This was originally written 3 or 4 years ago, right after I joined JBNP. There was a discussion in chat about sexy men, and someone coined the term "weapon of massive orgasm" - and this story was born. It was supposed to be silly and light hearted but of course I can't write anything like that, so it became this.

Since this was written a few years ago, when Angela talks about a "moronic president", she's talking about Bush. Obviously, Angela is a liberal and doesn't agree with the reason the Iraqi War began. I'm not trying to have a political conversation with anyone - just pointing out the background.

So again, this is a repost. It's finished, so I'll be posting the chapters every week or so.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I hated airports. To sit here and wait. And wait. And then, guess what? Wait some more. He was supposed to arrive 8 hours ago. It felt like a lifetime. My body ached to see him again - I could hardly hold still. My skin jumped at the thought of him, and I couldn't stop the pangs that filled my heart with each beat - I hadn't felt whole since he left.

And he'd been gone a long time.

"Are you ok, Bella?" came the soft voice of Angela. She nudged my knee with her foot. I opened my eyes to see that she had propped her back against the wall, laying her legs on the seats between us. I felt bad then - she was only there to keep me company. We both knew how reliable these types of flights were.

I could only hope that he'd actually be on this one.

He was supposed to come back at Christmas, but he'd never arrived. I'd been terrified, hysterical, out of my mind, and I'd actually thrown up. Several times. I couldn't stop the panicked thoughts from racing through my mind, and my dad almost called the doctor to get medication to calm me down - that's how crazy I had been. But finally, to everyone's relief, he'd finally been able to call and say that something had happened and he wasn't coming home. That it would be a few more months. I'd been broken hearted at the thought of not seeing him, but beyond grateful to hear his voice, know that he was ok. That he hadn't… I couldn't even bring myself to think the word. I didn't want to even entertain the idea that my other half, my soul mate, my one true love, wouldn't be coming home to me.

I swallowed the bile that had slowly risen in my throat as the negative thoughts swirled through my head.

Stay positive.

That's what Billy had lectured me about. He told me that for his son's sake, I needed to keep positive. Never talk about the bad parts, the things he couldn't change from thousands of miles away. So whenever I talked to him, I babbled about classes, my friends, anything silly and light-hearted that happened. He always listened quietly, laughing at the appropriate moments, adding short comments here and there. He never talked about what he was doing there, and I never asked. I did once, and he angrily told me that it wasn't my business. So I let it go. Billy told me that he would talk when he was ready. But I wasn't sure I even wanted to know - hearing the truth about his daily life would only add to my terror the next time he had to leave. And I knew he would leave again. That's just what happened.

Angela bumped my knee again. "Bella?"

I shook my head, attempting to clear out the dark thoughts that had settled there. I should have been thrilled that he was coming home. He wouldn't be happy if I looked sad or scared when he arrived. "I'm fine," I replied softly, biting my lower lip between my teeth. "I just don't think I'm going to be able to handle it if he doesn't come home this time. It's been almost a year. I've missed him so much that I can hardly breathe any more - my chest is tight, like I'm suffocating." I sniffed, barely holding back the tears. "I just want him to come home to me. More than anything."

Angela nodded. "Well, if we hadn't had a moronic president that sent our boys to war, we wouldn't be in this position."

I glared at her. "Really, Ang? Are we gonna have this discussion right now?"

"I'll shut up, if that's going to make you feel better, but you know perfectly well how I feel about him being in the military. My opinions are so far to the left, I'm surprised that haven't fallen off the other side. But you're my best friend, Bella, so I'm going to let this go." Angela retorted, but there was no anger in her voice.

I rolled my eyes at her, all the same, furious with her for bring this subject up. I thought it was insensitive and I wanted to scream at her. "You couldn't have waited until another time for this?" I gestured around us. "You do realize why we're here, right? At the airport?" My tone was sarcastic, acidic. I needed to direct my anger at someone. "My boyfriend is overseas, risking his life day after day, up in the air in that F-18, doing God knows what, and you want to sit here and argue with me?"

Angela gaped at me. "I'm not saying that he's doing something wrong, I just don't agree with the reasons why the military was sent the Middle East to begin with. Most media outlets represented WMD as a monolithic danger, failing to adequately explain the differences between weapons programs and actual weapons or differentiate between chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological weapons." I refused to look at her then, wrapping my arms around my chest. I focused my attention towards the gate, hoping, praying he would appear and I could finally stop thinking, stop fearing. I rolled my eyes when she continued to talk. "In 2006, Fox News reported the claims of two Republican lawmakers that WMDs had been found in Iraq, based upon unclassified portions of a report by the NGIC. Senator Rick Santorum claimed on the report that coalition forces had recovered approximately 500 weapons munitions. But then US House Armed Services Committee met to discuss the find, saying that they were leftovers, many years old, improperly stored or destroyed by the Iraqis. It was only that that many news agencies, reported the conclusions of the CIA that, based upon the investigation of the Iraq Survey Group, WMDs had yet to be found in Iraq."

Angela took a breath and I used the opportunity to interrupt her. "Shut up, Angela," I snarled, my tone icy and unforgiving. "If you can't be here as my friend, support me in this, and forget your own stupid, shitty opinions for just a few hours, then I want you to leave." A lump the size of a softball appeared in my throat and I could hardly speak around it. I choked on my tears, and I meant to say more, but the sobs that spilled from my lips prevented any more words.

"I'm so sorry, Bella," Angela whispered. She moved towards me, wrapping her arms around my shaking frame. "I love you, sweetheart. I know how much you miss him." She rocked me slowly, murmuring soothing sounds in my ear, rubbing my back softly in an attempt to stop my seemingly endless waterworks.

The empty hole in my chest was wide open now, gaping and raw. I felt like every pore in my body was aching with the loss of him. I needed desperately for him to come home now, to fill up that hollow space with his body, his smile, his warmth, his love. I had been afraid for so long that I didn't know how to be anything else.

The tears finally slowed, but Angela kept her arms around me. The comfort felt nice. "So tell me how sexy he is in his uniform," She said, making me laugh, breaking the painful tension between us. "I've been dying to know what that amazing man looks like in his dress whites. I've overheard some of the girls in our psych class talking about him and how he 'could come rescue their nation' anytime he wanted." She laughed again, making air quotes with her fingers. "Apparently they saw the pictures you posted online before he left and now they can't stop talking about him." She wiggled her eyebrows at me. "Jessica Stanley is supremely jealous of your hot, deliciously sculpted specimen of a boyfriend, in case that improves your mood at all."

I barked out a harsh laugh. In a way, it almost did. "Jessica does her best to make everyone around her feel inadequate, so if my amazing sexy, drop dead gorgeous, perfection on two legs boyfriend gets her all twitterpated inside, then that just adds the excitement of it all, doesn't it?"

"Speaking of twitterpated," Angela murmured. I looked up at her, realizing that her eyes were no longer on me. I spun in my seat, suddenly anxious.

Coming towards us was a crowd of men in dress white Naval officer uniforms. My frantic eyes scanned each one, praying that the next one would be the face that I was looking for.

"Yeah, he can show me his weapon of mass destruction anytime he wants," came Angela's awed whisper behind me.

I laughed softly at her open gawking of the men as they walked closer. But I wasn't really listening. My heart was pounding so hard that I was almost convinced that it would break open my chest, spilling out all of my pent-up anxieties onto the floor for the world to see.

"Wait, scratch that," Angela gasped. "I've got a better idea." I wanted to turn and see the look on her face, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the men just barely 200 feet away. "He can be my weapon alright," her voice become deep, husky. "Weapon of Massive Orgasm…"

A loud laugh found it's way out of my throat this time. She always knew how to make me feel better. "A WMO, hmm, Angela?"

"Ooo, yes," she purred, her breathing heavy. Her finger tips drifted through her hair, down her jaw to her throat before she began to trace the lines of her collarbone. "Massive Orgasm," she emphasized for me, her tone dripping with sexual undertones.

"Easy there, killer," I warned her, the laughter still evident in my voice. "I'm sure that I could hook you up with someone in his squadron, if you're really interested." I heard the words come out of my mouth, but I hardly noticed I was speaking. And I also never heard her response, my thoughts racing faster than my brain could comprehend them. My eyes were still frantically searching, and the fear was quickly filling every crack and crevice in my body.


That's all I could think. My body was vibrating - I was shaking, and it was almost painful. I needed him to be in that group, he had to be there. I wouldn't survive otherwise. It had been too long since I had seen his beautiful face, touched his silky, hard body, held him so close that our heartbeats mimicked one another's, stared in his eyes so long that I drowned inside them….

My breath caught in my throat the moment his dark eyes met mine. His gorgeous bronze skin was stark against the white of his uniform, and the bright fabric hugged every lean, firm, hardened curve of his perfectly sculpted body. A smile tugged at the corner of his full lips as he took in the shocked expression on my face. That look broke the frozen hold on my body and I began to run.

I raced to him, to the man that had finally come home to me, to man that was, and would always be, the love of my life. I didn't hesitate to leap into his arms when he opened them, and I flung my arms around his neck, capturing his waist with my legs. He laughed, and it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. We spun in circles, and I was breathless with the nearness of his body. The smell of his skin was intoxicating, and I buried my face in his neck, inhaling the sweet, spicy scent of his skin.

God, I missed him so much.

He bent down carefully, and I reluctantly placed my feet on the floor again, my arms sliding down until my palms rested on his chest. He gently leaned his forehead to mine, his hot breath fanning my face. "Bells," he whispered, his voice husky, holding back all the emotion I knew was buried not far from the surface.

"Jake," I whispered back. "I've missed you."

He growled, a low rumbling deep in his chest. "You have no idea," he murmured softly.

His lips captured mine then, and I forgot how to breathe. The sounds, people, movement around us all disappeared, and it was just two of us. I hadn't forgotten how soft his full lips were. It was a simple kiss at first, his lips just grazing mine. But then my tongue escaped from behind my teeth, swiping along his bottom lip. He moaned into my mouth, and his hands slid to my shoulders, pulling my body closer to his.

The static was visible between us, the temperature rising despite the cold winter wind that blew through the automatic doors nearby. It may have been March in Seattle, but it felt like 1000 degrees in that airport baggage claim.

I thought I would faint with the onslaught on feelings that I couldn't quite recognize...

Jacob. My Jacob. Finally in my arms.

I gasped, the air rushing out of my chest like a freight train. I pulled back, staring into his eyes, unable to move, unable to breathe. My pulse pounded in my eyes, deafening me to every sound but the gentle, steady beat of Jake's breath. But then my lips crashed forward, landing heavily onto his mouth. I covered his lips with mine, struggling to taste him, take in everything that he was. He leaned in, grasping the back of my neck with his hand, as if he were desperate to keep me right here forever.

It felt frantic, tragic and hopeless. It was a kiss that said everything about who we were and what we needed from each other. The one thing that could hold our lives together when nothing was going our way. My tongue grazed his lower lip and he opened his mouth, our tongues tangling in an impulsive and reckless way, attempting to devour one another before the moment was ruined and we could never get it back.

I clung to him, my hands frantically searching his body for a place to hold onto him, anxious to feel as much of him as I could. I kissed him harder and deeper, wanting the moment to never end. I felt the moment that Jacob responded, heard the rumbling deep within his chest, and he pulled me closer, like he was waiting until I was safe and secure before letting me go, if only for a moment.

My hands roamed his body, touching his chest, his arms, his shoulders, his jaw line, and his hair. I heard a little whimper, and I realized it was me - it sounded scared, unsure and yet suddenly aware that I was no longer alone. Jacob was here, he's got me, he's holding on and for the first time in so long, I don't feel like he's going to let go.

I still can't breath, aware that all of my air is caught inside my chest. But my body is so alive. My finger tips are tingling, and my toes are curled in such a way that I almost wonder if they'll stay that way forever. My skin is on fire, flaming, pulsing, and I want to drown in this fire, let it consume me, and I can feel the sweat beads on Jacob's neck.

His lips are soft and tender, rough and unyielding, primal and delicate, and like he's realizing nothing in his life has ever felt so right. His fingers tangle in my hair as he urges me to reveal every life long secret without ever having to say a word.

We pulled apart for a moment, breathless. I was drowning, falling and completely lost inside his blazing brown eyes, full of so much emotion that my heart fell apart within my chest. I couldn't stop myself from reaching for him again, and he accepted me, our lips clashing in a war of emotions that neither of us could find the words to express.

His free hand slid up my back, touching my aching soft skin through my thin shirt. Sparks filled the air and my flesh burned each time his fingertips met my body. I could feel his heat through our clothes and I so desperately wanted him to be touching more of me.

His tongue slipped inside of my mouth again, and he groaned at the taste of my tongue as it greeted him at the entrance of my lips. He was sweet and dark, revealing a side to his soul that I hadn't seen in so long. He slid away from my lips, running his mouth along my jaw line and up to my ears, nibbling at the delicate skin hiding behind my hair.

"Jake..." I whispered huskily against his hair. "I don't ever want this moment to end..."

He leaned back far enough to gaze into my eyes. "It won't," he whispered back. "I won't let it."

Jacob pulled me in again, desperate for one more chance to show me that he wasn't ever letting me leave again. His lips were harder this time, more fierce, and I felt the warmth spread through my body, and my groin ached. I pushed my hips against him, and his finger tips fluttered along my ribcage before he found my waist, his hands digging into my sides.

Breathless, I pulled away from him finally taking a moment to brush my wild hair away from my face. I realized that my breathing sounded like I had just finished running a marathon and I couldn't stop the little giggle that slipped out my mouth.

He gave me a shaky half smile and asked, "Are you laughing at me?"

I giggled again and shook my head. "No..." I gasped. "Not after that. Anyone that can kiss me like that doesn't deserve laughter." I gave him a small sexy grin. "They deserve..." I leaned in and gave him a small peck. "another..." I kissed him again, pulling his mouth closer to me. "...kiss."

He smiled, and his eyes darkened. I knew that look. What it meant. A shiver of anticipation slid down my spine. "Glad you feel that way," he murmured, his gaze traveling lower as it fell on my mouth, then my chest, and finally between my legs.

I blushed a little and twirled a piece of hair between my fingers. "Soo..."

Jacob's expression turned serious and he reached towards me, cupping my face in his hand and caressing my cheek with his thumb. I gave a little sigh of contentment and nestled my skin against his palm. "Bella..." he whispered. I opened my eyes and looked at him. "Is it alright that... I'm scared?"

My breath whooshed out my lungs with a rush, and I didn't realize that I'd been holding it. "Yes," I whispered back. "I'm… scared too."

He brought his forehead back to mine, and we stood like that for a moment, letting the heat of the situation settle around us. I couldn't believe he was home. My Jacob was home. The feeling of elation that surrounded my heart was so huge that I felt like my skin would burst from it.

"Uh, Jake," I finally choked out. I licked my lips, and almost sighed when I still tasted him there. It sent a shudder through my body but I forced myself to concentrate. "I, uh, didn't know if your flight would be on time, so I…" I forgot what I was saying when his lips found my jaw line before sliding up to my ear. "Oh, shit," I murmured. His laugh was husky, deep, and told me that he knew exactly what he was doing to me. I pushed lightly on his chest, and when he moved back, I saw the playful flicker dance through his chocolate eyes. "I have… a hotel room-"

He didn't wait for me to finish. I laughed out loud as he scooped me up in his arms. There had been a crowd of people around us, and I blushed when I heard them cheer. "Enjoy your leave, Captain Black!" I heard a few men call after us, and my blush deepened. He laughed at my embarrassment and kissed me hard on the mouth. The cat calls increased and I smacked him playfully on the shoulder. He stopped long enough to pull his bag off the conveyor belt and carried me swiftly to the doors that led to short-term parking.

"Bye, Ang!" I called out, squirming his arms enough to turn and wave to her.

"Bye! Have fun!" She yelled back, a happy smile on her face. "I'll maybe see you in class this week?"

"Not a chance," came Jacob's loud retort, and she laughed, waving to us happily as he carried us out of her line of sight.