Standing in the Sun


1st September 1979

Air filled his tiny lungs, lips opening again and again to draw oxygen into his body, into his blood stream. There was far too much noise around him, and his eyes were blurrier than they'd ever been before. His chakra was erratic, and he couldn't pin enough down to even hope to turn the Sharingan on, his limbs were refusing to move to his commands and he was struggling to think straight. He heard words thrown about around him, the date -first of September- and slowly the words began to twist together into sentences.

"-please Lily-flower! It's a super cool name!"

"Just because you want to name him after some strange ninja-"

"Sasuke Sirius Potter! Ha, magic's taken effect, he's stuck with the name now!"

"You named him after Sirius?!"

Sasuke winced at the shout, letting out a cry of discontent when he realized what'd happened. He'd been killed in the war, and obviously reborn instantly. And from the sounds of it, in a civilian family. He was pretty sure that Sirius was a star, and he pitied the poor soul who had it for a first name. Although Sasuke Sirius Potter didn't exactly flow all that well either.

"If you're that offended Lil's we can have another one and you can name it." He did not need to hear this.

Sasuke took in another deep breath before letting out the loudest scream he could manage. Which, even with his tiny lungs, was quite impressive. And for a few moments, he'd managed to distract his parents from the idea of a sibling. A younger one. Seemed like he was the first born this time. Sasuke wasn't sure how he felt about that.

Though, as he overheard two months later, they may have been distracted, but they'd certainly not forgotten the idea.

31st October 1981

Baby Harry James Potter had a much nicer name than the unsightly combo that Sasuke had been lumped with.

Lucky him.

Though he too seemed to have gotten what his new mother, one Lily Potter, had dubbed the 'Potter hair'. Sasuke had seen himself in the mirror, his hair was the same as it'd been in his last life, his eyes the same dark charcoal. Though there was still some of the Potter's features in there, he had Lily's nose and the natural, merry-wild tilt to his lips was all James', pale skin from his mother.

Harry, his rather cute little brother, seemed to have gotten a bit more from their parents, even in his obvious youth he looked the spitting image of their father, though his green eyes were all Lily.

There were moments like these, when Lily assumed she'd put the both of them to bed for the night, when he'd climb out of the small cot he was in and just sit and look at Harry. He wondered if this was what Itachi had felt for him, the overwhelming desire to do nothing other than protect, to see him grow and flourish. And it was during this time he'd go through all the stretches he could in this soft, untrained body, determined to be good enough to look after his little brother.

This wasn't the weak world he'd thought it to be.

They used their chakra differently here, through sticks of wood called 'wands', and they were at war. And of course, as if that wasn't enough, his parents had gone into hiding. Because his younger brother was a target of some mass murdering psycho. Why was it that he could never lead a truly simply life? Death and war always seemed to surround him, no matter how hard he tried to avoid it, to put a stop to it. He understood the reason Itachi had visible lines of stress upon his face now. If he'd brought half as much trouble to Itachi's life as Harry had done to his so far, then he wasn't surprised in the least.

Maybe he should keep checking his own face to make sure he didn't end up with a matching pair.


Sasuke visibly startled when a loud bang echoed downstairs, followed by a set of quickly approaching footsteps coming up the stairs. Sasuke reached for the knife he'd kept under his pillow, not that mother dearest needed to know about it, as the door opened and Lily Potter flew into the room.

Harry was awake now, green eyes wide and tears starting to from in them. Nevertheless, the young boy didn't make sound as his mother stood before him, her eyes shooting towards Sasuke's tense form, stood by his cot with one hand under a pillow. His small fingers were only able to wrap halfway around the knife handle, but he was pretty sure he'd be able to throw it well enough with some chakra enchanted strength. He'd been practising his chakra control since he was able to crawl, determined not to remain helpless no matter how long he was stuck growing up.

He was glad he did, because a tall, dark figure came into the room, completely focused upon his mother and insisting she move aside, that he was only here for Harry, that she didn't need to die today.

Sasuke carefully adjusted his grip on the handle, teeth clenched and well aware that he'd only get one shot at this. He didn't recognise the spell the madman shot at his mother, but the second it hit, he knew exactly what had happened. Lily Potter would not bow to unconsciousness, not if her sons were in danger, she was a fierce lioness of a woman that had gained his respect. Only death could have brought her to her knees.

The man seemed satisfied that his only opposition was dead now, and that split second of pride cost him.

Sasuke threw the knife as hard as he could, burning inside because once again his parents had been ripped away from him young, far too young and he was so damningly angry. He'd tried not to get attached to them, but the unreasonable amount of love the two Potter's had shown him had burnt down the walls of his heart, just long enough for the two to worm their way into his heart. Itachi had managed to all but swear him from vengeance, but he'd die trying to protect his younger brother.

He'd heard from the man with the long white beard that this 'Lord Voldemort' wasn't completely human anymore, and those reactions speeds granted to him was the only thing that prevented Sasuke's throwing knife from sinking deep into his skull.

Instead, it pierced through the forearm he threw up to defend his head, the lightning chakra he'd poured into the metal cackling through his body and a pained hiss escaping those pale lips. Sasuke knew he didn't have enough chakra to try any big jutsus, and his body wasn't fast enough to land a solid taijutsu hit. He barely had enough to keep his Sharingan active. He'd thrown all of his two year old power into that knife, and to know it wasn't a killing blow was devastating.

Crimson eyes landed on him, widening at the sight of the Sharingan before they narrowed. It was awful to know he couldn't take advantage of the eye contact and manage a Genjutsu right now.

"I will know how you did that," the snake faced man snarled before turning back to Harry, levelling his wand in that direction, "but for now, watch as your brother dies."

The last thing Sasuke remembered as he ran forwards, far too far away to ever make it in time, was a flash of green before falling into unconsciousness.

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Reasons for Sasuke having a knife? he's a ninja, he may have been reborn, but his paranoia is still growing strong.