning when she had the niggling thought that this was no ordinary Muggle. She stared at him, and he in turn stared at her. She felt like she had met him before, but his was a face and body one doesn't forget.

"Lily Potter." She held out her hand, and the mysterious man gently kissed the back of it. She blushed, which on someone with red hair is quite funny looking.

"Thor Odinson my lady." She giggled, the alcohol finally beginning to affect her. Her bright green eyes sparkled in delight.

"Your strongest mead!" Thor's voice boomed out over the bar, the patrons gaping at him. Thor looked around, confused. Had he said something wrong?

Lily began laughing, strongly reminded of a clueless Sirius Black in a formal social situation. The Muggle bartender, still giving Thor strange looks, set down the strongest alcohol he had in his establishment. Thor knocked it back, slamming the half empty glass down. Lily gaped at him.

"What is a lovely lass like yourself doing alone on this night?" Lily smiled, showing off her straight white teeth.

"Trying to drown my troubles good sir." Thor laughed a great booming laugh, head tilted back. By now the patrons in the bar had figured out that the large muscled man was loud and would continue to be so.

Lily and Thor ordered several more drinks, discussing this and that, but nothing of real importance. Lily noticed that the more he drank, the more his strange, archaic way of talking emerged. They eventually left the bar together, Lily stumbling and slurring her words. Lily was glad that she had taken off her wedding ring earlier before Thor showed up.

The two somehow ended up in a motel together for the night. The rest was a blur for the both of them. Thor wasn't nearly as drunk as Lily, so was able to leave in the early hours of the morning.


Thor looked down at Lily in regret, he felt bad leaving her so early and without saying anything to her after last night. He brushed a strand of hair from her face, smiling slightly when she murmured and swatted at his hand.

"Stop it James." Her words were slurred, but not enough that Thor couldn't understand what she said. He froze, looking at the young woman in horror. She had given no indication that she belonged to another; the foolish woman had tarnished Thor's honor. He vowed to never speak of it to anyone.


Lily woke to find herself alone in a motel room she vaguely recalled renting. She rushed for the toilet when her stomach rebelled. A pounding headache fogged her mind, and she stayed on the bathroom floor for a long while. Eventually, her magic kicked in and took care of the dehydration and headache, though that drained her magic reserves. She used a portkey to return to her and James's home. He wasn't there, already at work for the day. Lily stumbled upstairs and into the shower, her mind drifting over the previous night's events.

Gods she felt horrible, some wife she was. She felt sick, so guilty that she didn't think she could look James in the face. What had she been thinking! Oh, right, she hadn't been. Lily silently vowed then and there to never drink again. She placed her head on the cool tiles of the shower wall, letting the hot water hit her back.

She paled when she realized that she and Thor hadn't used protection. Jumping out of the shower, and throwing on a robe, she rushed down the stairs, panic beginning to overcome her.


Positive, the test was positive. She buried her face in her hands, dreading the future. She froze, a sudden idea coming to her, she could use a blood potion to strengthen the Potter genes coming from her side and then introduce James's to cement his own. Sure the child would have three parents, but it was better than not having James's blood at all. In a flurry of activity, she began readying the needed potions ingredients, rushing upstairs to nick some of James's hair laying around the bedroom.

She could do this, and if the baby still looked too much like the original father, well, she could always glamor the child. She had no idea that what she was doing would also bring forward the Black genes, seeing as one of the hairs belonged to Sirius, who had thought it a good idea to wrestle James awake one morning while Lily was making breakfast.


Thank the gods James was on an assignment and unable to come see the birth of their child. Even more fortunately, Sirius was sent out with him and tonight was a full moon, preventing Remus from coming. Peter had tried to come, but Lily had nearly killed him, so he was forced to leave. She had never liked the rat.

After several hours of labor, her baby boy was finally born, though she really wished that he had waited a minute or two longer, making him an August baby. She was terrified that Voldemort would target her family now. Dumbledore had stopped by early in her pregnancy to inform them of the prophecy. Since then, the soon to be parents had been overly stressed.

Lily looked down at her son, groaning when she saw that the potion had a flaw in it somewhere. He had a chiseled masculine face that looked to be a cross between the aristocratic Black Family and Thor. James's features were nowhere to be seen except for the wavy, messy hair, hair that still wasn't as messy as his, and was blond. The slant of his eyes was from her though, and the eye color had yet to be determined. No matter how much DNA that was from James that she added, the original father's seemed to override it. Sirius's poked through, though it was rumored that they carried magical creature blood.

Damn you Sirius Black!

All in all, he was a stunning baby boy. The nurse had remained oddly silent, and Lily took the chance to send a strong compulsion with her wand to stop the nurse from interfering. Lily then proceeded to glamor her son, changing his features to match James's.

Aiming her wand at the nurse, she shot an Oblivate, one of the only high powered spells she was good at, at her, effectively changing the features of her son and Lily's recent actions in her mind. The nurse shook her head, confused as to why she was so dazed. "Do you have a name picked out?"

Lily smiled tiredly, helping her son feed. "Hadrian James Potter." The nurse smiled in response, writing the information down on the birth certificate.


"Lily, it's him! Run, take Harry while I hold him off!" Lily didn't need to be told twice, scooping up her Killing Curse eyed son and sprinting up the stairs, her heart pounding in terror. She slammed the nursery door closed, lunging for the portkey, but nothing happened. Her legs trembled, tears pouring from her eyes. She looked down into the face of her son, memorizing each and every detail.

"Mommy loves you Harry, never doubt or forget that."

The door behind her blasted open, and she curved her back over her son. Setting Harry down in the crib, she whirled around, arms spread out.

Voldemort looked at the Mudblood in amusement. Her emerald eyes were filled with tears, yet contained a fire that burned brightly. Her lips pulled back into a snarl, her body shifting into a defensive stance. Her red hair reflected the light from overhead, looking like blood. He smirked, glancing at the baby gripping the bars of the crib behind his mother, before she blocked his view.

"Move aside Mudblood and give me the boy." The woman looked stunned, her eyes widening and mouth opening. He continued to point his bone-white wand at her, sparks emerging from the tip. She stiffened.

"Never!" He looked at her in surprise, his red snake eyes narrowed in anger.

"Move aside now! I am only here for the boy, you need not die." Lily spat at him.

"Take me, leave my son, take me instead! He's just a baby, he can't hurt you!" Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"This is your last warning woman! Move aside!" She continued to plead with the monster, desperate to save her baby. She had no wand and was unable to use wandless magic well. It always drained her, somehow not compatible with her body. She was trapped and both adults knew it.

"Very well then. Avada Kedavra!" Lily flung her magic at Harry, stuffing as much of it as she could into him just before the Killing Curse hit her. Hopefully he could survive now that the ritual was active. Unknown to Voldemort, small painted runes under the baby's clothing were glowing softly, active and ready to lash out with magic.

Voldemort laughed, watching the Mudblood crumple to the floor, her dull green eyes staring blankly at the ceiling, empty of all life. Her body disappeared suddenly, sucked into thin air with a blinding flash of light as if she had never existed. Slightly unnerved, Voldemort made his way to the baby staring at him defiantly. His black hair had blond spreading through it, Lily's magic from the glamor being sucked into the runes to help increase their power.

Red flickered through Harry's eyes, Voldemort missed that though as he was staring at the changes in his hair color. His face changed slightly, but not much, as there was a greater concentration of power in that part of the glamor and took longer to drain.

"Well, well, a little Metamorphmagus. It's too bad that you would never join me. Goodbye Harry Potter. Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort watched in glee as the spell raced from his wand and struck the baby on the forehead.

There was a moment, one that seemed to last an eternity as a lightning bolt carved itself into the baby's forehead. A bright glow from the hidden runes exploded outward, flinging the Killing Curse away from Harry and back at Voldemort.

Voldemort could only watch in horror and disbelief as his own spell rebounded at him. He screamed in agony as his body disintegrated, not noticing the small part that broke off and shot into the baby.

As Voldemort fled into the night, leaving behind destruction, a fierce battle was being waged between the two souls. Harry's, while younger was whole and undamaged, unlike the shard of Voldemort's soul, and thus able to fight the much older soul shard. The runes, with the last of the magic they contained, forced Harry's and Voldemort's souls to mesh into one. The glamors flickered, barely having enough magic to remain. They would continue to wear off before disappearing altogether in the coming years.

No longer would Albus Dumbledore be able to have a light, weak willed Savior. No, Harry was neither dark or light, but grey, and he was strong.



Loki's body reappeared in a soundless, anticlimactic wave of magic. The cuff and chain fell off of him, in a warped and twisted pile of metal. He shot upright, confused and sore. He had the strangest feeling that he was needed somewhere else, but brushed it off. He noted in incredulity that the clothes he was wearing were clearly meant for a female, and not a male his size.

The doors to the same chamber he had disappeared from twenty-one years ago burst open. Frigga shot past Odin, gathering her son up into her arms, glaring all the while at her husband. Thor guffawed loudly when he caught sight of the skirt and blouse that Loki was wearing. Odin slapped the back of his head.

"Loki?" Frigga lay a hand on her dazed son's shoulder, helping him stand. He nearly collapsed again, Thor leaping forward to aid him. They led Loki to his room, figuring that he would be at ease in his domain. Gently easing Loki down onto the large bed, Frigga began checking him over for injuries.

"I cannot find anything amiss, but he seems to be in great pain." Odin, who had been hovering in the doorway, winced at the venom his wife directed at him.

"Loki, what happened to you after you disappeared?" Frigga ran her dainty hand through his silky black hair, staring at his green eyes dulled in pain.

"I…I cannot remember. No, there was a woman screaming, then a flash of green light, but that must have been an illusion or hallucination." Odin and Frigga exchanged glances. "There, there was a baby, and a monster with red eyes, but the images are blurred and indistinct." Loki sounded like he was about to cry.

Frigga hugged her distressed son, rocking him gently, glaring all the while at her idiotic husband. Thor was giving Loki a strange look; he looked confused and alarmed by his normally cold and collected brother's show of weakness. Loki's emotions were all over the place, images flashing across his mind that made no sense whatsoever.


*Back on Earth*

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was heading to Privet Drive in Surry to wait for Hagrid to bring baby Harry Potter to his relatives' house, not knowing that he had already lost his greatest chess piece.

A tall, strict looking woman in emerald green robes rushed up to Dumbledore when he appeared with a small pop. Her hair, that had once been a reddish brown, was now grey and pulled back into a severe knot. Her thin lips were pinched, making it seem like they were but a thin line.

"Please tell me it's not true Albus." Her voice wavered, the emotions she was restraining leaking through. Albus Dumbledore looked at her with grave blue eyes, the trademark twinkle gone.

"I am afraid that I cannot Minerva." Minerva McGonagall's hands flew to her mouth, stifling the sob that escaped.

"What of little Harry? Is he…" She couldn't bear to complete her question.

"Harry Potter survived, Hagrid is bring him here as we speak. Though how he did, I know not." Minerva seemed to swell with fury.

"Here! No, Albus these are the worst Muggles I've ever seen! You can't leave him with those monsters." Luckily, Dumbledore had the foresight to put up a privacy ward.

"Lily's sacrifice has created powerful blood wards that will protect him from outside harm." If Dumbledore thought that that would appease his Transfiguration Professor, he was gravely mistaken.

"What about from the inside Albus!" He winced at her shout.

"I am sure that Lily's sister would not mistreat her own flesh and blood." He was only digging a deeper hole for himself.

"Are we thinking of two different Petunia Dursleys? The one I saw and have heard about would stoop so low." Dumbledore gave Minerva a disappointed look.

"He needs to grow up away from the fame that he has unknowingly gained."

"Then put him with a family like the Tonks, they won't let Harry get a big head. What are you going to do about training him, the Death Eaters and sympathizers will come for him and those he cares about someday. Are you planning to leave him untrained?" Her arms were crossed, eyes flashing in fury.

"It is for the best. I will not be swayed on this matter Minerva." Her nostrils flared, and he suddenly realized that he was going to have to remove Minerva's memories of the Dursleys and where they live, not to mention this conversation.

The roar of a motorcycle interrupted their argument. He too the opportunity to shoot several spells at Minerva when she was distracted by the approaching motorbike, making sure that his body would be blocking Hagrid's view.

The bike was massive, a good thing because the person riding it was even more so. Hagrid pulled off an odd pair of goggles, reaching over into the sidecar for a blue bundle.

"Evening Professor McGonagall, evening Headmaster Dumbledore. Little tyke's still awake." As Hagrid got off the motorcycle, it rose up from the ground some now free of the immense weight. Minerva was shaking her head, trying to clear it of the fog clouding it.

"Hagrid, where on earth did you get that…thing?" McGonagall was staring at the motorbike in fascination. Hagrid looked back at the bike before answering.

"Young Sirius Black told me to take it and get Harry to safety." McGonagall huffed at the mention of one of the most notorious troublemakers ever to have been inflicted on Hogwarts.

Dumbledore gently took the precious bundle from Hagrid, peering down into accusing green eyes. His eyes widened when he saw the blonde hair that was overtaking the black and the facial features that were definitely not James's.

"Hagrid, was Harry's hair like this when you found him?" Hagrid looked startled.

"Blimey! The lil tyke's hair 'as changed more." Minerva, intrigued by the conversation quickly made her way over to see what all the fuss was about. She gasped when she saw that the baby's hair was more blonde than black and his face much more different from what she had last seen.

"Albus, what could have caused this?" Dumbledore waved his wand over the baby, grinning when he saw the results.

"It is nothing to worry about, he is simply a budding Metamorphmagus." Little did Albus know was that the spell was detecting the Shapeshifter gene and not the Metamorph. Minerva gasped in surprised delight. He began to cast a long and complicated spell. Minerva gave him a sharp look.

"What are you doing?" Albus didn't look up.

"I am binding the Metamorph magic so that he can safely be around Muggles. I will remove it once he can control it outside of school." Minerva gave him a suspicious look, but backed down. Unfortunately for Dumbledore, he wasn't able to bind just the magic he wanted, mainly because it wasn't Metamorphic magic at all.

She then caught sight of an angry, red and swollen scar on his forehead. Dried blood marred the luminescent skin.

"Is that where…"

"Yes, he will have that scar for the rest of his life, such is the consequence of being touched by dark magic." Minerva made a strange sorrowful sound in the back of her throat. Hagrid was crying big fat tears, which disappeared into his bushy beard. He bent down, placing a whiskery kiss on his forehead.

Luminous glowing green eyes regarded the adults in a haughty, superior manner. Dumbledore had to restrain himself from glaring at the child. Letting Minerva kiss the baby as well, he hurriedly walked up and placed the baby on the front doorstep of Number 4. Privet Drive. He placed a letter he previously written inside the folds of the blanket.

"Good luck Harry Potter, you'll need it."

Dumbledore swiftly made his way back to Minerva and Hagrid, waiting until the others had departed before leaving the Muggle neighborhood as well.

It would be 10 years before Dumbledore realized he had made the greatest mistake of his life in leaving Harry Potter on the front doorstep of his only living relatives on Earth.


Heimdall squinted, the fabric of space rippling as Loki tore through it, he caught a brief glimpse of a child with a lightning bolt scar and glowing green eyes, before it was hidden. He frowned, disturbed that there was something out there hiding from him, something right under his nose at that.